11 Strategies To Score More Than 90% Marks In 12th 10th Board Exam 2022

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I am a teacher myself, and I use to teach the students of the 10th and 12th class of CBSE and ICSE/ISC board. And there is a very common question generally asked by my students, what are the tips and strategies to score more than 90+ percentage in 12th class?

Undoubtedly, this is a genuine question. Every good student is always worried about his/her percentage in the Board Exam. With all past experience, today I am going to share some tips and tricks which are very useful for the students of class 10th & 12th to score 90+ percentage.

But, before I start with my tips and tricks, here are some questions which you should read first.

Is this really possible for everyone to score more than 90+ percentage?

No, not for everyone. This is all your hard work from the beginning of the 12th class. In my case study, a huge number of students do not take the first 9 months too seriously. They start their preparations just before the 3 months of board exams.

So is it OK? Absolutely yes, only if you are fully prepared with your notes and every stuff related to the board exam. Use your last 3 months in reading or practicing those notes and not collecting them. The last 3 months are judgment months, and the students who are preparing for the board exam from the beginning of the 12th class uses this time with great strategies, and they successfully get the 90+ percentage in board exams result.

So by using the last 3 months in a very great and smart way, you can achieve a good percentage in 12th class. I will give you the tips in my points below, how to prepare for board exams in the last 3 months.

Will evaluation process harm your percentage?

Yes, the evaluation process is a manual process in which some government and private teachers are hired to check and evaluate your answer sheets and those teachers evaluate more than 40+ copies in 6 hours, so there are chances of mistake. Either in a good way or a bad one.

Read the full process and tips to prevent you from evaluation process for CBSE Board.

11 Tips To Score More Than 90% Marks In 10th 12th Board Exam

As I stated above that, it is all up to your hard work from the beginning of 12th class that whether you score more than 70% or 80% or 90% marks in the board exam. Now here are my tips and suggestions to score a good percentage in your class which are the outcome of my case study while teaching my students for 6 years.

Here are the following tips and strategies that you should follow for the board exam to score 90% marks.

1. Defeat Yourself.

Create two instances of yourself, first is your present and the second one is your past. Now play a game between your Present and your Past. Keep only one thing in your mind that you have to defeat your past at any cost. If you can’t do this then forget to score great in the board exams.

Keep defeating your previous percentage, your present has to be perfect than your past, in this way, you will surely achieve a good percentage in your board exam.

More than anything else, your target should be always to do better than you have ever done before. If you are very close to your board exam, you should know How to prepare for board exam in 1 month.

Below pictures will show how your percentage stats should look like. If your stats are not going in this way then it is advised to concentrate more towards the preparation of board exams.

defeat yourself

This may look weird but you should make a statistical table(like above) of all previous marks and percentage of the individual subject. This will help you to find out how much you need to improve.

2. Stick with your syllabus book – Mind It.

Yes, I have seen a number of students of mine running behind the big heavyweight reference books, and they underestimate their syllabus books like NCERT in the case of the CBSE board.

These syllabus books are the best to practice with. Have you ever noticed the high scoring students always stick to the syllabus textbooks and this is only because they know the true significance of that key to success book (syllabus textbooks).

Reference books are good to study but only for those students who want to be a part of competitive exams after 12th class. But if you really want to score more percentage, then, according to me, you should stick with your syllabus textbooks.

stick with Syllabus

All the syllabus books in any board exam are designed according to the strict syllabus and this has never happened in the history of board exams that a question has come out of the syllabus.

So according to me, you should not go for the reference books, because you are preparing for class 12th, not to get selected in NASA.

3. Be careful with your weak points.

What are my weak points and how to make them strong? You should always keep this question in your mind while preparing for the board exams.

Take out your answer sheets of pre-boards and class tests etc, and take a deep look into your answers, find your mistakes, make a list of those mistakes for each and every subject. Ask yourself, will I repeat these mistakes in board exams too? No, say a big no, and start debugging your mistakes, do hard work on your mistakes, scratch them to their depths, take it as a mission to convert those weak points of yours into the stronger ones.

weak points

Is your handwriting filthy? try to make it better, if not 90 or 80% but at least 1%, but do work on it.

Is it organic chemistry? Learn it, read it, and make it happen. But do not underestimate it.

These are a sort of weak points, I am talking about in this section. Recovering from your weak points which are responsible for your deducted marks will surely put you on the track of scoring a great percentage in your board exams.

Ask in the comment box below, if you are having some weak points and want some tips to recover from them. I will bring out the best tip for that specific point of yours.

4. Time will kill your marks.

Yes, I am talking about time management here, this is one of the big factors responsible for marks. You are not a kid, every student knows the definition of time management, but only a few of them take it seriously while preparing for board exams.

It is your class 12th. You will never see the school again in your life and, believe me, you will never study again with such enthusiasm as you are doing right now. So, why not make this preparation more beautiful and smart by applying time management to it?

the time management

So, let me explain some important key points of time management for board exam preparation.

  1. If you do, stop sleeping 8 hours, make a healthy sleep of 5 to 6 hours only and save your 2 hours from there.
  2. Study the learning subjects like chemistry, Biology, Economics, etc in the morning time. This will help you to retain a long time memory of whatever you have learned while reading in the morning time.
  3. In school, take advantage of free time like sports period and curriculum activities. Practice logical subjects like Maths, Physics, Accounts, etc. Trust me, reading or practicing in the free time of your school will save a lot of time.
  4. In the last 3 months of your preparation, you should not join or continue things like coaching classes, etc. Use that time in self-study and making notes. Trust me, you will understand things way better by doing self-study.
  5. Study at least 8 hours a day, if you really want to score 90+ percentage in board exams. Because this is the only way which is required to achieve such a percentage.
  6. Divide equal time of study with your main subjects. But do not forget to study subjects like Hindi, English, etc. because they can prove to be a real percentage booster.

So, overall, you have to study at least 8 hours a day and make it 9 to 10 hours on holidays like Sunday. This feels like crazy, studying with such madness, but the 90+ achievers did that and made their percentage possible.

5. Practicing from the sample and previous year papers is the best way.

Don’t know why the students do not understand the value of old assets. Again a huge number of students are there who spend a big amount of money on reference books but they don’t even try to look at the previous year papers.

Maano Ya Na Maano, previous year papers act as a key to success in getting the mind-blowing percentage in your 12th class. Don’t waste your money on buying such costly and heavy books. The internet is ruling today where you can find anything, anytime.

For class 10th last 5-year papers of board exam are enough to practice for the final board exam. There are two board exam papers (CBSE) for each subject in class 10 because of SA1 and SA2. So you need to practice both SA1 and SA2. And for class 12th last 10-year papers are enough to boost up the preparation for the final exam. Other board such as ICSE, ISC, UP board can get previous year and sample papers from our sample question papers section.

Solving previous year question papers are like giving previous board exams. Take each and every year question paper seriously and start solving them and feel like you are sitting in the examination hall of board exam.

Do not go for answers directly without solving the question paper on your own completely, and after solving the question paper, look for the answers and be a checker for yourself. If you score 90+ marks in the very first question paper then congo you are already a genius.

But if not then look for the mistakes and repeat the third point above, Solving 10 such papers before the board exams will make you 10 times stronger to face the board exams.

Previous year papers are important because they will :

  1. Let you know the difficulty level of questions.
  2. Helps to figure out the repeating sequence of questions because some cute questions show their faces in every board exam.
  3. Helps to figure out your true level of securing marks.

So, do not waste your time and download the previous year papers above, if you haven’t. And start solving them. Also with solving the previous year papers, you can practice sample papers and guess papers too. These papers also help to predict the future of your marks.

cbse 12th crash course

6. Don’t underestimate ENGLISH – especially CBSE students.

Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Accounts, Economics, blah, and blah. Dude, do you remember you have one more subject called English?

Not everyone but a huge number of students does not take this subject seriously and at the time of result, this subject becomes responsible for the drop in overall percentage.

Subjects like English can be used as a booster in making a high percentage, all you need to do is to study it, at least, a day in a week. if you can maintain this, then surely this subject will support your percentage in a great way. Also, give special attention to handwriting while preparing for English. You will secure at least 5 marks just by working on your answer sheet presentation skills.

7. Do your answer sheet looks filthy after you finish the exam?

We are talking about 90+ percentage, it’s not a joke! Even a single mark can make a big difference to 89.9% and 90%, getting me?

So each and every activity matters while you are preparing for board exams. Neatness and cleanliness are one of them. Your answer sheet is the only thing on the basis of which you will get your marks, so everything related to your answer sheet matters. You must know how to write a perfect answer in the exam to get full marks because your way of writing makes an impact.

Practice on making your answer sheet look great, do work on your handwriting if it is not too good. Take some tips from good students in your class about the presentations of the answer sheet. Also, take advice from your teachers. They will tell you the best about this scenario because some of them have experience in checking the answer sheets.

Underlining the important phrases in your answer sheet, making boxes around the answer in the case of Mathematics are one of the basic elements which should be used in making your answer sheet looks neat and clean.

This neat and clean FUNDA will add worth up to 10 extra marks in your board exams, so why not work on it.

For CBSE students, it’s good news that they will get extra marks for writing innovative answers instead of the copied answer. Write answers in your own words with a different pattern by this method you can get extra marks in the exam. CBSE Board has decided to give extra marks for different and innovative answers.

8. The night just before the exam.

Yes, approx 10% of your marks depends on this night, make great use of this night, not in the study but in taking rest, making your mind feel relaxed.

I too have experienced this night in my life, the only thing I remembered today is the fear of board exams. What will happen tomorrow? How tougher will be the exam? These type of questions was eating my brain. Having that fear, I opened my notes and started revising important things. No one was there to guide me that what I was doing at that time was totally wrong.

I have experience now and thus, I can tell, what should you do that night.

  1. Make yourself forget that tomorrow is your exam, feel free like a bird.
  2. Do not ever try to revise your study stuff, as this is not one night fight.
  3. Sleep earlier as much as possible, and take a long sleep. This will help you to reset your brain and remember things more accurately at the time of the exam.

9. Things To Do and Not To Do on the exam day.

According to my 8th point, you should sleep earlier on the night just before the exam. Take a healthy sleep of 8 hours and get early in the morning. Open up your study stuff and make a quick revise of all the topics in a brief way.

Do not let your confidence down, when you find something is still to study. Let it be, do not ruin all other topics just because of that single thing.

You have faced 10th board and that gave you experience for board exams. Do you remember that just before the exam was about to start, a number of students were struggling around with their notes, books, and other sort of things? Maybe you were one of them.

So, did that struggle just before the exam helped you in any way? No, the answer is an absolute no, moreover, this activity makes more negative effects on marks. So do not ever study just before the exams.

Leave all your study material at home and go with a free and relaxed mind. Do not talk about the topics with friends, stand-alone somewhere and wait for the exam to start. All you need to do at this time is to make yourself more confident and stronger.

10. During the exam time.

First and important, before reading the question paper, feel and pretend that you are well familiar with each and every question and you know how to answer each question present in that question paper. This is a self-defense system and works very well. Thinking like this will make you even more positive and you will perform double for sure!

OK, now in advance 15 minutes, read out each and every question to its root, understand it, make a plan that how you will do that question. Read all the questions with the same focus, and then make a strategy that which questions will you attempt first.

I know that you will be stuck on some questions while reading them in advance 15 minutes, and this will make you a bit worried. But don’t panic at that moment, let it be, you will find a way to solve it later, do not struggle with that particular question, give other questions attention too.

Always attempt 5 marks questions first, the simple logic says, you cannot do 5 marks questions when there is a shortage of time and you have to finish the paper, but you can easily do 1 marks even 2 marks questions in lesser time. And this is the best practice when dealing with the questions.

Do each and every question with the same attention and the same focus because each question is important. Use similar writing and formatting throughout the answer sheet. And please do not make your answer sheet look bad in any way, keep using decorating items throughout the answer sheet.

Always take a pencil and a scale with you, make diagrams whenever possible while attempting the questions, your diagrams will make a great impression on the checker’s mind, so make it happen.

Time means marks, do not spend more time on doing a particular question, here the experience comes into play. The more the previous year or sample papers you have solved before, the clearer you will become about the time management on each question.

Be fully prepared with your stuff like pen, pencil, rubber, scale, etc. Do not take chances, take everything in double amount, as each and every second is important here.

11. Don’t leave the exam hall soon, you are not done yet.

You have prepared for the board exam for an entire year and the hours of examination time are the last moments of those subjects in the 12th class, so do not let them go. Use these hours as much as possible in a good way.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave the examination hall after completing your exam, wait until the last second of the exam. Cross-check your answer sheet twice, thrice, and again and again. If you are thinking that you have done everything correctly then, you are absolutely wrong.

Find your silly mistakes and resolve them. Also, add small design elements to make your answer sheet look good. Cross-check your 1 mark questions again.

Add more important lines to the questions carrying more marks, read each and every answer of yours and if you feel any answer uncomfortable then do not hesitate to make it interesting.

Bonus Tip

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During the last 3 months just before the board exams, disconnect yourself from every social activity. Disconnecting includes:

say no to social

  1. Put your Facebook account on rest for these 3 months.
  2. Pack up your cell phones, and say goodbye to messengers apps like WhatsApp.
  3. Stop attending parties sort of things.
  4. Say goodbye to your friends even the closer one(you can understand what I mean to say) for this time period.

Getting 90+ percentage in your board exams is not a joke, you really have to work hard and very hard, you must follow each and every tip given above with full focus and enthusiasm.

And I am sure if you can follow these tips, you can score more than you expected.

Students who have passed with a great percentage in their 12th class are requested to put their tips in comments below, to inspire the current 12thies.

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  1. The article is good but just wanted to drop a fact here: I topped in my tenth and eleventh classes and I didn’t study anymore than 3 hours on a regular day and more than 7 before a few months of exam. Always slept 9 hours, participated in so many extra curricular and went out often with my friends. All my friends had 90+ too. Guys, don’t miss out on life.

  2. sir i am a student of class 12. this i had been through many problems which disturbed my studies though i manged to complete my syllabus but subjects like physics and maths are going beyond my mind. so tell me what are the things i should do so that a get excellent result in my boards…

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello, papan,
      If you find hard to learn all the formulas and concept then do practice in a notebook on the daily basis.
      Don’t run from these subjects give time to these subjects as well by making a proper time-table.
      For math and numerical parts of Physics, practice is the only option. The more you practice, the more you get familiar with the problems, hence, making it easy to solve them.

  3. I have one question ….our syllabus has changed …so teacher told me that previous year QPaper will not help me…so what I do …give me suggestion plz

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Saniya,
      Don’t worry about the syllabus change we are updated about the syllabus and created the sample papers according to that, if you want to practice you can get the sample papers from our websites. Also if you solve previous year’s papers it is not a waste because you can practice from them.

  4. Thank you so much sir for get some idea about read and I would score 90% surely

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Tahir,
      Glad you like our article, stay tuned for more relative information. We are looking forward to helping you more & feel free to ask any doubt.

  5. Hlw sir !!
    I’m a student of 10th CBSE . And I want to share my worst problem !! That’s of mathematics and physics . I am very very bad at these two. I try to study it.. but I can’t !! I skip giving my time to it and start studying others .
    I want to score 90 + percentage . How can I improve this sir ??
    One more thing that I have filled up the super 30 exam form ( medical ) and not prepared for this !! Feeling too tensed.. NEED HELP (advice ) FROM U !!

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Sonalika,
      Firstly I want to tell you that don’t take much stress about your studies. Keep your mind calm and try to understand the basic concept of the formulas don’t try to rote memorization anything.
      If you find hard to learn all the formulas and concept then do practice in a notebook on the daily basis. Don’t run from these subjects give time to these subjects as well by making a proper time-table.
      Also as you mentioned you filled the form of super 30 then do its preparation also by make a specific timetable according to your academics subjects and super 30 syllabus and follow it on the regular basis.
      Lastly, don’t overdo things just stay focused and take breaks between your studies as well.
      We believe you can score more than 90+ in your exams & can clear the super-30 exam as well.
      Good luck with your studies.

  6. Sir,I fully understand the concepts but can’t remember all the formulas and processes accurately.So many!How can I remember?Please help.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Taya,
      For formulas, you can always learn them by writing them in your notebook. Also, don’t try to overdue just try to clear all the basic concepts. If your basics concepts are not clear then you will always find them torturing your brain. So, try to first clear the basics of the topic and then move on to its advanced concepts.
      For math and numerical parts of Physics and chemistry, practice is the only option. The more you practice, the more you get familiar with the problems, hence, making it easy to solve them.

