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The notification of NDA & NA EXAM(II), 2017 will start from 07.06.2017.
Last date for receipt of applications is 30.06.2017.
Date of commencement of written exam is 10.09.2017

Less than 1% of the people who apply for NDA clears the written exam. This fact is enough to shake the confidence of aspirants preparing. By any means, it is not easy at all, so be prepared to endure the hardship of life before starting your quest to crack NDA written exam.

There is a minor difference between hard work and smart work, hard work with a proper direction is smart work. So, be smart and put your efforts in right direction. The following article will guide on how to practice for written exam of NDA.

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How To Prepare For NDA Written Exam

# Put marks on rock

work hard ndaIt’s a miracle that how constant friction by a rope can leave significant marks on something like rock. Same law applies in real life, if you are consistence with something then it is destined to give output. Therefore, even if you are not very good in studies, studying on daily basis will absolutely rip results for you.

If you are not already in habit of daily study, then you better develop it as soon as possible. And if you don’t feel like doing it, then ask yourself “do i really want to go in NDA?” if you still feel the same way, then may be deep down you know it is not meant for you.

Make a fixed timing to study at home daily, it will set a biological clock once you are habitual to it. At first it will be very difficult, but after developing the habit it will automatically set the mood to study without struggling every day.

# Time management

time management ndaFor students in modern era, art of time management is very crucial. Giving most of the time to school, tuition and coaching, leaves them with almost no time for self study.

But it is life, and you need to carve some time out from this busy schedule.
Learning how to manage time will give you an extra hour in the day.


  1. No tuitions, more time : If possible, then drop tuition and coaching classes. Paying proper attention in school class is more than enough to understand any subject. Without any extra classes you will have much more time for self study.
  2. Less time to non-essentials : Reduce the amount of time that you spend on things that are not so essential, like freshening up in the morning, coming home from school etc. We do not realize, but they take a big chuck of our day, therefore learning how to do things quickly can save lot of time.
  3. Plan the day out : Smart people always plan their day ahead, having to do list for the day keeps us on track and motivate to do better. Write down the tasks and targets for next day before going to sleep, and do your best to cover all of them the next day. Internet is filled with apps that can help you do so, like google calender.

# Challenge Yourself

challenge yourself ndaConquering challenges is the finest way to learn from life, the best of a person comes out when life throws rough challenges. Likewise, introducing new challenges while studying will help you improve your learning capabilities, and make you a pro.

Don’t just be limited to ordinary problems, extra ordinary problems will make you extra ordinary. If you are weak in any subject, then challenge yourself to master it, formulate different strategies, make plans and most of all put whole hearted efforts.

# Learn To Avoid

learn to avoide ndaWorld is full of amusements, and distractions (have got better these days with smartphones) and one who can not avoid these distraction will never be able to achieve anything great. Addiction often comes as the biggest hurdle in achieving success. Therefore, it’s necessary to learn avoiding things.

Learn to avoid smartphone, party invitations, tv or any other distraction while studying. Even your household chore should not interrupt in your study hours.

# Develop The Brain

develop the brain ndaWhat is brain development? It is not mere understanding grownup stuff, what brain development literally means is opening mind for unexpected and unseen challenges and problems. And it is not developed just by reading books, there are various other ways by which one can flourish brain, like meditation, playing brain games etc.

Meditation can be a very powerful tool, and it is scientifically proven that it helps greatly in focusing mind, and many other benefits. As for the brain games, chess, sudoko etc. are some fantastic brain candies, even internet has so much to offer. Applications like luminosity are great for brain evolution. So, next time when you have free time, invest it in meditation and playing brain games.

# School Exams Are Nothing

school exams are nothingHow would you know if your preparations are upto the mark? Simple, if you find school exams easy to solve, then you are progressing in the right direction. Usually, the pre-board or other exams organised by schools are prepared according to average students, so they are fairly easy compared to NDA written exam.

But, if you still find them difficult, then maybe you are lagging behind and need to put more efforts in your preparation. But, in some exceptional cases, school exams are as difficult as NDA written exam, in such case, students should not loose their confidence.

