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Political Science

Hello, 12thies! Have you started your preparations? are you searching for CBSE Class 12 Blueprint for your stream subjects?

I am talking about none other than your board exams which are about to come. Well! I can bet that there are so many students who don’t even know the syllabus yet.

But, first note down the syllabus and the blueprint for the subjects in Science/Commerce/Arts background of CBSE board. Also, take everything easy and start your preparations from this very moment.

CBSE Class 12th Blueprint – Science Stream

Dear students! If you are having a science stream then I don’t think that there is a need to mention that you are going to face such a vast syllabus.

In Science stream, not just the subjects, but the basic formulae, equations, derivations, theorems and never ending questions make it more troublesome. Choosing a good CBSE 12th pcm reference books is very crucial, as a good reference book can clear a lot of doubts.

Here you will get CBSE  class 12th chapter wise distribution of marks in board exam of science stream. If you are looking for the Science previous years question papers of all subjects in science stream, then click on the given link.

Getting great marks in board exam is hard-won for a science student. But, if you put some efforts with full dedication then there is no power to stop you from success.

Just note down one thing, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs”.

Class 12th Physics Blueprint

“Generally! The students are not lazy. They are just overflowed with potential energy”, I must say, this statement can be very well understood by the physics students. Derivations, formulae, equations, theory, practical! they are all just very vast, confusing, and boring.

Is there anything left? Oh yes! Even you will get mathematical calculations like integration and differentiation in Physics. All you need is a correct strategy to deal with such an annoying situation.

Generally! I find students losing their hope while studying this subject as they find nothing logical(but actually there  is) or you can say that they find it difficult to cope up.

You guys! Take it easy and start your preparations without losing hope. But first thing first, go through the syllabus, to get in-depth details about the marking scheme.

Class 12th Chemistry Blueprint

Generally! This subject creates a chemical LOCHA in the mind of students, and one can easily find a Science students sitting in one corner lost somewhere.

Here, is the syllabus(Marking Scheme) of 12th Chemistry which will help you in the preparations.

Chemistry being a vast subject and complicated too. But, let me tell you a fact that Chemistry is a little bit easy in comparison with other science subjects. and you can score good even great marks in this subject.

At the end, I will say, that no matter how large the syllabus is, just think of proton and stay positive.

Class 12th Maths Blueprint

Class 12th mathematics is quite easier as compared to that of 11th class, Well, Dealing with this subject in class 12th is much interesting. You can download its marking scheme by click on the link below.

Remember this: “The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics.”

Math is the only subject which teaches us that every problem has a solution. If you ask me about the syllabus of class 12th Maths, then I have to say that it is much interesting and easy to do, as compared with other classes, at the same time, the syllabus is vast enough and chapters like differentiation and integrations make it a bit tougher to do.

Class 12th Biology Blueprint

Class 12th biology is much easier as compared that of 11th class, if you have a keen interest in biology then you will find this subject even more interesting. But with easiness the syllabus of biology in class 12th is much vast as that of class 11th. You can download the marking scheme by click the link below.

Also, in 12th class, you will find some more interesting terms/definitions related to biology. And the most important thing is you will score more as compared to 11th class for sure.

I generally find students exhausted while studying Plant and the Animal Kingdom. But, you guys, Don’t lose hope, take interest and half of the battle will be won.

CBSE Class 12th Blueprint – Commerce Stream

Commerce has so many subjects and such a huge syllabus that 1 year seems just not enough. So I suggest you start your syllabus right away if you are at the starting of 12th.

Class 12th Accounts Blueprint

I have Generally seen Commerce students frustrated with the Accounts subject. Most of the students find this subject very difficult. But let me tell you that accounts of 12th is not that much hard to study, you will find it much easier now. Download the marking scheme by clicking the link below.

If you think that you are not gonna secure good in accounts then stay easy, as there are so many ways to secure very good marks in Accounts even for an average student. Keep in your mind, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget”.

I must suggest that before going for the exam, revise some of the important terms like fixed assets, current assets, liquid assets, current liabilities, fictitious assets, depreciation, capital and revenue receipts, provisions, accumulated profits, and losses, capital employed, working capital, etc. These topics are known as important,  as they use to come again and again in board exam each year.

Click on the link if you were looking for class 12th Commerce previous years question papers for all subjects.

Class 12th Economics Blueprint

Economics is one among the favorite subject for most of the commerce students. No doubt, it gets little tough in 12th standard.

For the students who want to secure good marks in Economics, must consider some points in the exam.

Superlatively, try to make separate notes of each and every section which will make it easier to revise in exam time.

Sometimes, Tough work builds the strongest people.

Class 12th Business Studies Blueprint

Dear reader! if you are among those students who wants to make the career in business or if you want to continue your higher studies in Business Studies, then take it seriously and study this subject from its core.

Learn every term of Business Studies with all your heart. It will definitely help you to secure good marks and will help you in future.
Remember one thing, all things are difficult before they become easy. Have patience.