  7. Sir i am a college student and u really motivate me ……..and now I also want to score 90% marks….. And i Will….. Thanku fir the motivation 😊

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Shivani,
      Glad you liked our articles. Best of luck with your exams & we are sure you can score 90+%

  8. Satavisha Chakraborty

    Sir, since the pandemic hit the country all schools were closed down. So, the online mode is preferred. I’m a student from ICSE and I’m really good in arts subjects securing above 95% but I face difficulty in maths, physics and chemistry. So sir, can I prepare for them in 6 months time?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Satavisha,
      Yes, you can prepare them in 6 months of time, you just need to focus on your studies by making a proper time-table.
      You can follow our blogs for more precise steps in how to prepare for exams efficiently.

  9. I’ll be giving my 12th boards from the art section from ISC school. My performance in 11th was not good. I failed in two subjects. And still, I was promoted to class 12th. Whenever I sit to study I can’t concentrate and feel sleepy. How do I get a better percentage in boards? Please help me, sir. I’m in a pathetic condition.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Angel,
      You have to set a goal for you what you have to achieve in the 12th class, and only focus on that goal, create a time-table for study accordingly.
      You can learn how to score 90% in board exams from the blog on our website. I can assure you if you follow all these steps properly & regularly you can score 90% marks in board exams easily.

  10. Hi sir, i really found your words important, i will surely try to imply on your words. The difficulty i am facing is that, i recently came from USA. And, I cant adapt to the Indian boards. Right now, i am in 10th and i found it very challenging to learn the study pattern. I already feel pressure, because I am in ICSE and the syllabus is vast. Can you help me before the board exam for 10th starts, after this Corona time. Plus, i got horrible marks in 9th.

  11. Alright, everything you wrote about scoring 95% marks is absolutely correct. I’m a student of 10th Class, score 90%+ marks most the time. But in the end, one question strikes me… “Do these Class 10th Board Examination Marks even matter?” Like seriously, I’ve already got admission in Non-Medical in the school I’ve been studying my whole life. So, what is the importance of these marks now? Everything goes down into the drain, nobody really cares what marks you scored in your 10th Boards wherever you go.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Marks does not matter in the real world, but your knowledge do. For someone who don’t know anything about you, your mark sheet is the only thing that can give the other person an idea about your knowledge. You will see this when you go out for a job, some companies won’t even let you to participate in interview if you don not have the minimum marks needed. So, to use knowledge you must first prove that you really have it.

  12. Sir, I usually do not get time to review my answers after completing the exam. My answers are too long and I do not know how to reduce its length. Please help.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      If an answer is too long, then try to write it in points. Make sure to include all the important information and keep your sentences short. Unless it is a language subject like English, grammar does not matter. So, you can just write sentences in very short, but give all the important info.

  13. Hello sir, are pre-board exams important in 12th CBSE board exam 2020? I have given English & Hindi exam of pre-board, but i don’t want to give pre-board for Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      In context of board exams, it does not matter if you give your pre-boards or not. But, it may effect your marks overall as 20 marks are given by school in each subject based on various factors like practical, viva, class performance etc. So, if you do not attend the pre-board then school may reduce some of you marks.

  14. I get tensed before my exams, and forget everything that i had studied. How can i control it?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Bivath, there are mainly two reasons why people panic under pressure. First, the fear of losing or not performing up to the expectation. Second, not believing in oneself or not believing in the preperation done by oneself. I don’t know which one of these is your are facing, no one knows you better than you. So, find your weakness and work on it.

  15. Sir i am studying in 12th. I find Physics, math and chemistry very tough. In chemistry, reactions boggle my head and in physics derivation. In math, obviously the problems. So, please suggest me how to get 95.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Aishwarya,
      It looks like you have opted for wrong subjects. Almost 90% students face the same problem as you are facing, and 99% of these students will just avoid these problems and will hope for some miracle to happen. But the sand thing is that no miracle will happen, and things will get worse as the board exams approaches.

      It’s not your fault that you find these subjects hard, but if you are not doing anything about it then it’s your fault. The standards of the subjects will not fall down, you will have to reach to those standards. So, quite complaining and start working on your weaknesses. Here are some tips that may help.

      1. The root cause for all your problems is the improper understanding of the topics. For subjects like Physics and Chemistry, if your basics concepts are not clear then you will always find them torturing your brain. So, try to first clear the basics of the topic and then move on to it’s advance concepts. This process demands time, so be prepared for some sacrifice.

      2. For math and numerical parts of Physics and chemistry, practice is the only option. The more you practice, the more you get familiar with the problems, hence, making it easy to solve them.

      You can sit there frustrated or you can do something about it, choice is yours and so will be the consequences.

  16. Hlo sir i am in class 12 J & k board. Is ncert textbook is enough to score above 95% . and i also want to crack NDA exam .pls tell me sir that ncert textbook is perfect for me or any other referrence book

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      NCERT books are enough only if you read them deeply. But if you capability then you can choose other reference books also.

  17. Sir I am in class 10 and I don’t concentrate on my studies how can I concentrate on my studies

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Sakshi, To increase concentration you need to study for a long time regularly. By studying for a longer time, you will build the habit of study and ultimately your concentration will increase.

  18. I am studying in class 12 and aim 95%+ marks in my cbse boards.But my school and teachers dont give proirity for studies much and promote as for extra curricular activities.They say that our portion would only be completed by december only and they simply waste our time giving orientation classes and all.I dont get enough time to practise on their teaching is worse as well.What should I do?I am confused.I want to prepare for my boards as well.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      This is good that you are concerned about your board exam. You can take medical leaves for your preparation and set your goal of completing the syllabus before Oct-Nov. So, that you can revise twice. In this manner, you will have the chance of getting good marks, say, 90+ marks in your board exam. All the best.

  19. good evening, sir. I am a student in 9th grade. I achieve good marks but am weak in mathematics. My total aggregate comes down due to this. What can I do to love maths except practice { which I already do}?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Your question is like: how can I reach the destination without doing effort? So it is not possible. To love Maths, you need to know Maths first. And to know Maths you need to know & learns the basics of Maths. Once you learn the basics, then you have to practice, in order to get great marks. Remember, Practice with Understanding is the only way to get Success in every field.

  20. sir i have given my 10th boards this year nd have scored 90% was expecting more ..my handwriting is bad but my teachers say its really bad but they gave me marks in preboards but it doesn’t happened so in boards.. nd sir i try to improve ,ican only write whn m doing smthing in class or etc but whn it comes to tests and exams i fail badly in doing good h.w ..i feel lyk it happens everytym with me dat whn i use my brain i rrally cant see the way m writing i just think. abt wht m writing..
    wht shall i do??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      So, the problem is your handwriting. The solution is simple, you need to improve your handwriting. Practice is the only key to solve your problem.

  21. Wow sir you are great you help us lot I pray to God that you live long and help us motivate us that we make our future bright by following your points .These golden points helps me lot and I secured good marks by following these points .Thanks sir for helping us .

  22. Hi sir
    At times students get tensed to go outing with cousins thinking they r in 12th
    So is it necessary for them to remain at home without outing even in the begining of 12th?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      It doesn’t matter. But what matter is your regular study. If you are in 12th std then you have to fix your time table and study regularly.

  23. Sir i am student of class 12 cbse and as u know that pattern of 2019 – 20 exam is changed now . So should i still go for previous year or i should solve question bank ( sample paper) based on current pattern ???

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      First of all, you should go with your NCERT textbook and complete your syllabus. After completing the syllabus, you can practice the previous year question papers because syllabus can be changed but the question remains the same.

  24. Before reading it I was scared but it makes me confident and gives Vry nice advices so thanks a lot more than anything .

  25. This tips and tricks are very useful now I’m feeling so confident… thank you sir


  27. Nice article sir.

  28. Sampan Singh Thakur

    Sir… How is the best way to study chemistry… That’s the only subject I am getting uncomfortable with…. And thank you so much for the tips…. I will really try to follow it

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Here are some general mantras to study any subject in which you have difficulty. First is Regular study, second, clear the basic concepts. And the third most important is to keep in touch with your textbook.

  29. Prabal Pratap Singh Rathore

    Hello Sir,
    I want to buy crash course+important question + previous years solved papers
    and I am from dhar,madhya pradesh so i want to ask that does this package contains papers of my region too ……?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      This Crash course is only for Class 12 CBSE students. If you are a CBSE 12th students then you can buy it.

  30. hello sir, I am very inspired by your article but a thought has eaten my mind that at the time of board exams how can I revised all the chapters of every subjects especially physics and chemistry so to secure good marks in board I have just entered 12 class please guide me !! thanks

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      If you prepare all the subjects throughout the year then you’ll be able to revise all the chapters of all subject at the time of the board exam. Your every day should be your preparation day for the board exam.

  31. I used your all Tips and it helps me for getting best result in 12th preboard exams.. I got 97.8 % marks.. I dont want to get lesser than 99.9%…in CBSE BOARD i knw i do my best.. Thanks for ur tips.. And u knw my comment for u waste my 1 minute…

  32. Dear Sir, I am a upcoming student of class 12and I loved ur article. I usually find that it is difficult to study chemistry especially organic chemistry please tell me how can I overcome this chemistry obstacle and can u please give me some tips on how to prepare for cet and jee i.e competitive exams .

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      First, clear your basic concepts of Chemistry. And get in touch with Chemistry regularly. Regular practice and study will lead you to score great marks. For the competitive exam, you should prepare according to the syllabus of the exam. First, complete your textbook and then go for the reference book. Also, solve the previous year papers of the competitive exams to check your potential.

  33. hi i am sriram sir . Thank you for your advice . I have just entered class 12 . i feel physics slightly difficult .
    but now i feel a bit confident .thank you again

  34. Sir , is there any link where you can give us class 12 commerce study materials as well? This post was very detailed and informative and gave me a boost of motivation ,thank you . My class 12 is going to start in a month

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Here are the helpful links for class 12 commerce study material check here: 12th Commerce Sample papers and 12th Commerce Previous year papers.

  35. I have one doubt that what we are studying how to remember properly please help me and according to my concept Chemisty and maths is difficult subjects in my whole studying carrier what u will say that how will these both easier to me

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      These subjects are difficult for you that means your basics concepts are not clear. If you regularly study these subjects then it will be easier for you. And increase your memory, you need for concentration in your studies. So increase your time for study.

  36. Hi, I loved your story.I just entered 12 so I wanted to know if it is enough to study NCERT for Physics and Chemistry? Please reply?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      If you are preparing for Board Exam then NCERT textbook is enough. Because students choose reference books but they don’t complete their textbook. So, yes textbook is enough but when you complete your textbooks then you may go for reference books for deep study.

  37. I have covered all the chap from ncert, along with some chapters from refresher. Currently I am solving previous year papers .Is this enough to make me score above90%or 90%

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, It is more than enough. But once you should revise your textbook according to your previous year papers practice.

  38. Sir solving previous year question papers or solving latest sample papers which is more helpful for boards.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Previous year question papers and sample papers are effective. But first, give preference to previous year question papers and then after if you have time you can practice the latest sample papers. Here you will find latest and well-researched sample papers. Click the button given above “Buy Papers”.

  39. Sir, I am a student of class 11th with PCB stream. I graduated my class 10th boards in 2018 with 95%. I am about to qualify in my class 11th very soon. So I have certain queries for you and I would be pleased if you answer them to me in points-
    1) I have faced a lot of trouble with physics during the entire session. What should be my strategy since the beginning of the session towards the subject?
    2) I face problem is studying in the morning. But studying late night ruins my sleep schedule, and I feel tired the next day. How can I manage this?
    3) Is NCERT enough for all the subjects in board examinations? What book can I refer for questions just for board preparation? Any good books for the 3 subjects?
    4) What could be my best study schedule throughout the year? What kind of planner of strategy do I require?
    5) I aspire 100% marks in class 12th boards. I really want to achieve them for true. Are there any special tips I could practice?

    Please answer my doubts, sir. I know they’re a little too much, but as your article inspired me, they arose. Hope you reply to them in a sequential manner. I shall be very obliged. Thank you!

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Pravertna, If you focus from the starting then you will score 100% marks for sure. First, Choose the subjects in which you have difficulty and give them regular attention. Regular attention is enough. Second, we talk about studying in the morning because in the morning time our mind is blank and the morning study has a greater impact then night. But you can manage to study at both times regularly. Build this habit on a regular basis. Third is yes NCERT is enough for all subjects if you are preparing for only board exams. You should read the whole chapter (of all subjects) deeply. Don’t leave even a single paragraph. And when you complete your textbooks then only you should go for any reference books recommended by your teachers. Fourth is: your schedule can be anything. But you should study regularly and practice regularly this is the most important. And all the special tips are there in this article. there are no secret tips. Mantra for 100% marks is “Practice & study regularly” and study deeply with right view and more concentration. All the best for the upcoming board session.

  40. Sir… I have revised most of the chapters.. But still I am getting 60 out of 100. Due to this I am losing my hopes.. Sometimes I feel that I can score more than 85… Can u pls help to feel overcome this situation…

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You need to solve the latest sample papers or previous year papers, by solving, you will get know which topics are not revised properly so that you can revise them. Hope comes from preparation. So, just focus on your preparation.

  41. Hi. I’m Malika and I’ll currently be giving my 12th boards on 2nd march. I really hope on getting a 95+ average. I make lavish and perfect timetables, but in the middle of studying I get super bored and I’m not able to continue. And then the whole day gets wasted. Also. One of my major problems is silly mistakes. Small and dumb mistakes would ruin my scores when I do previous year board papers . What should I actually do to overcome these mistakes, because concept wise I’m totally fine. And I would not want to lose marks in boards because of these mistakes .

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Malika, Take a proper break while studying. And when you solve the sample or previous year papers, review your whole answer sheet. Also, when you solve any question, review your answer after completing it. And try to study for longer hours and take small breaks. All the best.

  42. Hello sir , I am Diya . I am icse board student . I am quite good in science subjects and I have scored 90 percent in each science subjects . But I get too bad marks in history and economics exam in my mock test . Please sir suggest something . I am losing my self confidence . And there is a great confusion can score good marks in board ??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you can score good marks in your board exam. History and economics are theory based subjects so you need to understand that reading is the only way to get good marks in these subjects. Read as well as write notes of every subject. Just focus on your preparation and practice. All the best for the board exam.

  43. Is maths ncert is sufficient for scoring 85-90marks in 12 boards

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Parul, If you have covered all the topics given from the textbook including examples, miscellaneous examples and exercises then you can practice more from reference book otherwise first you need to cover your textbook deeply. And yes it’s sufficient for scoring 90+ marks in the final board exams.

  44. sir how do i complete my whole syllabus in just 20 days…

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Tanmay, Read this article carefully. We have given the article link here related to your query.

  45. Also tell me trick to memorize date of history???!!!

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Vidhi, you should make a proper pattern and notes on dates and events in a pattern and then revise them. If you revise dates in an unorganized manner, you will get confused.

  46. Plz help me I want to score above 90% n only 1 month is left n still 50% course + sample paper practice is left???what can I do help me???!!!

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Vidhi, you can practice sample papers in one week. So first, you need to complete your course and 1 month is enough. All the best for the board exam.

  47. Sir, how to complete science in 4 days. please give suggestions

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Ananya, you can’t complete your syllabus in 4 days but yes you can complete all the major topics and questions in 4 days. First, you need to prepare your time table and notes of important topics of science. And start your preparation accordingly. The secret behind the study is the level of concentration that means if your concentration/focus is very high then you don’t need revision and you will remember it for a long time. So, make sure your focus should be very deep and high while studying.

  48. Heyyy my boards are starting in 18 days. Im in isc science. Im v stressed and even though ive been preparing, i am low on confidence. What do i do?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Kriya, first of all, good luck for the exam and do your best in the exam. confidence is necessary and confidence comes from your preparation. So prepare hard for the exams and just stick with your books, solve previous year papers and sample papers. Select Important topics and difficult topics first and solve and learn them. Make a preparation chart and write all the topics of every subject that you have covered and not covered so that you can organize your preparation. If you have any doubt you can ask here. And the most important is be positive and be happy.

  49. sir chemistry is to difficult but ihve to be best in chemistry my father has many hopes from me please

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Irum, Best practice you can do in chemistry is to select the major topics from each chapter and revise them. Also, practice important numerical, chemical reactions and derivation. And stay in touch with your textbook.

  50. Hello my name is Hridya ,I presently graduated my 11th class and now i am entering 12th. From my past i have understood that the way i write my answers do not satisify the teachers i am not able to write fully or the right way teachers wish me to do. some of my friends totally mug up their answers and write which i cannot so they get the fullmarks .i dont knowhow to improve my way of writting ,please to help me.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Hridya, The only way is by learning and writing. Read English newspapers such as Times of India or Hindustan Times. By reading newspapers you will have a larger vocabulary in your mind and you will get the sense you giving answers. And also, practice writing answers in your own words. This method will help you. All the best for the board exams.

