CBSE Class 12th Physics Very Important Questions Chapter Wise PDF Download

Welcome again, the students of CBSE 12th Class, Practice the Physics important questions with solution which may come in upcoming board exam from the subject physics. hope you have downloaded the previous 10-year papers of physics. which are very effective and helpul for board exam preparation

Physics is known to be a dominating subject among all the subjects in the science stream, and this is the only subject where you can suffer a drop in marks. So practicing this subject to its depth is a necessity for every student of class 12th.

Today I will bring out the most important and selected questions on this subject chapter wise in PDF format, which you can download easily from this article. But before going through these important questions of physics, it is advised that you should download the sample papers of physics too, this will make your preparations more effective.

Benefits of Important notes and Important Questions of Class 12 Physics
Class 12 Physics notes are very important in many aspects. By solving the phiscs important notes given below in this article, you will get the idea and knowedge of:

  • Physics Important Numericals
  • Important derivations of Physics
  • Physics most important questions chapter wise
  • Important Chapters and their marks distribution

In the PDF files given below, you will find the important formulas, Important Derivations and obviously the important questions. These chapter wise notes will make you stronger while practicing them.

Download CBSE Class 12th Physics Important Questions Chapter Wise PDF

Practicing important questions of physics class 12 will give you idea of important topics and you will get to know important derivations, important notes and important numericals of physics

Below are the free PDF files which you can download easily in your device, all you need is a PDF file reader. You can download it just by clicking the link given.
Download these chapter wise important questions and notes with solution for CBSE class 12 physics in pdf files and boost up your preparation.

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CBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter Wise Important QuestionsCBSE Class 12 Physics Chapter Wise Important Questions With Solution

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Syllabus (Theory)

Hope you have successfully downloaded the PDF files of class 12 physics notes and important questions, if you have any problem regarding downloading, then please let me know via your comment. The syllabus of Physics is as follow.

Units Topics Marks
 I Electrostatics 8
 II Current Electricity 7
 III Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism 8
IV Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current 8
 V Electromagnetic Waves 3
 VI Optics 14
 VII Dual Nature of Matter 4
 VIII Atoms and Nuclei 6
 IX Electronic Devices 7
 X Communication Systems  5
Total 70

How to Plan Your Studies For 12th physics

Ok, now let me give you some important tips to prepare this unconditional subject of science stream. But remember these tips are good only if you follow them, so make sure you do your best to follow them, otherwise it would be a complete waste of time to go through the content below this point.

NCERT And Pocket Diary – Deadly combination

The very first thing that you should do is finishing up your class 12th NCERT book, do it without memorizing. Focus more on understanding it, and get an idea of the syllabus and topics.

Complete all the questions from your NCERT textbook, as most of the questions in physics, comes from the NCERT textbook directly. So, try to finish NCERT first then go for other 12th reference book for PCM.

Make a pocket diary, and make three sections in it. One for Important Formulae, second for important derivations and the third one for important definitions. Write only important stuff in that diary, so choose your content very carefully.

If you could combine important NCERT notes with your pocket dairy then it surely will be a deadly combination for the board exam.

Diagrams And Doubts – both should be clean and clear

Do not forget to study and memorize the diagrams and important graphs, this may help you to get extra marks. Drawing a neat and clean diagram can explain things in a much better way than long answers. And diagrams are also helpful in those places where you do not have much to write.

Understand each and every topic throughout and in case if you find any doubts then, clear them right away by asking your teachers. Do not underestimate this point as a small doubt can result in turning the whole answer wrong and hence deducing marks.

Give special attention to your minor mistakes like S.I units etc. You may lose your marks just because of these silly mistakes. Don’t ignore these small mistakes, they are like imps which look tiny but can cause lots of damage.

Do not hesitate to practice the numerical, these questions are the scoring ones, and you can score full marks in numerical questions without putting many efforts.

Strategy for Exam

Your exam preparation strategy should be very precise and you need to follow the latest CBSE 12th blueprints for your preparation because it will give the idea of board exam questions paper such as types of questions, numerical, and derivations etc.

Create a studying timetable and follow it until you are finished with your preparations. Just by doing time management you can score more than 15 extra marks.

