5 Body Languages To Develop To Crack SSB Interview

I am sure that you must have heard everyone saying and telling you to develop officer like qualities but did they ever tell you what they really are ? Now, I am not making them responsible for not telling or teaching you about them because no body really knows about you better than yourself. Only you know what you have and what you do not in terms of qualities and talents. Let me cite an example to explain the above lines; you must have come to know about those special boys or girls who cleared the SSB interview and got recommended whom you think could not because they were neither excellent in studies nor an apple of everyone’s eye.

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Recently I have come to know about one boy in my neighbourhood who has cleared ssb  interview in his first attempt when nobody was expecting this kind of result from him. He was neither the topper of his class nor very calm but what he had was his adamant behaviour as he was not afraid to do anything and I believe this must have been one of the reasons that he cracked ssb interview in his first attempt. Because of his go getter attitude and his non afraid thinking, which are among the qualities of an officer, he developed the necessary body language to crack the ssb interview.

This article is dedicated to make you learn necessary body languages to develop to crack ssb interview.

5 Body Languages To Develop To Crack SSB Interview

First thing first, do not think that these 5 body languages are the tips and tricks or hacks to apply for short time period which can help you get through the ssb interview or any other institution exam. Undoubtedly, this article will help you develop those qualities which you need to crack the ssb interview but do not learn them as the last minute formula which you can cram and apply in an interview. These are not the tips to learn but habits to develop as they will govern your body.

5 Body Languages to Develop to crack SSB Interview


One of the most underrated habit is thinking as every language your body says started as a thought in your mind and if you wish to change your body language without changing your thinking then its a race without end. You will definitely come to your old body language sooner than you think unless you have a determined thought in your mind that “no matter what, I have to leave this bad habit forever”.

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It does not matter how confident your body language is, if your mind is not confident, for example, if I ask you to run for 50 kilometers right now then in this scenario it would not matter what your body is saying but what would matter is what your mind is saying. Once you develop that confident thinking, disciplined body language will be a peace of cake for you. This is how thinking plays an important role in developing effective body language.

2. Smile

For your interview, you must be wearing your best outfit in which you will feel confident but the most attractive and confident thing you can wear is a smile, in your ssb interview, as it reflects positive, warm and responsive attitude. Now, smile does not mean that you keep grinning throughout your interview that would neither help you nor impress the panel as it can be seen as your non serious attitude.

Smile can be used as an armour when you do not know the answer to the question asked by panel but excess smiling will put you into the position where you can no longer hold your armour as it will get heavy because you were using it throughout the process.

3. Eye-Contact

You also must have come to know about the trick from different platforms that for how long you should watch in someone’s eyes to maintain a confident eye contact until you know their eye’s color but do you know why people give it as ssb interview tip. Apart from the words and your body posture, eyes also plays an important role in effectively delivering your message to the interviewer or any other listener.

You may have very strong thoughts to share which, sometimes, could not be expressed in words at that time and if they remain in your head and do not actually link up with the panel then in this scenario your eyes can be your message carrier. These thoughts can be on “why you want to join Indian Armed Forces “, because while answering this question, eyes will tell the more truth than your words because a lot of candidates must have crammed an essay to this question and words can disguise but not eyes.

4. Posture

In ssb interview your communication will begin before you even open up your mouth to speak and your first impression of you to your interviewer will be your posture; how you entered in the hall, how you sit, how you put your hands and legs while sitting. While sitting, your spine must be straight, chest and chin should be up and also make sure that you do not sit with crossed hands or legs as it depicts the under confident or closed attitude of a person, who is not ready to tell or learn anything from the people he/she is sitting with.

Posture does not only mean how you sit but how you use your hand gestures also while talking, as it conveys the strong message that you know what you are talking about and are confident of the words you are speaking.

5. Handshake

Do you know that there are more connections between your brain and palm of your hands then any other body parts? So, clearly, the palms have evolved as an important part of human brain as most of the things, from simple to complex, you perform with your hands and handshake is one of them. Our first formal physical touch, when we meet anybody, is usually a handshake and a lot of things can be understood by a firm handshake as in this process we are holding that part of the body which has the most number of brain connections.

Just a sturdy handshake, in a way, can tell about the strong and weak connections between your brain and palm. The necessity of a strong handshake is, because, it tells about your brain’s control over hand. Not only in the ssb interview but always shake hands firmly with friends also and if you get a chance to shake hands with any army personnel then you will know the difference between yours and his’.

How to lie in SSB interview?

This is one of the most anticipated question asked by special kind of aspirants who are preparing for ssb interview. If you also have these kind of doubts like, “Can I lie in ssb interview?”, “how to lie in ssb interview?” and you are looking for answers to above questions and planning to use them in the interview then you must be an underconfident aspirant who believes that his truths are not strong enough to get him through the interview.

Nobody should or needs to lie in the ssb interview as, if you lie, you will be using a baseless ladder which can fall anytime in front of a experienced veteran which can end your interview in a fiasco and may destroy your image for future ssb interviews.

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