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CBSE class 12 Previous year question papers with solution in PDF File. Here you can download 12th class Last 10 years question papers for all subjects including All India and Delhi Board. Previous year Papers are great help for board exam preparation.
A very warm welcome of all the students of science stream, it’s great to have you here. Choosing science stream was one of the important decision of your life. when you decided to choose science over other streams, at that time you molded your life in an entirely new shape. Now to help you out with your decision, in this article we have given CBSE 12th Science Previous Year Question Papers of All Subjects.

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CBSE 12th Physics Previous 10 Year Question Papers

Year Delhi Outside Delhi
2019 download
2018 download
2017 download download
2016 download download
2015 download download
2013 download download
2013 download download
2012 download download
2011 download download
2010 download download
2009 download download
2008 download download

CBSE 12th Chemistry Previous 10 Year Question Papers

Year Delhi Outside Delhi
2019 download
2018 download
2017 download download
2016 download download
2015 download download
2014 download download
2013 download download
2012 download download
2011 download download
2010 download download
2009 download download
2008 download download

CBSE 12th Biology Previous 10 Year Question Papers

Year Delhi Outside Delhi
2019 download
2018 download
2017 download download
2016 download download
2015 download download
2014 download download
2013 download download
2012 download download
2011 download download
2010 download download
2009 download download
2008 download download

CBSE 12th Maths Previous 10 Year Question Papers

Year Delhi Outside Delhi
2019 download
2018 download
2017 download download
2016 download download
2015 download download
2014 download download
2013 download download
2012 download download
2011 download download
2010 download download
2009 download download
2008 download download

CBSE 12th English Previous 10 Year Question Papers

Year Delhi Outside Delhi
2019 download
2018 download
2017 download download
2016 download download
2015 download download
2014 download download
2013 download download
2012 download download
2011 download download
2010 download download
2009 download download
2008 download download

CBSE 12th Computer Science Previous 10 Year Question Paper

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CBSE 12th Hindi Previous 10 Year Question Papers

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Previous Year Question Papers Are Important To Go With

Previous year papers can be used as weapon for board exam. There are some questions which are often repeated in different ways in every board exam, and if you can spot such questions then you can score lot more. So, keep looking for questions which you think are being repeated in most of the papers, and make sure to practice them the best way you can.

Check how strict is the CBSE evaluation process to know the skill to write answers according to examiner to get the best out of every answer.

A huge number of students appears and enrolled themselves in CBSE 12th board exam, I am talking about a huge population of students and just think, that you are one of them. So what makes you different from other and in what way?

Ok, let me give this answer to you, firstly you should know that only 20% of students are there who are really preparing hard for the board exams and the remaining 80% of students have no idea that where they are going and what they are doing.

Now the question arises that what these 20% students are really doing and how they are doing it?

So let me give some points that what the high scoring students do while preparing for their exam.

Complete NCERT Books First!

You have noticed that the good scorers of your class always stick with NCERT textbook, and the only reason is that the NCERT gives you the exact information about the syllabus and in text reading.

But, if you do not have enough time then choosing NCERT textbook is not a good idea, because NCERT book is not going to boost you up in lesser time. Therefore, it is advised that you must look around for the time, remaining for the exams.

NCERT Is Not Enough Buddy

Well reading NCERT textbooks is really a very good idea and an intelligent student can easily understand that what I mean to state here.

But, my dear friend reading NCERT is not enough as in the case of NCERT book you won’t find the type of questions and deep study about any topic.

NCERT only gives you the basic idea about the topics which are important for your board exams and not the in-depth study of the topics.

So according to my first point you should complete your NCERT textbook first, to get the idea of topics and then you must go for some CBSE 12th pcm reference books.
And please, do not go for those heavy 2KG books likes Pradeep etc, go for some lightweight books like Exam Idea etc.

Time will kill you

Time management is a key weapon of every successful student, using the time in a proper way will definitely give you a great boost while preparing for your board exams.

A good scorer always keeps an eye on time management, and hence he/she gets a good result. So what is time management?

Time management is as simple as chewing food, but a number of students do not take much interest on this scenario and this is the only reason they don’t score much in their exams as they expect. So keep in mind that while preparing for your board exams you must go for time management first. Taking food meals on proper time, taking proper sleep and giving a great time to studies are the key points of time management.

I cannot suggest you a time table here because every student has his/her own daily schedules and plans, so be the king of yourself and prepare a good time table and follow it until the board exams knocks your door and don’t let the time kill you.