Revision is compulsory, the pocket diary you have maintained is now good to use. This pocket diary will help you to revise all the important topics anytime and anywhere.

Solve and practice previous year papers and guess papers. They will make you stronger enough to face the board exam.

Find your weak areas and try to make them your stronger ones, by practicing and working hard on them.

Improve your writing and drawing skills. Presenting a good and neat answer sheet to the checker is always a great idea. This may help you to score some extra marks.

So, hope you liked my tips to prepare for physics. You are free to post your precious comments below in order to sort out your problems regarding preparations and downloading the CBSE Class 12th Physics Important Questions Chapter Wise PDF Files.

What To Do With CBSE Class 12 Physics Important Questions & Notes

With the downloaded PDF files, you can do a lot. It is easy to download the pdf files but hard to practice them.

Well, the above physics nots pdf files are unsolved, so now you have to solve each end every question with full concentration and focus. Take it as a challenge to finish them up.

Do not let any question go, work on it and solve it. By doing this, you will develop confidence in you, which in turn will make you stronger to face Physics on the day of the exam. By solving these important questions chapter wise, you will have no doubt.

As I have stated in preparations points above, make a pocket diary and note the important terms, formulas, and derivations in it, while solving the important questions from the PDF files given in this article. Now after completing the PDF file, just revise your pocket diary for the important terms extracted from the pdf files.

Repeat this for chapter wise pdf files and I assure you that you will find yourself fully confident at the end.

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  1. Sir/maam . ..Is it enough For the subjects of maths, biology, chemistry, physics solving these imp questions , doing sample questions(given in this website) and previous 5 years question inorder to score good marks? . Kindly give reply so that I could start as earlier as possible

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Akshara, Yes if you practice these class 12th PCMB Important questions along with the latest 12th class sample papers we have given then it’s enough to score great marks. But I recommend you to stay in touch with textbooks also.

  2. Thanku…. I want answers of this solutions how can I get

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      For Solutions for these physics important questions chapter wise, you have to purchase @ 110. There is a button given above “Buy now with payumoney”. Click on it and buy the solutions.

  3. Hello I m saqlain. is this question are sufficient for board exm 2019.. ?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, these important questions of class 12 physics are enough for board exam but practice is never enough so once you practice these questions you can solve latest sample papers.

  4. How much marks of derivations comes in board examination

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Suru, from the latest 12th sample paper and marking scheme you will the idea of derivation and numerical. There is a section “Strategy for exam” in this article there you can find cbse 12th blueprint link.

  5. i have paid the online payment but their is no download option

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello inbavanan, When you make payment, you should check your email id for pdf files as we sent pdf files to your given email id.

  6. Hii sir…i am unable to prepare my organic chapters in chemistry…. What to do??? I m really so much fear about this… Plz can u suggest something… Plz… Earlier.. Chemistry was my favorite…but these days… I m not really interested in studying chemistry…Plz suggest something…

    1. Hello Richa, Well this is good that you are concerned for Organic chemistry. Get started with your organic chemistry and study regularly, in the initial days you will obviously find not interesting but keep studying regularly will give interest. Make your notes, and first focus on your NCERT book, read the whole chapters. practice from these given important questions.

  7. Sir are these questions given by you enough for getting above 90%.. kindly reply I want to make a copy of important questions and I don’t know where to start from..and your chapterwise PDF files really seems to be helpful..but I am confused whether they are sufficient or not.

    1. Hello Monalisa, these questions are important but not sufficient. We also provide 10 previous year paper which would be very helpful here is the link, go to physics previous year paper

  8. I am in 12th and I loike physic but I dont like problem if only theory I can more marks in physics?

    1. No Sarang. You can get passing marks by focussing only on theory but Physics is incomplete without numerical. Problems are not tough if you get the theory you can easily solve problems too. Just try it.

  9. Mam\sir I am now at 12 I am so confused. Help me with managing my time .give guidelines to allocate time for each subject pcm and computer are my subjects.

    1. Hello Nivedhitha,
      We have Written this Article on Strategy to Prepare for Board Exams. Study it deeply, you will find your answer definitely.

