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When it comes to NDA written examination, General Science section must be given an importance as it carry 600 marks. Here, we are providing the exclusive collection of important questions of General Ability Test for all those candidates who are desperate to crack NDA exam. In this online test, our experts have covered the whole syllabus by keeping the paper pattern in mind. Practicing here will give you an idea of the frequent questions asked in the examination.

Practice : English Online Test

  1. Physics 10 questions
  2. Q1.Which of the following is a dimensionless quantity?

    1. Strain
    2. Relative Density
    3. Frequency
    4. Angle
    5. Answer is: Frequency

    Q2.If the earth moves around the sun in a circular orbit of the radius 150,000,000 km with an angular velocity of about 0.01745 rad/day. Its linear speed in km/s is approximately

    1. 30,000,000
    2. 1800
    3. 720
    4. 30
    5. Answer is: 30 km/s

    Q3.On increasing the temperature of a substance gradually, one notices the color

    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. Red
    4. Yellow
    5. Answer is: Yellow

    Q4.The star seems to be higher in the sky than they actually are. This can be explained by

    1. Atmospheric refraction
    2. Dispersion of light
    3. Total internal reflection
    4. Diffraction of light
    5. Answer is: Atmospheric refraction

    Q5.The value of the intensity of horizontal component of magnetic field is approximately

    1. 3.4 g
    2. 0.34 g
    3. 00.34 g
    4. 0.034 g
    5. Answer is: 0.034 g

    Q6.Two pure inductors, each of self inductance L, are connected in a parallel but are well separated from each other, then the total inductance is

    1. L/3
    2. L/2
    3. 3L
    4. L/5
    5. Answer is: L/2

    Q7.The magnetic lines of force due to the bar magnet

    1. Intersect inside the body of the magnet
    2. Intersect at neutral points only
    3. Intersect only at north and south poles
    4. Cannot intersect at all
    5. Answer is: Cannot intersect at all

    Q8.An electron is moving on a circular path of radius r with the speed of v in a transverse magnetic field B. The e/m for it will be

    1. vr/B
    2. Bvr
    3. B/vr
    4. v/rB
    5. Answer is: v/rB

    Q9.Ratio of energy of orbital electron in 4th orbit and 5th orbit of hydrogen atom is

    1. 4:5
    2. 5:4
    3. 25:16
    4. 16:25
    5. Answer is: 16:25

    Q10.Which of the following radiations carries maximum energy

    1. Ultraviolet rays
    2. Gamma rays
    3. X-rays
    4. Infrared rays
    5. Answer is: Infrared rays
  1. Chemistry 10 questions
  2. Q1.An endothermic reaction is a accompanied by

    1. Evolution of light and water
    2. Evolution or absorption of heat
    3. Evolution of heat only
    4. Absorption of heat only
    5. Answer is: Evolution or absorption of heat

    Q2.Dialysis is used for the purification of

    1. Suspension
    2. True solution
    3. Homogeneous mixture
    4. Colloidal solution
    5. Answer is: Colloidal solution

    Q3.If 2.0 g of the hydrogen reacts with 16.0 g of oxygen to form 18.0 g of water, which of the following laws is applicable

    1. Law of conservation of mass
    2. Law of constant composition
    3. Law of multiple proportions
    4. Law of reciprocal proportion
    5. Answer is: Law of conservation of mass

    Q4.When a electron moves from a higher orbit to the lower orbit then

    1. Emission of energy takes place
    2. The size of atom increases
    3. Absorption of energy takes place
    4. An electron in an atom moves without emission or absorption
    5. Answer is: Emission of energy takes place

    Q5.Which of the following is best reducing agent

    1. Na
    2. Ca
    3. Sr
    4. Ba
    5. Answer is: Ba

    Q6.Water act as a

    1. Arrhenius acid as well as base
    2. Bronsted- Lowry acid and base
    3. Lewis base
    4. All the above
    5. Answer is: All the above

    Q7.Which of the following metal absorb hydrogen

    1. Zn
    2. Pd
    3. Al
    4. K
    5. Answer is: Pd

    Q8.Which of the following component of cement sets at the slowest rate

    1. Dicalcium silicate
    2. Tricalcium silicate
    3. Tricalcium aluminate
    4. Tetracalcium aluminoferrite
    5. Answer is: Tetracalcium aluminoferrite

