Download Maths 12th CBSE Previous 10 Years Question Papers PDF File

The rosy time of school life is finally going to be over soon, all your friends will be apart soon, some will stay in the city while some will leave. This time is quite painful, and what makes it more painful is that the nasty board exams are also arriving near with every passing day.

According to a survey, it was found that the subject which the students fears the most is maths. though the main reason is unknown, but maths scares the students most.

There is only one way to get over your fear of maths, and that is practice. Keep on practicing it as much as you can, and you will see that, it will actually become your favorite and strong subject.

If you want something extra then you can download Chemistry 12th Class sample papers just click on the link given and you can get them.

Maths 12th CBSE previous 10 years question papers

Students who are going to appear for the board exams should start your preparations for the upcoming board exams in order to score more than 90%.

Before you start making your strategies to tackle the board exams, you should know that practicing maths 12th CBSE previous 10 years question papers is very important.

the link to download the question paper year wise are given at the top of this article, all you need to do is click on the link and then you can download them.

Please make sure that you have a pdf reader/pdf reading software, as the files are in the form of pdf file.

How do I score 90+ in Maths?

First of all, you need to know that maths is the only subject in which you can score 100 out of 100 marks, and if you are thinking of getting high percentage then you must know that maths can prove to be really useful subject.

Your Strategy For Maths

Each subject needs a good strategy if you want to get good marks in it, but maths is a subject that needs a strategy the most. To help you out, here are some points that you should keep in mind.

Structure it out

Make a proper structure of each and every topic that you are going to cover. For example, if you have decided to prepare for Relations and Functions then you will need to divide each and every topic and assign a set time for it, and try to complete that topic in the time period set for it.

Suck NCERT up

Second and the most important point you should keep in mind is that you cover the whole NCERT book including the miscellaneous exercises.

And if you are one of those who are eyeing to join the category of elite 80’s and 90’s then you should also go through the theory part.

It may sound quite boring and some genius would rather go for other books like R.S.Agarwal and R.D.Sharma, but let me tell you, if you do not practice the whole NCERT properly, then there is no book in the world that will help you score in 80’s and 90’s.

As you must have heard that 70% of the questions that comes in board exams are from NCERT book, and, therefore, it is very important to practice each and every question properly from it. So basically, what I am trying to say is that you should suck NCERT up.

Rouge questions

Divide your time and efforts wisely as you do not want to waste your time on questions that have thin chances of coming in the exam and also do not carry and significant marks. I call them rogue questions, not that they are totally useless.

Know the weight of questions

To avoid these time wasting question, you will need to know the weightage table and then divide your time accordingly. Following is the weightage table for you.

 Chapters  Marks
Relations and Functions  5
Inverse Trigonometric Functions  5
Matrices  8
Determinants  5
Continuity and Differentiability  8
Applications of Derivatives  10
Integration  12
Applications of Integrals  6
Differential Equations  8
Vectors  6
Three dimensional Geometry  11
Linear Programming  6
Probability  10

So this is the weightage table for class 12th Maths CBSE. Make your studying scheme according to this weightage table.

Your notes that are apart

Make a separate list of all the important questions and formulas.

If possible, try to make a separate notebook in which you will make separate notes and points for each and every topics and chapter and their formulas.

This will help you in the final days of exams by giving you a quick view of the chapter.

Super tip for you

One more super tip for you, note all those questions which you think are important and may come in the exam.

You do not have to note the whole question but just the page number and the question number so that you could quickly find them at the time of revision.

Too big too bad

Calculus is a big topic to cover and the most important one too if you have practiced it before then well and good, but if you are running short of time, then I suggest you not to go for Calculus. Just cramp out the previous year questions.

It needs a hell of the time to master, and since you do not have time, therefore, it is for the best that you leave it.

But if you have time then you should definitely prepare calculus as well as you can. Calculus is one of the most important topics not for 12th but for further studies too.

