Prepare For Board Exam In 1 Month 20 Days To Score 90+

Crash Course For 12th PCM

If you are looking for the best last-minute tips for board exams which can help you study not only for longer hours but also effective in the short span of time so that you can prepare for board exam in 1 month or the remaining time and can help you get those perfect marks then you have come to a perfect place.

Even though these are the best tips which will help you to study studiously for your board exams but these techniques demand one’s complete dedication then only one can get the best out of these tips. If you are serious enough to strictly follow the tips then I assure you that it will help you to get through the board examination with flying colors.

cbse 12th crash course

Once you know the tips and tricks on how to study smartly and the get the best out of every day,  you may get able to decide what or how to make an efficient timetable to follow according to your best and weak subjects but still I am are providing a timetable for 1 month and 20 days which you can follow as it is made by experienced teachers which I have provided later in this article.

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Prepare For Board Exam In 1 Month 20 Days To Score 90+

All of us always wanted to score our best in the board exams but not all of us ready to make an effort to score 90+ in all subjects or above it because some students might say that” it is not possible for me”, some might say “I am an average student and cannot achieve it”, some might say “its not my cup of tea” but I want you tell only one thing that if you “shoot for the moon you might not land on it but you surely land on some stars” it means “if you prepare yourself and your preparation to score above 90% you might not achieve it but you surely score a decent marks which you will not regret later” but if you prepare for board exam only to get 70% marks then there is always a chance that you will score below it.

That is why I am providing you these methods and tips which will help you shoot for the moon. Hard work is good, probably the best way to score maximum marks or to score above 90% in the exams but analyzing the time left for the 12th board, smart work is the need of the hour.

Here are some tips which help you in your board exam preparation so that you can achieve your true potential.

1. Pomodoro Technique – useful in preparing board exams

If you like to study for longer hours without taking breaks because of the reason that might get distracted and continue to work for hours then you are not doing any good to your productivity because our brain cannot concentrate at anything continuously for more than 50 minutes and if you force it(brain) to do so then you must know that this is linked to lowest grades as after prolonged study sessions, reasoning and memory may be negatively affected for up to 4 whole days and that is why Pomodoro technique is useful in achieving these tasks.

Pomodoro technique

I will not tell the history or origin of the technique because that is not important right now as your exams are near but a little overview would not do any harm, its a time management technique designed to perform tasks which required long hours with minimum reduction in efficiency and it is the only reason it helps students preparing for their exams.

To apply this technique, first you have to pick a topic which you think will definitely take 2 or more hours and then set a timer for 25 minutes in your watch or smartphone and the only compulsion is that you have to be focused for these 25 minutes without exception, nothing should bother you in this time of span, your only concern should be your topic and after 25 minute is up take a 5 minute break using the same timer.

The 5-minute break session has only one compulsion that during the break time you can do anything but study, you can exercise or clean up your room or go up and down in the stairs but your actions should not be related to study.

Once the break time is up then again set the timer for 25 minutes and after that take a 5-minute break. Repeat this cycle 4 times and then take a long break of only 15 minutes and remember that there should not be any study related activity while break time and there should not be any distractions too in that 25 minutes of study time. You can also use the advanced version of the Pomodoro technique which is 50 minutes study time and 10 minutes break time.

2. Feynman technique

This technique helps in deepening your understanding of what you already know as after this you will not forget you derivations and formulas not because you have crammed all of it but because you have understood the concept in a way that will not let you forget it. The interesting thing about this technique is that it starts after you have completed, learned or understood a topic.

When you think your topic is complete, take a piece of paper and write about it as if you are teaching the concept to someone else and ideally write and speak at the same time, just as a teacher does it at the blackboard. This makes you realize which part you understand and where you still have gaps whenever you get stuck, go back to study and repeat that process until you have explained the whole topic from start to end.

When you are done repeat the process from the beginning but this time simplifies your language or use graphics or pictures to make a point if you explanation ends up confusing you probably have not understood it well enough so should start again. Thinking about an idea by explaining it makes this learning method very effective as once you can explain an idea or concept in a simple language then you have deeply understood it and will remember it for a long time.