Do not DOWNLOAD solved sample papers

Lazy are the students who cannot work hard on solving a question at their own, yes I am right here. This is one of the big problems that a number of students downloads or read the solved question papers from the internet or some reference textbooks.

What actually happens, the student tries the question from the solved question paper at his/her own but when he/she fails to solve the question he/she just see the solution of that particular question and at this point he/she thinks that this question is easy and he/she will easily solve this question in future.

But while facing the same question in future 80% of such students fails to solve or give the answer of that question, and the only reason behind this situation is that they didn’t use their brain to understand and solve the question, they just remembered it as a poetry.

Studying solved sample papers can be ok for theoretical subjects like English, Hindi, Biology etc. But not for practical subjects that need practice like Physics, Chemistry and Computer science. So keeping this in mind, we are providing you the CBSE 12th Science Previous Year Question Papers All Subjects but not with the solutions. Just try to solve them on your own. Trust me it’s better this way.

Stop Making Fool Of Yourself

I was too a 12th student once, and I was not so intelligent. Like my good buddies, I too thought that there is a plenty of time for board exams and I can make it before the exam arrives at the doors.

Every day I used to wake up with a thought that today I will start study with full concentration, but with the day passing the thought of “study with concentration” use to fade and finally disappear.

So this is how I was making a fool of myself, I realized this when there were 2 months left for my board exams, somehow I made that event of my life happen successfully. Often I use to think, that what if I had started my preparations from the first day of my 12th class? like I did in 2 months just before the board exams, haha, you know the answer well.

So stop making a fool of yourself and start your preparations from today.

Kal kare so aj kar, aj kare so ab, Pal me parlay hoyegi, bahuri karega kab

And this is not a useless thought.

What have you learned?

If you have read the entire article, then by now you must have learned some good tips for your board exam preparation.

Keep in mind that you are the only one who will decide what to do and what not to do, no one can direct you to the path to your destiny. So be the creator of your path and always try to take good decisions. You cannot be someone’s copy and someone cannot be a copy of yours.

If any point and any material given in this article helped you in any way or you have some other thoughts about the upcoming board exams then do comment below and become a part of the discussion for this article.

All The Best For You Board Exams, Todd Dena! 

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  1. Namaste sir
    I leave my tuition centre because syllabus are very very late because mostly days they have holidays. and my school teacher not properly understands the concept of physics.please give me a suggestion to good score my board exams 2020

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Read your NCERT textbook and complete your syllabus first. If you read the textbooks completely then you will understand the concepts.

  2. Very helpful article nice ways to secure time and study better ..thnq

  3. Salute you Sir/Maam the work you have done for us is incridible and you are doing a great work.Thank you for providing the genune question papers.Again Thanks a lot

  4. how can i get more than 50 marks in maths and physics 123

    1. Hello ritesh, here are some related and helpful articles you can read : Preparation for Physics & Preparation for Mathematics.

  5. i recently overcame from depression & now i want to score above 85% but due to missing my most of the chemistry classes it looks very hard to solve the questions Please Help me to score well.
    i am waiting for your reply.

    1. Hello Satyam, Do not worry about scoring high marks. You need to give your attention towards your studies and study regularly. here is the related article for you follow the link: Preparation for chemistry.

  6. haii sir my self vikash kumar $ iam weak in physics but i like science thats way i tkae science plse how too clear may all the concept of all 3 subject which thing is most important to score 90% in 12th bord plse sir help me

    1. Hello Vikas, the very first thing is to understand this that, scoring 90% marks for what purpose? or if you got 90% and you don’t know the concepts very well!. You must understand this, forget about getting 90% in 12th board and set the goal/aim to clear your base concept of all the subject, you have to focus and study regularly each subject. regular study and practice will lead you to get clear your concepts. All the best!!!

  7. Mam i’m a PCMB student just passed 11th..plzz mam give me some tips how would i prepare for my 12th board to secure more than 93%…and i think i’m just good in all subjects

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Niushree,
      It is very good that you are aware and concern about your 12th exam from the beginning. To score above 90% in 12th board exams, to know about all the strategies please Click Here

  8. Thanks a lot to the person who has uploaded these question papers .

  9. Thanks a ton to this anonymous good soul who uploaded the precious year papers.Just yesterday I was trying to buy arihant last year solved papers from Amazon and I found this site and checked it out. It was really helpful.Thank you again and that article sir/mam whoever has written it I have also done this till now waking up everyday and with all the new positive vibes and the day goes wasted after that yesterday too I simply did nothing I wish to change everyday but never do today also I’m going to try to sort my goals out and make a short time table lets see what happens but thank you.