Go for small fishes

If you are really going to leave calculus then of course your chances of scoring good marks are slim now, but you still achieve respectable marks, by hunting small fish i.e by preparing small and easy topics.

Chapters like linear programming and probability are easy, but leave no stone unturned as they will bring just one or two questions but for big numbers, therefore you need to make sure that you squeeze the maximum out of these questions.

Practice sample papers too 

Finally do practice the sample papers and previous years question papers, though this is something for which you need time. Since you are here to download CBSE 12th maths sample papers, therefore, I assume that you do have time.

Practicing the sample papers and previous years papers makes you strong for the exam in so many ways.

The Judgement day Situation

Now on the judgment day or on the exam day, you should take the following points in consideration.

The first half of the exam

First of all, keep your mind clear and stress-free.

Read all the questions very carefully present in the question paper.

Attempt those questions first that you think you can solve quickly and efficiently.

Stay focused while solving questions as a bit of mistake can result in a wrong answer and total wastage of time.

Demand for a rough paper from examiner to do all the calculation or keep a separate page for rough work.

The second half of Exam

Students often make the mistake of writing the solution of the question quite freehandedly and, therefore, get confused due to the dirty work, therefore, it is very important to keep the answers neat and clean. It will not only help you but will also create an impression on the examiner.

Finally do not forget to go through your answer sheet, at least, one time very carefully to confirm that all the answers you wrote are correct.

Later if you get time then try to attempt those question which you left, but make sure that you solve all those questions that you can solve first.

So this is all for now, hope you will try to implement the given tips. Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or problem.

All the very best for your exams.

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  1. – [ ] Sir I’m sankalp onceagain. The 12th board exams were easy than i expected, I should personally thank you for your sample question papers. Physics chemistry English and computer science were easy. I have a doubt sir, as maths paper was easy, I did a mistake. I got too tensed during the examination, and too I was not well so I didn’t do my maths exams well from that night I wasn’t able to get good sleep. To be true I think that I might get get only around the border percentage. Sir how will be this years cbse maths evaluation I need your help
    – [ ]

    1. Hi Sankalp. Glad to know that sample papers helped you. According to experts, this year, the Maths exam paper was quite easy for those who studied the whole year. There was not even a single question, out of the box. So, there are chances that the marking would be a bit strict. But, Don’t worry. There is nothing pre-determined. Hope for the best. It will be all good.

  2. Mam ur tips are always at their best really vry fruitful for me but m really worried for maths as only 11 days r left till end of Feb I should be confident with maths…I have solved 2 times ncert except relation function plane and app of derivative I m not confident with these three chapters so what should be my strategy for these 11 days please help mam..

    1. Hi Sanchit.
      Don’t be nervous. Firstly be calm, as this is high time now, so, you have to be patient enough with your preparations. Make a strategy for yourself to complete that topic among these topics first with which you are confident enough, that you will easily be able to grasp, then go for the difficult sections and try to solve the questions of these topics from sample papers and previous year question papers. Work accordingly, and being focused, you will get good marks.

  3. sir i am very poor in mathematics.My major problem is that i forget the method or formula of the required sum.I have never achieved fair marks in maths but i dream to get good marks in can i prepare in the short interval of time.

    1. Hi Soumya.
      It’s all because you are not clear with your concepts and also you are not prepared well. So, we recommend you when you practice those questions, just be dedicated towards them, start practicing from sample papers and previous year questions, and whenever you study, just be focused. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  4. DEAR SIR,

    1. Hi Allan.
      We appreciate that you want to score such good marks, and it is also not that tough to pass your exam with such flying colors, all you need to do is, just make yourself dedicated towards your studies, utilize every single minute for your practice and as less time is left, so we recommend you to practice from sample papers and previous year question papers and make your concepts clear while practicing from those papers. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  5. Hi my self Sunny Tomar and I am going to prepare for board examination but I have a one problem that I as revised all the topics very carefully but in the examination hall I will forget gradually all the things.. So please guide me what am I do in board.