  51. Sir i have one month in my hand and i decided to do latest sample paper is it ok …
    And when i complete one subject i get worried that is it completed or not why is ..
    And last NCERT is sufficent

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Surnidhi, yes sample papers are very helpful, we have given the latest sample guess papers according to the pattern you can solve them. being worried about those completed subject is good and this indicates that you need to revise those subjects. And NCERT is sufficient but you should practice examples, miscellaneous exercises and read whole chapters and make notes. We have sent you a Time table for Board exam preparation in your email id. Please check your email. All the best.

  52. Sir ,I am 12th commerce student I have been preparing for my board exam since 2 months but I didn’t feel confident about my preparation. I am feeling very stressed nd fear about my boards .I want to score 90+in my 10th but just able to score 88%but this time I really want to score 90nd above in my boards please suggest me about what I do now? Solve 10 years papers or prepare subjects.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Pratiksha, Solving previous year papers is very helpful. But you should stick with your textbook and prepare in-depth and revise your whole syllabus of every subject. You should be worried about it but don’t take stress because stress will give you negativity. Prepare Hard and read your textbooks deeply and make proper notes so that you can revise them again.

  53. I’m from Class 10. I feel difficulty in Tamil, I’m a North Indian. I have completed more than half syllabus of it. I want to get above 80 in Tamil, and I want to score 100 in Math, last time I’ve got 97 but I’ve not touch 100 in it. How to score that 3 marks? And also how can I improve my Tamil?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Parmesh, you should strictly prepare according to the syllabus of Tamil and practice writing in Tamil then only you can score good marks. Practice Previous year papers that will help you to score full marks in Maths. All the best!

  54. I can’t concentrate on my 12th boards I have to score at least 92%. I didn’t even start my preparation. I have only 15 days left. I took pcmb. pls help me

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      there is one saying, “God helps those who help themselves”. Only you can help yourself to score more than 90%. We can suggest or help you by giving the direction but in the end, you have to do yourself. Make a time table and follow these helpful tips. And more important is to be positive. All the best for the board exam.

  55. Will this word limit effect my marks in any way??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, writing more than the word limit uselessly can effect.

  56. I get very stressed thinking about my exams. I am done with around 80% of syllabus but I have to guidance of a teacher for my plan. I have just 28 days left for my exams

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Nitika, Getting stresses is the problem. It’s just board exam and the result depends on your practice so, instead of thinking about the exam, practice for the exam. And It’s important to practice sample papers and previous year papers. This will give you confidence.

  57. Sir.,my elders are saying that you have to write as much as possible for each question . So,it true that it is necessary to write 5-6 pages for each answer to score good in 10 boards.
    Please give advices.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Ananya, this information is false. If you know the answer then write it in the appropriate word limits. You can go beyond the word limit in long type questions.

  58. Sir I am from class 12 want to ask is the crash course contains materials for cbse board and plus samples papers follows 2019 syllabus

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Rudra, Yes, In this crash course you will get the latest sample papers according to the latest CBSE pattern.

  59. I am a cbse student. I score 10 cgpa in class 10th nd took PCM.. bt in 11th after the vacation of 3 months there was strike running on in West bengal. .due to which schools remain closed for next 3 months😑 nd when again it starts many teachers got transfer from there due to no tution no schl we all just score 50% to 60% only 13 students out of 48 passed… under that condition i passed bt till now i am not able to catch class 12 studies😕😕 …. bt like 10 i want to score in 12 also😟😟😟😟…..willl u plzz give any advise to score in 12th☺…

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Rashmita, your NCERT textbook will help you if you do the study in depth. Also, practice example questions, and Miscellaneous exercise. Read all the chapter very deeply this will clear all your concepts. And side by side also practice sample papers according to the latest CBSE pattern and solve previous year papers. All the best!

  60. Hello sir, i am from isc board and i have completed half of my syllabus but still i am struggling with english literature and maths. I am from humanities. Sir please any tips or suggestions please sir.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Anugya, there is enough time to complete your syllabus. Simultaneously, solve practice papers for all subjects. Make a proper time table for exam preparation and follow it. Give 2 hours daily for maths and in the free time read English literature chapters. All the best for the exam.

  61. Hey my weak point is when i remembered my syllabus after 10 mints or 20 mints i lose everything about my syllabus or i am. Weak on these subjects like chemistry physics bio

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Ghulam, you need to practice more and more. More you practice, much you will remember. Give proper time to each subject and study regularly.

  62. sir help me give sugestion about physics and chemistry

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Irum, you should read in-depth your textbook of all subjects. Practice sample papers and important questions for physics and chemistry.

  63. Sir I am really poor in chem and maths there are only 30days remaining and I am totally blank abt chem so plz suggest me some books or lessons

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Hrishikesh, we have given important questions for class 12 chemistry you can practice them. I would recommend you to study your NCERT textbook.

  64. Hello sir, I’m 2pu std. I have finished studying all topic so now I want to do revision. Can u help me to make a proper time table for everyday studying which will revise all the topic. I’m really very confused in making time table. Pls reply asap. Thanks

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Khushi, in the first point “Defeat yourself” we have given a link “How to prepare for board exam in one month” there you will get the time table for board exam preparation.

  65. Hi sir I’m a student of class 11th I’m getting average marks . I’m aiming for 90+ in 12th and I have seen all ur tips it’s very helpful if I follow all those tips , will it help in 12th

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Sai, yes, Theses strategies will surely help you but remember that you have to implement all these strategies in order to score 90+ marks. All best for the future.

  66. hello sir I am a 10th grade student as you know board exam are coming and this page was on 12th I just clicked on it an the points you have written are great but sir I am not done yet iam very nervous about my boards as they are heading near and I my prepration is not completed yet but sir my preboards are going on and now icant score in them but my elder sister is saying that you have to focus on your boards not on these pre boards you know imean say that in big subjects like maatsh I have not studied from reference book only from ncert so iam afraid as well in sst ihavent read anything my sister is saying do half of your syaallabus for 1st pre bord and half for second so that everything would be prepared for boards. now sir there are onl 40 days left can I still get good marks like 90%.please help sir

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Ashish, your sister is telling you the best method. One thing you need to understand is you have to loose your nervousness in order to prepare your best for the board exam. And its good to stick with your NCERT (textbook) but you have to study your textbook deeply, solved all the “in text questions”, examples and exercise and read the whole chapters of all subjects. All the best for your exams.

  67. sir my economics is fully left and when I am studying it I feel sleepy ? suggest me some tips and I am not going coaching due to financial problem

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Priyanshi, Economics is an interesting subject if you give full attention. Try to increase your study time, for continuously 1-2 hr. This will make your concentration level higher. Give a proper to sleep and make your habit of studying early in the morning. I hope this will help you.

  68. sir,
    how to study for boards in 15 days? i haven’t studied anything yet. pls help me how to complete the whole syllabus?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Anisha, It is very difficult but possible to complete the whole syllabus, what you need to do is to follow the question paper pattern 2019 given by CBSE official site. And choose important topics first and topics in which you are weak. Give at least 8-10 hours regularly. Utilize your free time to study theories.

  69. Sir Im literally stuck with physics and there is not much time left
    Please suggest a study plan so that I could revise everything within 10 days

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Anamika, you need to check cbse blueprints (sample paper and marking scheme) from which you will get the idea of numerical, derivation and types of questions. and revise those chapters in which you need to practice. Within 10 days you should study 8-10 hours regularly totally you will get 80-100 hrs for your preparation and divide time for numerical, important derivation, and theories. All the best

  70. Hello Sir
    I’m really scared for the coming up board exams. I’ve to give my ISC. I have humanities and I still haven’t completed my syllabus entirely! I have done more than half but I doubt if I remember all of them. I have also taken all the questions from 10 years after completing one chapter. So basically I’ve done this for all the chapters. And still there’s one month to go and in Sociology I have completed 6/8 chapters and in Psychology I’ve completed 4/8 chapters, for Political Science I’ve completed 5/14 chapters and Economics I’ve completed 13/20 chapters!
    Please give me guidelines on how to cope with this kind of situation that I’m going through.
    Thank you Sir it’ll be of a great help!

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Nikole, first you need to focus on those subjects in which you haven’t completed much and set your goals to complete your syllabus for all subjects. After completing your syllabus, practice previous year papers. And Always stick with your textbook and revise all subjects deeply. All the best!

  71. sir is it enough to study only ncert and arihant previous year questions to score 90+ in cbse board for all subject ( bio,chem,maths,phy)

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Nirupama, yes it is enough. But it depends on your preparation, how deeply you have prepared for the exam. You have study deeply your NCERT books. And also solve latest sample papers provided by cbse.

  72. sir,

    i need important questions from NCERT exercise for physics and chemistry.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Anisha, we have prepared Important questions for physics and chemistry with solutions. Check these given links:
      12th Physics important Questions. and
      12th Chemistry important Questions.

  73. Hello sir…. Am very much afraid of my board exams… I don’t know what to do 😥
    Still I had not completed revising chapters… And actually am not remembering which I studied….

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Advaitha, Don’t be afraid of board exams, it will just give you negativity which is not good for you. There is still time to revise your whole syllabus. You just need to give more time about 8-10 hours regularly. And in the meantime, you can practice previous year papers of all subject which will help you a lot. All the best!!.

  74. Hello sir i m afraid from maths what should I prepare for maths i meant what to prepare at this moment and from where and for economics should i prefer NCERT

    1. Hello Divya, for Maths you need to practice previous year papers and Important Questions. And yes NCERT is best for preparing for Economics here are the links for maths: Maths Previous year Paper and Maths Important Questions.

  75. Hello sir.Today its 30 December And I am very sad to say that still my course to be prepared is pending.I really want to score 90+ percentage in my cbse board exams and I’m also preparing for my neet exam but I don’t get proper time management to prepare for any of these.I get upset and depressed whenever I take all my studies in flow due to huge pressure of completing my course within one month.Kindly help me out please.Please tell me how to prepare within one month and score very nice marks because still I have lots to prepare for my exams so forget about revision right now! I request you sir to reply and help me soon!

    1. Hello Amnah, Depression is your enemy, So throw it away from your mind by simply remembering that everything going to be alright. First thing first, just focus on your board exam. make your effecting regular time-table management for study. Use 8-10 hours daily for all subjects. And give more time to those subjects in which you need more time. But to do all these your mind should be positive of thoughts. Don’t worry about the result, just prepare yourself for board exam with fullest of your energy and hard work. All the best!

  76. sir
    could you tell me important questions in ncert for physics and chemistry (All chapters)class 12?
    its urgent.

    1. Hello Anisha, we have prepared Important Questions for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Here is the link check it out: 12th Physics Important Questions and 12th Chemistry Important Questions.

  77. I just have one nd a half month left for my isc board exam .How should i make a timetable to finish all my syllabus. I’m weak in chemistry. According to u i should study one full sub then another or i should start all sub simultaneously???

    1. Hello Muskan, Yes you can start all sub simultaneously if you have enough time. But you need to practice regularly. And give more time to Chemistry.

  78. Hello sir …
    I want to score 85 above in class 12 …
    But i m unable to manage mh coaching and school due to thatt i scored only 45 % kn myh pre bords and now onlyh 2 months is left …i alwys try to study but my mind do not …each and every time i sit to study ..my mind gets diverted …and i m so afraid what will happen on my exam date …
    Can you plz help me out

    1. Hello Divya, first you need to increase your time. You should study 1-2hr continuously and then take a break then again 1-2 hr study then break and so on. By this practice, you can improve your concentration on studies. Given equal time to all subjects regularly and spend more time in those subjects in which you are poor. The more you practice the more your concentration/focus increases.

  79. hello sir,
    im studying in 12th grade (kerala board). it has the same portions as cbse but we have boards both in 11th and 12th. i was not serious in 11th. 45% is going to my 12th marks from 11th marks. i have just scored 38% in that. i want to score 95% in 12th boards. but that means i have to score full in math and chem which i feel diffult. can you please help me. now the question pattern has also changed. so doing past papers will not help me. i need to somehow score 95% in 12th. i scored 457/540 marks in 11th. i need to somehow score 1140/1200 marks. please help

    1. Hello Anisha, first thing first, you need to cover your textbooks first. Once you cover the textbook then practice important questions chapter wise for all subject, it will boost up your practice and helps you to score 90+ marks.

  80. Sir i study for 8 hours but i m not able to concentrate on my studies and i watse too much time
    Sir how can i increase my concentration level
    Plz. Rply sir

    1. Hello Vansh, you cannot increase your concentration level without effort and dedication. Hence, Make the effort and dedicate yourself towards study Also, increase your study time. There are some other tips given by Swami Vivekanand on focus & concentration you can search you YouTube or google for Swami Vivekanand tips for increasing concentration level.

  81. Hello Sumit, If your Schools are close then 8-10 hours daily you give to your studies, otherwise, find out the time for studies. The best thing is to get up early for study but if you feel comfortable at night study then there is no problem because the focus should be your studies. But the reason behind getting up early is your mind is very fresh after a good sleep and whatever you do in the early morning its impact is very much in your brain. So that is why it is said that get up early in the morning for studies so that whatever you will study it will remain longer in your brain.

  82. Sir I work hard in study but I do not score good marks

    1. Hello Vikas, that is not hard work. Hard work is that which will give you success or good marks, If you are not getting good marks then it means you are not doing that much hard work so, it’s just beginning. Keep the spirit of doing Hard work study and in the end, you’ll achieve good marks. All the best!!!

  83. shailendra gangupam

    i sit to long in front of books but i cant concentrate that well while studying

    1. Hello Shailendra, you need to practice meditation. That will help you. Also, first you need to bring motivation and passion for study.

  84. Sir actually how can I perfect chemistry subject even I get bad scoring chemistry

    1. Hello Tejas, Your NCERT is enough to solve your problem, first if your basics are not clear then grab your 10th, 11th, and 12th NCERT book and clear your doubts, especially those concepts which are in the 12th std. And most important is give your regular time to chemistry. You will surely get 80-90+ marks.

  85. Sir I m in a habit of reading things in extreme detail and if I won’t do that I don’t get the topic but this takes a lot of time and hampers my timetable..what to do ?

    1. Hello Anushka, This is good practice to go in the deeper level. There is a lot of time so you can make your practice. Don’t worry about time. Instead of being worry, clear your doubts and basic concepts so that next time you will not go to the deep level. All the best for exam…

  86. I am in class 12th with pcb ,havn’t studied any thing yet .how can i prepare in 3 months to be able to score 90% .All my family members .My father is always telling me u r looser ,will do nothing in ur lyf

    1. Hello Vicky, first of all, get positive for your board exam preparation because you can achieve 90+ marks overall. You have 3 months so you just need to complete your NCERT syllabus. So start from the beginning and complete your syllabus. Also, Get 10 years previous year papers and Start solving them they will help you a lot. here is the link, follow the link: 12th Solved Previous Year Paper.

  87. Haii sir!
    Thanks for help.I tried my best in 11th grade but just couldn’t beat it.
    Now I am in 12th grade and seems like everything is tough.Everyone keeps telling me you are just a loser so don’t waste time.
    I can’t see the motivation.Also chemistry is being a weak point what should I do?

    1. Hello Abi, Motivation comes from dedication, dedicate yourself towards your study. Since chemistry is a weak point then study chemistry regularly this will helps you a lot.

  88. i study well, i remember well but what i can’t do is to write it properly and i use to do small mistakes.
    can help me in not doing so

    1. Hello Rimpi, you should conscious about what are you writing. Don’t go so hurry. Calm yourself while giving the exam.

  89. Sir I’m in class 12 from pcb…. I read everything but i forget them during writing in exam….. And i also face prblms in remembering

    1. Hi Ashika, yes this is common & major problem of students. You need to change you method of reading. First you have understand the concept you are studying then learn the concept and then try to write it in your own words. Try to express the answer in your own words. You have to give more time i.e., 2-3 hours continuous in your self study. you should stay focused while study.

  90. and one more thing i want to mention is that i m not going to any coaching classes….i have opted for self study…

  91. hi…i feel biology is easy…physics and chemistry are tough…i hv time to study from 7 to 8 am and 5 to 11pm….can u pls make a timetable for my studies…i m in 12th…i didnt study 11th properly…so pls even tell me a time for studying 11th lessons…will i have time…pls help me out…i m a neet aspirant

    1. Hello Mini, In the morning time you should study subjects having theories. for numerical, derivations and logical topics and concepts give the evening time. You have enough time to study class 11th lessons simultaneously with 12th lessons. The timetable means to cover all the subjects with a regular time of interval. So you have to make your own timetable, it should be flexible, creative. And this is very good that you are not dependent on tuition. But you need to clear your doubts by yourself or you can ask your teachers in your school.

  92. Hello sir actually I’m not able to cope up with accounts and I have my 12 pre boards from December I couldn’t attend any classes of accounts since these many months and I don’t know how to do accounts for getting good marks. I’m very much worried about accounts please tell me should I attend the couching classes or should I self study and how ?