    Q9.Charcoal is activated by the treating with

    1. Steam is retort
    2. Super heated water
    3. Hot air
    4. None of these
    5. Answer is: Steam is retort

    Q10.Urea on hydrolysis gives

    1. Only ammonia
    2. Only carbon dioxide
    3. Ammonia and carbon dioxide
    4. None of the above
    5. Answer is: Ammonia and carbon dioxide
  1. General Science 10 questions
  2. Q1.The main difference between non-living and living is in

    1. Size
    2. Movement and growth
    3. Presence of protoplasm
    4. None of these
    5. Answer is: Presence of protoplasm

    Q2.In meiosis, bivalent condition of chromosomes occurs in

    1. Leptotene
    2. Zygotene
    3. Pachytene
    4. Diploytene
    5. Answer is: Zygotene

    Q3.The best source of vitamin thiamine is

    1. Cod liver oil
    2. Curd
    3. Egg
    4. Wheat bread
    5. Answer is: Wheat bread

    Q4.RBCs can burst if they are kept in

    1. Super saturated salt solution
    2. Isotonic salt solution
    3. Hypertonic salt solution
    4. Hypotonic salt solution
    5. Answer is: Hypotonic salt solution

    Q5.Emergency gland is a common name of

    1. Adrenal
    2. Pancreas
    3. Liver
    4. Kidney
    5. Answer is: Adrenal

    Q6.Which one is the functional unit of kidney

    1. Nephron
    2. Nephritis
    3. Neuron
    4. Loop of henle
    5. Answer is: Nephron

    Q7.AIDS is a disease of

    1. Bacteria
    2. Virus
    3. Fungus
    4. Hormone
    5. Answer is: Virus

    Q8.Tube feet is developed for locomotion in

    1. Cockroach
    2. Cuttle fish
    3. Cat fish
    4. Star fish
    5. Answer is: Star fish

    Q9.Clinging roots occur in

    1. Orchid
    2. Trapa
    3. Podostemon
    4. Pandanus
    5. Answer is: Orchid

    Q10.In which part of plants transpiration takes place

    1. Steam
    2. Roots
    3. Leaves
    4. Both (a) and (c)
    5. Answer is: Both (a) and (c)
  1. History 10 questions
  2. Q1.The name by which Ashoka is generally referred to in his inscription is

    1. Priyadarshi
    2. Dharmadeva
    3. Chakravati
    4. Dharmakirti
    5. Answer is: Priyadarshi

    Q2.The first to establish trade contact with the Roman empire were

    1. Indo Greeks
    2. Khushanas
    3. Tamils
    4. Shakas
    5. Answer is: Tamils

    Q3.The battle at Waihind in 1008-90 was fought between

    1. Mahmud of Ghazni and Anandapala
    2. Mahmud of Ghazni and Jayapala
    3. Mohammad Ghori and Prithviraj
    4. Mohammad Gohri and Jaichandra
    5. Answer is: Mahmud of Ghazni and Anandapala

    Q4.who wrote Tughlaqnamah

    1. Raskhan
    2. Amir Khusrau
    3. Isami
    4. Malik Mohammad Jayasi
    5. Answer is: Amir Khusrau

    Q5.The coin rupia was first issued by

    1. Sher Shah
    2. Ala-ud-din Khilji
    3. Akhbar
    4. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq
    5. Answer is: Sher Shah

    Q6.In which of the years was the English made the medium of instruction in India?

    1. 1813
    2. 1833
    3. 1835
    4. 1844
    5. Answer is: 1835

    Q7.In which of the following ‘White Mutiny’ by the European soldiers, was staged during the period of

    1. Mayo
    2. Dalhousie
    3. Canning
    4. Ripon
    5. Answer is: Canning

    Q8.Which of the following is the author of the book ‘The Social Contract’?