    1. Hi Sunny.
      You forget because of your nervousness and also you are not prepared well. So, just be focused towards your studies. When you study, make sure you are getting clear with all your concepts. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  6. i have only 20 days left and i want to get 90+ in maths my and i haven’t prepared properly what can i do

    1. Hi Narendra.
      Don’t get nervous. Have some faith in yourself and start practicing with complete dedication. The time you are left with, utilize it for the best. Start working over your concepts by practicing questions from sample papers and previous year question papers. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  7. sir, i have solved many of the sample papers that i downloaded from here but i cannot checkout myself that how i have performed. will you please send me the link of answers of all the papers of maths of ur website.

  8. Time left is very less, so is right to practise Ncert right now ? Or is it better to practise only sample papers ?

    1. Hi Sakshi.
      This time is very crucial, we recommend you to practice all the questions from sample papers and previous year question papers with complete dedication. Make sure to get clear with each and every concept. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  9. Sir I am such phobia of maths …. So I not gaining any concentration…. What should I do? .. exams are cmng …and dis is my big fear…

    1. Hi Shreya.
      You have to work out on your fear by yourself, no one can help you till the time you are not ready to help yourself. So, we recommend you to gain some confidence, and start practicing each and every thing by being completely focused towards it. Start working over your concepts by practicing sample papers and previous year question papers, and make sure that you are getting clear with all the concepts. Start working hard, being completely dedicated and utilize this precious time for the best, you will get good marks.

  10. Sir once again here iam SANKALP S from tamilnadu. As only 39 days left for the CBSE BOARD EXAMS, my teachers say to practice only previous year papers, is it ok for me to practice the previous year papers, how much marks would I get if I practice previous year papers for all (physics,maths,chemistry). Sir, I need your help

    THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Hi Sankalp.
      Yes solving previous year question papers will help you a lot, and it all depends upon you that how much marks you can score by solving those question papers, because its all about getting clear with your concepts, so, make sure to get clear with all your concepts by solving those question papers. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  11. only one month left for exam , how could i get more than 90…..its necessary to practice at least 5 papers..

    1. Hi Jeffin.
      You can get 90% marks in your boards, if you will be studying thoroughly, and with complete dedication. And yes it will be better if you will solve all the sample papers and previous year question papers, so that you could get much more clear with all your concepts. Work hard, you will definitely get good marks.

  12. i have to score more than 95 plz help me… and what is importance of NCERT as many friends says this is not useful book.. tearchers also say to go through R.D. SHARMA…..

    1. Hi Bhuvan. NCERT is such an excellent book but only for the reference. If you want to go in depth of every topic then you need other books also.

  13. Very terrified yet i dint loose any hope i am a good scorer in all my subjects except for maths i cannot afford to see my result ruined by this ,admission in the dream collg now fades for me i need help please guide me to break through this wall:(

    1. Hi Alisha.
      Don’t be afraid of maths. Just keep on practicing. As much as you will be practicing this subject, you will find it very interesting and easy. So, keep on practicing all the questions with full confidence and dedication. You will definitely score good marks.

  14. Sir, i want to ge 80+ marks in maths but i think i forgot what i studied so please tell me to how to clear all topics in these 2 monts and is it enough to study by ncert and last 5 year boards papaers ?

    1. Hi Nupur.
      Don’t get nervous. You forget things because you are not clear with your concepts. So, firstly make yourself clear with all the concepts, and be confident enough, many of the times we forget things because we lack confidence. So, Keep on practicing. Although NCERT and previous year question papers are enough, but still we will recommend you to practice from sample papers too. You will definitely get good marks. Just be focused.

  15. sir i have only 1 month left for my exam & so my mind is blocked & i have 3 preps in college & i haven’t studied any thing especially maths i am feared of maths plz help me out

    1. Hi Ram.
      Don’t get nervous. Still you have two months left for your boards. So, keep on practicing and be focused. If you will get nervous, it will be harmful for you. So, keep yourself calm, set a time table for you, and utilize all your time in your studies. Keep on practicing from sample papers and previous year question papers. You will get good results.