# Don’t Be Limited

dont be limitedNever be limited to just one book, explore the questions from different books. Though, it is recommended that aspirants ought to first complete the NCERT books by CBSE, and then proceed to other books. For Maths, Physics and Chemistry, prefer the NCERT of 11th and 12th class. And for Social Science, subjects like History, Geography go with 10th NCERT.

Of course, just NCERT will not confirm your success. And why just book, you can manipulate internet to gain knowledge and to strengthen your concepts. Internet provides the best interactive content which can help you understand things easily and effectively.

# Creating Environment

create enviroment ndaNot everyone get the peaceful and calm environment to study. For some, noisy neighborhood create the problems, while for some it’s almost impossible to get a place at home where there is no one to disturb. In such situation hindrance in concentration is obvious, and hence, less productivity.

The best thing to do in such case is to either change your study timing, or change the location. Adjust the timing such that you get the most calm time of the day, like late night or early morning when everyone is sleeping or gone some where.

Organise group study with friends from time to time, various researches have shown that studying in social groups helps to remember things better and for longer time.

# Mindful Relaxation

meditation and hardworkMindful relaxation is enjoying the free time, mindfulness is a Buddhist technique which means living in the moment. If you feel tired mentally to go back to studies after giving yourself a break, then it means that you did not had a mindful break.

The best way to enjoy the break time is engaging in some physical activity, be it outdoor games or other house hold chore, physical work will release the stress caused by long study hours. People often engage with their smartphones, tv, etc. by doing so, you are just adding on to the stress. So, try to participate in some physical activity or simply rest your eyes and brain by just listening to peaceful music and enjoying the nature.

# Practice previous year papers

army documents list 4onoUnlike your school exams, the written exam of NDA does not change much. Over the years few changes have been made in the paper pattern. In some cases even the language of the question remains same, just the values changes.

Solving NDA previous year papers is like looking back in time to see what kind of questions are asked in the exam. It is highly recommended that after completing the syllabus, aspirants should go through the last 10 years papers at least once.

# Rewind the week, and take a dry run

Human tends to forget things very quickly, therefore it becomes necessary to remain in touch with what we learn. Assign at least one day in a week for revision. Making short points while practicing will help at the time of revision.

And at the end of the week take a dry run or test yourself, undeniably this is the best practice to make yourself strong.

Crack NDA Written Exam

How To Crack NDA Entrance Exam In First Attempt

NDA covers almost every subject that is to study from primary classes to senior secondary. So, the syllabus inevitably becomes a mountain to climb. Each subject needs a different approach and tactics of studying. Knowing how one can study a particular subject efficiently can save precious time and efforts.

# Maths

Aryabhatta as you may know was a great mathematician of ancient India, he use to worship an idol of some other mathematician, when people asked why he does that when he himself is such an excellent mathematician? His reply was “maths is an ocean, and my knowledge is just a drop, and i have to practice and practice”.

When someone like Aryabhatta needed to practice Maths daily, then it simply means that anyone who want to learn Maths need to practice it on a daily basis.

Clear the base

What is 9 multiplied by 8? Even a kid can answer this, but imagine how would you perform complex calculations if you were never taught multiplication tables. Same can be said for other important topics, if your basics for a particular topic are not clear, then you will never be able to build logic to solve it’s high end problems.

Before proceeding to advance topics, it’s recommended that first you go through CBSE class 9th and 10th books at least once, to make sure that your basics are clear. And if needed then go through the text part and practice few questions to come clean.

Sync with school and tuition

Unless you are a dropper, it’s obvious that most of your time is spent in school and tuition. Hence, it is important to utilize that time wisely. Just by being conscientious in class can save the time that you spend in tuition, because tuition are for those who don’t get their concepts clear in school.

Teachers have years of experience, and they know what kind of questions are important. So, mark each and every questions that are important according to them. When there is no teacher in the class, then instead of wasting, invest that time in practicing.

Practicing what you have learned in class should be the first priority when you sit to study at home. Try to keep up with the syllabus that going in the class.