    1. Voltaire
    2. Rousseau
    3. Tolstoy
    4. Martin Luther
    5. Answer is: Rousseau

    Q9.In which of the following countries, Industrial Revolution started at first

    1. America
    2. England
    3. France
    4. Russia
    5. Answer is: England

    Q10.The Civil Code of 1804 is known as

    1. French code
    2. Napolean code
    3. Paris code
    4. Merabo code
    5. Answer is: Napolean code
  1. Geography 10 questions
  2. Q1.Shooting stars are called

    1. Comet
    2. Asteroids
    3. Meteors
    4. None of these
    5. Answer is: Meteors

    Q2.Which planet has unique type of ring?

    1. Jupiter
    2. Saturn
    3. Uranus
    4. Venus
    5. Answer is: Saturn

    Q3.‘Charon’ is the only satellite of

    1. Pluto
    2. Jupiter
    3. Venus
    4. Neptune
    5. Answer is: Pluto

    Q4.The most abundant element found on the earth is

    1. Nitrogen
    2. Oxygen
    3. Silicon
    4. Hydrogen or iron
    5. Answer is: Oxygen

    Q5.Earth rotates around its axis pointing towards

    1. Sun
    2. Moon
    3. Pole Star
    4. None of these
    5. Answer is: Pole Star

    Q6.When a ship date line from West to East

    1. It gains one day
    2. It loses one day
    3. It loses half a day
    4. It gains half a day
    5. Answer is: It gains one day

    Q7.Existence of hot desert on Earth is because of

    1. Lying in trade wind belt
    2. Flow of hot ocean currents
    3. Flow of monsoon i tropical region
    4. High pressure of these region
    5. Answer is: Lying in trade wind belt

    Q8.High Velds are the temperate grassland of

    1. Africa
    2. South Africa
    3. Europe and Asia
    4. Australia
    5. Answer is: South Africa

    Q9.The latitudes that pass through Kuchchh also pass through

    1. Odisha
    2. Arunchal Pradesh
    3. Mizoram
    4. Haryana
    5. Answer is: Mizoram

    Q10.Doldrums is a

    1. Tropical wind belt
    2. Tropical wind deflection belt
    3. Sub-tropocal wind belt
    4. Tropical no-wind belt
    5. Answer is: Tropical wind belt
  1. Polity 10 questions
  2. Q1.Members of Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to

    1. Lok Sabha
    2. Rajya Sabha
    3. Election Commission
    4. President
    5. Answer is: Lok Sabha

    Q2.France commission is appointed under Article

    1. 270
    2. 280
    3. 281
    4. 282
    5. Answer is: 280

    Q3.The number of writs that can be prayed for and issued by the Supreme Court and High Court is

    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 5
    4. 6
    5. Answer is: 5

    Q4.By whom are the committees of Parliament appointed

    1. President
    2. Prime Minister
    3. Chairman of Rajya Sabha/ Speaker of Lok Sabha
    4. Minister of Parliamentary
    5. Answer is: Chairman of Rajya Sabha/ Speaker of Lok Sabha

    Q5.How many times was the financial emergency imposed?

    1. Once
    2. Twice
    3. Many times
    4. Not a single time
    5. Answer is: Not a single time

    Q6.The president gives his resignation to the

    1. Vice President
    2. Prime Minister
    3. Chief Justice
    4. Chairman of Lok Sabha
    5. Answer is: Vice President

    Q7.The first woman Governor of a state of a free India was

    1. Sarojini Naidu
    2. Sucheta Kripalani
    3. Indira Gandhi
    4. Vijaya Laxmi Pandit
    5. Answer is: Sarojni Naidu

    Q8.Which of the following states has the largest representation in the Lok Sabha

    1. Bihar
    2. Uttar Pradesh
    3. Madhya Pradesh
    4. Odisha
    5. Answer is: Uttar Pradesh

    Q9.The finance commission derives its authority from the

    1. Parliament
    2. President
    3. Constitution
    4. Supreme court
    5. Answer is: Constitution

    Q10.Right to Information in India is a

    1. Fundamental Right
    2. Legal Right
    3. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
    4. Neither ‘a’ nor ‘b’
    5. Answer is: Legal Right
  1. Economics 10 questions
  2. Q1.India has

    1. Socialistic economy
    2. Gandhian economy
    3. Mixed economy
    4. Free economy
    5. Answer is: Mixed economy

    Q2.The contribution of agriculture to India’s economy is

    1. Increasing
    2. Decreasing
    3. Constant
    4. None of these
    5. Answer is: Decreasing

    Q3.National Development council was set up in

    1. 1948
    2. 1950
    3. 15511
    4. 1952
    5. Answer is : 1952

    Q4.Rolling plan was designed for the period

    1. 1978-83
    2. 1980-85
    3. 1985-90
    4. 1974
    5. Answer is: 1978-83

    Q5.Inflation implies

    1. Rise in budget deficit
    2. Rise in money supply
    3. Rise in general price index
    4. Ride in prices of consumer goods
    5. Answer is: Rise in general price index

    Q6.When was the Reserve bank of India taken over by the Government?