  16. Sir How to prepare math exam in 4 days

    1. Hi Papai.
      It is not possible to prepare maths in just 4 days. If you are CBSE student, so you have still some time left with you. So,start practicing from today only, because it is not possible to manage whole of the syllabus within 4 days.

  17. sir its almost mid december now & I want to master calculus, will with such time left for boards, should I prefer doing r.d. shrma textbook?

    1. Hi Piyush.
      We would recommend you to first take your NCERT into preference and once you will be over with all your NCERT questions, then go for some other book. You could refer R.D.Sharma also, but firstly take your course book into consideration.

  18. Sir I find integration chapter (indefinite) very boring. I need help to solve my difficulty. As there are about only 75 to 80 days left can I just get above 70 plus in board exam maths. Is it possible. Sir I need your help

    1. Hi sankalp. For the calculus part, i always suggest students to first get clear with the formulas. Learn them by heart, once you will done with them, start practicing more and more. The more you practice, the more you will get to know the basic concepts.

      Practice all the questions from NCERT book, don’t leave even a single one and then jump on to the previous year papers and sample papers for revising the important questions.

  19. hello sir! is it really important to practice RD Sharma to get 90+ in math or are ncert book and ncert exemplar along with previous years question papers sufficient?

    1. Hi Komal. If you properly practice the questions from NCERT book along with practicing previous year papers and sample papers, then there is no need to practice any other book. Anyway, there are only three months left for the exam, so you need to focus on revising the concepts instead of understanding the new ones.

  20. hellow sir i m guru , Relations & Functions and application of derivatives these two chapter are so irritating me
    sir can i left these chapter .. if no so what should i do

    1. Hi Hirish. If you are facing problem in some chapters like Relations and Functions and application of Derivative, then leaving these chapters is not the solution. Instead, you have to work more hard on these particular chapters. Make sure that you are done with all the NCERT questions of these two chapters along with the questions in previous year papers. They gonna help you a lot.
      Apart from it, you can take help of the reference books to understand the basic concepts.

  21. sir…pls give me idea to remember wht I study…..I go short of my memory power

    1. Hi Charan. It happen with so many students of your class. Actually, it is all due to lack of concentration. First of all, try to understand things instead of rattafication. Secondly, learn important topics by writing them. Keep weekends for the revision. Whatever, you study in weekdays, revise them in weekends.

    2. thank you very much for your reply sir…

  22. Hiii sir
    plzzzzzzzz help me I have no chance to get 80% got in class 12 plzzz give me tips to get it 80% ya above marks plzzzzzzzz sir

    1. Hi Amaan. First of all, take out from your mind that there are no chances to score 80+. If you think in the same way, then surely, you will never be able to score the same. Have faith in yourself.

      The only way to score 80+ is to put your 100% efforts in studies. Spend your day in studying. Hard work in the right direction is the only way to success.

  23. Hii sir
    M ne pcm li h. Sir m 2 month bimar thi thats way my syllabus left and i have also not give half yearly exam. I want Above 85% in board. Sir please suggest me some tips

    1. Hi Priya. You have not given half yearly exam. I have to say that the competition gonna really very tough for you. Now, all you should do is to concentrate more and more on studies.

      First of all, make a proper schedule of your day and more than that, put your 100% efforts to follow that schedule. Your exams are near, so you must give at least 2 hours to each subject(Physics, Chemistry, Maths) daily. Take out one hour for each extra subject.

      Apart from it, focus on basic concepts. Ask your teachers every little question. Be attentive in class as well.

      You have to leave all the distractions till the exam been over. I mean, every weekend party, family get together, weddings, your special friends and more than that, social networking sites. Yes, you have to do this. Your aim is high. Like, 85% is not easy to score. Work hard and set your priorities and focus on them.