  10. Hlw sir/ma’am
    I have just passes my 11 th and reached 12th standard …I want to cover all the chapters of physics well along with all the concepts chapter wise so can u plzz tell me that if I do nt wanna go with ncert which books should I study?? For preparing well for board xams

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Shikhar,
      It is a very good practice that you are looking for reference books other than NCERT although it is also very good for board exams. But you can also refer to other effective books like for Physics refer to H.C.Verma, for Chemistry refet to Pradeep and for Maths; please refer to the all-time favorite, R D Sharma.

  11. Hello mam
    Can I score good marks by only going through previous years question papers, important question, and sample question paper.

    1. Yes. If your basics are clear then you can score very good marks by practicing as many papers and question.

  12. Sir iam weak in numericals but i want to score good in physics. What should I do

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Ayush,
      You can practice derivations to score good marks

  13. Thank you Sir . Its very helpful

  14. Hlo sir.
    Apke pass in PDF k solutions b h

  15. hello sir
    I am a humanities student with subjects like history,pol science , eco and ip. please guide me how can i score 94%?

  16. Excuse Ma’am,
    If I could understand and prepare all the questions from the pdf. Will i score good marks ?

  17. I hate physics and i couldnt even get 50% on my terms cause we didnt have enough time to revise. Now well its not much time left and only 1 day gap is like… killing me. Can i cover the whole syllabus in this given time? What strategy should i follow?

  18. Partha Pratim Ghosh

    I have not done NCERT. Now I am failing to remember all the lessons, I studied through out the year. I have now about months time. How can I prepare to get at least 60% marks?

    1. Hello Partha,
      Don’t worry, it’s very natural as you can not remember everything that you have learned. If you have studied throughout the year, then all you need to do is go through each topic just once and the memory of that topic will start coming to you and you will remember it again. After all this is what revision is for. So, be clam and start your revision.

  19. Hey can u tell me that i hve done maths ncert all and physics ncert all and chemistry 10 year sample paper of satish brother is it sufficient to score above 80℅ overall

    1. Hello Bhalla,
      If you have really completed all these books and practice sample papers properly, then you should try previous year papers.

  20. Hello mam I want to say that I have many problems in different topics in physics …I just get very nervous please m physics ke questions kaise solve krun uska solution batayaiye

    1. Hi Tanvi,
      Study all formulas, derivations, diagrams, definitions and units of physical units properly. Revise it every time so that you don’t forgot that. Try to write it while studying.

  21. Hello Sir/mam. I want to score 70/70 in physics this time in 2018 boards exam. My physics is good but I know scoring 100% is always a tough task. I practice ncert exercise question as well as examples including additional questions, and also do 1&2 marks questions from Together with Physics and numerical from same book. But I think that it is not enough, as I want 70/70 marks this time. So, I just want to know that what extra can I do in physics so I can score that much marks.

    1. Hi.
      As, you have mentioned that you aim to score full marks in Physics so, it would require a lot of hard work. It is good that you are practicing Physics from NCERT as it will help you in the best way. It is important that you cover the syllabus from NCERT and then move with any reference book. Do different kinds of questions on same topic or concept, this way you will be able to do number of questions. Once you complete your syllabus start practicing from previous year paper and sample paper. It is important that you go through these papers to get the idea of the questions that are asked in the examination. Keep yourself focused while studying and make sure you don’t forget to revise all the chapters. Keep on practicing and doing hard work, you will surly score good marks.

  22. Hello mam. I want to tell you that in my 1st term exam I haven’t scored good marks in most important subjects like chemistry and maths. Earlier my parents are said that I must take coaching but I denied and continued with my self-study. And now they are worried die to my performance. Please tell me what should I do now? should I carry on with self-study or to take tuition or coaching? what will be best for me?

    1. Hi Abhi.
      As, you have mentioned that you didn’t score good marks and now you are worried and confused so, my first advice to you is not to get nervous. Rather then being anxious which will not help you in anyway I would recommend you to analyse your study routine and figure out what were your weak points. There could be many reasons like you didn’t studied/practiced enough or didn’t complete the syllabus on time or maybe didn’t do the revision. What I’m trying to say is that all these factors matters and once you start working on your weak points you will do much better. Now as you asked that should you take coaching or not then I’ll tell you that its all up to you. If you think that you are unable to concentrate at home and you need extra help then there is nothing wrong in taking coaching classes but make sure whatever you study you must do revision. And most importantly believe in yourself and be dedicated towards your studies. Keep yourself focused and you will score good marks.

