CBSE Class 9 Blueprint – All Subject Marking Scheme

In the year 2009 “CBSE” had implemented ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern on all affiliated schools across the country. This scheme was enacted on the class group from 6th to 9th. Under which the assessment of students was based on two-term ends of summative assessments including four formative assessments during a year. Each summative assessment was structured as the Paper-pen test of 60% and each Formative assessment was based on the remaining 40% which includes the calculation of the other values and abilities of the students by the observation of the teachers.

But from time to time CBSE uses to do the new experiment in its educational philosophy for the purpose of making quality Education. It focuses on various aspects of Education like improving teaching grades, analyzing the learning ability of a student, and as well as to reduce the load of study on the minds of the students. So, again moving with the same theme Cbse had taken a new step in this regard as from 2017 onward it had ceased the earlier scheme of CCE from all its affiliated schools.

Now, In place of that CBSE had introduced a new plan which is based on the half-yearly and annual-exam pattern for over a year. It is based on the (80-20) mark pattern. All the CBSE affiliated schools have to compulsorily execute this new plan over classes 6th to 9th for the monotonous functioning of education across the whole country.

CBSE Class 9 Blueprint – All Subject Marking Scheme

CBSE has notified the syllabus of the 9th class for session 2021. The syllabus is made in accordance with the rules of the new plan adopted by it in 2017. The exam pattern notified is the same as the exam pattern of class 10th.

The annual examination of class 9th will be conducted by the CBSE only. It means that the concept of the annual school examination has been removed away.

CBSE 9th blueprint

The pattern of mark-scheme for the class 9th annual exam is given as follows:

Board Exam: CBSE will conduct 80 marks test for each subject. A student needs to score at least 33% marks to pass this test.
Internal Assessment: A 20 marks test for each subject will be conducted by the CBSE affiliated schools which are classified into three groups:
Periodic Test = 10 Marks
Notebook Submission = 5 marks
Subject Enrichment Activity = 5 Marks

Here, also a student has to score at least 33% out of 20 marks or 7 marks to pass in the internal assessment of every subject. The blueprint of the mark scheme for CBSE class 9th all the subjects are given as follows.

CBSE 9th Mathematics Blueprint

Maths plays an important role for students who want to take the Science stream in Class 11-12 and also appear for the engineering entrance exams, like JEE, BITSAT, etc. Although, this is a must subject because you need to finish the CBSE Class 9 Maths syllabus completely. Otherwise, you will face a lot of difficulty in Class 10th.

Board Test (Paper pen Test) = 80 Marks

Internal Assessment = 20 Marks

Total Marks (80 + 20) = 100 Marks

Unit No. Unit Name Marks (M)
1. Number System 08
2. Algebra 17
3. Coordinate – Geometry 04
4. Geometry 28
5. Mensuration 13
6. Statics and probability 10
Total (Bord Test) 80
Internal Assessment 20

CBSE 9th Science Blueprint

Moreover, science is an essential subject for CBSE Class 9. You should clear the basics on all the topics to score better marks in the annual exam. With a better base on the subject, you will easily learn anything in advance later. By practicing daily and clearing the basics on every theory and problem. You will be able to score better marks in the final exam. Although, if you want to study in the Science Stream in the future, then you should give special attention to this subject.

Board Test (Paper pen Test) = 80 Marks

Internal Assessment = 20 Marks

Total Marks = (80 + 20) = 100 Marks

Unit No. Unit Name Marks (M)
1. Matter – Its Nature and Behavior 27
2. Organization in the Living World 26
3. Motion, Force, and Work 27
Total (Board Test) 80
Internal Assessment 20

CBSE 9th Social Science Blueprint

All students of Class 9th should have an exact knowledge of the CBSE Class 9 Social Science Revised Syllabus in order to score good marks in the 9th class. In this article, we will provide you with the all complete information about the CBSE Syllabus For Class 9th Social Science. Follow the given table below.

Board Test (Paper pen Test) = 80 Marks

Internal Assessment = 20 Marks

Total Marks (80 + 20) = 100 Marks

Subject Subject Name Periods (P) Marks (M)
1. India and the Contemporary World – 1 51 20
2. Contemporary India – 1 38 20
3. Democratic Politics – 1 38 20
4. Economic 30 20
Total 157 80
Internal Assessment 20

CBSE 9th English-Communicative Blueprint

Moreover, the English language plays an important role in every student’s life as this helps in obtaining various jobs. Also, English is considered to be a scoring subject that helps students to boost their overall Class 9  marks. So, it is important for every student in the 9th class to know the CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 English. We provide the table below. So, follow it for more clarity.

Board Test (Paper pen Test)  = 80 Marks

Internal Assessment = 20 Marks

Total Marks (80 + 20) = 100 Marks

Section Section Name Marks (M)
A Reading 10
B Writing Skills with Grammar 10
C Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text 20
Total (Board Test) 80
Internal Assessment 20

Note: Maximum time allotted to attempt Board Test of 80 Marks = 3 Hours

You will get here the blueprint of all the subjects of the CBSE class 9th above. The blueprint is based on the latest data issued by the CBSE for the current session 2020-21. The CBSE Class 9th can be called the foundation for the higher classes. So, it is very important for the students to learn the topics completely.

The curriculum is planned in a way that the students learn and develop their sense of personality which naturally shapes their future. However, It is important that subjects like science and maths are learned properly by understanding each concept and topic.

As these topics would be included in higher classes. For proper preparation, knowing the syllabus is very important along with solving various sample questions. So, for your help, we provide you with the syllabus of class 9th in another article. Hence, do check our article on CBSE Syllabus For Class 9.

Afterward, you will become more familiar with all the chapters, marks weightage, and time duration with the latest CBSE Class 9th syllabus.

Hopefully, this article helps you to understand all about the Blueprint of CBSE Class 9th. If you have any doubt feel free to ask in the comments.

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