Teachers use the same technique in the class that is why they are able to explain the concept very well sometimes even without a book. You can also practice this method with your friends by explaining what you have learned and subsequently, they will learn too.

3. Set a specific time for study

Setting a specific time in day or during the week just to study, trains your brain by creating a routine and over time studying actually become easier, as your brain gets trained to learn those moments, for example, if you are habitual to take bath in the morning and it takes only 5 to 7 minutes for you to complete that, then try taking bath in the afternoon some day then you will notice that it is taking more than 7 minutes because your brain is not trained to do that activity in that time of the day and you have to put extra effort in performing the same task. Similarly, if you set a specific time for studying then your brain will automatically get trained to learn faster in that specific span of time.

4. Goal oriented study sessions

This method is also proven to be one of the most effective among students as having a specific goal for each study session. Instead of aimlessly studying you must pick one aspect or concept you will focus on whether its organic chemistry or completing the differential equations exercise or learning magnetic effects of currents. You must have a goal either for every session or for a whole day.

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5. Practice along with tests

This is the most important tip I or any other can give you that not only do practice but put your brain in the environment too because even if you make mistakes they help you identify gaps in your knowledge. You must have seen that every student who scores well in the exams have practiced and took maximum tests at home and not only from the textbooks but form different books also. Practice test has also been shown to increase confidence, thereby leading to better performance.

6. Practice sample and previous year papers (Research)

Hard work is as important as smart work. In this case, you have to do both first hard work by practicing sample papers and previous year papers and second smart work By doing research on the sample and previous year papers. Our team has done a lot of research in previous year papers and we have got some interesting facts such as specific chapters for longs questions, short questions, and very short questions, which chapters are most important, numerical chapters, etc. Here are some methods you can use for research in previous year papers:

  1. Practice from previous 5 or 10-year papers.
  2. Observe the paper pattern such as type of question (types of questions, section wise).
  3. Research on each question of every paper of all subjects and relate it with chapters and you will find that which chapter is important for short questions, long questions, numerical and derivation etc.
  4. Now you have the idea that how to prepare each chapter. Now you need to classify important topics, less important topics from each subject and start your preparation.
  5. When you start practicing, treat yourself as you are in the exam hall giving board exam. This will improve your time of solving the paper.

CBSE provides sample question paper and marking scheme (solution) to class 10th and 12th student each year not just to practice but also to give an idea of how the board exam question paper will be.

Now it’s your time to practice sample questions paper given by CBSE. The same method you will follow here in sample papers as mentioned above in previous year papers’ research. CBSE sample papers for class 10 are very important as their part of preparation because it’s their first time of the board exam. And Class 12th student know this fact very well that how important CBSE class 12th sample papers are for them.

For Sample papers and previous year papers of CBSE, ICSE, ISC or UP board, you can download by visiting the home page and select your board and class and there you will find them.

rules for writing answers in board exams

I. Do not just write to fill the answer sheet with whatever come to your mind related to the topic as it will just increase the quantity of words in your answer, therefore, it is advisable to frame your answer strategically and choose your words meticulously

II. Use high-frequency words more than low frequency, use tough or not very regular words only when necessary otherwise use common words to explain your answer completely.

III. Do not use contractions or short form of words as this is the part of spoken English. For example, use ‘cannot’ instead of ‘can’t’, use ‘would have’ instead of ‘would’ve’, etc.

IV. Try to use concise words which will help in increasing the quality of your answer. For example, instead of ‘very rich’ use ‘wealthy‘, ‘awful‘ instead of ‘very bad’, ‘perplexed‘ instead of ‘very confused’, etc.

V. Clear and spaced words, there is no time and need to make your writing beautiful, even though this can be beneficial, but you must write in a manner that it is understandable, easily readable and without cutting and overwriting of words. You must know how to write perfect answer in board exams in order to get full marks

VI. Words and diagrams should be according to the marks allocated to that particular question. A 5-marks question must contain a well drawn and neatly labeled diagram to score the maximum marks.

Every subject is equally important when it comes to examination or scoring marks there is no distinction among subjects but when it comes to preparation of individual subject or time given to particular subject for preparation then it can vary person to person because their strong and weak subjects can be different, every student work differently on different subjects still we are providing a 50 day schedule for the students who have these subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Computer Science and optional (Physical Education, etc).