  23. Krishna srivastava

    Hi Mam. Meri Physics aur Chemistry strong hai but Biology bahut weak hai. Mam is bar test mein 12 out of 50 marks aaye hai mere. Yaha koi coaching centre ni hai, mam please suggestions dijiye ki mai kese preparaion kru taki ache marks aaye bio mai. Please reply.

    1. Hi Krishna.
      First of all don’t doubt on your capabilities. You can achieve whatever you want all you have to do is hard work. If you find Biology difficult then other subjects then give more time to this subject and while studying keep yourself focused. Biology is a subject in which you have to remember a lot of things so whenever you are studying always write down the important topics and never forget to revise. Taking tuition or coaching is not necessary. Just be dedicated towards your studies. Set a time table and follow it strictly. NCERT book are most recommended to all students who aim to score good marks. Don’t get dishearten because of your marks just do hard work and you will score good marks in the next test for sure.

  24. Hello sir. I am facing a lot difficulty on solving the numerical part. Sir please give me suggestions on how to prepare for this.

    1. Hi Jitendra.
      In subject like Physics it is quite important that your basic concepts are clear. For solving the numerical you need to things, first is clear concepts and second is practicing number of questions with different approach. We would recommend you to focus on NCERT book is you are aiming to score good marks. And if you get stuck on any topic then take help from your teachers but don’t keep any doubts. Next thing is you have to be focused while studying. Before you exams always practice from previous year papers and sample papers because you will get the idea of important question and the pattern of the exam. Keep on doing the hard work and you will score good marks for sure.

  25. Hello mam. I’m good in Physics and Maths. But I face many problems while studying Chemistry and Biology. And mam I really want to score 90% plus marks. So, please mam tell me that how can I score 90+ marks in chemistry and biology.

    1. Hi Rishabh.
      As, you have mentioned that you face problems in Chemistry and Biology so, you probably have to give more time to these subjects then others. First of all set a timetable and follow it strictly if you really want to score 90+ marks. For both the subject you need a little different approach. Chemistry is a subject in which it is important to clear your basic concepts and then practice the numerical while in Biology you have to remember a lot of important topics. Make sure that while studying you always write down the all the formulas(in case of chemistry) and make your own notes which will have you during exams. Remember that each and every day counts so, regular study is mandatory. If you find yourself stuck at any point take your teacher’s help. You have to be focused and dedicated towards your studies if you want to score good marks. Keep on doing the hard work.

  26. Hi mam. Its 30th of July and I haven’t got good marks in my previous test. I want to score good markks in next exam. So, how much time I should study physics to get good marks as I’m weak in Physics. Please tell me .

    1. Hi Anand.
      First of all don’t let yourself down because of your previous marks. Start your preparations from today and work really hard. Set yourself a time table and follow it strictly. Regular study is important. For subjects like Physics it is important that all your basic concepts are clear and then move to numerical section. Practice as much as you can. Study from NCERT book as, it is most recommend to all the students who wants to score good marks. Just be focused and dedicated towards your studies. While studying right down all the important topics in this way you will making your own notes which will help you a lot. Next thing is formulas which must be in your fingertips. Revision is also necessary if you don’t want to forget whatever you have studied during exam. So, do hard work and you will score good marks for sure.

  27. Hello Mam. Please give me advice on how should I prepare physics as it is already the end of July. I didn’t finished a single chapter in Physics,chemistry,biology. Mam I’m very frustrated right now. Please mam help me out. How should I manage time so, that I’m able to finished my syllabus by the end of December.

    1. Hi Saurabh.
      First of all I would tell you not to panic or get frustrated because in that way you will never be able to concentrate on your studies. You still have time, all you need to do is be focused and dedicated towards your studies. Set a timetable in such a way that you are able to give equal time to every subject and follow it strictly. While studying Physics and Chemistry it is important that all your basic concepts are clear. Make sure that when you are studying you always note down the important topics, formulas etc. In this way you will have your notes prepared which will be helpful during the exam time. If you really want to score good marks then you will have to work hard. Each and every day counts so, regular study is must. Next important thing is revision which you must do with regular interval of time. Keep yourself motivated and remember that nothing is impossible. You will score good marks for sure.