  10. mam I want to score 98% what I will do I am weak in all subjects

    1. Hi Nerru,
      You must read our article “11 strategies to score more than 90% marks in 12th board exam”, write this in search box of our website. I sure, it will be useful for you. Good Luck!

  11. Hi Mam. Is ncert textbooks sufficient for all the subjects and not only for board exams but also for further competitive exams. Especially for physics I feel difficulty in studying this subject so how I should manage to study this subject.

    1. Hi Ashutosh.
      NCERT books are best to study from if you are aiming to score good marks in board exam as most of the questions are based on the NCERT syllabus and pattern. But when it comes to competitive exams the difficulty level is quite high and the pattern of the questions are also different then board exam so for the preparation you must study from reference books also. For physics you must understand the concept behind the every topic and then move to numerical part. Practice and only regular study will give you good results in this case. Next thing is formulas which are very important and you must remember all of them by heart. Keep yourself focused while studying and do hard work.

  12. Hi sir. I am in class 12TH (PCMB) and I am finding chemistry very difficult to study as I also cannot concentrate on it so please tell me that how should I study chemistry to score very good marks. My maths and physics is good but also tell me the tips to study all the subjects to score more than 80% in my board exam.

    1. Hi Abhishek.
      As, you have mentioned that you are facing difficulty in studying chemistry so my advice to you is first approach each section(physical/organic/inorganic) differently as in physical chemistry you have numerical to do to so you must have good command over all formula and you will have practice a lot. When it comes to organic and inorganic chemistry you have remember a lot of reaction and theory so while studying these two always keep a notebook with yourself and note down all the important topics, reactions etc. Next important thing is to do revision of every subject and not just chemistry. Do regular study and be focused while studying. Keep on doing the hard work and you will score good marks for sure.

  13. Hello sir. I am a class 12 PCMB student. I can’t focus on maths because I do not get enough time to focus on all the subjects. Please try to find out a way for me. Please help me.

    1. Hi Shubham.
      As, you have mentioned that you have PCMB i.e both Maths and Biology so, it is natural that you are facing difficulty in time management. What you can do is study Maths and Biology in alternate days. Set a time table where you study Maths for 2 hours on Monday and on Tuesday you study Biology similarly for whole week and on Sunday do your revision. There is no doubt that you will have to work little more hard then usual but don’t worry as you can do it. Just be focused and dedicated while studying.

  14. Hello Sir. I am Akash and I am a 12th class (PCM) student. Sir, I’m leaving my tuition on 10th of august 2017 because I feel like it is all waste of time as well as waste of my parent’s money. Sir, I also go to school and my school teachers are quite good. But I am confused that what will I do after leaving my tuition? How will I clear my concepts? And moreover how will I prepare for my Board Exams as well as competitive exams? Sir please guide me give me and give me your suggestions.

    1. Hi Akash.
      First of all you need to figure out that whether you will be able to give proper time for board exam and competitive exam altogether or not. But at the same time remember nothing is impossible. If you are wiling to work really hard and dedicate yourself towards your studies then for sure you can score good in board exam and along with it can also crack any competitive exam. If you are convinced that you can do better by self studying then go for it. Your first step should be making a schedule/timetable and follow it strictly. Each and every day counts so regular study is must. I would recommend you to make your board exam your first priority and focus on NCERT books to score good marks. Then since you are preparing for competitive exam also so, study from refreshers. If you find yourself stuck at one point then ask for help from your teachers. Make sure all the concepts are clear to you. Keep yourself motivated and work hard. You will score good marks for sure.

  15. yashwanth bharadwaj

    Hi sir. I am Yashwanth bharadwaj of 12 class. I want to sat this article is very very helpful and one more thing, this site is the best site. You gave me so much of confidence to face my exam that is in 2018.
    Thank you.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Yashwanth.
      We are happy to help you. In future if you have any query you are welcome here. Just keep yourself motivated. All the best.

  16. Thanks a lot. I am a +2 student and gonna face exams in 2018. It was a great help from your part. I’m sure that I can crack my exams after going through all this and that was a wonderful article.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Amina.
      We are happy to help you. And we wish you all the best for your exams. Just keep working hard and be focused.