1 Month 20 Days Time Table For 12th Board Exams

Days Subjects
1-7 Physics
8-14 Chemistry
15-24 Maths
25-28 English
29-33 Computer Science


Revision days as per subjects
5 Days – Physics, Chemistry & Maths  


1 Day – English
1 Day – Comp Science
41-50 Sample Or Previous Years Papers

1 Month Time Table For Class 10th Board Exams:

Days Subjects
1-6 Mathematics
7-12 Science
13-16 English
17-20 Social Studies
21-23 Hindi
24-30 Revision with previous year papers (Must)

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A student can change the schedule according to their grasp or interest of subjects as this is a standard time table which can help any student even if he has or has not any favourite subject. You must dedicate your last 10 days of your preparation to sample or previous year papers as it will help you to understand the type of questions which had already come in the examination and you will get habitual to the language of paper.

These techniques will not only help in the board examination but also in every field or every exam you will encounter in your life. These 5 methods or tips will help you learn faster and completely, irrespective of your chosen field.

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  1. hello sir i am shyenika i am in 9th my exam are in f february i am scared for my exam i am not sure whether eveything is prepared or not so sir plzz tell me how to prepare things in such time

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Shyenika,
      Don’t be afraid of the exams, just follow the time table as we mentioned in our article & prepared every subject carefully at your pace.

  2. Hi sir , i have done very less , can i score good marks because the exams are from may 4 and i am very scared …

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello RaulBazaz,
      Yes, you can score good marks if you give more focus to your studies & also follow the steps we mentioned in our blog.

  3. Piyush Kumar Sharma

    Hello sir, till now I have done everything but have 8 chapters left in maths (otherwise all is completed). Now should I like do maths regularly 10 days or should I also revise the topics, and can I complete those 8 chapters in 10 days. Those chapters are (coordinate geometry, triangles, circles, perimeter, area volume, statistics construction.)

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Piyush,
      Yes, you can complete those maths chapters in 10 days you just need to give more focus & strategies on how to complete them.

  4. HELLO sir, i am in class Xth and i have done nothing yet. only 2 months are left for my exam. can i still score good in maths?? I mean in every subject

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Vaibhavi,
      Yes, you can still score good marks in maths, you just need to focus on your studies more now & follow blogs on our website for tips & tricks.

  5. Sir I am currently in class 9. And tenthies always told me that 9 and 10 are not interconnected. So you dont need to take class 9 very very seriously. On the other hand teachers told us that what you study in ninth will come in tenth. Please clarify

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Tenthies has just 1 year more experience than you, while you teacher has 10s of years of experience. Each and every class is interconnected, what you will learn in class 9th will build your foundations for the advance topics that you will learn in 10th. So, each and every class is important, don’t take it lightly. Make sure you understand all the topics clearly, else you will be kicking yourself in class 10th for not being serious in class 9th. All the best!

  6. Sir, this time the pattern of cbse is changed so what is good for us to solve previous year question paper or we should practice sample papers .

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      The paper pattern is changed, but not the syllabus. Practicing previous year papers will help you do spot important questions that are asked repeatedly in board exams. Also, do practice sample papers as well.

  7. Hello sir I am student of 12 sciece class I have done only text notes is it sufficient I am very much afraid of it and I started ncert from starting is that sufficient with latest sample paper for board exam and also tell which pattern should I follow to get more than 90

  8. Sir, I am class 10th student. Should we study all subjects (6 subjects) in a day, like, 1 hour for Hindi, 2 hours math etc. Or 1 subject in a day. What should be our strategy?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      It depends on student that which strategy they choose. Some may be comfortable with 1 subject a day, while some may go with all subjects every day. Basically, you should opt the one that you feel comfortable. In my personal opinion, one should try to give time to all subject every day. This way you will be in touch of that subject every day.

      Make sure to make goals for each subject every day before you sit to study. This will help a lot.

  9. Sir help me i am from odisha not cbse students i can not get up early in the morning but in night i read till 1am i can’t remember all sub but I already read all sub what can I do for my board exam or to get up early in the morning

  10. Why i can’t remember my previous concepts.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Kiran, it is normal to forget, everyone does if we are not in constant touch with the topics. The best solution for your problem is to give at least one day in the weak when you take a quick glance over your previous topics. Also, try to associate topics with something that you can easy remember, like some kind of visual information. Watch videos on that topic will also help.