  28. Sir I have completed my physics syllabus of class 12th. Now I have started my chemistry syllabus. Since I do not go to coaching or any school so, it is very difficult to get through organic chemistry. A lot of reactions are given. How should I remember all of it? Please tell me.

    1. Hi Manoj.
      As, you have mentioned that you don’t go to any coaching or school then first we would recommend you to study from NCERT book if you aim to score good marks. Then the next thing is that while studying always write down the important topics and all thee reaction. This is the best way to learn all the reaction. The more you will practice the better you will get. Once you have completed a chapter or two always revise whatever you have studied. Keep yourself focused and dedicated towards your studies. Remember that only through hard work you can achieve success.

  29. Hii mam. I’m khushbu studying in class 12th and I am preparing for neet exam as well as for my board examination. I am confused about what kind of strategies I should have to score 90+ in boards and about 160 marks in physics (neet). I am not getting the expected result according to my preparation.

    1. Hi Khushbu.
      As, you have mentioned that you are preparing for competitive exam NEET along with your board exam then first we would recommend you to study from both NCERT book as well from other refreshers also if you look forward to score really good marks. It becomes quite difficult to prepare for both the exam at the same time but nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to do hard work. At first try to complete your 12th syllabus from NCERT books and prepare yourself for board exams because that must be your priority. In subjects like Physics it is important that all the basic concepts are clear to you. Only then you will be able to master numerical. Practice as much as you can. While studying write down all the important formula and do revision regularly. Keep yourself focused and be dedicated towards your studies. Keep on doing the hard work and you will crack the NEET exam also.

  30. Hello mam. I am student of Class 12th (CBSE) and my subjects are PCMBE. Mam I want score 90%+ marks. But mam I’m facing many problems like while studying Physics and chemistry I can’t understand the concepts clearly. So, please tell me what should I do to score 90+ marks in these subjects.

    1. Hi Vivek.
      As, you have mentioned that you want to score 90+ in your board exam then first of all you need to be dedicated towards your studies. Set a time table for yourself and follow it strictly. Give extra time to those subjects in which you are facing more difficulty. In subjects like Physics it is very important that all your concept are clear. If you have any doubt then ask your teacher because if you don’t you will never learn. Next thing is practice. The more you will practice the better you will get. For Chemistry you need to be focused while studying and while studying always make your own notes. This is the only way you can remember all the reactions and formulas. Note down all the important topics. NCERT books are most recommended to all the students who want to score good marks in examination. Remember with hard work you can achieve anything.

  31. How can I prepare for physics without any coaching? Mam I want to score 90+ marks in physics. And till now I haven’t finished any chapter of physics. Please tell me mam I need your help.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nikhil.
      First of all we would recommend you to be confident. Remember that nothing is impossible all you need to do is be dedicated towards your studies. Set a time table and follow it strictly. Regular study is must. In subjects like Physics it is important that all your basic concepts are clear. Try to understand the concepts of every topic and then move to numerical. Practice as much as you can. If you have any doubt ask your teachers. Practice from previous year paper also. And never forget to revise whatever you are studying. Be focused and work hard.

  32. Hello mam; I was suffering from some problems before 2 month and now at 20th June I am not finish any chapter of physics: so please mam please tell me that how can I complete my syllabus till November please tell me mam

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Gaurav, you need not to panic as you still have plenty of time. Just be consistent. Study daily by keeping away all the distractions. Always remember that this is the most important phase of your life. Give it your best shot.

      Focus on studying from the NCERT book. It will surely help you. Good luck.

  33. Mam cn u tell me hw to prepare physics for jee_mains and advance

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Varsha, I think, you have just entered class 12th and let me tell you, this is the best time to start your preparation for JEE exam side by side. All you need to do is to focus on your studies(class 12th), from day 1 to day last.. Keep making notes, be regular in class, and strengthen your basic concepts. This will automatically prepare you for both, Board exams and JEE exam.

      Bonus tip: Apart from studying from NCERT, practice questions from S.Chand or some other book of your choice. Good luck.