  17. firstly I thank you sir kyonki aapke sujhaw ke karan maine achhe marks get kiya.Sir maine 12th me cbse board se arts me 94 percent prapt kiya aur apne school ka topper hoo.mai scheduled cast se belong karta hoo.mai JBT karna chahta hoo.Kya cbse board mere liye jbt karne ke liya ya achhe marks ke liye koi scholarship pradan karega

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Manish, first of all let me congratulate you for such an excellent percentage and yes, you are always welcome in our website. Coming to your question, JBT(Junior Basic Training)course is conducted by CBSE, so there are chances that you may get scholarship, but for that you have to appear in the entrance exam.

  18. Sonal prasad sahu

    Sir my name is sonal sahu .I am pcm student from DAV kapildev Ranchi jharkhand .I want to bring full marks in all three subjects .but I am confused with a lot described in pradeep book .plz tell me how much marks numerical part will carry and how should I prepare for it .
    Plz tell me especially in physics how to score full marks .
    I take tution also but anware of numerical watage in board and its difficulty level .
    Plz eliminate my doubts .
    Thanking you sir

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sonal, though it is very difficult to score full marks but it is not impossible. All you need to do are some extra efforts. If Pradeep book seems to be confusing to you then switch on to ABC book. It is much sorted and might be more comfortable to you.

      Apart from it, focus on self study. It is OK to take tuition but at the same time, you need to work very hard on your own self. Make a time table which include revision(at least, once in a week), practicing numerical(daily), and of course, learning terms and definitions. It will surely help you and give your best to follow it.
      Good luck.

  19. Hello sir this is Gurwaryam singh. I am a student of class 12 of pcm stream. Sir I want to score more than 90%. What should be the schedule of my study so, that I’m able to score more than 90%?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Gurwaryam.
      Every student dream to score good percentage in 12th board exam but only those who are willing to work hard and dedicate themselves towards their studies are able to actually score 90+ in the examination. You need to set a timetable in such a way that you give equal time to each subject. While studying make your own notes of important topics which will help you during the exam. NCERT books are most recommended for those who aim to score good marks in 12th. You cannot remember everything in just one reading so, revision is must. For subjects like Maths and Physics try to understand the concept first and then move towards the questions. Keep all the formulas in your finger tips. For more details search for ’11 Strategies To Score More Than 90% Marks In 12th Board Exam’ in the search box of our website.

  20. Sir I am student of class 12th. Sir I want to score good marks in class 12th as well as clear JEE but I am reading only basic not competitive level study. So, how can I prepare for both? Can I clear JEE by reading only NCERT books?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vaibhav.
      As, you have mentioned that you look forward to crack JEE exam along with scoring good marks in 12th board exam then you really have to dedicate yourself towards your studies. NCERT books are recommended for those who aim to score good marks in only board exams but if you are preparing for JEE then you have study from reference books also like Arihant, ABC etc. These books prepares you in a better way. Along with this also practice from previous year paper and sample paper as, you will get the idea of important questions. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind. Just keep your self motivated and work hard.

  21. Sir iam going in class 12 this year sir iam getting nervous as my parents have lots of expectations from me how can I overcome it

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rajneesh.
      First of all don’t get nervous. You have plenty of time to prepare for board exam so, just be dedicated towards your studies from the very beginning. Don’t keep any doubts to yourself, ask questions to your teachers if you face problem in anything. Set a time table and follow it regularly. NCERT are the best books if you want to score good marks in your examination. Study daily and practice as much as you can. Keep on doing the hard work and you will succeed in scoring good marks for sure.

  22. Mam , I am preparing board exams and also for medical entrance exams . How should i study for both simultaneously and also my teachers tell me that make your concepts clear and i can’t find out HOW I CAN CLEAR MY CONCEPTS ???? Plz HELP as i want to clear my entrance exam and also want to get decent marks in boards..

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nikhil.
      Yes to score well in your bboards, you have to clear your concepts and you can easily do that by revising each and every topic thoroughly, then conduct a test for yourself regarding that topic, if you are able to do that without any difficulty, it means that your concepts are clear. So, work hard, you will definitely get good marks.

  23. Sir I am preparing for medical exams. I have also qualified the KVPy xam this year. But my main problem is that I focused on MCQs too much and is now staggering on the writing theory part i.e derivations step by step answers. Please suggest whether solving previous 10 years question is sufficient for me to get 95% above. Moreover my Maths have become weak because of less practice. Please suggest me ways to score high in short time. In other subjects My concepts are clear only “How to write the answers” are haunting me.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Irfan.
      Although solving previous year questions are enough to score good marks, but it all depends upon you that how much clear you are with your concepts, if you are clear with them , then you could easily be able to get good marks. So, we will recommend you to get clear with your concepts by practicing from those papers. And you can get good command over maths also by practicing and making your concepts clear. So, start working hard, you will get good marks.