    2. IMPROVE your ENGLISH first !!!!!
      you need a severe practice, focus & meditation for this.

  24. Sir just 4 months are left for boards sir what should I study exam idea math or ncert math which is better to score I m tensed too much.

    1. Hi Arpit. Don’t get tensed. You have enough time for revision. You can easily revise Maths in this time period, along with other subjects. You are asking me to chose any one book which is better. This is quite a difficult job because both the books are necessary to clear your concepts. But, at this moment, you need to study each and every question from the NCERT book and if you are getting any issue then you must consult the other one. This is the best way to study at this moment.

  25. hello i am class 12 student how to prepare physics and math for board examination

    1. Hey Amit. Thanks for asking this question. It would help other students too. If you are a Science student then i must say that you have to study very hard. The foremost, you have to learn the art of time management. Yes, either it is Maths or Physics or any other subject, you have to manage your time. Give at least one hour daily to each subject.
      If i talk about Physics, then the subject is all about concepts and understanding. Revise the theory part daily. Yes, don’t even miss a single day. Keep reading the stuff again and again. If you are getting problem with learning formulas, then start Keeping a small dairy, note each and every formula there, read them daily in morning time.
      Lastly, the derivation and numerical part. All it require is your daily practice. If you are giving one hour to theory part then try to give 2 hours to this numerical part.

      Coming to Maths. A simple funda. Practice. Practice and Practice. The more you practice, the more you will learn.

  26. hi,
    in maths, for every year there are 3-4 sets. If i want to practice papers of last 5 years, should i practice all the sets?

    1. Hey Ridhi, every set is almost same, just 4 to 5 questions are changed in each set. So, you can easily practice them all. And it is important to practice al the sets.

  27. I am a 12 class student. I want the solution of all the previous years question papers with solutions. Can you please provide it to us?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Vinayak, we are working on the solutions. It is taking bit time, but i assure you that we will upload the solutions of the previous years question paper very soon. Stay in touch.

  28. I am going to be writing my maths compartment next month (July 2016). I have already written compartment twice.
    So this is my last and final chance. And I’m really scared and tensed for the obvious reasons. I don’t know what to study, how to study. Please help and guide me. I just want to pass and get moving in life .

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Prince, first of all relax! Try to follow this strategy :-

      • Firstly, try to cover the easy topics like linear equations, vectors etc. And make sure that you do them in the best way that you can.
      • Practice as many sample papers as you can, also the previous years papers.
      • Test your self from time to time. You can pick a previous year question and try to solve it like you are sitting in exam hall along with time limit.
  29. Sir, my name is Rajat. I was good in studies but in class 11th i didn’t pay much attention due to which my 11th concepts are poor and i got only 47 % in 11th…..but i want to score above 97% in 12th in order to pursue my dreams….sir help me…..i m not confident and really stressed…what should i do??

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      You need to get back to the track Rajat. First of all try to make a time table for yourself, set target to complete topics and time limit to achieve them. to get 97% you will need to give it everything. Don’t worry, your concepts will get clearer once you start giving time to your studies again.

  30. I am class 12th student . I am going to give my board exams next year 2017. I have been good in Maths(SA1=98,SA2= 94) during class 11. But I want to score 100 in Maths in class 12 boards. What should I do?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Anubhav, You need to give more and more time to studies to get your target. So keep on working hard and put your efforts. You will surely score 100 in Maths.

  31. Hi sir, I’m a grade 12 science stream student and will write my board examination on march 2017. I have started preparing a file with important formulas and important questions from each chapter which are given by my math teacher. I also have a separate book in which I do 100+ extra questions for each chapter from RD Sharma and important websites. I’m also planning to do at least 25 question papers towards the examination, But still I’m scared. Will I be able to get 95 in my boards?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Shahana,
      You have got there a brilliant plan for yourself. You just keep up with that plan, and I am sure you will achieve your target. Don’t forget to relax your mind and body from time to time, and have confidence and faith in yourself. All the best

  32. Revision is best idea to get 100 percent marks in your board examinations. Thank you.

  33. sir,
    I am a 12th class student and i have 3 days for final board exam maths. Sir, give me some suggestion how to prepare to get at least 70. sir please reply its urgent.and i am not clear in calculus.
    Sir, will i practice 10 year question papers??