Make It Easy

Formulas are the very essence of Maths, applying the correct formula can solve even the most multifarious problem in no time. Before beginning with a topic, the first step should be to write down all the formula related to it. Next step should be to understand them, and finally, no matter what, just get those formulas embedded in your brain. Solving questions will become a lot easier if you have formulas on finger tips.

Lot of time can be saved if your mental calculation is good. To improve mental calculation, first avoid using any kind of calculator. It may look convenient, but they are just making your brain slow, as a result when the show time comes, you will end up wasting way lot time in calculation and hence, attending less questions. Vedic maths provide a rock strong base for performing complex calculation in multiplication, square etc. Invest some time in learning this ancient Hindu technique, it will take less than a day, and will be worth your time.

When practicing, try to solve as many calculation as possible in mind. Even doing calculation in paper is also kind of a bad habit. There is a famous saying “the more you’ll bleed in training, the better you’ll be on field” same goes for Maths practice.

Begin with NCERT

The NDA written exam questions are mostly based on the syllabus of CBSE, so it’s advisable that aspirants should begin their preparations from NCERT or at least go through it’s syllabus once. Not that other books are less useful, but NCERT will give a better idea.

Along with the regular exercises, one must try to practice questions given in example and miscellaneous exercises. Often students leave those questions considering them insignificant.

Master short tricks

One common thing that every NDA coaching center teaches in maths is short tricks for calculations. The fact that the time limit is too tight to make long calculations, short tricks prove to be very handy in written exam.

But mastering short trick is not easy, one need to be in constant practice, only then you can use them effectively in your calculations. Look on internet for maths short tricks, you will be surprised by the result.

Important Topics

If you are not good in calculus then pay more attention to vector algebra, trigonometry, determinants etc. Unlike the weightage given to calculus in schools, in NDA written exam it is not given that high value. Don’t be stuck with integration and differentiation if you can’t cope up with it.

# Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Albert Einstein once said “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy”. These simple lines by the genius of the century defines how crazy can science get. Only regular study and efforts can ensure success in this subject.

Three separate lists for Physics

Physics can be divided in 4 categories i.e, derivation, formulas, definition and numerical. Before beginning with a new topic, make three separate lists of derivation, formulas and definition. Go through the list every time when you sit to study that particular topic.

You can also make the 4th list in which you can write down the page number and questions number of the questions that are important.

Portable diary for Physics

One of the best idea to learn physics is maintaining a small pocket dairy. Only important stuff will go in it, and the purpose of making this diary is to invest the free time in learning physics. Since it’s portable, therefore, you can take it anywhere and revise anytime.

10th, 11th and 12th for Chemistry

For chemistry, the foundation for complex studies of 11th and 12th is laid in secondary classes like 10th. So, if you want to know everything that you are studying in chemistry, start reading 10th NCERT. Though, the basics of every subject in senior classes are thought in secondary classes, but for Chemistry, the introduction given in 10th NCERT is good to revise.

Physical and organic Chemistry

As you are well aware that Chemistry is divided in 2 parts, physical and organic Chemistry. The physical part contains mostly numerical, derivations and definitions. People comfortable with physics should be fine with this part too. Same process can be followed to get hold on this part as physics.

For organic part, be in harmony with naming reactions. More than half of the organic chemistry is based on naming reactions, therefore it is a necessity. Also the basic knowledge (like atomic no. mass no. etc.) of at least first 30 elements should be on your finger tips.

Understanding concepts

Bare only one thought in mind while studying Science, that you want to gain knowledge, only then you can understand it. You probably must have read/heard these line many times before, but clearing concept is the most essential thing to do in science. Never move to next topic, until you are clear with the current one.

Science is one of the subject that can create hell of a confusion if things are not clear, and most often, these confusion occurs at the time of exam.

# General Science

For general science, questions related to environment, education and Biology are given in the written exam. Fortunately, questions in this section are not very typical. Therefore, not much of efforts are needed to get through this one.