  34. Mam can you tell how many times revision is needed for getting 90+ marks in physics in CBSE

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Sangam,
      When you say 90+ marks in something like physics, then even 100 revision will fall short if the concepts are not clear. My first advice to you is not to go after marks, fall in love with physics and you will automatically score good marks in it.

      As for revision, i will suggest to give 1 day in a week to go through everything that you have studied in that week. Also, every night before going to bed try to revise the topics that you have studied in the whole day.

      Try to finish your syllabus as soon as possible to give yourself more time for revision, i guess 2 to 3 revisions are plenty.

  35. mam!!! i could do with theory in physics!! but what about numericals!!! where i will get the numericals for solving… as i use sl arora i contains many numericals.. and its 15th of feb… xam is at door!!! mam!!! plzzz reply quickly!!! i still hvnt touched any numerical!!!

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Pranay.
      Don’t be stressed, study well, and be calm. You can get thorough at numerical section if you will practice its questions with complete dedication making your concepts clear. So, use sample papers and previous year question papers for practice and just be focused. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  36. Sir I am varsha Thakyou so much sir for your massage Sir are you sure that I can get good result by preparing at last moment of exam actually I have forgotten everything which I have studied before I don’t known what to study first and how to study rest of the subject please give me some idea according to timetable of class 12 exam

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Varsha.
      Don’t depend upon last moment preparation. Start studying from today only. Still you have some time left, utilize it for the best and start studying with complete concentration and dedication. Start practicing from sample papers and previous year question papers and make sure to get clear with all your concepts by solving these question papers. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  37. Maam/Sir
    Is it okay if i practice all the above mentioned important questions rather than practicing questions from the guides ?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ammu.
      Yes NCERT, previous year question papers and sample papers are enough to score good. But condition is that you have practice them thoroughly.

  38. Sir/mam, i am sure i will get get above 95% marks in all subjects, except physics because of the problem i face in numerical part. I have finished with my syllabus with NCERT and PRADEEP. Now, for some revision and practice i have started studying from ARIHANT’s ‘ALL IN ONE’ . So i just wanted your suggestion that whether it is a good choice or not. Also, please tell me which publisher’s sample paper i must go for.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Adab. You are going good. But, at the same time, i would suggest you to practice previous year papers and sample papers of Physics, so that you will get to know the type of numerials which appear in exam.

  39. OK thanks but mam can you please give me some tips on how to understand those questions..
    Because I think that there is nothing to do with practice in those chapters

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      There are structures in Biomolecule section, that you can understand when you will practice them, and you can get your concepts clear with polymers when you will understand them being focused. And in general principles and processes of isolation of elements, there are equations that can also be understood when you will practice them.

  40. Mohammed Aamir Hussain

    Respected sir,
    Can you please help us regarding the numerical questions in the physics board exam? most appearing questions , i am not able to understand that numerical problems
    please help us

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mohammed.
      There is only one way to understand numericals and that is your continuous practice. So, keep on practicing all the numerical questions from sample papers and previous year question papers and also from your text book. Once you will be in continuous practice of solving them, you will definitely start getting clear with your concepts. So, keep on practicing, you will definitely get good results.

  41. hlw…mam…
    m 12 th class m pdti hu…mujhe physics.. khaafi hard lgti…h..mne uski ncert nhi pdhi h only…refresher(pradeep) hi pdhi…h…or ab exams ke kevl 2 months hi bache.. h…or m previous 10 years ke ques. ppr b solve kr rhi hu. Is it enough or not for gaining above 90 marks…..plz…suggest me a bst way … gain 90 marks…or mujhe physics ko kitna time dena chiye…i m not so weak in my studies… but mujhe physics se drr…sa lgta h…

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rachna.
      Don’t be afraid. It is high time and you have to keep yourself calm, to score good marks. So, keep on practicing. If you have studied whole of the ‘Pradeep’, then it is also fine. But we will recommend you to keep practicing from sample papers and previous year question papers as much as you can. And dedicate 5-6 hour of your studies to physics, but don’t be nervous, stay calm and be focused. You will definitely get good marks.

  42. sir my organic chemistry is not good while other part is good and i have to score more than 95 in chemisrty what should i do

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shivam.
      You can have a good command over organic portion if you will be practicing it continuously. So, keep on practicing, you will gt good results.