    1. Hello Akshita, yes you should worry about accounts but feel free and positive first. If you are attending coaching classes then you have to clear your doubts there, But if you can do it by yourself then obviously you should do self-study. Also, you can prepare by practicing the previous year paper of accounts. You can purchase from here, click on “Buy papers” pink color button there you can purchase account’s previous year papers.

  93. Sir my mid terms are not going well n i am still addicted to social media songs and my friends when i study those thinks comes in mind snd Distracts me i am very stressed nothing is going Right and i want to score 90+ in Humanities stearm in class 12th

    1. Hello Rishika, you need to make a timetable for your study and give a proper time for your study. Yes there are many thoughts comes in our mind while doing work but you can’t do anything just remember that thoughts are coming let them come and let them go. once thoughts go continue to your study. But you should aware of your thoughts. Observe your thought patterns.

  94. Hello sir ,
    me ashna of (12th pcmb)…has a problem that I don’t take stress or seriousness for board exam …as I know board exams are vry important and I really wanna score above 90% but as for me I know ,I can learn but I do lack seriousness while studying …usually a day befr exam make me focused but as for now I still hv 5months left ….wat shld I do!??do u think I can do it above 90per ?!

    1. Hello Ashna, This is good that you don’t take stress or seriousness but being careless is not good at all. Motivate yourself daily to score 90% marks. You have enough time to cover the syllabus. Make your study timetable and change it once in a month and study 4-6 hours regularly. Given equal attention to all the subjects. Give more time to difficult subjects or concepts. To Score 90% marks, your have cover your whole NCERT books that is enough and I guarantee you to that you will score 90+.

  95. Just wanted to ask that how to cope up with self study when there is a lot of burden of school homework

    1. Hello Shreoshi, How about making homework your self-study. What I am saying is you can study the same which is given to you as your homework. Also, you should increase your mental ability to work more on different tasks.

  96. my handwriting is not good how can i make it good and i am making many silly mistakes. can u plz say a solution for this sir?

    1. Hello Sundaram, you make mistakes because you are not conscious about writing and your handwriting is not good because you do not write letters in a proper manner and the distance between the words are not same that is why. You should think and work on these points.

  97. Hi,
    I m a student of commerce and want to know that we should write the bookcase lang. In boards or we can write of our own because i have a habit of writing my own language in the question paper so i just want to know that in boards exam we should write the bookcase language or they will check our own language too in which will give the same meaning as of the bookcase language.

    1. Yes, you can use your own language in the board exam and make sure that the examiner could understand your language.

  98. Sir, I want to ask that – Is solving ncert of maths enough for board exam????

    1. Hello Srishty, yes it is enough if you understand all the concept. you can take help from reference book just to understand topics and questions.

  99. hi sir…
    i am finding it very difficult to study organic chemistry..
    its almost been a year that i have been trying to read it or rather interest myself with it.. but i seriously cannot solve even basic questions of it with only almost 4 months left with me.. i tried reading it again and again but cannot at all find interest in it.. please help me with it… i score quite well at physics in jee mock tests but chemistry always drops my score below 100. please do help me soon..
    waiting for your reply.

    1. Hello Divya, In the Organic Chemistry, first you need to learn basic concepts of the equation, how to balance equation, the concept of chemical reaction, organics chemistry is all about Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. give your regular time to it and start from the very basic. All the best!!!

  100. Hlo sir !
    I want to know that how to solve derivations in physics exam can u tell me this with an example.

    1. Hello Tarushi, This is not possible to give an example here, But we can guide you, first most important part of solving any problem is to clearly identify the problem and read the question very carefully. Once you understand the question then you need to check whether you are able to solve it or not Practice is the most important thing. without practice, you can’t achieve what you want.

  101. sir, i feel difficulty in physics derivations.what should i do ?

    1. Hello Niranjan, any problem is difficult until you know it completely. You find derivation difficult because your basic concepts are not clear. You should first clear your basic concepts.

  102. Sir ,i was very upset with my physics marks in unit test.i learned everything but i confused .what shall i do for no confusion or forgotting the concepts

    1. Hello Bhavani, you need to develop the degree of concentration or focus. And confusion comes with lack of knowledge so you need to understand the fundamental or basic concepts of physics. give more time to Physics and study regularly. All the best!!!

  103. Hello sir
    I am student of 12 up board i find difficult my studies iam learn things but after some time i forgot what iam study due to this i got bad marks in my first test un college

    1. Hi Abhishek, you forgot because you don’t learn things with focus, first, you need is the focus and don’t use ratification method instead, try to learn and understand things.

  104. hello sir, i am swaraj and i want to discuss about time management which i am not able to manage it by myself.
    so can u plzz help me in that case. well i am just preparing for boards CBSE not for any competitive exams.

    1. Hi Swaraj, Yes Time management is one of the major factor. But if your central goal and focus are just studying then forget about time management because Time management is necessary for those whose centers do not study. First, you need to understand this fact. develop your focus, interest towards your study and make a goal and try to achieve that goal, that is how things work.

  105. hello sir iam a class 12th student i am distracted by marvel cinematic universe and i always am thinking about the marvel movies.i am also distracted clash of clans please tell me what shoud i do

    1. Hello Haris, These are not the distraction but you are. These things are the things you want to play or read so you must understand that your desires are the distraction from your goal. Now it’s your choice whether to fulfill your desire or to achieve your goal. keep that in mind that desires are temporary they will change with time. The strong determination is required. All the best!!!

  106. Hello sir I’m a student of science stream my subjects are pcm computer eng and pe I really want to score 90 percent in my 12th board 2019 but it seems very hard. My school test marks are really bad. I tried making time tables and stuff but it really did not make such difference. I’m afraid. What should I practice ?

    1. Hello Nikita, Practice/study regularly and hard work is the only things you need to achieve your goal. It is just that you don’t put your all focus in one idea/goal. So put your all energy to achieve your goal.

  107. Hello sir,
    Sir my name is eshfaq n i am living in kashmiri. Sir our final exams of class 12th r coming in October. Sir am too worried about my exam especially in #economics subject. Sir I need ur suggestion /guidelines to achieve more than 90%marks in#economics.
    That all, thanks

    1. Hello Eshfaq, you can score better marks in economics. You can practice from previous year paper here is the link: Economics Previous year paper

  108. Sir i am a arts student of cbse board and this year is my 12th board exams . But i have not started still now i just only had 6 months approx sir please suggest me some thing to achive 90+ marks .

    1. Hi Rupanjana, this article is all about your issue. Read the whole article.

  109. what i can do to understand the chemistry numericals in class -11 to how to solve while my basic chemistry is good

    1. Hi Digamber, first you should learn the basic concepts then only you can go through the numerical. the more you practice the more you will understand and learn.

  110. nervous is still in inside me.i am pretending other that I am confident and get good marks.i am the only one who knows how much I am scared from inside.i putting my full efforts but still ,I am not getting output that I desiring.

    1. Hello Nisha, first of all, you must understand this that you have to be truthful with yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be confident. Be Natural and be yourself. You have to organize what you are doing in your studies. Don’t think about getting good marks. Just focus on your study and clear your syllabus and all your concept. Make your flexible and simple time-table and follow it. All the best!!!

  111. Hello sir! I am studying in 12th grade now from HSC board. But I am not attending college because I am preparing for competitive exams having CBSC syllabus (NEET). And our board lectures are arranged once or twice in month, so it’s really getting hard for me to score good marks in board examination as per my experience. I wish to study abroad and that’s why I want 90+ percentage in 12th. I got 90% in 10th but now as I am studying both books which are totally different in pattern, I am really scared of 12th board exams and obviously result. I am not started with preparations of 12th board yet. Please guide me.

    1. Hello Titiksha, As you mentioned that you are preparing for CBSE NEET. This means that you are preparing for Physics, Chemistry, Zoology & Botany of class 11th & 12th. which means you don’t have to worry about these subjects for class 12th. You just need to give your focus to the rest of the subjects such as English, Mathematics(if you have) etc. NEET exam consists of 50% of class 12th so keep that in mind that you have to cover all your syllabus of class 12th. Break your time-table for both board preparation & NEET Exam and study accordingly then you will see both are co-related with each other. You will score 90+ marks but for that don’t ignore you board exam instead give more equal attention to both. All the best!!!

  112. Sir I am in 12 but I couldn’t catch up with the studies from starting because of family issues and finally I am settled two weeks ago but I feel that I won’t be able to cope up now can u pls help me with some study tips

    1. Hello Tannu, Your family issue is a matter and yes it can affect your studies but you can get rid of this situation, there are some practices to make your mind positive and peaceful in order to do any task/work. Observe your thoughts and analyze them, you will see how your thoughts make your mood better or worse. Make your creative & interesting time-table and be in a disciplined manner with studies. Sports(outdoor games), Yoga, Meditation, morning, evening walk, etc are some of the practices you should apply in your daily life. All the best!!!

  113. Hello sir, i scored 10 CGPA in my 10th boards. Now I am doing my 12th STD and I want to score more than 95% in my 12th boards. I have not started studying yet and i regret wasting the past 5 months.Please give me some tips on how I should use the rest of the time (about 8 months) wisely and also please give me tips on how to remember what I study for a long time.

    1. Hello Kirthiha, first thing first, Make your flexible timetable for regular school days as well as holidays. Your sleep time and wake up time matters, develop your interest in reading and give time to all subjects. All the best!!!

  114. Sir how to improve handwriting

    1. Hello Abhishek, to improve handwriting, you have to be conscious while writing. There are some steps you should follow. firstly, make equal separation/distance between each word. second, you need to learn how to write alphabets in the capital and small cases. And third, at the beginning you need to write slowly this will improve your handwriting.

  115. Sir, i m a class 10th student. This is month of JUNE and i want to finish my board syllabus till august. So please give me some tips so that i can do so.

    1. Hello Akshat, well you set your goal, now go for it, make planning and time-table and study regularly. Nothing else you need. All the best!!!

  116. Sir, i am a cbse 12 science (pcmb) student. I wish to complete the syllabus as much as i can before 31st July, as my summer vacation is from 27th June to 31st July. I wish to complete at least half of my syllabus till 31st July. What should i do? What should be my strategy?

    1. Hello Prastuti, well to complete the syllabus means to know & understands the concepts. First, you should prepare time-table for summer vacation in which you can to give equal time to each subject. But remember, your motive is not just to complete the syllabus but to learn and understand the topic and concepts. So, take time and study regularly. All the best!!!

  117. Sir,,I’m studying 12th,, during holidays whenever I planned to study,,I feel sleepy @ afternoon time…..pls give solution for this….and I’m going to study only book back questions for chemistry!! Is this a good idea?? Give me some tips to not to feel sleepy while studying…..

    1. Hello Nitish, you are under control of sleep, you must understand this. sleep must be in control of yours. there is only one formula that is practice. Sleep on time and wake up early on time at sunrise. This could help you.

  118. I have given 10th board eaxaminations from Rajasthan board and i prepared very well whole year and also given very good papers after giving all the papers i was thinking thar i will score 70 above but i got 67℅ only so can i do better in class 11th and class 12th with PCM (Note: Iam not appreciating myself but i was always get counted in intelligent students not in weak students but i got tension of that)

    1. Hello Chinmay, Yes, you can do very much better in class 11th and class 12th. Hard work and regular study is the only key to great success. All the best!!!

  119. Hello sir !
    I am in class 12 science stream.
    I am from PCB and I have taken maths as optional subject. According to you , which is better? Studying both biology and maths or either of the two ?
    Can you please tell me what is the the strategy of studying the subjects without forgetting them ? What is the best way to remember physics derivations and chemistry formulas ?
    As we have classes from early morning to late afternoon, it is not possible to study in the morning or afternoon. Which is better, Touching all the 3 subjects or studying a single subject in a particular day?

    1. Hello Rianna, taking maths and biology will consume your regular study time. you can choose both but you have to give your equal attention to both. But if your interest is in biology then you should give more time and attention to biology. And since maths is optional so you don’t have to worry about it. If you learn any concept very attentively and 2-3 times then you will not forget it very soon. So study regularly and revise the concept 2-3 times, it is important in order to remember those concepts for the longest time. And tutions/coaching are not much important than the self-study. Morning and evening self-study is very important, for that you can quit your morning class or evening class and do self-study. you can make your timetable as you want but in a week you should cover all the subjects. All the best.

  120. Hello air
    I am in 12 th( Bihar board )pcm stream .l have only six months for study and l have not ever studied any chapter .from here ,is it possible to make my syllabus complete.so please give me some tips because l am totally confused.

    1. Hello Vicky, Hard work will lead you to complete your goal. First thing first regular study is the only key to achieve your goal. Give equal time to each subject and those subject which is difficult give them more time and attention. All the best!!!

  121. Sir,i had got 59 percent in class 11 in pcmc in cbsewihout doing much hardwork,so how much percent should i expect in class 12 with doing some hardwork,and i feel very confused that where should i start from

    1. Hello Abhinav, you must understand that 12th class is the reflection for your higher studies. So you should learn to do hard work and regular study. Regular study is most important. Give your equal attention to all subjects and start from the beginning of your syllabus and try to make efforts for deep learning to make your concepts clear.

  122. hi sir i want to score 80 pecentage in my board exams, but if iam start to study atomaticilly my mind i not in my control, start to use my mom phone luckily i dont have a own mobile if i have would been even worse. pls let me know the solution sir.

    1. Hello Sneha, if you don’t do any effort to getting high percentage then don’t dream about getting the high percentile. one thing you must understand if there is a topic and you clearly understands that and completely know the concepts of that topic therefore if anybody asks you any question related to that topic you will give the answer because you know. So you can get high marks only when you completely know all your concepts within your syllabus. Work hard regularly is the key and give equal attention to all your subjects but subjects in which you are weak give them more time and attention. your desire should be like “I want to complete the whole syllabus and to know each concept very well” instead of “I want to score high percentage”. All the best!!!

  123. Sir I’m in puc 2. I’m having problems regarding chemistry and the equations. I soon forget the products. What should I do? Please help

    1. Hello Tanya, you forget because you try to remember equation. There are methods and rules if you follow them then you can easily get the product of any equation. study the conventions and rules of writing the equation from the basics then you will able to understand how the equation works.

  124. helllo sir,
    right now im in class 12 and preparing for jee and organic chemistry is my weakest subject ? how to make it strong . and i have regferred ncert but it didn’t helped me so much. what do do?

    1. Weakest the subject more the attention needed. Give your regular time to chemistry and start studying from the basic.

  125. Inderpal Sin singh

    I have problem with chemistry… please tell me important points on chemistry..plzz…plzz

    1. Hello Inderpal, Every topic and each concept is important. You cannot ignore any of them. You have a problem with chemistry because you don’t have that much of interest. To learn anything from any subject first you should give dedication and make your interest in that subject.

  126. Hello sir, please help me. In class 10 and 11th my chemistry teacher give me important quetions for exam so I was learning only these quetions for scoreing marks. But in 12th class I realise that I am very weak in chemistry mujhse to chemistry ki ABCD bhi nhi bannati so please instruct me what I do for it.

    1. Hello Shaan, you have enough time to learn chemistry from basic. Give 1-2 hr regularly to chemistry. Within 1 month your basic concepts will be clear and you will be able to understand the higher level concept. And start from class 9 and 10th chemistry syllabus.

  127. Hello sir , I am studying in 10th std.Now 10th syllabus is changed.
    There are some questions in our textbook under the topics like can you tell ?can you recall?Use your brain power etc.
    These questions are descriptive and 1mark questions.
    should I give importance to such questions?
    According to ur opinion, is there a possibility to ask such questions in board exam?

    1. Hello Samruddhi, Yes, you should give importance to each kind of questions. because ultimately you have to study according to your syllabus doesn’t matter what kind of question is coming, more important is to study according to your syllabus and understand the fundamental concepts and basics.

  128. Hello Prince, NCERT is important and you have to read it. Also, sidebook is helpful you can read them too.

  129. Sir, I was a topper in tenth with centum in social science, math and a very high percentile in English. But I’ve chosen PCMB ( CBSE ) currently and even though I spend hours writing down formulae and memorising them, I underperform in the exams especially chemistry ( organic ). How do you learn conversions in organic? And moreover I prepare for HSEE and have tuitions daily. Chemistry is my weakest subject. Can you tell me a study plan which inculcates HSEE, Newspaper reading, School subjects. I have tuitions till 7 everyday. Do reply,sir. My humble request.

    1. Hello Shruta, the subject in which you are weaker, you have to give more attention to that subject. study regularly chemistry and make your notes. for conversions, you have to learn the basics concept of conversion and importance of catalysts in reaction. One thing you should keep in mind that things are hard because you don’t know them. Once you know them then they become easy. Be confident, tuition will not help you always so, you should do self-study instead of tuitions then you will build self-confidence. All the best.