    1. In 3 days just mug up all the previous years questions from each chapter, which you can find in any reference book. You will face some of these questions in your board exam for sure.

  34. Sir, from where can I get 100% sure success book?
    I searched for it online also, but i am not able to get it.
    Is the book’s name right?
    and who is the publisher?
    and if this book is solved, then what marks are achievable?

    1. Hi soumya,
      Please follow this link to order the required book.
      Books for PCM 12th.

    2. Thank you sir.
      And how much can I score if I prepare 100% success maths book?

    3. Dear saumya,
      This book is not available on net (free)
      You can purchase it from play store.

  35. Sir, I want to know that how to cope with integration? it is a very big chapter.

  36. sir, what percentage can I expect in math if I practice from ncert only, I’m in 12th.

    1. If you have mugged up each and every question including all the exercises, miscellaneous, and examples questions then you can easily sore more than 80 marks.

  37. I am not prepared to attempt application of derivatives, but I can’t bear loss of 10 marks straight. What should I do.

    1. Do not let it go, just learn the methods of solving the questions from this section, at least learn the formulas to get at least 4 out of 10 marks but do not let it go.

    2. only do last exercise and miscellaneous, either do with concept or grab it hardly.

  38. Hey Sir, Would it be beneficial if I buy “100% sure success” book now? I’ve done ncert though but I’m not totally confident with it as yet. And now I just want to do important questions of all.

    1. Hello Sunidhi,
      If you have completed your NCERT, then the best things would be practicing previous year papers and sample papers.
      But, “100% sure success” is totally worth investing money. And you will find important questions to practice in it.

  39. I have only 1 week for the board exams to starts and I’m hopeless in maths. What should i do

    1. Don’t think yourself hopeless Vishnu, take out any reference book and read out the previous year questions from each chapter with full concentration.

  40. Sir I have to appear for my Maths Compartment exam next month. Can I get passing marks by leaving all the misc exercises. But I have done misc examples. And give me some useful tips to atleast be in safe zone with 33 marks

    1. Misc examples do plays a vital role in board exams, even some questions comes directly from this section, so you already have done a good thing. But do not rely on misc examples totally go for some previous year questions.
      Solving previous year questions will surely put you in a safe zone.

    2. Okay sir one more thing. Please let me know the paper pattern of upcoming compartment exam on March 14. And can I get 10/10 in Probability by doing the imp questions mentioned by u ?

    3. The paper pattern will be the same but a bit tougher than the board exam, and yes, you can trust the important questions as given in 4ono but this cannot be guaranteed that you will face the same questions in your exam. But also, it is worth practicing them.

    4. you can start doing question from sample paper, because only important or topic based question are asked every year in them and get avg 60 marks.

  41. Sir i’m totally hopeless in mathematics, please guide me to get passing marks, please.

    1. Hi jay,
      here is a suggestion for you.
      Purchase “100% sure success” and read out each and every question of that book.
      If you even prepare just 60% of this book then you will definitely get the passing marks.

  42. I don’t know what i’m going to do i’m utterly hopeless in mathematics(class 12) plz guide to get some decent marks. please.

    1. Hi Paul,
      You can read or practice 100% sure success for mathematics. This book has important previous year questions which keeps repeating on every board exam without even a change.
      If you are totally hopeless then it is worth to buy this book.
      Thank you.

  43. Sir!
    Can you give me chapter wise questions asked in previous years question paper for mathematics subject?

    1. We apologize Smit,
      We haven’t created such content yet! But this is a great idea to help students in more efficient way. We will work on it for sure.
      You can try Math Important questions chapterwise issued by CBSE.

