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Getting success is hard, but it gets even harder when there is no guidance. So, to help aspirants with their exam preparations, our experts have set some rules and guidance to be successful.

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  1. i am saibaba
    sir can explain about GD,TECHNICAL,TRADEMAN,CLERK,NURSING…

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Saibaba,
      Please visit “4ono.com” and click on the Indian Army Link

  2. I am worried about my board exam. I did not score in any exam nor coaching class. I scored 11/70 in Physics Chemistry 12/70 and Maths 10/70.My confidence is loosing by asking question to the professor in coaching class. What would be the step for clearing my board exam?

    1. Hello Sajitha,
      No need to loose confidence, there is still time and if you show some dedications, then you can score good marks in board exams. If you are done with the syllabus, then you should start solving practice papers and previous year papers. First try to solve them on your own, and if you are not able to solve, then look for the solution and see where are you making the mistake. Look for cbse 12th previous year papers in 4ono.com.

  3. i m worried for my democratic politics (social), concentrating much on these 4 topics its hectic to cover my portion could anyone suggest me
    ved prakash

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ved. Don’t worry, it happens with almost every student. Lack of concentration is due to lack of interest. Once you start having interest in those topics, it will be all sorted.

  4. I’m worried about ECONOMICS which makes me unhappy while studying…..Give me some tips…..To score good….

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mano.
      Don’t be nervous. Just study it being completely focused towards it, try to understand the concepts by practicing questions from sample papers and previous year question papers. Be completely dedicated, you will score well.

  5. i am worried about my maths as i do losts of silly mistakes in exam and board class12 exams are approaching i really need help to overcome this mistakes eventhough i had practised losts of questions then too i make many mistakes which just lead to about 10% decreasae in marks… can u suggest something to overcome this issue….

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aniksha.
      There are lot of mistakes becuase you don’t solve the questions with complete dedication. Firstly start making yourself focused towards each and every question that you solve, and get into the habit of re-checking your answer, whether you have solved it correctly or not. Start working hard, you will get good result.

  6. i am worried about my class10 board exam and also while practicing i quite get nervous so how can i overcome this?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Amrit.
      You get nervous because you are not fully prepared, and because of this you are lacking self confidence. You can overcome any exam fear, but firstly you have to be confident enough. And to be confident enough you should know each and everything, and that will come with continuous practice. So, we would recommend you to first prepare your self completely by practicing sample papers, previous year question papers. You will yourself come out of your exam fear, and will get the best results.

  7. M worried about organic part idk how i m going to deal with it? help me out

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Samiksha.
      There is nothing to be worried about with the organic portion. Just remain in continuous practice, because regularity is must with the organic section.

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