  43. Ma’am .
    my school conducted preboards recently and I scored 30/70 in physics. ma’am , I’ve decided to finish all the important derivations there are in total . could you provide me with a well defined list of derivations in class 12 Ncert book?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Arbab.
      There is no such important derivations. All the derivations are important. But there are some chapters which have more weightage. We are providing you with the list of those chapters. Although prepare with all the deriviations. But focus on the derviations off those chapters more that has more weightage.
      Electrostatics 08
      Current Electricity 07
      Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism 08
      Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current 08
      Optics 14

  44. Hello ma’am….I catch the topics well when taught. I am quite strong in numericals too. But when the exams are nearer I feel nervous and can’t just memorize anything…..especially the derivations.Can you please suggest me ways to memorize the derivations.?Also please suggest me ways to prepare well. Also I would be grateful if you suggest me ways to increase my concentration….

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Anwesha. It seems that you are well prepared for the board exams and only lacking in your confidence level. Don’t do that. It will spoil all your hard work. Never ever think that you are unable to memorize anything. Practice as much as you can. It will automatically enhance your confidence. Previous year papers and sample papers must be practiced for scoring better.

      Whenever you feel like less concentration, instead of concentrating forcefully, take a 5 minute break from studies and do whatever you want. You can eat your favorite ice cream or listen your favorite song, or anything like that to freshen up yourself once again.

  45. helllo mam i am susmita i am little scary to attempt tricky ques in physics can u suggest me any tip how to go about this

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Susmita. You need not to afraid from tricky questions. All they depend on your basic concepts. The more you study basic facts, the more you will get to know the idea of solving tricky questions.
      As the exams are near, i would suggest you to stick to your NCERT book. The board exam is designed by keeping an average student in mind. So, don’t worry, you will get 80% normal questions.

  46. Al Muktadir hussain

    Hello sir,
    I have a problem that I am not able to recognise the important topics required for exam in physics. I waste my time in studying the less important topics. please give me a solution.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Muktadir. However, the whole textbook of Physics is full of important questions but as the exams are near, you must focus on the chapters which comprises of more marks.

      You can also take help of previous 10 year papers. Look out for the repeated questions. They are important and have so many chances to appear this time too.

  47. Hello mam..i hav doubts in conceptual ques..
    Can u suggest me how can i score good marks in those 1 mark ques?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Moon. A well-asked question. I have generally seen students, focusing more on long answers and as a result, they don’t think of 1 marks questions. The Very first, i would like to say, these 1 marks questions are really very important.

      For scoring full marks in these questions, you must read your NCERT book. Yes, 1 mark questions are the production of this book only. Go through all the basic concepts and everything would be clear instantly.

      There is one more suggestion from my side, have a look on all previous 10 year papers, they will give you a rough idea of the standard of these questions.

  48. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

    Hello Utkarsh, glad to know that our articles were helpful to you. We are planning to make video lectures, but it will take time.

  49. Suryanarayan Rath

    sir, I can’t give much time for numerical part and leave most of the numerical without practicing from reference book. Are all question from NCERT enough?but in second view, I saw last 10 years papers, and in my observation no numerical are from NCERT. So should I do practice numerical from reference books? And I got less percentage in physics in 11th only because of numerical part. Please suggest as soon as possible because I have less time and much part to cover.

  50. Hello sir, please guide me sir. I don’t have any time for physics, how to concentrate on physics. Please help me sir.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Mahima, if you don’t have enough time, then I will suggest you to give at least half an hour to physics daily.

  51. Hello sir, the basic problem is that I’m not able to follow a timetable, and this has already wasted my 1.5 months since the new session began. Now I’m worried about how should I start from the beginning, or the things which are going on in the class?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Himanshi, you should keep up with the ongoing topic. Just try to revise all the topics that you will study in class or coaching, at the end of the day. This way you will not have to give much time to studies after your classes. But make sure you do revise the previous topics on Sundays or other holidays.

    2. Sir , i have exactly the same problem which she is facing. So plz help us , and tell how should I gets at least 80% marks in physics.