Be warned, the above lines may give some comfort, but don’t let your mind off the hook. Make a list of important topics, and explore them. Try to remember them like general knowledge. Syllabus of class 10th is enough to cover Biology.

# Social Science

A mind can either be interested in science or social science, combination of both is a rare bread. But you have to be the odd one out if you are NDA aspirant. The good thing about social science is, you can memorize it if needed. The best way to remember things in Social Science is associating events, dates and character with your real life objects (specially for History).

Many struggle with History because they can’t relate events. History should be studied like a story, when you read a story then you do not have to force your brain to remember events, because it will retain them automatically. Pay special attention to India’s struggle for freedom, as most of the questions in exam are given from this part of the History.

For other subjects of Social Science, topics like constitution of India, political scenario of India etc. basically, every important topic that is related to India.

# English

They say English is the most scoring subject in written exam, but how can you score maximum in a subject if you are not good in it. Some will say, i am reading this blog which means I am good in English, but there is a big difference between casual and formal English.

One must have good knowledge of grammar rules to get maximum marks in English. So, it’s recommended that aspirants should read the basic rules of English grammar. Practice as many sample papers as possible to know the pattern.

For those who are literally weak in English, first they should know that it is not a matter of few days or weeks. Mastering a language takes months and years, So, if you are running short of time, then don’t invest too much time on it, rather prepare a subject that you are good at.

And if you have time, then bring the following points in your daily routine to improve English.

  1. Read books, magazine, comic or whatever you like in English for at least ½ hour a day.
  2. In order to speak fluently, you will need to practice speaking English. If you are too shy to speak in front of others, then do it when you are alone.
  3. Interactive mediums like TV can be a great source to learn. Watch English movies and shows, listen to English songs etc.
  4. Be in the habit of reading English newspaper daily. It will not only improve your English, but will keep you updated with current affairs.
  5. Learn new and difficult words and phrases, and then bring them in your speaking and writing.

# Current Affairs and GK

To stay updated with current affairs, the best aid is reading newspaper each and every day. You can even make notes from the news paper, or simply cut the piece that you think can help you. Other sources like news channels, subscribing to news feed on social media and YouTube etc can be utilized to be in touch with current affairs.

GK will automatically improve if you keep an eye on current affairs. In exam, questions in GK may be asked from the main events that have occurred in the last 5 years, therefore it is recommended to study GK of at least last 5 years.

Exam Day Tips

Keep the important things like pen, pencil, eraser and your admit card in the bag night before the exam. Do not put it on the last moment. A night before the important exam is always tough, often we don’t fall asleep on time due to the excitement of the exam which can cause problem. To avoid this make sure your body is tired enough to fall asleep as soon as you go to bed. And never learn anything new a night before the exam.

Take care of the following points while in the exam hall :-

  1. Take few deep breaths to calm yourself before looking at the question paper and whenever you get stuck in a question.
  2. When you get the paper, give 5 minutes to read the paper and formulate strategy. Mark those questions with pencil which you think will consume less time. Now, when you start solving the paper you will know which questions to attempt first. 5 minutes are surely not enough to read the whole questions paper, but you can divide the question paper in different part and divided the time accordingly. E.g, maths paper will have total 120 questions, so you can divide it in 4 parts of 30 questions each.
  3. Doing rough calculations within the given space is kind of a challenge. Try to limit your rough work as much as you can i.e use the space very wisely. Never use pen to do rough work, use pencil so that you can erase the unwanted part when needed.
  4.  Everyone has weak and strong subjects, attempt questions from the subject that you are strong in. I will recommend to go with the English first (if you feel comfortable with it), then move to GK, later to social science and finally science. The logic is simple, subjects like GK and social do not consume time as you will either know the answer or not once you will see the question. While in science, things can get confusing and hence consume more time. But, it’s just an opinion, you should attempt the subject that you are comfortable with.
  5. Stay alert while doing the paper. There is only 1 OMR sheet to fill the answers, and one can imagine how congested it can get. And people often end up filling the wrong option for wrong questions, being mentally alert is very important to avoid these silly mistakes. Fill the answer with pencil first, after completing the paper when you are sure that all the answers are right, then fill them will pen.Some get so lost in solving the paper that they loose the track of themselves and hence miss some questions. Don’t let it happen to you, stay focused and keep marking the questions that are done and which are yet to be attempted.
  6. Like any other competitive exam, Negative marking is done in NDA. Hence, think twice before attempting a questions that you are not sure about. Take calculated risks.