    1. 1945
    2. 1948
    3. 1952
    4. 1956
    5. Answer is: 1948

    Q7.The Rolling Plan concept in national planning was introduced by

    1. Indira Gandhi
    2. The National Front Government
    3. The Janata Government
    4. Rajeev Gandhi
    5. Answer is: The Janata Government

    Q8.The place where bankers meet and settle their mutual claims and accounts is known as

    1. Treasury
    2. Clearing house
    3. Collection centre
    4. Dumping ground
    5. Answer is: Clearing house

    Q9.The standard of living in a country is represented by its

    1. National income
    2. Per capita income
    3. Poverty income
    4. Unemployment rate
    5. Answer is: Per capita income

    Q10.The minimum effect of Direct Taxes is on

    1. Food price
    2. Consumer goods
    3. Capital goods
    4. Income
    5. Answer is: Food price
  1. General Knowledge 10 questions
  2. Q1.The ancient Hindu temple ‘Preah Vihear’ is a source of dispute between

    1. Nepal and Bhutan
    2. Bhutan and Bangladesh
    3. Thailand and Singapore
    4. Neither ‘a’ nor ‘b’
    5. Answer is:Neither ‘a’ nor ‘b’

    Q2.Who among the following has written the book ‘Too old to be bold’?

    1. Kuldeep Mathur
    2. Hrishikesh Panda
    3. Vali Nasr
    4. None of these
    5. Answer is: Kuldeep Mathur

    Q3.Which among the following is the unit raised to protect the naval assets

    1. Sagar Rakshak Bal
    2. Sagar Suraksha Bal
    3. Sagar Prahari Bal
    4. Sagar Nigrani Bal
    5. Answer is: Sagar Prahari Bal

    Q4.Cryogenic Engine is used in

    1. Boeing aircraft
    2. High speed rail engines
    3. Space shuttle
    4. Nuclear testing
    5. Answer is: Nuclear testing

    Q5.The ‘Abyei region’ is a disputed area between which of the following countries

    1. Pakistan and Afghanistan
    2. China and Japan
    3. Switzerland and Germany
    4. Sudan and South Sudan
    5. Answer is: Sudan and South Sudan

    Q6.The ‘Courage and Conviction’ is the autobiography of

    1. Shashi Tharoor
    2. VK Singh
    3. Narendra Modi
    4. Yashwant Sinah
    5. Answer is: VK Singh

    Q7.Lionel Messie, who has been chosen for Golden Boot Trophy for the third time is from which country

    1. Germany
    2. France
    3. Italy
    4. Argentina
    5. Answer is: Argentina

    Q8.Which of the following countries has committed financial and technical assistance to India for the Green Energy Corridor

    1. Norway
    2. Australia
    3. Germany
    4. Japan
    5. Answer is: Germany

    Q9.Which of the following island is the cause of dispute between China and Japan and controlled by Tokyo

    1. Senkaku
    2. South China Sea
    3. Falkland
    4. None of these
    5. Answer is: Senkaku

    Q10.Which of the following is the oldest Grand Slam of the world

    1. Wimbledon
    2. French open
    3. Australian Open
    4. US Open
    5. Answer is: Wimbledon
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  1. Sir, I have already joined Indian army, but now i want to become an officer. What should a serving army personnel do to become an officer in Indian army?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      For a regular army soldier, to become directly an officer he can apply for ACC which are specially held for serving army personnel.

  2. Hi, Myself Vrundar Jadhav and i am from Maharashtra. So, my doubt is that can we crack NDA Exam only by passing GAT Paper and avoiding Mathematics Paper?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      No, you can not crack NDA without passing the mathematics paper. In fact if you are not passing in math, then they wouldn’t even bother to check your GAT paper. So, you need to prepare for math no matter what.