  130. Hi sir , I m in class 12th CBSE board and my stream is pcm and I had got 9.6 cgpa in 10th….. please sir give me some suggestions to learn the reactions in chemistry and derivations in physics…I found them very hard

    1. Hello Tanuja, it’s hard because you don’t know the basic concepts. Once you know the basics concept and give some time to that particular topic then you will understand it.

  131. Hello sir, pls suggest me, I can scored good marks in discriptive questions but not enough in objectives
    that 1 marks questions decreases my score
    what can I do to score good marks in objectives?

    1. Hello Samruddhi, objectives question has options to choose so your problem is you cannot choose the right just because you don’t know the answer correctly. The first thing is to understand the question completely when you understand question than you are able to find the answer. And you have to study the basic concepts of every topic because objective questions come from the basics of the topic.

  132. Sir I am in class 12 PCM stream.I want to ask how should I do my revision(method).Especially in chemistry.

    1. Hello Maithili, Revise the notes(chapter wise). study regularly especially chemistry. Make your Timetable and follow it. All the best!!!

  133. hello sir my name is karan.my HSE percentage is 83.NOW i am read in class 12.MY concentrate on studies and my memory power is very low.Please tell me some suggestions for my problems and tell me some tips for my study in class 12.

    1. Hello Karan, to increase your memory power, you have to study regularly. You should make your timetable flexible and creative. Choose difficult subjects and give them more time.

  134. Hello sir
    Please consider this,
    As my percentage shows me average but I want to change this ,
    I learn from past and try to do better in present

    My Name is LIJO K JOHN, New Delhi
    My class 11th
    percentage is – 66.6%,humanities .

    I have seen a percentage drop as compared from my 10th but I have improved very much in my 11th than in 10th.

    My Question is that —

    My 12th class school started from 15 April and I have not started my board preparations yet. I am starting my preparations from tomorrow with full enthusiasm focus and determination so, will I be able to secure 90+ in boards as I have wasted 2 months and I am very sad for that. So will I be able to secure? And when I should start to solve question papers and so how many papers should I solve in a day?
    Sir/Mam I am really passionate to score 90+ in boards.
    My subjects are –

    political science,
    Home science,
    Physical Education,

    Another Question is that —
    I have Now 35 or 38 days leave because of summer vacation.
    For about past 5 or 6 days ,
    I was doing research on internet and
    now I come up with a study plan for school syllabus and for my personality, habitual developments and
    it is completely based on polyphasic sleep
    ( Uberman technique)
    which is applicable in both school days and holidays.

    So is this a good idea for recovery of the lost 2 months and to speed up my level with focus, discipline and determination. ..?

    Kindly needed your advise .

    1. Hello Lijo, you have lack of self-confidence which is a common issue with today’s students. But you don’t have to worry about your 2 months because you have invested them somewhere so it’s okay whatever you did. But now you realized that you didn’t study or prepare for class 12th. First thing lets clear this to you, don’t focus on board exam because there is no such like board means what is board? you must focus on class 12th. You have last year of your school life. Participate in all the activities you have given by the school whether it is study, sports or any other thing. Give you 100% participation. Now add study in your regular habit. At least 3-4hr regularly you need to study. then whatever the topic discussed in school revise them in your home and make your own notes which will help you in your seasonal test. All the best!!!

  135. Hlo sir,
    Now I m in class11 commerce. (case)
    In classI0(hbse) I had scored 81% marks.

    Now I m in cbse school from hbse.
    Now I want to secure more than 95% marks in class12…
    Tips how to get 95%marks in class12..

    1. Hello Tanya, to score more than 95%, forget about scoring high marks. Study regularly is the key. Make your flexible and creative timetable. You have to complete all the topics and concepts. And subjects which are difficult, give them more focus. All the best!!!

  136. Hlo sir i am student of class12 with PCB sir i feel very weak in physics plsssss give me few tips for physics

    1. Hello Pranjal, Physics is the branch of science which deals with the study of energy and matter and its language is mathematics. This must be understood that physics is the study of nature and physical worlds, therefore, you can see various laws and rules in physics. You have to study physics regularly and get deeper. this is the only way to understand physics well.

  137. How to get good mark in 12 ..of (HSC) exam
    I was week in 11 th ..not got good % in 11 th standard..plz help me

    1. Hello Kunal, If you check your syllabus it looks similar to 10th standard. So you don’t have to worry about getting good marks. You have to clear your concepts from your syllabus. study regularly 4-5 hrs and you will get good marks.

  138. hi sir,
    i have getted 77% in SSC and now there is still 230 days can i get above 80+percentage.

    1. Hello suraj, yes easily you can get 80+. study regularly.

  139. There are 2 points in which i always do mistake. No matter how much i try . The first one is prepositions . Plz help me how to work out with them . Secondly essay writings .
    Apart from this , i always loose my confidence. May be unit test , coaching test or mid term examinations. If u can help me out with this then please help

    1. Hello Ankita, If you go for coaching, then may the reason is you are dependent on coaching. When exam comes, students lose their self-confidence because of their preparation. this should be understood that exams are not meant for getting good marks. It is simply that, you have to clear all the concepts and understand each topic. for e.g., if you know the answer to a question asked by the teacher then you get confident because you know, so you should know the concepts of topics. Study regularly 4-5 hrs. Your issue with preposition and writing essay is because of lack of practice. All the best!!!

  140. Aijaz rahim Lone

    Hello sir..
    I am in12th (med+math). Sir there are at least 6 months for my annual exam.sir plzzz help me how i prepare my studies in these 6 months ….plzz sir give me a simple trick for earning 90% marks it will be your great kindness on me.
    Thank u sir

    1. Hello Aijaz, There is no trick to get 90% marks, our sense of saying “score more than 90% marks” means to get student fully involved in their study. The only way is to study all the subjects regularly. Make your interesting and creative timetable. All the best!!!

  141. Sir , l’m student of class 12th . I was very week in class 11th and now also . I got only 48% in class 11 so I am very weak . And I have subjects … Physics , chemistry , Biology . And I am facing many problems to understanding these subjects. I am not understanding any how. And l want to gain above 90% in class 12 so please sir give some hints to do better in 12th . What should I do to gaining such marks

    1. Hello Dipanshu, if you really want to do better then starting doing. Don’t think about getting high marks. study for understanding the concepts. most important you have to study each subject regularly. Subjects in which you are weak, start giving them more time than other subjects. All the best!!!

  142. Sir how to sit regular for 2-3 hours regular I am able to sit for only one hour

    1. Hello Ayush, the first day you will study for one hour, on the second day increase the study time little more… by this practice one day you will able to study for more than 6-8 hours. All the best!!! Start slowly and increase the time regularly.

  143. hello sir ,
    i am currently studying in class 11 in commerce feild. i really really want to score 95+ in class 12 board .i find accounts bit difficult.please help

    1. Hello Naina, if accounts is difficult for you, how can you score 95+? start giving you regular time to accounts. regular study(each subject) is most important and you do it for getting high marks but do it for getting knowledge and understanding concepts. All the best!!!

  144. Thanku Mohan sir but I do not want to compete with others but how can stop this thinking .I concentrate only on my studies and I really want to get knowledge

    1. Hello sheenu, it’s simple. Just ask questioning to yourself that, why to compete with others? don’t say that you want to get knowledge. Just start doing i.e., start the study to get knowledge. clean your mindset and thoughts then only can do so. thank you all the best!!!

  145. Hello sir,
    I have PCBM in 12th…..I’ve heard from my friends that it’s way too difficult to score more than 90% with bio-maths…..is it?
    If so or if not….can you please give me some guidelines to manage with both the subjects…… because sometimes even I find it difficult……

    1. Hello Alice, why score 90%? and understanding and knowing the concepts are important or just getting 90% is important? It’s very easy and simple if you give your regular time to each subject with equivalent priority. Your goal should be understanding the concepts and topics very well. All the best!!!

  146. Hello sir
    I am the student of class 12 .I make my best effort but after all that things I do not get good marks it is really disappointing me .So how can I improve my marks .I am so hardworking student and one major problem with me is that I do not compete myself but others so how can I stop compete with others and concentrate only on my studies .And how can it be possible sir i need your help because I am suffering from this.

    1. Hello Sheenu, first thing is why to compete with others? is there any reward for it? No. So simply understand this, we have to study for seeking knowledge neither to compete with others nor to get good marks. study for seeking knowledge only, this will make your concepts clear. When you start to study for yourself then you will be able to concentrate on your study. don’t think about getting good marks, you will get good marks if you study well. All the best!!!

  147. hello sir
    I m Gaurav I m in class 11
    I want to know how to start preparing for NEET

    1. Hello Gaurav, for completer information about NEET preparation you can check this link http://www.4ono.com/study-plan-to-be-a-topper-in-neet/

  148. sir,is NCERT book is enough to get more
    than 90% in class 12 from PCM stream
    plz sir reply soon

    1. Hello Piyush, to score more than 90% NCERT book is enough. But you have to cover the books completely, once you complete than you may need some deep study to make your concepts more stronger and for that you need to check the refreshers.

  149. Hello sir,
    I’m in 12th, I had scored 71% in 11th, I studies as less as 3-4 hours a day and rest spent on coding and sometimes just waste, I’m really very passionate about coding but the fear of getting less marks in boards and JEE sometimes makes me worry about it. It’s really hard for me to leave coding.I just wanna know that can I hope for a better future with all this, or should I just leave coding and focus entirely on school stuff. I also wanna get 90%+ in boards so is it possible to manage that by 5hrs of study daily and 9hrs on holidays and then 10-13 hrs in the last 3 months?

    1. Hello Gamma,
      currently, focus your attention only on schooling, after pass 12th you can coding

  150. Sir, I am in class 12. Can you give some tips for how to manage the preparation of Board and JEE simultaneously?

    1. We have given the strategy to Prepare for Boards and JEE simultaneously. Please Search for it.

  151. hiii. i am in 12 grade currently , i have got 71% in 11 grade . psychology is the only subject i find tough …. even when i study it i am not able to write in the exam l … in all my psychology exam i have just passed … I REALLLLLLYY WANT TO SCORE GOOD IN 12 GRADE ,in the other subjects also when i study i am not able to do or score more after a point ….and because of this i looes my confidence very fast …. i dont know what to do ,,, even if i make a time table i am not able to follow it due to stay back in school and frequent tests in school (the tests are back to back which is not helping me study ). i am a slow learning … i am very confused as per what i should do and i am even loosing the hope of getting 85+ or 90+ in board exam pls guide me on what i should do ………………………….

    1. Your main problem is that you do not take interest in what you do. You do it to pass at school. Try to learn things as if they are part of your real life. Stick to the timetable no matter what happens. If you wasted 1 hour od the day, add 1 more hour to your study time and try to understand Psychology as it tells you about the behaviour of People around you. Read and try to find the similarity by using that knowledge on people around you. This way you will definitely pass with great marks.

  152. Sir… I am a 98% class 10 student who came down to 70% in class 11 due to stress and depression…Can I really get 90% and above even in such state??

    1. Hello Pooja, it is quite normal to get a lowered percentage in your 11th Exams. It happens with most of the students. Don’t worry, you can get more than 90% in your 12th examination. You have to plan your studies. Make a good Timetable. Give sufficient time to each subject and practice regularly.

  153. Hi Sir I am Raj Dhuri
    And Sir can i give neet and jee exams together?
    if yes then how can I? What extra preparetions can i do?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Raj,
      If you want to give NEET and JEE together then you have to prepare for Maths along with Biology in your 12th class.

  154. Hi Sir
    I am Raj Dhuri
    I am now just passed from 10th
    please sir can you tell me how to score 90+ in 11th class?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Raj,
      It is very good that you want to prepare for the 11th class from the start of your session and you are focusing on scoring a very good score. To score above 90 in your 11th class, please read the above article carefully, it consists all the necessary elements that you need to know on how to score 90+.

  155. Hi sir.
    These points are very beneficial to me..but I just wanna ask..if a student is weak..and just getting 40%in 11th..so will he score good marks in boards..and can weak students get 90 above.. because.i can’t believe…as I work hard..but I m not able to score.. because of that I will so disappoint.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Aanchal,
      The first good thing about you is that you are aware of your weakness. Second, only those people can improve themselves who admits that they are weak in something. Third, anybody can score above 90%, you just need to focus on your weak subjects and practice. Last but not least, no matter what do not quit. And if your awake at this time of day then I can say that you are not a quitter. Still, if you need any help, do let us know in the comment section. We will always help you.

  156. Also sir, my memory power is weak. How to get on this?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Shashi,
      Just focus on one thing. Your problem gets solved.

  157. Thanks a lot sir !

  158. thank u sir for such a nyc post
    sir plz tell us about the time management that in which subject we have to work more to score such marks

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Vivek,
      To score good marks you have to focus on every subject, if you leave any subject then the chances are that you cannot score the best. So focus on every subject to score your best.

  159. Thanks sir it really help in my prepration…..

  160. Sir these tips are really helped me in my 12 th class.And I have trust to score more than 90%or 95% .

  161. Best article for a quick boost and confidence.
    I got my result today and I passed with 56% should I concentrate on board in 12 or prepare for IIT.

  162. hi sir
    I am student of class12th in this year… I want to top in india . plz help me . I do hardwork …. I read your value tips it is good for me…. thanks

  163. I am too ready to make my result best this 2019. Thank you sir for providing such info. I request you to also let us know how we should plan our subjects this year (pcm). Also i want to ask you that is it feasible to complete syllabus till sept bcz i want to give time to my jee preparations too?? Kindly answer.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Arijit,
      Our team is working on, to provide detailed schedule and strategy on how to finish 12th syllabus in 6 Months and then how to prepare for JEE. SO stay tuned with us for this vital information.

  164. Shubhangi Upadhyay

    Hi sir ! I have just started to prepare for my board exams in 2019 and I was searching for an article like this to boost my confidence and make me ready to face the challenge to score great in my exams. Thanks for posting this article and I’m sure that it has benefitted many students like me !Thank you again and keep posting such articles.

  165. Good evening sir
    Im planninh to write NEET
    So how to prepare for 12th board as well as NEET sir ? Please can u answer thus sir
    Im gonna start my 12th from may 2

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Meraj,
      We are going to write a complete article on this important subject that how to prepare for NEET along with 12th board exams. Stay tuned with us.

  166. Thank you SIR…For the helpful tips which u given here….from today i am working on it…it has given me a best plan to secure 98% in class 12th board exam…and time management u had given is totally excellent SIR! THANKS A LOT SIR FOR UR HELP……

  167. Hi sir i am AYUSH MISHRA gonna start my new academic year by this 1st of april i was in a fear of 12th class board exams but uh made me clear how to handle with it thanks a lott i will tell my freinds also to have a glance on your posts such that they might also become free from the tensions of 12th BOARDS!!! thanks a lot again…..

  168. Thanks a lot sir,
    sir I am a class 12 science student.It wille be a great help if u prepare a yearly time table acoording to which i can finish my class 12 syllabus before december.between which month ishould complete which chapter.It will be my pleasure if u will email me the timetable.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Rahul,
      We are working on it

  169. I know I wasted my 11th in masti. I know it very well. Not studying, Bunking school, taking all the things lightly. I have had enough of that. I hope with your plus points, I will be able to score good marks in 12th and make my parents proud. thank you, sir for your good wishes and advice. I deeply respect you.

  170. Thanks a lot for making this webage, it has changed my thinking in various ways for the better. My 12th is gonna start from 19 march, 11th for me wasnt that hard. Just wanted to know from you guys that which reference books will be the best to study and rely on throughout the year. I have taken PCM. Thanks to your tips above, my routine will be on point.

  171. Thankyou soo much sir for soo much of positivity❤🌹
    I am in 11th now and my 12th is starting from 2april.
    Will follow this up whole year💙

  172. Hi sir/mam
    Your suggestions are very effective, as my 12th session is going to start, these points are going to help me a lot in my 12th session, Thank you.

  173. thanks a lot for this wonderful positive suggestions, i am goona starting my class 12 from 7 march and yes ill manage my whole year 2018-19 acc to this only. waiting for your more positive suggestions so that we can judge ourselve, that are we going on right directions towards studies or not. Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Divanshu, Thank you for such positive words and all the very best for your new session of 12th. For any query and suggestion you can contact us.

  174. hi sir/mam
    i am Prachi .m in 12th std my confidence is going down day by day.m nt able to concentrate properly on my studies. i wish to score at least 85% in boards i got 68%in pre boards. m having problem in physics n maths . m unable to learn the things in physics.(derivations,theory,etc) just 10 days left for board exams. i hv seen last 10years papers of physics i knw the paper pattern bt i dont knw frm where to start . what should i do?