  24. Hey I have to score 95%+ in my class 12. Now only one month is remaining. Tell me something that could help me in boosting my performance.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Bhanu.
      We understand that you are left with only one month, but this is the time when you have to keep yourself calm, don’t get nervous. Set a strategy for yourself to complete your syllabus 20 days before the examination, so that the rest 20 days you can give to your thorough revision. For this, set a proper time table for yourself and follow it sincerely. Utilize every single minute now. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  25. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

    Hi Ajay.
    Don’t get nervous. Forget everything that is gone and start working hard from today. Utilize the remaining time for the best and be completely dedicated towards your studies. Make sure whatever you are studying, you are getting clear with that concept. Set a proper time table for yourself. Work hard, you will achieve good marks.

  26. sir i understood everything in physics by ncert book,
    but the questions in exam come in different way,
    all question are like prove and numerical,
    so how i prepare for my physics through which i get 80% . marks in board exam..
    i m good in all other subject except physics …

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Dhiraj.
      It is because you are not clear with your concepts. So, firstly work on making your concepts clear. Once you will be clear with all your concepts, you will easily be able to solve all the numericals. So, be confident and start working hard. You will get good marks.

  27. I wanted to download(after buying) the solutions of last 10 year papers(pcm).but my e- wallet is telling me that ur site is not safe for money transaction.
    pls help

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Adwitiya. I must assure you that the transaction with 4ono is secured as for the extra safety of our users, we do not use cookies. At the same time, paytm gateway used by our website is trusted at its extreme. So, don’t worry, your transaction will be safe.

  28. Aayush srivastava.

    Math n ata h hmko plz bta dijiye ka krn hm plz pas kra dijiye

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aayush.
      You can get excellence in maths only if you will be practicing it thoroughly. So, keep on practicing, utilize all your time in your studies. You will definitely get good marks.

  29. Mam,
    I want to score 90+ in 12th board exams
    Can u please tell me how to boost up my

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Kriti.
      That’s very nice if you want to score above 90% marks. But it needs a lot of practice and dedication. So, keep on practicing. Set a time table for you and utilize all your time in your revision and whatever you study, just make sure you are confident about that.

  30. Gd afternon Mam ..I need some Help for preparing chemistry part is going very difficult for me to understand it.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Abhinav.
      Firstly, get this thing out of your mind that it is difficult. You are finding it so, because you are not well prepared. So, start practicing, as organic chemistry is completely based on your practice. As much as you will practice, you will get clear with your concepts. So, start working hard, you will get good result.

  31. sir/mam i need your help kindly give some tips to gets good in board plzzzzzzz……….?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Raj.
      As only two months are left for your boards, so start working hard. Set a time table for you and utilize all your time in your studies and start preparing from sample papers and previous year question papers. Just be focused and you will surely get good results.

  32. Hlo ma’am! m quite weak in accountancy can i improve my results for boards

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi pranavi.
      Firstly get this thought out of your mind, that you are weak. No one is weak at any thing. We all have that caliber so that we can solve our each and every problem. So, have that confidence and keep on practicing with full confidence and concentration and you will get good results.

  33. Sir I want to study in St Stephen college new delhi I m an average student I could only score around 80% in SA1 but cut off mark is very high for St Stephen plz give me some tips to get good marks

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Prem.
      You can score good marks so that you can get the admission into St. Stephen College. Have some confidence and keep working really hard.

  34. I study 12 hours a day will this be sufficient for 90%marksand also my syllabus is completed and right now I’m doing sample papers tell me I’m going ona right way plz suggest me

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nagar.
      We appreciate, you have that potential, so you are dedicating 12 hours towards your studies. Keep it up, but, give some rest to your mind and be in continuous practice. You will definitely get good marks.

  35. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

    Hi Faizan.
    How may we help you?

  36. Sir, how can I score 85+ in maths if I only know the theory of every chapter ….After ncert what book should I do …Reply fast!

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Suraj.
      You can only score good marks in maths if you will be in continuous practice. As excellence in maths only comes after practicing. As you will be completing with your NCERT book then start practicing from sample papers and previous year question papers. You will get good results.

  37. Hello sir,
    My name is krishna dixit
    I have download some previous year’s question papers and work over them with full of devotion but i think that i can not give my best…

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Krishna.
      Don’t get disheartened. Keep on practicing and be determined that yes i will do this. If you will practice with this spirit, then you will definitely get the results.