  11. If I complete only last 5 years question paper in PCB then how much mark I’ll get?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Akash, there is no saying how much marks you will get. But, if you are just dependent on last year papers, then you won’t score very well. The fact is previous year papers are very beneficial when you take them as a measure to see how good you have prepared so far, but if haven’t completed your syllabus, then i don’t know what to say.

  12. Hlo sir plzz tell me how can I prepare maths in just 7 day I m of grade 10 CBSE

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Revise your textbooks especially those topics in which you find difficulties and also, solve previous year papers.

  13. hello sir i m in class 10 cbse my exam begins from 27th feb and i am not prepared for that subject due to my grandmother’s death……………..i am depressed after her death and i am not able to concentrate on studies because of this………i miss her and i can’t study at all………………plz help me………..what should i do?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      This time you have to decide what is most important right now. At present, the most important thing is your board exams. And you know that your grandmother didn’t want that you don’t study. So, for your grandmother & for yourself focus on the studies. Think about your exam and your exam preparation. If you study and get good marks they will be happy for you.

  14. sir is it good to learn at d morning or night ?i am in grade 10
    even though i learn so well for maths i make a lot of silly mistakes….how do i stop this in boards?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Zaina, Both timing is good but the effective one is early in the morning. To avoid silly mistakes you need to write answer very cautiously and don’t go hurry while writing an answer and second thing is after writing the complete answer review your answer once again. This method will surely help you. All the best for the final exams.

  15. Hi sir… I’m frm goa n Im in 12th vocational stream… I hardly hav 1 month left for my board. .. and I really don’t know anything. .. whenever I start studin everytime I take a break every 5 mins…. and at the same time I start thinking about things… what should I do? ?.. how should I prepare for all my 6 chapters ??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Conan, increase your time and take the break after 1 hour of continuous study. 1 month is enough. Stick with your textbooks and also, practice sample papers.

  16. Hello sir!I am a student of class 12 of science subject and I have just 1 month to complete my whole syllabus and I am totally depressed thinking about my exam I have to just revise my syllabus but I don’t know I am very afraid of exams.So,please sir give me some tips to study properly and overcome my phobia of exams…thank you so much sir.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Nagma, If you just concentrate on your preparation and studies then you can overcome your exam phobia and depression. And when take breaks do something which gives you happiness, things in which you can laugh. This sounds funny but it will work. I tell you one thing, that when you will be in graduation or higher education then you will realize that class 10 exams are not much important so why to worry about? Be confident because there is nothing to fear or depression. I suggest you focus on your preparation and watch some cartoon shows. All the best.

  17. hello sir i am in class 10th and i have got 70 in my pre boards ……………. but i want to score more than 90 ……………… parents are very upset with my marks …………………plz help me …………… can i overcome this disappointment and score 90 in boards

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Tina, Don’t be disappointed with your high marks. Make your target of 100% And first complete your whole syllabus of all subjects. And simultaneously solve previous year papers and sample papers given by official CBSE board by this method you can get the idea, how much extra preparation you need to achieve 100% marks. And most important is to be positive. And don’t forget to follow these given tips. All the best!

  18. Sir,there is hardly one month left for my exams but I am so confuse in physics and didn’t getting what I should do because I am not in the condition of pass till now. So how can I study physics . please help me

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Akash, you need to complete your Physics syllabus first. Solve CBSE sample paper of physics and check which topics are more important and give them first preference for the revision. All The Best!

  19. sir im in 10th cbse..
    before the exams all concepts are clear to me and i hv understood all things but bcoz of the tentions of exam i become panic and easily loose marks.please provide me a solution for this. Also at earlier times i ised to get 85-86% and now im getting on into 60s . would i be able to cross 80s in boards?? please help me out sir.
    it would be a great help if u respond to my comment.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Ansh, This is a common problem of students who are appearing for class 10 board exam. But you don’t need to be panic just focus on your preparation and feel the board exams like a normal exam. Remember one thing whether it is a normal exam or very high-level exam, it’s your preparation and performance by which you can score good marks. All the best. stay positive and be strong.