  175. Sir, in class 10th I scored 9cgpa. I took pcm in class 11th and I am in condition of getting failed, sir please help me, I don’t know why I am facing downfall

  176. I am from Nepal. The above tips helped me to score 90% in board exams. Thank you so much.

  177. Abhishek Vishwakarma

    I feels doubtful to score +90 in English so for that what should I do ?

  178. Hello sir,
    My name is shriya dewangan. Sir i really face a lot of prblm in the chptrs (metallurgy,p block, d & f block & coordination cmpounds) section of chemistry. These are the topics which i really don’t remember usually after studying also especially in reasoning section of p block and metallurgy. These are the only areas where i really lose my mrks.
    Sir i really want to score 65+ plz help!

  179. hello sir i am PARI GUPTA. i am in class 10th my only prob specially for science is i really really don’t know how to study from NCERT text books and that’s y m totally dependent on reference books due to which it takes a lot of time to prepare a single chapter. please provide me some solutions.. as only a month is left for boards

  180. Sir/mam, I have not completed my English course yet. Can I secure above 85 if I start reading from today ?

  181. Dhanuyazhini partheepan

    Which guide can I prefer for mathematics? Is RDSharma good to practice at this moment(3 months for board exam). What about practising from NCERT book?

    1. Hi Dhanuyazhini,
      As your exams are very near to you, you should not waste your time on any reference book or guide. Your exam syllabus is thoroughly based on your NCERT Books, so you must practice from NCERT books and previous year question papers. All the Best!

  182. Sir i am studying in class 12th CBSE and i am an average student..I scored 26 in chemistry 20 in physics and 50 in biology in pre boards 1 can i score good in boards…
    Sir the main problem is that i do written practice but as the syllabus is very much so i cannot memorise all that due to which i make silly mistakes what can i do sir…pls help me

    1. Hi Abhishek,
      Yes, definitely you will perform best in your board exams. But for this, you need to focus on some points while studying. Breakdown your syllabus in some parts and then start doing practice. Make a time-table, according to your subjects. Practice from previous year question papers and take an idea about paper pattern. Observe your mistakes and start working on it. It will help you in your board exam. All the Best!

  183. Sir biology is creating a problem for me . I am sure that I will get 95 plus in physics chemistry english and Hindi as I scored above 88 in all in half yearly exams but biology spoilt my report and I got 85 Percent overall. Only two chapters are left in physics and rest I have covered I have completed the bio syllabus in may and have studied the course twice in all subjects. But I have a problem in bio cause I can’t write answers properly I know things but do not have the writing skill in biology. I need help in this

    1. Hi Satyarth,
      The best solution for your biology section is learn and write method. By this method, topics will stay longer in your mind and it also helps to your writing skill.

  184. sir/mam, In my term exams and pre boards i am still not able to score more than 50% and after result i try to change myself and my studying routine. but after two three days i again come back to my original CARELESS track (just because when i start studying and i see a vast course). one more thing, i skip small topics plan them to complete later but at last i don’t cover them!! and at last these small topics stands big in exams. I am getting demotivated day by day. Please reply me and help me to overcome my failure.

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      It happens with many students, but if you want good marks in board exams then you have to do hard work and give full dedication towards your study. Keep motivating yourself by reading success stories, think about your dream you want to do after 12th. Make a time-table for study and follow them sincerely. Take help from blue print and practice from previous papers. Do play your sports for refreshing. Good luck!

  185. SIR


    1. Hi Lata,
      Maths is all about formulas, try to write while learning and make a list of formulas, and stick on the wall of your room. Before going to study, you can revise it.

  186. Sir it is very difficult to understand chemistry directly from the ncert book it makes me confuse should i read another book for basic plz give any suggestion sir chemistry is very confusing for me how i can make it good

    1. Hi Megha,
      If you are not getting the concept, yes you can read from another book. After getting the concept, do apply this to your NCERT questions because the question will be asked in exam based on your syllabus book only.

  187. I am the student of class 10th l will get good marks in other subject but l am facing the problem in mathematics. I am not be able to get good marks in mathematics

    please help me how l can prepare mathematics for board examination

    1. Hi Govind,
      For maths, all you need is to do practice. The more you practice, the more you get accuracy. First make a list of all formulas and learn it because without formula you cannot do any question. Don’t cram the topics, try to understand the logic. Practice from previous year papers and give more time to this subject like 2 to 3 hours daily. Definitely you will get good marks in your exam. Good Luck!

  188. Shall I read every subject in one day

    1. Hi Boby,
      Yes, you can read all subjects in one day by making schedule and distribute hours to all subjects.

  189. Hello I feel very inspiring by reading your article but I have a problem I read and understand every topic in every subject but I lost every thing after a weak only

    1. Hi Mohit,
      Write the topic after learning and revise it time to time so that you don’t forget.

  190. Sir ,
    Hardly 3 months to go for exam!!!
    Nd I am still not serious about exam !!!
    This will harm myself I know but actually I know the reason behind it ,’social media’ And movies So how to study???
    Plz tell right way to study atleast 10 hrs per day

    1. Hi Hritik,
      If I say don’t watch movie or stop using social media then definitely you will not follow this. Instead of this, you should make your time-table for study and entertainment too. Give minimum 2 hours to each subject and follow your schedule properly. Practice from previous papers also. Good Luck!

  191. Sir during class 12 the problem I am facing is that I am losing most of my marks in chemistry in numerical section so please guide me how to solve this problem what should I do to be perfect in numericals

    1. Hi Rupali,
      First, you need to understand the topic despite of mugging up. Do practice from your syllabus book and previous year papers. Practice will make your numerical part best. Good Luck!

  192. Hello sir thanks a lot for u r tips … Please help me I am struck I jus know few chapters clearly to be frank jus one or two in PCMB … I haven’t even passed a single math or physics exam till date is it possible for me to get good marks in boards ?! If I start from now ??

    1. Hi Rangha,
      Yes you can get good marks in your board exam despite of less time. You need to be start your preparation smartly. Assemble your subject notes, make a schedule for you, do practice from previous year papers. Do yoga or meditation for a focus mind. Good Luck!

  193. how to study fastly sir that was the only problem i hav i dont know to read fast im wasting time for single subject 4 hours who to do inorder to get rid of this

    1. Hi Manoraji,
      Study fast is not the solution of your problem. Understanding the concept is important and give equal time to each subject because each subject matters a lot in board exam. Keep your mind calm and do study. You can do meditation or exercise to keep your mind healthy.

  194. Sir.
    This really helped me to gain confidence.. thankyou so much. I’ll be facing 12th boards next year and this article will play a very positive role in lighting me up.. I am obliged.

    1. Hi Kartikay,
      We are glad to know that our article helps you. Stay tuned to us for more useful information. Good Luck!

  195. There is only 3 months left and frankly speaking i hardly covered any chapters in all subjects except english. I have problem in numericals and derivations in chemistry and physics. Equations in chemistry too. And school classes are also going on and i waste almost 8 hours. I do not take any coaching but i take isc tutions. Plz do suggest me detailed daily routine and time table . I also feel too sleepy and it is difficult for me to stay awake longer.

    1. Hi Shilpa,
      As you know that very few time is left for board exams and but still you can score better. First maintain a schedule for you in which distribute hours for your subjects, decide which subject need more time. Assemble your notes and follow your time-plan sincerely. Do work on important questions with the help of Blueprint. And Remember, your hard work will bring success. If you feel sleepy then you should not eat heavy foods like junk food, oily food, etc., take healthy foods like light food, fruits, black tea or green tea, which makes you active.
      Good Luck!

  196. Hello sir !
    I’m studying in 12th hsc! Because of some problems nd carelessness towards studying I did not study in beginning time! I have started studying but now I’m unable to figure out things in proper manner Bcoz chemistry physics haunts me! I’m confused about coaching class nd self-study !can u please suggest me sumthing to build up my confidence nd study pattern towards studies !

    1. Hi Madhura,
      As you know that exam are very near but still there is some time to utilize and I think this is enough to get good marks in your board exam. First, just keep your mind focus and assemble your notes which is very useful at this time, do practice from previous papers and make plan for you and do follow your schedule. Your confidence, regularity and focus mind will give success to you.
      Good Luck!

  197. Hello sir,

    I’m studying in class 12 Cbse and I’ve opted for PCM, computer science and English. From september… My school teachers are in a hurry to finish the syllabus( they teach something, keep long special classes and just rush like anything). I’ve studied half of the syllabus( first text book of physics….organic and some chps in chemistry… math 1st book) really okay, but the 2nd half is just taking a lot of time. I’m okay with computer and English. math also i believe i can( But i tend to make careless mistake, though i dont wish to). chemistry also is fine( i know if i sit and study that p block, d-f.. I can achieve it). It all ends up in Physics… I did really bad in last Physics test( Optics is something that i like.. But exam time, i just went blank.. and i made mistakes though knowing them… there was a question which had 80 … i saw it as 8 and copied it down wrongly.. This has never happened to me,,, And after this incident my confidence level came down ) Can u suggest any tips? I had a 10 cgpa in 10th & wish to score 95%+ in 12th. I’m trying hard for it,, But lack confidence.

    I go for jee coaching, and they r taking everything slow. We have Saturday and Sunday full day class .. and some exams on week days. I’m not going for any school tuition and believe that i can achieve everything by myself. Please guide me in my preparation( there’s just 3 months to go)

    1. Hello Parv,
      You are on the right track, just keep the handwork and dedication going and marks will automatically follow. The best way by which you can regain your confidence is solving previous year papers and other practice papers. When you are done with you syllabus, then take at least 1 test in every 2 days. And treat it as if it is your board exam. After solving the papers, check it and see where you are making mistakes and work on them.

      All the best!

  198. I will keep it simple I have completed all the syllabus rest 3 chapters of organic chemistry and modern physics . My performance in the half yearly has been quite good with 90 percent overall . I have an excellent command over English Hindi and chemistry but I am afraid due to biology I scored 88 in half yearly can I improve. I am the class topper now though I was not that good in 11 but it seems something had inspired me and I am doing well. Should I change plans or just keep going. I have stopped using social media since class 9 and I take studies very very seriously so sir what is your view on my case. And I also want to know that shall I take pressure or not.

    1. Hello Pranjal,
      First of all keep up the spirit that you have shown up till now. There is no need to take pressure, but this does not mean you should let yourself to lethargic. Since the exam just few months away, therefore it’s time to gear up. Don’t give up on biology, you have the caliber of scoring 90+, so don’t let it go, find ways in which you can improve it it.

      Stick to your plan and you will definitely achieve your goals.

  199. Hello , I am a student of class 12th and my biggest problem is numerical portion like I know the formula but can’t be able to solve it properly and at the time of exam I became confused that what to do in this question.so can u suggest something about it?

    1. Hello Shreya,
      First of all get those formulas on your finger tip, then it will be easy to solve the numerical. Don’t try too hard, if you are trying to solve all the numerical, then stop doing so. Just practice the ones that are important, and to know the important questions you should see the previous year question papers.

      Also, numerical are not just about formulas and calculation, to solve every numerical your basic concept must be clear.

  200. hyy
    I m 12the and the main article was really good encouraging i m hoping for the best and prepared for the worst for board examination. I have never given board examination earlier (i mean in 10th class coz cce pattern) i dont have any idea about exam pattern and such stuff really sacred if anyone could help?

    1. Hello Bhawna,
      Board exams are not a big deal, they just like your normal exams. To get over your fear, you should practice previous year papers which will help you to get confident. The link to download the previous year papers are given in this article as “science 10 year papers”.

  201. hii mam,mein ek student ho 12th cbse board ka commerce ka student family problem ki vaje se mein pichle kuch month se study nahi kar payaa aur 3months baad mere exam hai mujhe ye samjh nahi a raha ki selfstudy ki shruat kaha se karu specially math me prepare to kar lunga but start point nahi mil raha please give suggestion

    1. Hello Sameer,
      Beginning is always tough. If you are confident that you will cover the whole syllabus within 3 months, then you should start right from chapter 1. If you think 3 months are not enough, then prepare those topics first that are important and will carry more marks. You can save easy ones for last.


    1. Hello Mahathi,
      The process is same for all the boards. The tips given in the above article are for all boards and all classes. Only the books and syllabus part will be different. Adjust your study time table according to your syllabus and books.

  203. Hi mam.
    I am a student of class 12th and I have only 4 months before board exams but my syllabus is slower in school and I don’t think that my school make our all syllabus on time? So what I do.
    Should I take a coaching of my slower speed subjects like PCM. If not then what I do when any question come in previous year papers but I do not study that chapter. And how that I solve them.
    Please help me mam(sonam)
    I hope your team suggest me best like you guys usually do.

    1. Hello Shiva,
      No one will be held responsible for your bad performance but you. So, don’t be dependent on school, take coaching if needed.

  204. Hi mam. My name is shashwat and I am a student of class 12. I didn’t focus on 11th grade and was lowest in class and due to that my school refused to promote me to 12th standard but I got admission in 12th in another school just yesterday and I haven’t done more than 2,3 chapters of any subject. Is it possible for me to get good marks in upcoming boards exam or should I repeat this year in 11th. Please help me, my weakest subject is maths and I haven’t done anything in it yet.

    1. Hi Shashwat.
      After reading your comment my first advice to you is that you will have to work work really hard as you have already missed out a lot of chapters and you don’t have much time. But nothing is impossible all you need is dedication towards your studies. First of all make a time-table and divide your syllabus as you have lot to cover. Follow this time-table strictly. Remember if you want to score good marks then you can’t afford to miss a single day. Next thing is practice as much as you can whether it is Maths or Physics. If you feel the need then take tuition so that you have someone to guide you and help you cover all the syllabus but remember self study is very important. You have maximum 4 months to cover all the syllabus so that you get few days to practice from previous year paper and sample paper as it also important. Just remain focus and keep on doing the hard work and you will score good marks for sure.

  205. Hi mam,
    I am a 11th student.I am gonna attend my board exam next year. I took BIO and IP in 11 which means science+ ip(instead of maths!!!). I am a bit relieved that I am not studying maths anymore but I’m struggling with physics actually I don’t like the subject but I can manage. I am only week in this subject, other subjects are ok for me and I can score good marks in my class tests for the other sub. Please can you tell me whether I should go for tuition because I am confused weather I will be wasting my time and my parent’s money if I go for tuition. I have to score above 95 somehow to get into a psychology department in a good college. Your tips are great. Its helpful. Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Luann.
      As, you have mentioned in your comment that you are in 11th at present so, you have a whole year for board exam and since you are facing difficulty in Physics then you can start working on this subject from this year onward so you don’t face problem in 12th. First of all the basic concepts must be clear to you only then you will be able to do the numerical. Next key factor is formulas, if you learn all the formulae by heart then it will make things lot easier for you. For subjects like Physics you have to practice different types of question based on same topic or concept. If you feel like you need someone’s guidance then there is nothing wrong to take tuition because eventually it will help you. And when you are aiming for scoring 95+ in board exam you will have to be dedicated towards your studies. Keep yourself focused and do hard work.

  206. Sir/Ma’am,
    I’m a student of CBSE board and I’m from new delhi, I’ll be taking the board exams scheduled for 2018 and it has been a dream of mine to get into SRCC for which I require a best of 4 percentage which should be more than 97.5, I have a gifted memory and I’m able to retain stuff really well. English, Economics and BST I’m quite confident I’ll score more than 98 in all three. I am scoring very well in all 3 in school too.
    The problem is for mathematics and accountancy, I lost interest around in 11th and stopped giving time to these application based subjects and that’s why I’m not scoring too well in these 2. Accounts I still feel like I can handle it, my math is very weak. I still have 5 whole months left so how should I go about doing these 2 and also do these 2 CRUCIALLY REQUIRE WRITTEN PRACTICE, I always try to read through the questions. So please help me.

    1. Hi Shivang.
      As, you have mentioned in your comment that you are good in every subject but mostly face difficulties in maths so suggesting something regarding the tips to study Maths, the first term which come into mind is Practice. I can put forward so many ways to study Mathematics for the board exam but I cannot suggest even a single alternative to practice. Once you will be done with checking out the syllabus of Maths, try to organise all the important formulas at one place, so that when you solve questions, you don’t have to turn pages for looking out the formulas. Speed and accuracy are two important factors to determine the success of an individual in Maths subject. And when we are taking board exams into account, then these two factors are mandatory. So, while practicing, try to focus on improving these key factors. Do regular study and don’t forget to revise within a given interval of time. Whatever you do keep your basic concepts clear of both maths and accounts. Keep yourself focused while studying and you can make a study plan so you cover all the syllabus within these 5 months properly and make sure you also give time to practice from previous year papers and sample papers as it will help you a lot. Be dedicated towards your studies and you will score good marks.