  44. Sir i m in 12th. And opted maths but it’s difficult for me to score at least 60 or 70 in maths. Please help me.

    1. Thanks for your comment Deeksha. Do your best with full confidence, This is all i can suggest you. Do not worry about the percentage, you will get the percentage by your hard work not by worrying about it, you will get what you are up to.

  45. Hi, I am a 10th class student, and I want previous years science sample papers.

    1. Hello Pihu,
      It looks like you landed on the wrong page, follow the given link to download CBSE 10th science sample papers. You can also download the sample papers for other subjects.

  46. Sir!! give me some tips how to prepare organic chemistry easily? My inorganic and physical part is good but organic chemistry is worse. Reactions, names, catalyst, conditions, mechanisms I have the problem understanding them. Please help!!

    1. Hi Parth,
      You do not have enough time to cover or prepare organic chemistry, Best you can do is to read out the previous year questions from this section.
      Also, if possible learn all the important name reactions with their derivations and some reasoning questions.
      Reasoning questions and name reactions will easily bring you 8 to 10 marks.
      Thank you.

  47. I am U.P Board student. Can I get some help regarding physics.?

    1. Yes sure mir,
      Please write your problem in reply to this comment, and i will do my best to help you out.
      Thank you.

  48. I am a 10th class student and I want previous year paper of 10th class

    1. Click on the given link to download maths 10th previous year question papers.
      This link will lead you to the article where we have given the CBSE class 10th maths previous years question papers.
      Let us know if you face any kind of problem or if you need anything else.

  49. I am 12 student and I want to get 80+ in maths but I don’t have time to practice much suggest the important question of all chapters, please.

    1. Hi Prateek,
      I don’t know that how much you have prepared for mathematics whole year, but I am happy to help you out. I will bring you the important questions chapter wise from mathematics in PDF format. You can practice them, also, it is advised that you should buy a reference book called “100% Sure Success”. This book carries all the important question chapter wise and it is worth to practice this book.
      Collect Mathematics Important Questions Class 12 – CBSE.
      Thank you.

  50. I am a 12th student I want previous year question papers of class 12 with the solution.

    1. We are really sorry Krishna, solved previous year papers are not free of cost. You can buy them on or soon we will upload the solved previous year papers.
      Thank you.

  51. Can I get imp info regarding how to score good Marks in physics and chemistry how to study

    1. Yes sure Anwesha,
      You can Visit this article to read the 11 tips in board exams.
      Also, there are a number of comments by the students like you at the end of the article, you can read those comments too, to have an idea about scoring good marks in board exams.
      Thank you.

  52. I want sample questions papers of computer science for class 12th

    1. Sure, Rahul, You can follow this link to download the all the sample papers of all the subjects of science stream including computer science.

    2. I want English blue print of 2016

    3. Thanks for asking Abhishek, Follow this link to download the English blueprints for CBSE 12th

  53. I want question paper of each subject for highschool

    1. Thanks for asking Ben, you can find all the question papers here.

  54. hi,i want previous year question papers of class 12

    1. Thanks for asking Suraj, we have all the previous year question papers regarding all the streams. But you haven’t mentioned your stream.
      So here are the quick links to get access to the previous year question papers of CBSE.
      CBSE 12th Science previous year papers – All Subject
      CBSE 12th Commerce previous year papers – All Subject
      CBSE 12th Arts previous year papers – All Subject
      Just click on the links above and you will be redirected to the download page.

    1. Hi Wokil, Don’t know, for what? you are writing the word “Student”, I hope that you have found the required previous year papers here.

  55. i am 12th student

    1. Good to hear from you Sagar, I hope that I have provided you the best I have, If you are unable to find the maths previous year question papers then you can follow this link here: CBSE 12th Previous Year Question Papers All Subjects

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