  3. What are the most common problems faced by an aspirant in ssb interview

  4. Hello i want to join army but it seems to be difficult due to knock knee problem. Is there any criterion in which they can recommend me for the next round?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Sorry to say but no recommendation can take you through the medical test with knock knees.

  5. Can girls join NDA

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Girls can join Indian army as officers, but not through NDA. For girls it’s OTA for which you can apply after graduation. NDA is not for girls.

  6. Dio Briggs Stephanas

    Good day sir/ma’am, the NDA you’re talking about is it national defense academy or its Nigerians defence academy, why I’m asking I’m going for Nigeria defence academy and the abbreviation is same NDA,please which of them are we talking about

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      It’s National Defense Academy – India.

  7. Sir
    Mari age 19 sal hain kya main NDA keep Lilye apply krr Sakta hun

    1. Hello Swapnil, yes you can apply for NDA Exam.

  8. Sir Mari hight164 h kiya main clerk ban sakta hu

    1. Hello Kirshsanveer, follow this link for detail information: Indian army clerk eligibility

  9. sir
    I am chandan biswas form subashgram

    sir, me 12 std me ho kya me NDA II exam me apply kar sakata ho plz help me sir me confused me ho

    1. Hello Chandan, yes you can apply for NDA II exam.

  10. Namaste sir
    NDA ki preparation ke liye kaun si book len.

    1. Hello Devendra,
      check our article on : NDA preparation Books

  11. Hello sir my right hand had been fractured at the age of 13.
    The question is that if I pass NDA exams then can I apply for physicals?

    1. Hello Himanshu, yes you can if it is not a major problem.

  12. Sir, is there any limited attempts for writing NDA examination?

    1. Hello Karthik, No there are no limited attempts for NDA examination. The only limitation is age which is 16.5 to 19 yrs.

  13. Hi, I’m Naimeshya, I wanna know that which book is best for NDA preparation? Pls answer…

    1. You can find Best Books for NDA here. Type NDA Books in the Searchbar of our Website. There you will find Syllabus, Pattern and highly recommended Books for NDA.

  14. kamlalthien vaiphei

    I dont have maths in 12 and I applied For NDA….SO the problem now is in my admit card there is a paper for maths…which level of questions would be asked??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. 10th Level Questions are asked in NDA Mathematics. You can go with NCERT books to practice plus you can buy NDA previous years papers from our website to know the level of questions.

  15. namste sir
    i am india army serving soldier so how can apply for officers exam

    1. If you are a graduate, you can apply for CDS or you can apply for Army Cadets College (ACC) through which you can appear for SSB.

  16. I want to know about the marking pattern for NDA …..means is there any negative marking for wrong answers and the marks awarded for each correct answer

    1. In NDA Written Examination, For each correct answer you are awarded 3 Marks and for each wrong answer, 1 mark is deducted.

  17. Sir pilot kaise banu 12 k bad kya krunn

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Harshit,
      Apply for NDA, if you have age between 16 and a half and 19 and a half and you can also apply for AFCAT if you are a graduate

  18. Sir NDA ke alwa same career opportunity or kon kon si hai?

    1. Hello Anmol,
      if you want to join army or other wings then you can try CDS. But it will need you to complete graduation.

  19. mam i don’t have any idea about the examinations of NDA. I don’t know which post will i get by passing the exam and what exams to apply for promotion. I also don’t know what subjects to take for a higher pay scale job in Army of India. I don’t know whether i will get any advantage for my low caste card. I need the information immediately.

    1. Hello Arunaditya,
      if you get selected in NDA, then you will be recruited as lieutenant in army, and you do not have apply for any exam to get promotion, it’s all internal process. Though, you do not need any specific subjects to get in army through NDA, but PCM with English is recommended. Students from any stream can apply for NDA (army only). And there is no advantage for low cast in Army.

  20. Hi,my self Yash Shivhare I’m in 12(PCM) standard, I like math and chemistry more than physics… To mujhe physics achchi karne ke like kya Karna chahiye… Jisse mujhe physics me interest aaye…

    1. Hi Yash,
      First, you need to make the schedule for your study and give extra time to your Physic’s equations, formulas, derivations, etc. And do practice from previous year papers to get an idea about exam. Good Luck!