P.S: Work smart and develop good habits that will benefit you in the future.

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  1. Jai Hind sir! i want to ask a question. In my class 10th mark-sheet my surname is not mentioned, while it is mentioned there in 12th mark-sheet. Will it cause any problem?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      I don’t think it will be a problem. But, it’s not 100% sure.

  2. Sir, i scored 55% in class 12th. Assuming that if i clear NDA exam, SSB and medical, will i be eligible to get selected in NDA. I had given improvement due to which my percentage increased to 63%. Is additional or improvement mark sheet accepted in NDA.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      There are no minimum percentage criteria for NDA, so don’t worry, just focus on your preparations. And yes, improvement mark sheet is accepted in NDA. You will have to carry both the mark sheets.

  3. Saarthak Mohanty

    Hi sir/ma’am
    I am currently studying in class 11th. I want to become an Air Force pilot. But I’m confused that how should I prepare for the NDA Exam. I have purchased the pathfinder book but I don’t think it to be sufficient. Moreover I’m not able to solve some chapters of the same. Could you Please guide

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Path finder along with regular NCERT books of class 11th and 12th are more than enough to prepare for NDA written exam.

  4. Sir how can I prepare for vocab portion? please tell me.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Shivom, to improve your vocabulary not only you need to learn at least 1 or 2 new words everyday but also need to make sure to use them in you daily sentences. The best way to remember anything is to explain it to someone else. So, practice it daily and you will see the results in just 15 days.

  5. Hello,Sir I am 17 year old and I am studying in 11 class can I give nda exam

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You cannot apply for NDA exam until you reach 17 and a half. To know the complete information, Check the article of NDA eligibility which is given in the NDA section.

  6. sir your website is very much helpful for me

  7. Sir, my name is Shubham my 12th percentage is 66 I am give NDA what is chances I am selected in NDA

    1. Hello Shubhum, The chance for selecting in NDA or any other exam, it depends on your overall performance and your hard work.

  8. Hi maam, my name is Samuel i am 16, i am in 12th state board now i wanna join NDA but i think i dont focus on my studies… I have pathfinder but its so large book like i dont know how to make strategy to read and solve it and i wanna know how to make a study plan for NDA… So any help… Thank you for giving your precious time i appreciate it 😊and yes another question (I’m sorry) i wanna know is percentage of 12th really matters? Thanks again…. Waiting for your reply…

    1. Hello Samuel, 12th percentage doesn’t matter. The best way to prepare for SSB is to start living like an officer from right this moment. To crack NDA exam you need to dedicate and well prepared. There is no such thing as strategy, It is just rules and discipline you have to set up. If you are serious and really wanted to join Indian army then you have to question how to prepare. Because once you decided and go through the path, the path automatically opens for you. Be dedicated, be real and be healthy hard work and sacrifice will lead you to live your dreams. And also you must read some of the comments for more details on studies. All the best!!!

  9. Sir I don’t fill up the nda first form so, sir you suggest me to fill up nda second form

    1. Hello Manish, for complete details of NDA application form, please check this link : http://www.4ono.com/nda-online-application-form/

  10. Hey sir/mam
    I am a 12th appearant when the exam is going to conduct.I have filled the form too as I complete the eligiblity criteria.But i am little tensed because the NDA exam also covers 12th syllabus and I am very new to it. So please guide me how to pursue my dream to become an officer. But anyway my first mission is only on clearing the written exam leave the San.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Shreyas,
      There is no doubt about it that the exam will contain the 12th syllabus, but the good thing is you are aware of the syllabus and serious about it, which will help you later. Now give the exam with full confidence and if study hard in 12th. You will pass with flying colors.