CBSE Class 12th Blueprint – Arts Stream

This stream is simply a marks securing stream for those who love to write and for those who can think and understand the minor things. It’s a kind of myth, that generally the weak students take this stream which is absolutely wrong.

I have seen so many brilliant students studying these subjects just for the sake of their own choice. Simply, they are not among those stupid fellows who take other streams just to show off and could not manage either.

Below are the syllabus and marking scheme of every subject of Arts stream, which will help you to prepare well. Click on the link given if you are looking for Arts previous years question papers for all subjects.

Class 12th Political Science Blueprint

The students who find this subject difficult must consider a fact that this subject is marks scoring too.

It just requires your own thought to express and your views. Unlike, the other subjects of Arts stream, Political Science is based on common sense.

Class 12th History Blueprint

History is such an interesting subject (of course if you think in that way), but still there are some students who get scared just by the name of it.

You should take it easy, history is not that big deal. All you need is to bring some interest to this subject.

One good way to remember history is to visualize the topic you are reading.

Class 12th Geography Blueprint

This subject too is tough, well! each and every subject is hard if you don’t try to cope with it. Same is the case with geography, if you don’t try to cope, then you will never be able to score good marks in it.

Just keep reading geography on the daily basis and you will automatically get better in it.

Class 12th English Blueprint

Students usually avoid Language subjects like English and Hindi, but they should know that these are the subjects that are meant to boost your percentage.

So do not leave any chance of increasing your percentage and start preparing English too.

Class 12th Hindi Blueprint

If you are having Hindi as your subject then I am sure you have your reasons for it. This is a big advantage to you as you can easily score good marks in Hindi and which ultimately add to your percentage.

So do give some time to Hindi as it can prove to be really very beneficial for you.

The problems which you generally face while the preparation of some particular chapter, try to clear them. And yes, explain the concepts to your friend which are clear to you. I can bet, it will become clearer at the time of revision.

You can also organize quiz of a different subject among your friends. It will be a kind of fun and moreover, it will help you to overcome the monotonous study routine.

Fix in the mind, “A real achiever always Work hard in silence and let his success make the noise.”

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  1. my physics exam is on 15th…nd not more than 5 days are left…i mean after english….i m feeling as if i knw nothing about physics…. how to prepare in the 5 days before exam

    1. Hi Ayushi.
      First of all don’t get nervous. Concentrate on your studies. You need to clear your basic concepts to score good marks in physics. Practice as much as you can from previous year paper and sample paper. Focus on those chapters in which you are confident. Keep working hard. You must memorize all the important formulas. Be confident and you will score good marks.

  2. Hllo sir,
    Can you please upload physical education sample paper.

    1. Hi Aditya,
      Our team is working on the same, it may take some time. You will be updated on the same page.
      Thank you for your patience.

  3. Sir will you please upload computer science CBSE board blue print?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hey Vishal, We will try to get the latest blueprint for computer science. But, it will take some time, so stay in touch.

  4. Hello sir, can you upload the blue print for physical education? please!

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Arvind, we will do our best to upload the blue print of physical education as soon as possible, but it will take some time. So, stay in touch.

  5. Hello sir, can you tell me about that whether one year question paper is easy and next year hard?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Priyanka, this is just a rumor. No one can predict if the paper will be easy or hard. So, never take chances and always be prepared for worst.

  6. Thanks alot Sir for providing this.
    May I get the blueprint of Psychology Paper ?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Naimisha, Our team is working for it, very soon you will be able to download the blueprint for psychology and you will be notified by this article.

  7. Thanks a lot sir for providing lots of information. Can you please provide class 12th CBSE accountancy 2016 question paper solution?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      We are working on it Pragya, and hopefully we will prepare it very soon. The pdf will be uploaded very soon, so stay in touch.

  8. Can you please upload a same type of PDF for computer science subject.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Abhishek, we are working on it. The process is taking time, but we will try to finish is as soon as possible. We will upload the pdf once they are ready. So, stay in touch.

  9. Can you please upload a similar kind of blueprint for I.S.C. Science stream.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Arka, our team is working on it. We will upload it as soon as possible. Stay in touch.

  10. Sir , no doubt it’s the best place for last minute preparation , but i am a bit scared if the blueprint uploaded by you is not followed in AISSCE-2016 I will be nowhere . So , plz sir assure me that the blueprint uploaded by you will be followed in BOARD’S exam .

    1. Thanks for your words Shivalik,
      You are right with your statement that these blueprints are out of date, also you won’t find the blueprints for 2016 on the internet anywhere. We are collecting them and soon this page will be updated for the same.
      Let me tell you one thing, that the blueprints should not be taken too seriously, as you can see the physics paper of 2016, it was not according to the blueprints decided by the CBSE.
      So, for your assurance you can use these blueprints for 2016 exams with no doubt, you can make some ideas about the marks by these.

  11. These are the blueprint for 2015-2016 board exam
    and question numbering will only be done according to the marks mentioned in the blueprint
    eg : biomolecules is a 4 marks chapter so 1 question of 1 marks and 1 question of 3 marks will only going to come.