  21. I m in 12th.NDA is most liked by me but my english speaking poor.what i do .tell me plz

    1. Hi Vijay,
      All you can do for improving English is reading. Read newspaper on daily basis, if you love music then switch to English music, increase your vocabulary by learning one new word daily. It will help you greatly.

  22. sir m 12th appearing hu to kya m NDA ke liye apply kr skta hu

    1. Hi Arshad,
      Yes you can apply for NDA Exam but your age should be more than 16½ years and less than 19½ years.

  23. I Use specs for astigmatism ? Will I get selected in the NDA Medical test?

    1. Hello Ananthu,
      Your eligibility will depend on how sever is your astigmatism, if it is too bad, then you may be disqualified. But, if it’s not that bad, then you are eligible.

  24. Hello, I’m Deepak. Sir I want to know details point of ssb medical. Please help.

    1. Hi Deepak.
      Recommended candidates appear before the medical board for carrying out their medical board after the SSB results. It takes 4 to 5 days time for the concerned Military Hospital to complete the medical board and after that the candidates are dispersed. As, you must know that there are medical standards that you must fulfill like the candidate should be free from wax (EARS), DNS, Hyrocele/Phimosis. Defective Colour Vision, LASIK Surgery, Over/Under Weight, Under Chest, Piles, Gynecomastia, Tonsillitis, Veri-Cocele And Aids. You should be able to read 6/6 in a Distant Vision Chart, Colour Vision Standard should be CP-III
      and minimum 14 Dental Points with sound teeth. The recommended candidates after the declaration of SSB results will stay in the Selection Centres in the lines earmarked for the recommended candidates for their medical examination by the Military Hospital. The candidates will be allotted fresh medical chest numbers for the purpose.

  25. Hi Mam. I don’t have maths subject but I have Physics and Chemistry. Can I apply for NDA exam. Please give me suggestion. I’m really confused as I have biology.

    1. Hi Mahi.
      Yes, absolutely you can apply for NDA exam. As per the eligibility criteria 12th class students of any stream(science(bio/maths), arts and commerce) can apply for NDA exam. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

  26. Hello sir. As you know nda exam is going to be held on 10 September and hence only 15 days are left. So how should I prepare.

    1. Hi Ashish.
      Yes, not much time is left for the NDA examination and it is high time that you start doing your revision. By now you must have completed your syllabus and if you have prepared well then you must have your notes ready by now. So, start going through your notes while focusing on important topics and revising those sections in which you are strong. Practice at least 5 previous year papers in a day. Don’t be nervous. Keep yourself focused. Be confident and you will crack the exam for sure.

  27. Hi. I am in 10th class can I apply for nda after 10th. Please give me full information.

    1. Hi Robin.
      It is impressive that you look forward to join Indian armed forces through NDA. But according to the eligibility criteria of this exam only 12th appearing and 12th pass students can apply for it. And as you have mentioned that you are in 10th so, at present you are not eligible to apply for this exam. Once you are in 12th then you can go for it.

  28. Sir I got 64 percent in isc board i.e 43 in maths 48 in chemistry 58 in physics. Sir will these marks play any role during the selection in NDA exam. Please reply.

    1. Hi Vishal.
      No, your 12th class marks does not play any role in the selection process in NDA exam. Only your performance in the written exam will get you in the SSB. The final merit list is made on the basis of your written exam marks and how you have performed in the SSB.

  29. Sir I got compartment in Maths but I have cleared the exam. Will it cause any problem during the form filling procedure of NDA exam?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Durgesh.
      As, you have mentioned that you had compartment in Maths and you have cleared the exam so, now you will be considered 12th pass. You are very much eligible to apply for the NDA exam. Just make sure that you fulfill the age limit criteria which is 16 and half to 19 and half years before you apply.