  38. Sir my self Mahesh pandey.
    I am in 12 th standard.
    I have download some previous years question paper but is asking about some password .
    May I know the password.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mahesh.
      The password is

  39. I have downloaded the pdf of unsloved exam paper bt it recommended the password to open but i forget the password .so pls tell me.

  40. Hello professor,
    I am a class 12 student and my performance have never been consistent , throughout the year there have been many ups and downs but I really want to score good nearly about 98%in boards but I’m very disappointed after knowing my pre-board 1 marks in the physics exam as I scored 29…can you please suggest me something?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vasvi.
      There is no need to get disappointed. Still you have some time left. Just concentrate on your course book, and once you are finished with it, try to solve all the sample papers, previous year question papers.

  41. Sir/Ma’am,
    Your articles are extremely helpful and have given me a lot of perspective. Thank You for all your efforts.
    I am a student of XII Science with the combination of PCMB along with Psychology. I am quite confident about my marks in Biology, Psychology and English, and to some extent even Mathematics because I have been doing well all year. My current percentage is around 76% and I really want to get above 95%. My scores come down because of my marks in Physics, and Chemistry. But I cannot seem to identify what my problem is. I can understand things well and my Chemistry concepts are pretty clear. Physics however, I face trouble recalling the derivations and numericals.I have started revising the NCERT for Physics recently as I have been using S.L.Arora all this while. For Chemistry, I have followed NCERT all throughout along with Together With. It has been helpful so far.
    I want to know what will help me improve and if I will be able to get my desired marks. Please get back to me ASAP.
    Thanking You,

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shreya.
      You are doing really good. Firstly make your concepts clear with NCERT. Once you are clear with them , then go for some other reference book, and when one month will be left then start practicing with sample papers, model papers and last year question papers.

  42. hye sir.will you please suggest a time table for me to get above 95 percent marks in board exam.i will be thankful to u

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Abhinanjay.
      As hardly 2 months are left for your exams, so please revise all the things first. Get into the habit of waking up early, set a time table that at what time period you have to complete how many chapters and make sure you are over with your revision one month before your exams. And when one month will be left, start practicing sample papers, previous year question papers.

  43. sir, what would you suggest for last month study for 12th boards?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Jitu.
      In the last month, start practicing with the sample papers, previous year papers.

  44. In this 3 months preparation can i score 90%

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Siddarth. Yes, you can absolutely score 90+. It entirely depend on your preparation strategy. Read 11 Strategies To Score More Than 90% Marks In 12th Board Exam.

  45. Hello sir I’m Gaurav. Sir i have been preparing for JEE since 11th starting, and so i tended to neglect CBSE and NCERT. I scored badly in 11th and 12th is also not looking very good. I’m clear with almost all the concepts. Please tell me how to proceed for scoring above 95% in boards as I am more interested in getting into Delhi University than doing JEE. I just want to know how to channelize my energy and time which i am putting in studies….And also please tell me which books are best for the revision purpose for boards……thanku sir….

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Gaurav. You had a wrong start as you have almost wasted your two years in JEE and now want to take admission in Delhi University. But don’t worry. Now, all you need is to concentrate fully on your Board exams.

      There is a plus point that you are clear with all the basic concepts of class 12th. Jump on to the previous year papers and sample papers of board exams and start practicing. I am telling you, within one month, you will get to know the type of questions of board exams.

      Keep practicing more and more. Things will automatically get clear.

  46. Hello sir,
    I am in 12th with PCMB sir only 3 months left for CBSE board exams and I think only 10% syllabus is done by me . So, sir it is possible to acheive 90% ,If yes then tell me how. I was a bright student in 10 with 8.8CGPA but I 12th I lose my confidence. Please help me to bosst my confidence too.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Dhruv. It seems that your are too worried for your exams. This is a positive sign for success but don’t loose your confidence as it is the basic need to achieve something.
      Remind yourself that there are 24 hours in one day that means 24*90 hours in 3 months and that are way too enough for the preparation. Don’t you think ?

      Well ! All you need is to study smartly. 90% is such a high percentage, so your efforts should also be high. I always suggest students to avoid distractions at least when there are only 3 months remaining. Family Get-together, your friend circle, social network, anything which is wasting your time, just leave it. Make a proper time table and follow it for sure.

      You will definitely get more than 90% if you work hard and with the correct strategy.

  47. Helo sir your articles are really very helpul . I m facing problem while studying. I m pcb student and I feel sleepy while studying I m unable to concentrate . I m so worried about exams I have no preparation till yet . I m desperately waiting for your advice

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Priyanka. I don’t know why but it seems that your focus is diverted by so many distractions. May be, you are facing problem in concentration just because you are concentrating in wrong things. I would recommend you to avoid your distraction, either it is your friends, some family get together, or social network. Just maintain a distance from every possible thing and try to focus on your studies.