  207. Sir\Mam.
    You said that ncert books are the best books to score good in class 12th boards. But should we read the whole chapters from it or we just need to solve the questions in ncert,because I’m facing problems in physics and my physics coaching is not so good so I have to study it on my own so, what should I do? read the whole chapters from ncert or study with my coaching notes and just solve the ncert questions?

    1. Hi Rishabh.
      You must study from NCERT book and by this I mean go thoroughly with the chapters and make your own notes too. It is important that you cover your syllabus first from NCERT and afterwards if you want you can practice from refreshers also. And yes, practice all the questions from NCERT not only excercise questions but do examples and everything. Be focused while studying and keep on doing the hard work.

  208. Hello mam. My name is Muskan. I’m an average student and no matter how much I study I always end up getting passing marks or average marks. I want to score very good marks as I want to pursue psychology honours after 12 for that I should at least get 95% and I know for students like me its a dream and my teachers told me that my concept are clear but I lack in writing the answers. Can you please advice or suggest me something so that I can score above 90% in my boards. And also technique to study effectively.

    1. Hi Muskan.
      First of all get this negative image of yourself out of your mind because it is not going to help you in any way. What you are capable of is not defined by only the marks that you score in your exams. With hard work and right approach you can achieve anything. As, you have mentioned that you want to score good marks then the first step is to set a time table and follow it strictly. Always remember the importance of two things, regular study and revision. These two are the key to success. And another thing is to be focused while studying because its never about how many you are studying but how concentrated you are while studying. As, you have mentioned that your concepts are clear but you lack in the writing style so, you will have practice writing answers in your own words. If you have understand the concept it won’t be that difficult for you. Don’t get dishearten that you are not scoring good marks just keep on doing the hard work and be dedicated towards your studies.

  209. Good morning mam.
    Mam board exams are just 5 months away and I haven’t completed my course, not at the coaching center or in school. I am worried what to do. So please tell when my revision period should start off. What should be my strategy for these last 5 months.

    1. Hi Nawaz.
      As I have mentioned in the previous comments also that few months before board exam students become anxious thinking about the result. But you have realize that if you work hard only then you will get the best result. Now as you have mentioned that you still have to cover lot of topics so I would recommend you to buckle up and start studying regularly if you want to score good marks. At present just focus on covering all the syllabus by NCERT. Revision is also very important so whatever you study keep revising that. Before at least 1 month of board exam start practicing from previous year paper and sample paper as it will help you a lot. Follow a timetable and keep track of your syllabus. Make sure that in 3 months you complete all your syllabus and then do the revision in next month. This way you will get one month to practice thoroughly from practice papers also. Be dedicated towards your studies keep on doing the hard work.

  210. Bishnu Prasad Patnaik

    Hello mam. Can’t concentrate on my studies, at this point of time I am 6 months away from my board exams and am quite scared about it because I am not prepared at all. Any tips regarding that. And is it okay to attend the long answer questions first or is it compulsory to answer the question paper sequentially? Please help me!!

    1. Hi Bishnu.
      It’s okay that you are feeling little worried. This happens to nearly every student. What you need to understand is that you still have time, if you work hard you can score good marks for sure. But it will require great deal of hard work and dedication. Better start studying then worry about the result. Keep yourself focused and set a timetable for yourself and make sure you follow it strictly. Always start with the subject which you find easy and interesting as well and then move to other subjects. You have lot of time to cover your syllabus but it will be only possible if you study regularly.
      Yes, you can attempt long answer first but if you have started with one section(A,B OR C) in board exam then you will have to complete that section’s all questions and then move to other section. You have to maintain a sequence. I would recommend you to attempt that section first in which you are strong and it takes you less time. Do daily practice and believe in yourself.

  211. Hello madam, I’m Namita. I’m in 12th Maharashtra board(pcm). I need help regarding my organic chemistry and maths calculus part. Could you suggest me a study pattern for these? also I wanted to know if it was fine to start preparing for competitive exams after I finish my bards as its getting difficult to manage both together.

    1. Hi Namita.
      In your comment you have mentioned that you are facing problem in organic chemistry so my first advice to you is while studying keep a notebook and write down all the important topics, definitions, reactions in it and keep revising them in equal interval of time. Since in organic chemistry you have to remember a lot of things so keep yourself focused while studying. There is no trick to complete calculus in one day. Firstly ,do continuity and differentiation. Assuming you know mere differentiation ,head over to logarithmic differentiation do it from NCERT book. Practice and practice a much as you can because when it comes to Maths there is no other way. Now coming to your next question, if you think you cannot prepare for both board as well as competitive exams then its okay just focus on your exam and next year you can prepare for other exam at last your priority is to score good marks in 12th. Keep yourself focused and dedicated.

  212. Hello mam! I am Aditi singh studying in class 12th.I have taken PCM group.I am only going for maths coaching class and not for physics or chemistry. But my friends study 3-4 hours in coaching classes with study material provided to them. Is it going to affect my percentage? I am very worried about it. Mam can I get 90+ in board examination please reply me.

    1. Hi Aditi.
      First of all I would recommend you not to get nervous. Just because your friends are taking coaching of all subjects does not mean that you need it too. Every student have different methods of studying. You might have to put an extra effort on one subject while your friend need to focus on other. What I’m trying to say is don’t get distracted by any of it. And remember it’s never about the number of hours you study but how concentrate you are while studying. So, just be focus. Self study is always very important. My next advice to you is never doubt yourself. You are capable of achieving everything. All you need is to be dedicated towards your goal. Keep on doing the hard work and you will definitely score 90+ marks.

  213. Hi mam! Myself Nikita Mishra. Mam I cannot remember things without writing them two or three times but mam this wastes lots of my valuable time. So can you suggest me how can I make my time worthy and give me some tips to save my time from every activity.

    1. Hi Nikita.
      First thing that you need to understand is that you cannot get good result without putting your efforts and time to your studies. Don’t think that you are wasting your time because it is helping you to remember in the best possible way. To every student I give the same advice that while studying they must write down important topics, theory, formulas etc so that in the examination hall they don’t get confused. But if you think that it is taking to much time then what you can do is start making short notes like instead of jotting down whole paragraph of some topic just write what is important in points, second thing use abbreviation. Then of course there must be some topics in every subject that you must have understood clearly so don’t spend more time to it rather work hard for some other topics. Keep yourself focused and you will score good marks.

  214. Hi mam. Myself parent of Aditya, he very frustrate about his marks in 7th 8th 9th 10th. He worked hard but not scored good marks. He never prepare any good notes. He read book and answers correctly but in examination he unable to score good marks. At present he’s in 11th class with pcm. Please guide us about preparation.

    1.How should hes prepare notes?
    2. Should study from notes available in any coaching or site?
    3. Will notes prepare through ncrt books as question given in between chapter or given question at the end of the book be helpful.
    4. Please suggest any book .
    please guide us.

    1. Hi Ashok.
      My first and foremost advice to you is not to pressure your child over good marks because if you will set a target for him and he will feel forced and might end up loosing his confidence. What you need to do is boost him up by telling him that he can do it, that he is capable of doing and achieving whatever he wants. Once he become confident you will eventually see the change in him and his performance. As, you have mentioned that he’s frustrated so, at present talk to him and let him know that you as a parent are there for him. If you can help him in his studies and homework. Now coming to your queries let me tell you that NCERT books are best to study from. Making notes plays a vital role as it helps student during their revision. While studying subjects like Physics and Chemistry he should note down all important topics, definitions, formulas etc. If he like he can study from study material of coaching institute also. But first make sure he complete his syllabus from NCERT book as it is very important. Going through NCERT book thoroughly is quite necessary it means doing not only excercise questions but examples and others. And remember it is not about how many hours he’s studying but how concentrate he is while studying.

  215. Greetings ma’am. Ma’am I know it is absolutely foolish of me asking this question but is the term syllabus book a synonym of our normal textbook? Could you help me by giving some tips to study organic chemistry and maths

    1. Hi Aleena.
      Well syllabus book is not exactly the NCERT book/textbook but it covers all the syllabus of NCERT in the same pattern. It’s just the topics will not be explained deeply in that as in your textbook. Now that you are facing problem in Maths, the only solution for it is to practice. Regular study is very important not only for Maths but for every subject. Keep all the formulas on your tips. Don’t keep doubts in your mind, if you are facing any difficulty ask your teacher. For Chemistry you will have to remember a lot of reactions and again number of formulas so I would advise you to study it in the morning time when your mind is fresh and relaxed. Keep a notebook and note down all the important reactions, theory, definition etc. Revise them regularly. Keep yourself focused while studying. Keep on doing the hard work and you will score good marks.

  216. Sir I am not taking any coaching for class 12th. But I study regularly with full dedication upto 6 hrs at home and at school too. I also scored 10c gpa in class 10 without doing any tuition. But now I’m little bit worried knowing that all of my friends are doing tuition. Please boost me with your tips to crack class 12 with above 90% with self study only.

    1. Hi Navneet.
      First of all you need to set your mind on what you want to achieve. And keep reminding yourself that nothing is impossible. It is not necessary that you have to take coaching or tuition classes to score good marks in board exams. What you need is to be dedicated and focused towards your studies and study regularly. Set a timetable and follow it strictly. NCERT books are most recommended to students who wants to score 90+ marks in examination. At least before 2-3 months of your exams practice from previous year papers and sample papers. Keep on doing the hard work and then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goal.

  217. Hi. I’m Palak. This year I’m appearing for board examination. Can you please tell which is the best book for economics to study apart from NCERT. Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Palak.
      Economics is one of the most scoring subjects in CBSE 12th.With proper preparation and practice,you can easily score above 90+ in your Board Exam. First of all it would be good if you cover your syllabus from NCERT book. Then other reference books from which you can study is ‘Introductory macroeconomics by SANDEEP GARG of dhanpat rai’ and ‘Introductory macroeconomics TR JAIN and VK OHRI by global publication’. The first one has got every single concept that board follows and lots of numericals to practice and covers every concept and all the relative matter.But if we look at TR jain, this book has got relatively more theoretical part in both micro as well as macro. So studying with this book will give you a deep knowledge about the concept that will give you competitive edge for further economics course. Go for these two books and keep on doing the hard work.

  218. Hello Sir. I fear a lot about exams, how to overcome it. I am a class 12th class student of science stream and I also want to prepare for competitive exam next year. Can you help me to prepare for both board exam and competitive exam in last 5 months? I thought of studying but I always end up watching television. Sir what to do? How can I improve?

    1. Hi Gunjan.
      It is very common to have fear of exams. Be confident. If you are preparing for competitive exam along with your board exam then you have to really work hard. Set yourself a timetable and follow it strictly. At first you will find it difficult and also get distracted but don’t give up. Be persistent and study regularly. While studying keep yourself away from any kind of distraction like mobile, tv etc. If you are studying for 6 hours but you are not fully concentrated then it’s really not going to work. You can also start with the subject which you find easy and interesting. Since you are also aiming to crack competitive exam so, you have study from reference books along with NCERT book. Be focused and dedicated towards your studies. And remember that only through hard work you can achieve your goal.

  219. Hello mam,
    I’m a student of class 12th (pcm stream). I have joined a coaching institude to crack JEE exam. And I also want to get 90+ percentage in boards. but it hard for me to maintain balance between the both. Please help me and give your best suggestions.

    1. Hi Pranshu.
      As, you have mentioned that you are in 12th and you look forward to crack JEE exam next then first of all you will have to be dedicated towards your studies. Each and every day counts so, don’t miss out on your studies. At present your first priority must be board exam and for that always consider NCERT book first then other refreshers. All the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Maths must be clear to you. Sometimes it may become difficult for you to manage time both i.e board exam and JEE exam but don’t give up. You need to set a time table in such a way that you are able to practice every subject. Hard work is the only key to success. Keep reminding yourself that nothing is impossible. Along with all this it is important that you also do revisions from time to time so, that you don’t forget anything in the examination hall. Be focused and you will be able to achieve your goal.

  220. Hello Sir. This is Utkarsh Sharma. I am a 12th commerce student. I will be giving board exams in 2018 and I really have an urge to score upto 95%. My subjects are economics, maths, bst, accounts and English. I feel that I am able to cope up with the theoretical subjects like bst and eco. But the problem arises with numerical subjects such as accounts and maths. I am not able to solve the long questions. It gets tricky indeed for me to. I am not able to figure out that how much time I should give to accounts and maths. And what books I should use in maths after completing the NCERT textbook. Please guide me. And if I start from today, is there sufficient time for me to score such percentage?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Utkarsh.
      As, you have mentioned that your aim is to score 95+ percentage in your board exam then you must know that you have to be dedicated towards your studies. First of all you need to get this out of your mind that you are weak at any subject. All you need to do is set a time table follow it strictly and most importantly study regularly. If you think you are facing difficulty in any particular subject then give it little extra time than others.
      In subjects like Accounts and Maths you have to understand the concept behind every topic. Make sure that all of your doubts and basic concepts are clear. Practice as much as you can. Just because it seems difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible, this is what you need to keep in you mind. While studying make sure you are fully focused and keep yourself away from any kind of distraction. Remember that each and every day counts so, if you really want to achieve your goal you have to be persistent. Just keep doing hard work and you will score good marks for sure. All the best.

  221. Sir , I am a student of class 11th and I only want to focus on my boards. And on a serious note I only want to ask you that should I also prepare for class 12th boards in class 11th only or should I first look upon my class 11th exams.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Pratyush.
      As, you have mentioned that you are 11th class student then we would recommend you to concentrate on your exams at present. The syllabus of 11th class and 12th class is different but right now you have the opportunity to clear all your doubts. If you focus on your 11th class studies it will definitely help you next year. Just keep yourself focused and dedicated towards your studies and you will score good marks for sure.

  222. Hi sir. I am a CBSE 12th grade student appearing for my board exam in 2018. I am having problem with retaining things. Even the chapters that I learn 2-3 days ago I can’t seem to remember them and I can’t really do derivations and numerical well, especially in physics. Can you please guide me how to memories things properly? Can you give me some tips for this?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mohan.
      First of all you need to figure out why are you unable to remember most of the things. There could be most probably two reasons for this, first when you are studying you are not focused or concentrated and so after a while you just forget everything. Second because you forget to do revisions. You have to keep yourself away from any kind of distractions like mobile phone, tv etc while studying. And most importantly always revise whatever you study. You have to be dedicated while studying only then you will be able to score good marks.
      Now coming to your Physics subject related problem, try to understand the concept behind every topic and not just study them. Once all your basic concepts are clear you will be able to do numerical also. Focus on NCERT books if you aim to score good marks. Keep yourself motivated and study regularly.

  223. Hi sir. I am preparing for 12th boards as well as for IIT(JEE exam). Should I stick to NCERT books only for scoring 80% above in boards and good marks in JEE too.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Neelesh.
      As, you have mentioned that you are preparing for JEE exam along with your board exam then we would recommend you to study from reference books also. NCERT books are mostly referred to those students who only focus on scoring good marks in board examination. But you must be aware that the difficulty level of competitive exam like JEE is little bit high then board exam and that why you must study from other books also. Although NCERT books are best to clear all the basic concepts. So, just be dedicated towards your studies and keep working hard. ALL the best.

  224. Hi sir,
    This is anshul sharma of class 12 sci. Pcm .
    Sir,i want to ask how can i score better marks in physics and chemistry what are the key points to score best and how can i study those subjects in the sense of study means how can i prepare me?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Anshul, for Science students, Physics and Chemistry are one among the most important subjects and to secure good marks in them, you have to be consistent. Study them daily, without a single miss.

      Make notes in class with full concentration. It will surely help you. Focus more on NCERT book than any other book. Keep away all the distractions, and you will be halfway there. Good luck.

  225. Sir I am a pcm student. 9 months are left for my class 12 cbse exam and I’m weak at physics. I also go tuition for physics and maths. How can I score 90+? Sir please make a time table for me, it would help me a lot or please give me an idea that how much time to devote to each subject and how to study.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shikha.
      Every student wants to score good marks in the board exam but only those who have dedicated themselves towards their studies are able to achieve it. If you also aim the same then first you need to focus yourself. As, you have mentioned that you are weak in Physics, what you need to do is first understand the concept of every topic only then you will be able to do the numerical part. Keep all the formulas on your tips. Don’t give up if something seems a little hard rather be persistent and practice as much as you can. Set a time table in such a way that you give equal time to every subject. Those subjects in which you find difficulty must be studied in the morning when your mind is fresh and relaxed. While studying always make notes of important topics. It is very important to revise your chapters. Keep yourself motivated and work hard, you will score good marks for sure.

    2. My … math subject is weak…plz give me some….. ideas. To learn easy

    3. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Bhushan, the best way to strengthen your Mathematics part is to practice more and more. Go for NCERT book, it will help you in mastering the key Concepts. At the time of revision, you can take reference from other books also. But, for now, focus on NCERT book.