  30. Hi I am Niwrutti jawale. I’m preparing for NDA exam but I get confused in math numerical and physics also seems very hard. How should I prepare?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nuwrutti.
      It is really good to hear that you are preparing for NDA exam and look forward to join Indian army. Before you start your preparation make sure you are fully aware about the syllabus and the exam pattern so, that you can study according to that. For subjects like Maths and Physics you have to first clear all you basics and try to understand the concept only then you will be able to solve the numerical. It might seem hard but don’t loose hope. Just keep practicing daily and eventually you will become better. Be dedicated towards your study. Regular study is must only then you can achieve your goal. Focus more on NCERT books. You can practice from previous year paper also as, you will get the idea of important questions. Keep up with the hard work.

  31. Can you help me in preparing for the NDA entrance exam?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sahil.
      If you are preparing for the NDA exam you must be fully aware about the whole syllabus and the exam pattern. You need to set a time table and follow it regularly and strictly. You will have to work really hard and most importantly remember that every day counts so, regular study is must. Divide your syllabus so you don’t miss out anything. Revision is also necessary. Focus on NCERT books and clear all the basic concepts. Practice from previous year paper and sample paper as, it will give you the idea of important questions. Along with it also give online test for better results. For more information on how to prepare for the exam search for ‘7 Effective Steps To Crack NDA Written Exam in Ist Attempt’ in the search box of our website.

  32. Hello sir. I’m taking commerce in in 11 class and I want to join ( INDIAN ARMY OR NAVY ) please suggest me.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Deepak.
      There is nothing to worry about as, commerce student are also eligible to apply for the NDA exam. Only if you want to join Indian Navy or Air Force you must have Physics and Maths in 11th and 12th. As, you have mentioned that you are in 11th so, you probably have one year and then you are eligible to appear for NDA exam. Just be focused and keep doing hard work.

  33. Thank you for the service

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ajay, you must also solve English online Test of NDA on our website. It will help you in practicing for the best.

  34. Thank you !
    This is an excellent website

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ankit, you are always welcome. Also, do practice NDA English test. It will help you to prepare for the exam.

  35. I am in NDA THANKS MAM

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Congratulation Vishal. Your success is our success.

  36. Jitu banna Chhapri

    Sir I am Jitendra Singh 10th pass in 2016 with 75%marks from Rajasthan education board. Sir me NDA ke from bhar sakta hu kya? Meri age 17.7 years hai. Sir help me.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Jitu.
      The education qualification required for NDA exam is 12th appearing or 12th pass. As, you have mentioned that last year you have completed 10th class then probably you are in 11th class at present so, this year you are not eligible to apply for NDA exam. But next year when you are in 12th class you can prepare for this exam.

  37. This is very helpful

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rudradeep. Glad to know that we are succeeding in our purpose of helping students to prepare for the NDA exam. Here, we also have NDA English test for the students preparing for NDA written exam.

  38. Abhishek kr.Gautam

    Sir please give me tips for clearing SSB in 1st term.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Abhishek.
      First of all you must be well aware of the SSB pattern. Then there are absolutely some traits that you must have in order to clear the SSB. Having officers like qualities are important but at the same time you have to be yourself. For full details on how you can crack SSB search for ‘Success Mantras to Crack NDA SSB – 5 Days Strategy’ in the search box of our website.

  39. Hello mam.
    Which book is best for NDA exam?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ajay.
      There are many books from which you can prepare for the exam. NCERT are most recommended books. But other than these Pathfinder for NDA NA Exam by Arihant, Chapter-Wise Section-Wise Solved Paper NDA are some really good books to study from. For more information regarding syllabus of the exam read ‘NDA Exam Syllabus, Pattern and Books 2017’ in our website.

  40. Mam ye NDA exams kyu hote h ….I mean is exams se kya hota h

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Manisha.
      NDA is an exam conducted by UPSC twice a year for recruitment of talented and dedicated students who look forward to join Indian army as an officer. Only boys can apply for this exam. All those students who aspires to join Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army prepare for this exam. The eligibility for this exam is 12th pass or 12th appearing can also apply. The limit is 16 and half to 19 and half years. After you clear the exam you have go through interview by SSB.


    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Jagdish.
      There is no specific percentage that is required in class 12th to appear for the NDA exam.


    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Good Morning Ramesh, i hope you have practiced the General Ability Online test for NDA written exam. It will surely help you a lot. For more information and queries regarding NDA, keep browsing our website.

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