  20. Sir
    When I try to study a subject then I became very confused to select what topic should I learn first. Any solution or recommendation for this

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Karan, because you are not organized. First given time to organize yourself and make a time table and strategy. after then start your preparation according to time table and strategy that you have made.

  21. Im in grade 12 . I hve only 20 days leff i frel like dnt remember anythng i need to score atleast 70% im so scared whether i ll pass or not pls help me.😭😭😭😭

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Sowbharni, you don’t need to fear about your exams instead you should worry about them. Be strong and confident, stick to your books completely and focus on your exam preparation. Follow these given tips and you will surely score good marks in your board exam. All the best!!

  22. Thanku sir for the following article, it is really very helpful for me and the ways given to write answers in exams is so good

  23. I want to study but my mind get distracted somewhere else then how can I study please guide me sorry 😔😢 but please 🙏 tell me how to study and get 90% in my board hsc commerce please please help me

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Pooja, because of your unorganized mind you get distracted. You need to observe the thoughts of your mind. What thoughts are distracting you? make a list and check which thoughts are important and which are useless. You can overcome by those thoughts by giving a better and positive solution to yourself. And more important things is practice. Practice to sit for study at least 1 hour and increase your practice time day by day.

  24. Sir
    i am i 10th class student who gets around 50 %can i score 80%above

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Ajay, of course, you can even score more than 90%. Just follow the strategies and tips given above in the article and study hard. All the best for the final exam.

  25. Sir,
    there are number of subjects to cover,but how can we complete all of them within a month.Please recommend me some ways to complete my portion in time and get +90% in my 10 boards …..

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Vrinda, choose your subject in which you are weak and give more time to them and less time to your strong subjects. Make a proper timetable and follow it. Use your free time to revise the topics and read theories. Use the internet for your studies and you can also make use of youtube to understand hard topics. And most important is practice important questions and sample papers.

  26. Hello, good article . Can u pls tell me how to stop internet and give full focus and concentration on studies. my preboard are going on and practicals are on Feb which leaves me with no time . Help me out pls!

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Avneesh, you don’t need to stop your internet. Instead, Use the internet for your studies, and make a time table and the most important is to follow your time table.

  27. Sir I’m a 10th standard student use to get 86-90 percentage……can following this timetable will help me in getting 96-99%…..?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you can score more than 90% with this timetable. There is a section “Recommended for you” at the end of this article, there is an article “11 Strategies To Score More Than 90% Marks In 12th 10th Board Exam 2019” go through this, it might help you for your board exam preparation.

  28. Hello sir i am a std 10th guy, to tell you frankly i am an average 75% scorer but my dreams are big….will following this pattern of time table with complete dedication be able to give me 95% in std10th boards?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Siddhesh, yes, you can get 90+ percent if you prepare with complete dedication. first, revise your NCERT textbook in deep and after that practice sample papers which will give you the idea that in which section/topic you need to practice more. All the best for your board exams.

  29. Hello sir iam literally stuck ! And destroyed i have 30 days left to study 12th boards PCB subject i havent started yet ! Please give me a time managment table and some tips to cover it efficiently and asap ! I need your help

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Yash, there is no time management sinch board exams are on the head. you should stick with your studies. Revise your syllabus of all subjects.

  30. Thank You For this very informative techniques. My problem lies with completing the huge syllabus in 40-45 days.As dates have been already announced (from 02 march,19) and also including practicals inbetween I am losing hope of i will be able to complete all ot it. Another problem of mine is i have 6 subjects PCM Biology and advise me with the needful tips. Seeing the teachers respond i am very hopeful to get a response too.Thank You.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Vish, Board exams are coming soon and time is less that means you need to give more time to practice. You should at least give 8-10 hours daily to all subjects. and Give more time to those subjects in which you are weaker. And simultaneously solve previous year papers and sample papers.

  31. Very nice article .just loved it.


    1. Hello Dakshal, Thank you for your review. You can stop using them suddenly because it is a habit and breaking the habit pattern is a challenging task. And yes, you need to stop using them but you need to make time-table for using social network, studies. Given less preference to your smartphone and all these things. If you are using YouTube, watch related to your studies, if you are using fb, chatting with friends, chat about studies and topics related to your subject. It will make useful use of these things.