      Once you will set your priorities, you will not face any problem. Just do it for you.

  48. This site ia very helpful thanks for uploading questions.sir can you please suggest what i should do because only 4 months are remaining and i am not studying still,the days are going fast and i have no control on them can you please suggeat me how to gain good marks in maths

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shivendra. At this moment, i can only suggest you to start studying. This is the basic funda of learning and for securing at least average marks. Just pick out the NCERT books and start studying word to word. Practice numerals, derivations and equations, etc. Do focus on theory part as well. All in all, there is no such suggestion other than to study really very hard. You must give at least 6-7 hours to self study.

      Practice. This is the only solution for Maths subject. Practice as much as you can. Remember ! More is always less.

  49. Class 12 PCM student Sir through this I am going to tell you that I am facing a few problems.In maths i have not practiced a lot of questions but if I have provided with a unknown toughest one question even with a little hint than I will definetly solve it.In chemistry I have not revised the notes same is the case with physics …..From now what I should do to acquire above 95 % marks and get admitted to Delhi University .I have acquired cgpa 10 in class 10 .Presently my position is that sir If tomorrow is my exam and it will lasts for 5 regular days than I will surely get 70 % .From now what I should do to get into 95 club and I also have a problem that sometimes I cant solve mathematics paper even if i knew the way of solving as a result i get only 70-80 % marks in in some maths paper.s ….and what should i do to handle organic chemistry reactions.. ..So please suggest me some methods.. I will highly oblize to ur +ve response….. Thanks ……

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shivraj. It seems that you are really very passionate to score 90+ and this is appreciable from my side.
      As you have mentioned that you can solve any of the Maths question only with a little hint, i would recommend you to practice the same questions again. Yes, you have enough time to do this. Let me tell you, till now, your preparation for 90+ is still 50%. You need to practice a lot. Cover up the NCERT book once again. Practice Sample Papers and previous year paper which will give you an idea of the stuff which you should practice more.

      Same in the case of Chemistry and Physics. You have to study more and more. As i always say, more is always less.

  50. this site is very helpfull but now i dont have much time to cover the whole portion if i througly solve thses paper will i get above 80 if not then guide me how can i get above 80 in this much time please help me sir …

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Misba. No if you have not started studying yet then these papers will not going to help you scoring good marks. Now even, passing marks. At this moment, when there are only 3 months left for the exam, i would suggest you to complete your whole syllabus in first two month by studying day and night. In the last month, do practice these papers. They will absolutely help you then.

  51. a very helpful site for complete preparation of boards. i have a question that if i have less time for preparation of calculus what should i do?and do i need to give equal importance and time to every chapter or it should be done in accordance with marks alloted to that chapter?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mariya. However ! There is still enough time for studying Calculus but if you are facing too much problem in that particular unit then i would suggest you to cover all other unit, instead of wasting your time in calculus.

  52. Sir I m the student of class 12 science (PCM). I have no idea how to face CBSE exam. I have not even studied 1 hour a day. I can’t understand Physics and Chemistry in my class. What should I do sir? Will you plz give some idea what can I do further?

    1. Hi Jai. Let me remind you one thing, your board exams will be conducted in the month of March, which is not that far. You have no option other than to start studying very hard. You won’t ever understand the subjects like Physics and Chemistry without studying them. Work hard. Study at least 5-6 hours a day, otherwise it would be difficult for you to even pass your intermediate. This is all from my side, now the ball is in your court.

  53. Sir, I do not complete my English and Hindi paper in time

    Give some tips for it
    And in 5 marks article or debate how much content I have to write in board ???

    1. Hey Deep, may be your problem is that you write longer answer than needed. Go for the reading section first, this way you do not have to worry about it later when you are attending the writing section. Stay focused while attending the question papers, and do not get ahead of yourself, just focus on one question at a time.

      As for the article or debate, i think 200 to 230 words in clean handwriting and meaningful content will be more than enough.

  54. Sir I just want to clear my 12 cbse in non medical. I want to ask ncert books are sufficient for board exams?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hey Manik, NCERT is more than good enough to get through Board exams. Just practice it with full attention.

  55. Thanks, this site is wonderful for students and very important. I love this site.

  56. hi yash my situation is like you only ,physics is such a hard subject and from your question i think u have till now completed physics…so can u tell me what should i do now to learn physics without any stress??