  11. I am weak in English , and in the next month i have my nda exam , so for this i regularly give half an hour and some time 1 hour for English . I am good in Math , should i invest more time to math and Other subjects and leave English or give it less time ?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Rajnish,
      You should also give focus to English as it also contains significant value and can increase or decrease your overall marks.

  12. Hello sir now i am giving my board exam how ican prepare best for nda 1 2018 plz guide me sir!

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Akash,
      Please read the above article, it will clear all your doubts like how to prepare for NDA, how to clear NDA in first attempt, etc.

  13. Shubhra Kanti Gope

    Can I get the details of medicals which are basically checked in SSB interview of NDA?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Shubhra,
      The NDA Medical test includes every thing of your body, even tattoos on your body can cause glitch in your medical test

  14. Sir/Mam,
    I think I will clear the NDA written.
    But how important are physical and medical fitness?
    I’m preparing for the NDA (I) 2018 .
    I did the first attempt for the Exam.

    1. Hello Mamin,
      Physical and medical fitness are as important as written exam. Written exam is the first step in the NDA selection process whereas medical is the last one, but this does not mean that medical fitness is not important. You will be rejected if you are not medically fit no matter how good you have scored in other tests.

  15. it’s very good to see the motivation here.

  16. mohamad fadal hamza

    This page is very helpful for me. Thank you very much!

  17. Pravardhan chowdary

    Iam right now in 11th standard nd iam applying for NDA.if I get selected now,I’ll be getting direct admission to NDA after my 12th graduation or else I have to write the exam again and attend the interview after my 12th..plzz reply soon ..!!

    1. Hello Pravardhan,
      You can Join the defence wing only after you have cleared 12th. At the time of joining you have to show your 12th passing certificate and other documents.

  18. Dear sir/mam complete the NDA exam after how many days they called us for interview

    1. Hello Manas,
      After NDA Exam, the call for interview will get within a month. Good Luck!

  19. Hello my name is Eshwer and I really want to join the Indian army. Right now I’m in my 11th . Can you please guide me on how should I prepare for NDA and can I write the exam twice once in April and once in September? Could u please also guide on which books I should buy for my preparation?

    1. Hello Eshwer,
      Yes, you can apply for NDA twice in a year. One books that is most popular among candidates preparing for NDA is “Path Finder”, so you can try this book. As for how to prepare, just try to give your 100% to not just studies, but to your physical well being and fitness as well. Written exam of NDA is not very hard if you have prepared well. The 5 days of SSB is the real challenge, mostly people fail to understand what actually is needed to crack SSB.

      You have to show them the real you, and not try to pretend something that you are not, then it’s up to them to decide if they want you in or not. They look for officer like qualities in candidates, and if you do not have them, then there is no way you will be selected. The best way to prepare for SSB is to start living like an officer from right this moment. When you will live like officer, then you will not have to pretend in SSB.

  20. Hi Mam. Your article is so nice and provides lots of information. But I am in class 11th at present so, how should I prepare for nda exam from now.

    1. Hi Balram.
      We are happy that the above article was helpful for you. Now as you have mentioned that you are in 11th and look forward to give NDA exam it is really impressive but you must know that at present you are not eligible for this exam. You have one year to prepare yourself in the best way for this exam. To crack NDA exam you need to dedicated and well prepared. It is important that you think like an officer if you dream to become one. You can build your confidence and work on your communication skills which will help you in SSB. Most importantly you must be disciplined as these are the officer like qualities that you must have. So, at present you can prepare yourself physically and mentally for the exam and next year you can focus on written exam. Keep yourself focused and do hard work.

  21. Hi Ma’am,
    I want to know some tips to qualify the exam as I am very dedicated for NDA exam. But I don’t know how to prepare for it. I have all the required books with me but don’t know from where I should start. I only have NDA as an option and I don’t want to do anything else.