  33. My comp in science help me sir

    1. Hello Vinay, you can practice from previous year paper of science. here is the link for science previous year paper: Science class 10 paper

  34. Sir please provide me a proper time table for scoring 95 % in x

  35. thanks to advise us .I think it will be helpful for me

  36. Hello sir,
    I am Yuvraj, what should I do to avoid distractions like sounds of television or voice of my family members.

    1. Hello Yuvraj,
      There is nothing you can do about the voices. The best solution for your problem is to study in the early morning hours when everyone is sleeping, or late nights. Some students go with the strategy of studying at night and sleeping during day time.

  37. If I am having 8 days for face the bord exam, then tell me the ways to score good percentage?

    1. Hello Sanju, you should use this time to revise the concepts and focus on paper practice to score good marks in exam

  38. Sir please provide me a proper time table for scoring 95 % in xii boards I have only 1 month left with me, I have done my chemistry ,and half of the maths course

  39. how do i concentrate and memorise it.because some time i get blank at the paper time

  40. Hello sir I am too confused what to do now only 20 days are left for my board exam class 10 , sir my all concepts are clear so pls tell what I do to score 90above percentage

  41. Sir i want a proper sehdule to prepare in my board i have the subjects bio,chem,phy,maths,hindi,english,history,
    economics please help me sir and i have just 30 days in my hand

  42. Sir sometimes I understood the whole concept but the problems comes when by understanding the whole concept sometimes I failed to solve the numericals in physics . Sir please give me some suggestions.

  43. Sir I don’t have any problem in any subjects but the problem is my low concentration in studies I get diverted within a less time of period .sir please tell me how to overcome from this problem?

  44. thank you sir, your tips were really helpful in getting me 98% in Preboards 2.

  45. Hello sir, I m having prob in phy and chem. I do study but do marks is not acceptable. Please tell me how to prepare coz just 1 month left.

  46. sir I haven’t read or practiced application of derivatives

  47. Only one month left out for CBSE board exams and i am left out chapters in physics and feeling tough if i blindly follow xam idea for physics can i be able to get 90+ or at least 80+ and only day for physics and computer science what should we do in it should we solve sample paper or revise chapters pls help i am too feared on physics and i not able to gather confidence please.

    1. Hello Seethalakshmi,
      90+ is a monstrous target, especially when there is less than 1 month left and syllabus is still not completed, even 80+ is a big deal. One thing is sure that you have to totally dedicate yourself for studies for the coming 2 months. Just solving question banks will do no good if you don’t understand the concepts. So, i will advice you to first clear the concepts first and then practice it’s questions.

  48. Thanks sir I got 92%marks in my pre board examination in school

  49. Please provide this time table of 1month 20days for class 10 also.

    1. Hello Ayush,
      you can make a time table by yourself, jut replace the subjects given in the table with your subjects. But, since you have asked for it, we will try to upload one for class 10th as soon as possible.

  50. Thanks for this a great schedule this helps us a lot in preparation of board examination

  51. sir what if our notes are not been completed of some chapter of subject like physics and chemistry

    1. Hello Nikita,
      i don’t know in what reference you are talking about, but i guess you want to ask if school will deduct your marks for not completing your notebook. If so, then it depends on the school. As per CBSE instruction school must award 5 marks out of 20 to students for notebooks and other class activity.

  52. Thank you for your schedule

  53. Sir
    Please guide me on my boards humanities exam I want to score above 95% my subjects are socio history political science English geography and physical education but I scored only 70% in pre boards how to score 95%

  54. exceptionally well!

  55. Thanks for sharing the important information. I really like it. Thank You So Much.

  56. thank you sir for shedule

  57. Thank you very much sir.

  58. Thank you sir, I really like it!

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Sanya,
      Glad to know that this article was helpful to you. We wish you all the best for you board exams.

  59. Sir,
    How should we prepare in last month before exams?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Tanishque,
      Please refer to the above article in which the tips on how to prepare for board exams in 1 month are given. I am sure it will definitely help you.

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