    3. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Himansh.
      Physics is not a problem, where we all lack is our concentration, and tension about marks, that how i will score such good marks, half of our concentration lies in scoring good marks, because of which we are not able to focus on the studies. So, this time we recommend you to just forget about marks, and try to study with complete dedication, try to clear your concepts with cool and calm mind. Try to be dedicated towards your studies. When you will be clear with all your concepts, you will definitely achieve good marks, but for this firstly you have to study. So, work hard, give your 100%, you will definitely get good marks.

  52. Hello sir, I want trigonometry all formulas which are used in class 12th.

  53. Sir, I got good marks in Physics & Maths, but sir I am weak in Chemistry. This is my very weak point. So, please tell me how can I improve my chemistry.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Aniket, They only way to improve is practicing. So, apply this in chemistry, try to give at least 1 hr to chemistry everyday. Do not proceed to next topic until the current one is clear to you. Chemistry is more about understanding, so make sure your concepts are very clear. For this to happen, you will need to take help from your teachers or from someone experienced.

      Try to write important points and terms in a separate notebook, and do not forget to revise whatever you have learn from time to time.

  54. Thanks sir, But sir how can I solve the problems of chemistry. When I do numerical of chemistry, they don’t get solved. I can not concentrate.
    So, how can I deal with this problem?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      More and more Practice is the ultimate solution to your problem. Try to memorize the formulas in such a way that they are on your finger tips. Don’t get frustrated, just keep on practicing, you will eventually get a hold of it.

  55. I don’t get time to study, because after completing my school and classes, I come to home at least 7:00 pm. Is there any suggestion on how I can manage my studies, and which extra book should I prefer?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Ansh,
      The best thing that you can do is, give at least 1 hr a day to revise everything that you have studied the whole day. Trust me, if you could develop this habit, then it will be great for you. Please see our article on”reference books for class 12th” to get the best books to study.

  56. In a day how much time should I spend with physics? and at which time? please help me, I am confused.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Priyaranjan, I think 1 or 2 hours will be more than enough if you are regular.
      Studying theory part in morning and numerical part in evening can be an effective way of studying subjects like physics. This is just a suggestion, you should make a time table that suits you the best.

  57. Respected sir, I m good in physics, I am following the classes regularly. But the problem is that, I am not able to properly represent it in the exams, which is totally affecting my results. Now I am in class 12th, so please kindly guide me with respect to the board exams as well as the competitive exams.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Nandini,
      Competitive exams comes mostly as MCQ’s, so you just have to pick a right answer out of 4. Representing the answers is the main problem for board exam. May be these points will help you:-

      1. Make sure your concepts are clear
      2. Read the question very careful
      3. Before you start writing answer, make a format in mind in which you will answer the question. e.g if it is a definition asked in the question, then make sure that you highlight the main part of the definition. Also, if the question is of higher value then write some extra useful point.
      4. You will never improve until you practice it, so keep practicing.
  58. Hello Sir, Physics was my strong zone in 11th. I have scored 58/70 in my annual exam, so I am trying to score 65+ marks in 12th board in the upcoming year. Sir my question to you is, which should I give more attention numerical or theory?
    And sir, I am following NCERT and DINESH publication book as reference. Are these books enough to achieve my target?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Sourav, Both numerical and theory are important part of physics. I think you should focus more on understanding things, this way you can learn theory part easily as well as solve numerical. Anyway, if you want to pick a side then i will suggest you to go for concept of theory, because it will carry more marks than numerical.
      And as for book, then any book is good if you study it with all your heart.

  59. Hello sir,
    few days back only, I was promoted to class 12th. I am good in all subjects except physics. Every time I try my best in physics, but unable to score good marks. Please tell me few tips, how to study physics that I can score high. And, should I follow the NCERT book or pradeep fundamental physics for my board exams?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Vishal,
      Don’t worry, just keep your hard work going, you will definitely score good marks. Try these tips to make your studies effective.
      1. Make a habit of studying physics on daily basis first, even half an hour will be sufficient.
      2. Keep your concept clear about each topic that you study, do not proceed until you understand it well.
      3. Do not try to mug up the definitions. Try to make definitions in your own language (make sure you don’t change the meaning of the definitions).
      4. Do time to time revisions.
      Try to implement these tips along with your hard work, it will definitely work.
      Now as for which book to choose, usually students prefer to read from reference book, rather than just NCERT. But, NCERt is sufficient, if you prepare it well.

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