    1. Hi Shikhar.
      Let me tell you one thing that if you keep yourself dedicated towards your dream as you are right now then there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from joining NDA. As, you must be preparing for the written exam at present so, it is important that you have brief knowledge regarding the syllabus and the exam pattern so that you can work according to that. After that what you need to do is set a time table and follow it strictly. You will have cover all the topics of every subject so divide the syllabus accordingly. Pick one subject like maths and divide the chapters and time that you are supposed to give to it. In those subjects in which you think you need to work more give it more time. Start practicing as much as you can.
      There are few things that you must keep in your mind like importance of revision, regular study, time management, practicing from previous year paper and sample paper. While studying keep yourself focused. Work hard and you will crack the exam for sure. For more information just go through the above article it sure will help you a lot.

  22. Hello sir. My name is Santu sir mujeh ya puchna hai ki meri height 5’7 hai, kya mai Indian army mai koi bhi bharti dakh sakta hu. Please sir reply. And meri running timing 4.35 second hai. Meri age 19 years hai. Please sir reply krna.

    1. Hi Santu.
      The physical standards like height, weight and chest vary from region to region. In Indian army there are different post which required different qualification so, before you apply for any post it is important that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria of that post. If you want you can check your eligibility just search for ‘Indian Army Eligibility Checker’ in the search box of our website and fill the required details.

  23. Hello mam. My name is Adarsh. I have just applied for NDA II exams after passing my 12th standard. Mam I want to know that, I’m little bit skinny with eligible height and weight. So will I be able to qualify ssb verification. And also suggest me some books for preparation. Is there any reservation quota for OBC /SC/ ST cast?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Adarsh.
      Good to hear that you are preparing for the NDA exam. As, you have mentioned that you qualify the physical eligibility criteria then there is nothing to worry about. SSB is not about how you look. In those 5 days of SSB they will only test how mentally and phyically you are strong. There is nothing to worry about, at present just focus on the written exam but also keep yourself active and fit. There is no quota for any category in this exam. Keep yourself focused and dedicated and work hard each and every day to achieve your goal.

  24. जाट देवता

    My eyesight is slightly weak. Can I apply for NDA exam?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Medical fitness is one of the main criteria required in NDA. You eye vision should be 6/6 in better eye and 6/9 in worse eye. Myopia should not be more than 2.5 D and hypermetropia not more than 3.5 D including Astigmatism. Only if you fit the above mentioned criteria you can apply for this exam.

  25. Hello mam mai 12th class mai chemistry mai fail hu, toh kya mai NDA ka form fill kr sakta hu.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Yash.
      As, you have mentioned that you have failed in chemistry so, first you will have to clear the compartment exam. Once you have passed the compartment exam you will considered 12th pass and only then you can apply for NDA exam.

  26. Hello ma’am. I am going to give the NDA exam in next two month. So how should I prepare for it?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Deepak.
      Good to hear that you look forward to join Indian army through NDA exam. You have to be focused and dedicated towards your goal. Set a time table and follow it regularly. Remember that each and every day counts so, regular practice is must. Study with strategy, divide your syllabus and then give a little bit more time to that subject or topic in which you feel you need to work harder. Revision is important or you will just forget everything in the examination hall. Practice as much as you can. Never forget to practice from previous year paper and sample paper as, from it you can get the idea of important questions. Along with it also give online test. Keep up with the hard work and you will crack the exam for sure. For more information read the above article, we are sure you will learn a lot. All the best.

  27. Hello.My name is Harsh. I am studying in class 10 right now. I want to qualifying the NDA exam. After the matriculation I want to join the coaching so I can prepare for 12th exam and for NDA also.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Harsh.
      It is really impressive to hear that you look forward to join Indian army through NDA exam. At present though you are not eligible for it but once you are in 12th class you can apply for it. If you like you can join the coaching also. Just keep doing hard work and be dedicated towards your dream.

  28. My DOB is 23/ 06 / 1999. I am doubtful that will I be eligible ( because of age limit ) to appear for NDA -I exam held in April 2018. Please help it’s urgent.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Inan.
      Yes, according to the DOB that you have mentioned you will be eligible to apply for NDA exam that will be held next year.