  226. Shradha chaturvedi

    Sir/Mam I am shradha chaturvedi a PCM student. My 12th class school started from 15 April and I have not started my board preparations yet. I am starting my preparations from today with full enthusiasm focus and determination so, will I be able to secure 90+ in boards as I have wasted 2 months and I am very sad for that. So will I be able to secure? And when I should start to solve question papers and so how many papers should I solve in a day?
    Sir/Mam I am really passionate to score 90+ in boards.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shradha.
      It’s good that you have realized the importance of hard work at the right time. It is never too late to start your preparations. All you need to do is keep yourself dedicated towards your studies. Set a time table and give equal time to every subject. Keep your mind concentrated while studying. NCERT book are most recommended to those who aim to score 90+ in their board exam. Remember that each and every day counts so it is important that you study regularly. Yes, it is important that you solve previous year paper and sample paper before 1-2 months of board exams. It is not about how many papers you solve a day but how much you learn from it. At least solve one paper of each subject so, you don’t leave any subject. Keep yourself motivated and work hard. There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from achieving your dream.

  227. Hi sir,
    I have just entered class 12 and I am having difficulty in setting up my timetable . I have opted for humanities with maths. And I have psychology, Entrepreneurship, Political science,Economic, Maths and English.I find difficulty in maths and s soon as I start with maths I spend my whole day with maths only. It is very hard to cop up with the rest of the subjects. Please guide me on the same .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rysha.
      As, you have mentioned that you find difficulty in studying math, what you need to do is first understand the concept and then move on to the questions. Make sure that your basic concepts are clear and all the important formulas are on your finger tips. Practice as much as you can. While studying make sure you give equal time to each subject. Set your mind that you have to complete a chapter or two with in fixed time period. Work according to that and then pick up some other subject. Dedicate yourself towards your studies.

  228. Hi I am Adhish.
    How to study organic chemistry it is too difficult to study? Can u suggest me some tips to study this subject?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Adhish.
      If you don’t have interest in chemistry than you would definitely find it boring as well as hard. What you need to do is first of all build up some interest and you can do it by picking up those topics that you find a little easy than others. If you can relate things to your daily life. Study them while writing all the important things. In this way you would be making your own notes which will help you in the exam time. Organic chemistry includes lots of reaction which are important and you have remember them so make sure you revise them regularly. Subjects that you find difficult must be studied in the morning when you have calm and fresh mind. Hard work is the key to success so, keep yourself focused and study hard.

  229. Myself Sourabh Chouhan, I want to say that the “pariksha bodh” can score me more than 90% or not? Some teachers says that this book will make you pass only and not make you score high marks. Teacher says that learn from books only. Is it true or not

    1. If you can read or practice any book completely, then no one is there to stop you making more marks, every book has everything and that’s it. And you teachers are correct as well, you should study your syllabus books also.

  230. Thank you very much sir, sir I write my own answers not bookish language. This can be the reason for my low percentage. Have u have any tip for learning answers for chemistry and biology.

    1. Bookish writing is not necessarily needed, the clear explanation with good english in your answer will make it enough to score marks.
      If you hate Biology and Chemistry like me then do rattafication as you never did before.

  231. Hello sir, I am very worried about my board’s examinations only 10 days left.
    I have well prepared notes of (PCB) and I have gone through it more than 3-4 times but still I am unable to score good marks while solving previous years question papers and I don’t know where I am lagging behind. I don’t know what is happening with me this year i am unable to score good marks in any exams I got 60% in recent pre-boards plz help me sir I can study more than 10-12 hrs. Waiting for your reply sir.

    1. Hello Nischay,
      I think you have lost a much confidence in you, and don’t let it be the reason for your bad percentage in board exams.
      60% in pre boards is not that bad, this is really a charming percentage. In pre boards there is very strict checking by the teachers. As a fact, students always score much better in board exams as compared to that of pre boards. So keep following your path, everything will be ok.
      I won’t say that you will get 95+% but as a big YES you will score well, just do not let your confidence down, even for a while.

  232. Hello,
    I m 2nd pu student. There are like about 25 days for my exams now. I haven’t done my pre board well. I have no idea. from where do i start and finish up! I am desiring to get like 90+% i can work how much ever hard prescribed. But i don’t know how do i plan my 25 days effectively to get that 90+% of marks. Can i get some help to get those marks.?

    1. Hi Monisha,
      A number of comments have already been posted regarding the same problem and i would suggest the same as i did in previous comments.
      This is not the time to start with the beginning, just solve out the previous year and guess papers as much as you can. Also this is the perfect time to use your notes, read and learn them to their roots.
      Getting 90+% is not that much easy, it’s all about that how you prepared for board exam from the beginning. But do not worry so much as anything can happen. Make a good timetable and follow it until the board exams gets done.

    2. Thank you sir!
      but yet i am worried, because i know i am capable of doing it, but don’t know how to score that % smartly. I am confident that i can, but i don’t know the way to reach. i am totally confused about planning the timetable for myself. I have finished studying NCERT once.
      Since this last month is very important, I can give upto 15 hours a day, but i don’t know how do i make complete use of these 15 hrs a day effectively. As you said, solving the questions papers is very important, i had made few timetable and planning, but they work well.
      So sir, could you please help me with the time table which include the solving of 10 papers and revising the main chapters. I am a pcm student sir, could you please plan a proper timetable for me, so that i can strictly stick on to that.

    3. I suppose you wake up at 6:60 A.M
      Read English and other minor subjects daily half an hour from 7 to 7:30 A.M
      Do your stuff breakfast etc. and make yourself free upto 8:30 A.M
      Time for chemistry, 8:30 to 11A.M
      Physics, 11 to 2 P.M
      Lunch and etc- 2 to 3 P.M
      Maths , 3:30 to 7 P.M
      Now solve sample or previous year papers until you sleep.
      Note, in the time allotted to each subject you can whether practice its previous year questions or read it out again.
      Thank you.

  233. Hi Achal,
    There won’t be any magic happening in 16 days, so the best advices are as follow:
    1. Don’t panic, build self confidence as much as you can.
    2. Practice previous year questions as much as you can.
    3. Don’t think too much about the board exams.
    4. You will get what you deserve. This time is not for the preparation, all you can do in this time is revision.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks a lot sir.
      Sir, please tell me some tips to how to prepare for maths board exam. I mean only ncert questions and cbse important questions from RD sharma book are sufficient to score more than 80 And NCERT book of chemistry is enough to score more than 55 out of 70 in Chemistry.

    2. Yes, the all the books are sufficient enough to score good, but for mathematics i would recommend “100% sure success” and for chemistry best would be “exam idea”.
      As you do not have much time, so do not go for exam idea book, but practice out “100% sure success”, this will benefit you for sure.

  234. Sir,
    I have only one fear. In chemistry i cannot memorize the structures and monomers of different polymers. Is there any trick to learn them for good?

    1. Hi Akanksha,
      There is no trick to learn monomers of different polymers and structure formulas. First, learning monomers are not that much hard and I think this the easiest chapter in chemistry after “Chemistry in everyday life”.
      What you can do now is to read the list of monomers and polymers with their structures daily at the morning time, I am telling for a reading only and not learning them, just like a song. Do it daily this will hardly take 5 to 10 minutes. Now after 5 or 6 days you will find that you have crammed them in a rhyme and when this happens just give a full hour to the same and learn it to the roots, and that’s it.
      Believe me, this will work for sure.
      Thank you.

      Answer for your second comment:

      Do not think too much about the board exams, this is a common phase of everyone’s life, there is nothing new in it. So why to worry about it. Just be relaxed. This is the best tip to build confidence or there is no medicine for that.

  235. Hello sir, i am in class 11th and due to some medical problem i didn’t get good marks. Can i score 95% in 12th board exam?

    1. Hello Soumya,
      Your 11th class percentage has nothing to do with your 12th.
      If you work hard and give dedications to your study, then there is no force in world that would stop you from scoring 90+.

  236. Hello sir, I am Rupshee Biswas of Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamshedpur having physics, chemistry, maths, computer science and English as my subjects. Since I have just 19 days in hand for boards, I am really very tensed. I have to score 90+ for admission in better colleges. I am lacking the confidence in me first of all and secondly still very confused about what to study and how to study. I still want to start everything all over again but I hardly have time. But it’s never too late. Please help me out with things and PHYSICS and MATHS more importantly. Kindly guide me how to prepare.

    1. Stop thinking about scoring 90% first, because the more you keep on thinking about it, the more confidence you will lose.
      Secondly, it’s not the colleges that matters, it’s you knowledge and talent that will assure you of a bright future. I have seen people who graduated from high profile colleges but are still struggling for their future.
      So just relax, and try to focus on your studies.
      For physics and maths, you can maintain a pocket diary in which you will write important stuff like, important formulas and derivations etc.

    2. Thank you so much sir. One question I wanted to ask that, there is no time to start everything again. So how do I study smartly? Do I just follow the question pattern from 10 years and practise them well or start from the beginning without missing anything. Please help.

    3. I am glad that i could help you rupshee.
      Since you are running out of time, therefore it will be best if you go for the 10 years sample papers.
      But be warned, you can not totally depend on them, just use them as tool.
      Keep revising the chapters that you have prepared before.

  237. Sir, I m left with 3 chapters(P block d&f block and amines) in chemistry and 2 in Maths(probability and AOI) As in I have just taken an overview of these chapters for pre-boards, and only 28 days are left.
    what should I do sir?

    1. Hi Himanshu,
      For the 3 chapters in chemistry which are talking about, you can just learn or cramp important name reactions and some important reasoning questions. Do not worry about the deep details of theses chapters you can get enough by doing this.
      For mathematics please don’t let these chapters go. Both are scoring chapters, at least look at the previous year questions from these chapters.
      Thank you.

  238. Sir I am a student of class 12th pcm appearing for cbse board. Sir I would like to know that if I do my ncert maths book fully, will I be able to score 70 plus in maths? I have maths phobia.

    1. Yes, if you do prepare NCERT book properly then there is no one stopping you from score more than 70 or even way more than you have imagen. But you have to make sure that you prepare it well.

    2. Thanx sir! sir i have one more doubt, should I prepare every numerical and derivation in physics book or should I just know the main derivations?

    3. Going with each and every numerical and derivation may not be a good idea, especially when there is only 1 month left. Therefore i would suggest you to go for the important ones only. And do not forget to practice “12th sample papers and previous year papers”, if you wish to download them then just click on the given link.

    4. Thank you sir for the advice. Is it enough to solve previous 3 year question paper for all subjects?

    5. I am glad you like the advice.
      As far as previous year question paper are concerned then, the more you practice them the better it is for you.
      But if you took those papers as your real once, and you are satisfied then it will be ok.

    6. Sir i also have a maths phobia. Can i get 80 plus marks in board exam by studying in feb?

    7. Of course archana, you can absolutely get 80+ marks in your board exams. But you have to make sure that you do lots of practice.

    8. Hehe ditto

  239. Sir, I have recently checked all my answer sheets of physics and I have noticed that my teacher has deducted 1/2 marks from almost all the 3 marks and 1 mark in all the 5 marks ques. She says that board checking is also similar and u would not get full marks in any ques. Is this true.

    1. No, Navin
      This is not absolutely true, You should read out this article about the “checking process of board exams”
      I don’t know, that why she has deducted your marks but generally, the teachers use to check the answer sheets very strictly during the preboards as this makes you more sincere and more focused about your preparations. Hope you are getting me.

  240. Hello, Sir. I’m Ayushi, a resident of New Delhi. I would really like to seek your advice regarding my 12th class board exams. I have completed the syllabus 3-4 times altogether. I had two pre-boards in my school in which I scored 82% in the first one and 86% in the second one. The checking of my teachers is very strict. And I guess I stood in the top ten bench of the school (DPS Mathura Road). I don’t feel like studying nowadays. I spent my whole day watching tv. Before sleeping, I try to revise some of the major points in my mind again and again and then I sleep. I have given at least 5 full papers of each subject in my tuition centre. I don’t know what should I do next. Please guide me. I’m a really bright child (as told by everybody) and seeks to score about 96% in the boards. What are your tips for me?

    1. Hi Ayushi,
      You are already on a great track. But do not put yourself at rest. This time is not coming again in your life, you have completed your syllabus 3-4 times which is a good but make it 4-5 times(But do not take rest).
      Also, find out the mistakes you had done in pre-boards and debug them, make something out of them.
      I cannot give you some magical tips as you are already doing great. The whole summary of my writing is Keep working hard, this is the only time where you can convert 86% to 96%.
      Thank you.

  241. Sir, I am PCB student I have only 1 months left for board plz sir advice me to get 90% on board. Plz, sir help. Physics is strong and my organic is too weak. sir, I request to suggest me what to do.

    1. Hi Arpit,
      This is a common problem of most of the students that their organic chemistry is weak. Believe me, if you try to understand the organic chemistry then it will take a year and maybe more. So it is best advised that you should cramp the important Name reactions, Reasoning section and that’s all.
      If your name reaction part is good enough then you can easily score good marks in organic chemistry.
      Also, if you feel that you are not gonna make organic chemistry then it is better to let it go, do not ruin other chapters in chemistry just because of organic chemistry.

  242. Sir please help me. How to deal with physics, chemistry, maths and English? sir explain me in detail how to study them? I am a cs student. So help me in this subject too. I’m 12th science maharashtra board student.

    1. Calm down Namrata, you need to relax your mind first.
      Now, since you are having such heavy subjects in your 12th, therefore life can become a bit hard for you. But this is the way you chose, so try to deal with it.
      You should try to implement the tips that are mentioned in the above article.
      There are always some units that are easy in every subjects, so if you can not prepare all the topics then try to go for easy and simple units. But make sure that you prepare them in such a way that you can answer any question asked from those unit.

  243. sir i have a big problem of maths phobia during my exam, and even i am unable to concentrate on my studies. what should i do to build concentration (i don’t use social networking sites )?

    1. The only way to overcome your fare for maths is facing it each and every day. Practice maths daily, the more you will practice the more you will be comfortable with it.
      Play maths games on your phone or computer, this is very interesting way to overcome your fare, also this will improve your skills.
      As for the concentration part, the best way to improve concentration is meditation, trust me this technique will improve your metal level significantly. You can search online for various meditation techniques.

  244. Sir, we have only 1 month left for boards. How to make best use of this time? i.e which books to read for boards? I also wanted to know if ncert for maths is enough for boards or should i study some other books like kc sinha or rd sharma?

    1. Dear Ritu,
      First of all, you should make sure that you have covered all your chapters, then begin with your revision.
      Practicing sample papers and previous years papers is must if you have covered all your syllabus, this will make you cent percent ready for the board exams.
      I will suggest that you complete your NCERT first, then go for “CBSE 12th PCM reference books”.
      It does not matter which book you choose because they are all based on NCERT, but i would recomend RD Sharma over KC Sinha as it is more famous among students. You can also go for RS Agarwal.

  245. Sir right now i am doing the sample papers from arihant. Are they as good as 100% success or should i give up on the latter.
    And sir if not this motivational stuff then what should i do to increase my sitting and study with more zeal.

    1. I don’t have a good idea about Arihant, but I guess this book is more based on competitive section, if yes then you should let this book go and follow my suggestions.
      Keeping motivated yourself is a great thing but not at the last time, it is good for the beginning of time. At the last time like you have, you should rely on yourself completely, because this is the when you have to put all your efforts without listening to anyone else but your Instinct.
      Thank you. (Stick to your plan and everything will go right)

  246. It’s look like that you are well confident Ayush,
    If you already have performed well in your pre exams, then you know it well that what to do, there is no need to apply some extra tricks and tips.
    Just keep going as you are doing without deviating yourself.
    I think you are preparing for board exams from the beginning of class 12th, so you should not be afraid of anything, everything will be ok for you.

    1. Thank u 4 ur positive answer, sir. tell me any strategies for economics class 12th.

    2. Well, for economics you can simply go for NCERT textbook without any doubt.
      You won’t find any topic or questions in your exam out of NCERT.
      Also try out some sample and previous year question papers, and give at least 1 hr to this subject daily until its exam gets done. This one is scoring subject and the marks from this, will impact the overall percentage in a positive way.

  247. Hello Bhavsahib,
    Both the books you are talking about are good enough but are not the best option to go with.
    According to my suggestion, you should go with TR Jain For economics, and for accounts you can go for Together with, TS Grewal and Siddiqui, all three are well known books.
    But i think you don’t have enough time now, so the best you can do is to go with previous year papers as much as you can.
    Also one thing i must tell you that, this won’t happen that you get poor marks in board exams, do not ever compare the pre boards with the board exam, there is a lot difference b/w them.
    So don’t be afraid of losing marks, Be a King and be Confident.

    1. Thanks alot sir

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