  12. Thanks to this site for helping.

    1. Hello Sooraj,
      Thank you for your words,we are glad to know that we were able to help you.
      We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestion for us to make this website more helpful.

  13. sir, i am in urgent need of physical education blueprint. I will be highly thankful to you if you could help me out. thank you sir.

    1. Thanks for asking Surbhi,
      Our team is still working on the blueprints of physical edu. You will need to wait until it’s done.
      Maybe this will help you.
      Max Time: 03 Hrs
      Max Marks: 70

      Marking Scheme
      1 mark questions must be answered in 10-20 words.
      03 Marks question must be answered in 30-50 words.
      05 Marks question must be answered in 75-100 words.

  14. Please provide some sample paper of economics.

    1. Hello Kajol,
      You are looking at the wrong page, click on the following link to download economics sample papers.

  15. Could you please provide blueprint of physical edu.?

    1. Thanks for asking Tanu,
      We are still working on the blueprints of physical edu. You will have to wait until its get done. Maybe this will help you.
      Max Time: 03 Hrs
      Max Marks: 70

      Marking Scheme
      1 mark questions must be answered in 10-20 words.
      03 Marks question must be answered in 30-50 words.
      05 Marks question must be answered in 75-100 words.

  16. Amazing site, thanks for your sample papers and blue print.

  17. This site is amazing!

    1. Thanks Annu, for your valuable comment.
      We would also love to hear if you have suggestion for in positive way to help out the students in more efficient way.

  18. I need 2016 blueprint of economics. Please update soon as a possible.

    1. Economics blueprints are already uploaded and attached to this article above, you can download it as pdf format.
      Thank you.

  19. Is above blueprint of science stream are as per new syllabus of 2016

    1. No Karan,
      The given blueprints are according to the year 2015. The latest blueprints for 2016 are not revealed on the internet yet.
      But still you can get some idea about the marking scheme from these blueprints. We will update this page for the latest blueprints as soon as they are available.
      Really sorry for the inconvenience.
      Thank you.

  20. Sir, please provide a new pattern blue print for class 12 physics 2016. Containing 26 questions, because the provided blue print contain 30 questions as it is the old pattern, which makes me too confuse please help sir.

    1. Yes you are absolutely right Sabnam,
      We have already been notified about this scenario. Since our team is working on the same thing you can visit this page again after 2 or 3 days to get the latest blueprints.
      Also, do not get confuse, as these blueprints are gonna be more similar to the latest one, just concentrate on your preparations.
      Thank You.

  21. sir the blueprints you have forwarded are of old syllabus as it contains 30 questions but in new syllabus there are only 26 questions so will u please go through it and give us new syllabus blue print for 2016 board. please.

    1. Yes you are right Richa, and thanks for letting us know.
      First of all there are no blueprints regarding year 2016 on internet yet(Neither in the official website of CBSE). Also let me tell you that there is no change in the syllabus of class 12th so the given blueprints above are useful enough to get an idea about the marking scheme of upcoming board exams.
      You can use these pdf files for 2016 without having any doubt

    2. OK sir thank you for the information, and if you get any update with this blueprints then let us know about it.

  22. sir. are the provided blueprints of science stream are based on the syllabus of 2016 board?

    1. Thanks for asking Richa,
      Absolutely The Given Marking Scheme For all the streams above are according to 2016 pattern decided for CBSE, you can count on these pdf files without having any doubt.
      If you need some more help regarding your board preparation, then you are free to ask.

  23. i want maths and physics blueprints .

    1. Thanks for asking Bijendra, but all the blueprints regarding all the streams are given above in this article in PDF format. Just click on the blueprint links above for the subjects you want and download the pdf file to your device.

  24. Mrs.N.Gayathiri devi

    We need CBSE class 12 chemistry blue print for the new questiopattern. Please provide at the earliest.

    1. Here is the latest blueprint for CBSE 12th chemistry 2015-2016

      chemistry 12th blue print 2016

    2. Mrs.N.Gayathiri devi

      Sir, what you have given is question pattern, I need blue print- thank you

    3. Mrs.N.Gayathiru Devi Ji, The Blueprints are already given in this article above Or you can directly click here to download the blueprint of chemistry.
      Thank you.

  25. Mrs.N.Gayathiri devi

    We need blue print for the new question pattern. Five 1 marks, five- 2 marks, twelve – 3 marks, one, value based question for 4 marks and three 5 marks.
    This is the pattern for CBSE class 12 chemistry, from 2015.

  26. Hy, I need the blueprint of accounts contains the chapter with marks & questions, not the syllabus.
    This is syllabus,

    1. The given blueprints for accounts has all the required information. Apart from this, if you need detailed marking scheme then let us know, we will upload the best for you.

  27. Is the above blue prints ar as per new syllabus? coz, as per accountancy sample paper you have given are not matching.

    1. Thanks for Notifying us Priyanka, yes there was the mistake on accountancy blueprint, it wasn’t as per the syllabus. Moreover, we have updated the link for accountancy. Now you can download the fresh blueprint for the required. Or simply you can click this link to get accountancy blueprint PDF.

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