  29. hello sir my name is ark right now i’m in class 10 i have decided to clear the NDA paper , i just want to know that is there any limit of giving the exams,like if you fail in the first test can you apply for the test 2nd time or 3rd time????

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hello, the age limit of NDA is 16½ to 19½ years. Once, you clear your class 12th, you can appear in the NDA exam. There are two chances to appear in the written exam, twice a year.

  30. I want to join for Indian army with a say that I can protect my country than thinking about myself and my interest is mainly located in adventure and sports like boxing . I wish to get a direct post of officer and make my parents feel proud.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Arjun.
      As, you have mentioned that you are willing to join Indian army as an officer then NDA exam is your best opportunity. The age limit for the exam is more than 16 and half years and less than 19 and half years. If you fir the age limit criteria then prepare for this exam. There is no specific percentage that is required in class 12th to apply for this exam. You must be 12th pass or 12th appearing to be eligible for this exam. Don’t loose this golden opportunity and start working hard to achieve your goal.

  31. Hii
    I am Tushar my age is 17 and I am in 12th standard right now I have science bio and I want to become an officer ….
    Can I apply After passing or mid of my 12th classes for NDA/or CDS exam
    I have heard that We can apply for the exam with out any graduation ……..
    Plzzz Tell me I am very confused plzzz help me…

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Thahar, you have heard it absolutely right. Right now, you are eligible to appear in the NDA exam. For CDS exam, you must have completed your graduation. Good Luck.

  32. Hi sir my name is Pawan .I live in delhi.
    I am a 12th pcm students. I want to join army .sir how I prepare my self for NDA exam .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Pawan. I must appreciate you that you have started aiming your goal right from the beginning. This is exactly the correct time to start your preparation for the NDA exam. Here, in this article, you will get enough help. Do solve online tests of NDA. They will help you a lot.

  33. Hello madam I’ve completed my 12 th in commerce with maths and I’m 18 years old what are the ways to me to join Indian Army and please give me some instructions for preparations. Thank you

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Karthik.
      As, you have mentioned that you have completed your 12th then you can directly apply for Indian army for different post like soldier GD, soldier technical and clerk. All the post have different eligibility criteria. But the best option for you is NDA exam through which you will become an officer directly. Prepare yourself for NDA exam. The age limit for the exam is more than 17 years and less than 19 and half years. The exam is conducted twice a year. For more information on NDA exam you can check ‘Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in our website.

  34. Shweta shailendra Varade

    My twins sons just now given 10th exam they set their mind to serve for counteras a soldier. I don’t what to do for further education.
    And also my daughter studing in computer engineering 1st year . Her goal is also defence but for girls no NDA exam what should I do for my children

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shweta.
      First of all it is really good to hear that your sons want to serve the country by joining Indian army. As, you have mentioned that they have given their 10th exam, they can apply for soldier GD post but the best option for them is to complete their schooling and after giving their 12th exam they can apply for NDA exam through which they can become an officer directly. Girls can join Indian army through CDS exam. Your daughter can prepare for CDS exam if she look forward to join defense after completing her graduation.


    From my childhood I have set my mind to serve for country as a Soldier. I m giving 12th STD exam this year. I m confused that I should do my graduation first or join army then along with that should I do my graduation? My thinking is that I don’t want to waste a single year by sitting home and study, rather than that I like to join army, study at same time, and complete education. My parents want me to get a degree and do whatever I want. But my says that I shouldn’t waste 4yrs enjoying and getting distracted by cllg life, and staying busy in defending our country . What should I do after 12th? M giving NDAexam also.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Makrand.
      Your thoughts are really impressive as you are looking forward to serve your country. At present, you are eligible to apply in Indian army but you have other option also and that is to go for higher studies. If you really want to serve your country than you have one more option, prepare for NDA and CDS after giving your board exams. As NDA and CDS is the golden key for you to serve in Indian army. Focus yourself completely on NDA as, you are young and passionate and you will be able to obtain all those qualities required for clearing the SSB. But at the same time don’t think that going for graduation is a complete waste of time as eventually you will gain knowledge which will help you in future. I suggest you to be really focused and prepare yourself for NDA.

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