  57. Hi sir your suggestions are really awesome inspiring it helped me a lot there r some questions in my mind Sir honestly speaking I am very good in maths and I do it at least for one hour even on a hectic day but sir I don’t know every time during the exams my marks in maths come in between 75% to 80% but in other subjects it around 90% and above sir my teachers also appreciate me for doing maths so nicely and I am the one who gives the first answer on any question related to maths but in exams my marks goes down please help me sir I want to score more than 90% in maths sir another question is in organic chemistry I always tend to leave organic part because of so many reactions sir what should I do to have a interest in it and what is the way to study it properly and sir will u kindly tell in maths physics and chemistry which things I should give more focus sorry sir I have asked u so much questions I am wasting your precious time but eagerly waiting for your answer sir thank u in advance sir.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Sagnik, no need to apologize. I will be glad to answer all your questions. So lets begin with the first one.


      I think the problem can be your methods and technique of calculating. First of all try to keep your answers neat and clean, even the calculation part. If you are doing rough work to calculate, then try to keep it clean too, as writing a single number wrong will result in wrong answer. Hope you are getting the point.

      Try to practice sample papers like you give your exams, this will give you the idea about where are you making mistake. If possible, then ask your teachers to show your answer sheet, or ask them to tell you about your mistakes.


      Organic is not that boring as you think. Try learning the basic things first, like atomic no of minimum 30 to 50 elements. Always keep your basics clear for any chapter (This is key to learn). You can also prepare a pocket diary in which you will write only the Important formulas. And don not forget to practice the conversions.

      Hope these tips will prove to be helpful to you. And give more time to the subjects, that you find difficult.

  58. Manoj kumar singh

    What is the password of protected file

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      the password is

  59. Sir, I am a student of 12th cbse science stream and I have taken my first term examination and my marks are really down. Now I have 2 months vacation and I have downloaded a few worksheets + the important questions provided by you and now I am working towards it. In addition to this, I also focus on your tips and strategies. Will it really help me for the board exam preparations? Is 10 hours of studying daily enough for scoring 90% in board exam? And to tell you the truth, your articles are in fact worthy and helpful.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Lekshmi, glad to know that our article were helpful to you. 10 hours of study is more than enough to score good marks in board exam. Just keep your dedication and preparations going on, you will definitely score more than 90. All the best!

  60. How many hours of study is needed to score 90+ in pcm class 12?
    Please reply, i will do whatever you suggest.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Anurag, since you are aiming for 90’s, therefore it is obvious that you will have to invest a lot of time in a day to studies. In a normal day (with school and tuition) you can give maximum 3 or 4 to your studies. As almost 12 hours of your day will be take by school and tuition.

      Try as much as you can to keep up with the syllabus that is going on in your school and coaching classes, this will help you in a great way. Do not forget to revise things from time to time.

  61. sir, i have already wasted my vacation without studying anything, not even a single page. Now as the vacation is about to end fear is increasing day by day can u help me to get a good time management….it would be grateful…as i don’t attend any tuition so i have plenty of time…so will u plz get me a good schedule….and ur article was really inspired me and also i have downloaded all the sets of question papers..i hope it would help me…waiting for ur reply…

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Puneet, glad to know that you liked the article. This is how you should try to spend your day :-

      First of all try to wake up early in the morning, and give at least an hour to study. Then after breakfast, sit in a quite surrounding and study at least for 2 hours. Since, this is summer time, therefore, it’s hard to study in afternoon, so i will suggest you to give at least 1 or 2 hours in evening time i.e from 4:30 to 6 PM. Then at night you should at least given 2 to 3 hours to your study. An at last, before you go to bed, try to revise quickly what you have studied the whole day.

      Hope this will help you.

  62. Manorama Rathore

    Your way of guiding students is good and I will try to follow your guidance and also try my best to score good marks in board exams.

  63. Sir, my name is Mayank, I am a PCB student. My 11th exams just got over, and I scored around 81%. Throughout the year I was confused about “should I focus on my school subjective exams, or prepare competitive exams syllabus?” because I don’t want to drop after class 12th. Can you please suggest a way by which I can cover both competitive and board syllabus.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Mayank,
      I don’t know if you are aware or not that, the syllabus of JEE (or other such competitive exams) is same as the syllabus of class 11th and class 12th. So, this means that if you prepare the syllabus of both the class properly, then you will ultimately prepare for competitive exam.
      Pay your full attention towards your 12th studies, and you will be prepared for other exams too.

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