CBSE Class 12th Sample Papers 2021 All Subjects PDF Download

Computer Science
Physical Education

Latest researched CBSE 2021 sample papers for class 12 all subjects according to the latest CBSE pattern. Here you will get all the helpful study material including previous year papers, sample papers, model papers, practice papers, guess papers, etc. We are offering the CBSE 2021 Sample Papers for Class 12th board exam of all subjects, especially for the Science students who want to score more than 90% marks. Just go through the whole article and you will experience a difference in yourself.

CBSE Class 12th Sample Papers 2021 All Subjects PDF Download

It’s a kind of stress that every Science student feels in his/her mind while preparing for the board exams, as all the subjects have such a huge syllabus, and what could be more heartbreaking other than the colossal of definitions, equations, numerical, reactions, etc. And how can one forget about those outstretched terms of Biology. In this article, you will get the solution for all the problems of each subject, and moreover, you will get well researched CBSE 12 Sample Papers pdf of all subjects separately which you can practice subsequently.

Here are the subject wise CBSE Class 12 Sample practice papers and guess papers 2019 with solutions. You can download these sample papers in the pdf file.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Sample Papers 2021 (Guess Papers)

Class 12th Physics subject is an important one and it needs practice. After a lot of research in previous year papers and the latest board exam pattern, we have prepared the best sample papers that will help you in your board exam preparation. Here are the researched CBSE sample papers for class 12 Physics You can download these Physics sample papers in a pdf file as well.

CBSE class 12 Overall Important Question papersCBSE Overall Important Question Papers For Class 12 Physics 2021 with Solution

Price: ₹ 155
No. of Files: 5 PDF Files
Year : 2021
3000+ Downloads

12th Physics

Download CBSE Class 12 Physics previous year papers to boost up your board exam preparation.

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Sample Papers 2021 (Guess Papers)

Class 12th Chemistry is literally a tough subject as there is a lot of chemical reaction. Solve these sample papers and you will get insight into your preparation. You will get to know important topics, derivation, chemical reaction, and numerical by practicing these researched 12th Chemistry sample papers.
Here are the latest CBSE sample papers for class 12 Chemistry. You can download these Chemistry sample papers in pdf file as well.

CBSE class 12 chemistry Overall Important Question papersCBSE Overall Important Question papers Class 12 Chemistry 2021 with Solution
Price: ₹ 155
No. of Files: 5 PDF Files
Year : 2021
2000+ Downloads

12th Chemistry

Boost up your exam preparation with CBSE Class 12 Chemistry previous year papers and score more than 90+ marks.

CBSE Class 12 Maths Sample Papers 2021 (Guess Papers)

Team 4ono always keeps focussing on students need and try to solve their problems. This year we have brought well-researched Sample practice papers for class 12th Mathematics. The Papers given below are sample question papers, so you can download them and boost your practice.
Maths is the only subject which needs only practice. We have covered the whole syllabus and important topics and prepared researched sample papers. Practicing these sample question papers will help you to give a concrete idea of question types and patterns of each chapter, the density of questions for chapters.
Here are the researched CBSE sample papers for class 12 Maths. You can download these Maths sample papers in pdf file as well.

CBSE class 12 Maths Overall Important Question papersCBSE Overall Important Question papers Class 12 Maths 2021 with Solution
Price: ₹ 155No. of Files: 5 PDF Files
Year: 2021
1000+ Downloads

12th Maths

Maths is a tough subject, don’t take chance and practice Class 12 Maths previous years papers and score good marks in your final exams.

CBSE Class 12 Biology Sample Papers 2021 (Guess Papers)

Class 12th Biology is a complex and vast subject. Let’s solve these sample papers and check how many marks you are getting. These are well researched and practicing these sample guess papers will help you to guide in your preparation. Solving these biology sample papers, you will get to know the board exam pattern as well.
Here are the CBSE sample papers for class 12 Biology. You can download these Biology sample papers in pdf file as well.

CBSE class 12 Overall Important Question papersCBSE Overall Important Question papers Class 12 Biology 2021 with Solution
Price: ₹ 105
No. of Files: 3 PDF Files
Year: 2021
8000+ Downloads

12th Biology

Keep your preparations high for biology by downloading the Class 12 Biology previous years papers.

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Papers

Class 12 computer science is a theory and logic-based subject. It includes programming as well as the logical part. Practice these sample papers and boost up your board exam preparation. Here are the latest CBSE sample papers for class 12 Computer Science. You can download these Computer Science sample papers in pdf file as well.

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Also, Download Class 12 Computer science previous year papers and ace your final board exam.

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Sample Papers

Class 12 Hindi is a scoring subject. And you can score 100 out of 100 marks. Hindi board exam paper basically consists of 3 sections which are: Reading, Writing, and Literature. With a little effort, you can score more than 90 marks. Just Practice these sample papers and you will the experience of board exam papers. Here are the latest CBSE sample papers for class 12 Hindi. You can download these Hindi sample papers in pdf file as well.

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Get maximum marks in Hindi by practicing CBSE Class 12 Previous years papers for Hindi.

CBSE 12th English Sample Papers

Class 12 English board exam papers has generally three sections which are Reading, Writing, and Literature. Reading and Writing are the two-section where practice needs most. And sample papers are very helpful for the reading and writing section.
By the latest sample papers, you will get to know exactly what type of questions can be asked in board exam papers whether it is notice writing, letter writing, etc. The literature section can be improved by solving these latest sample practice papers.
So, here are the latest CBSE sample papers for class 12 English. You can download these English sample papers in pdf file as well.

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Also, download Previous years papers for Class 12 English.

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education

CBSE Class 12 Informatic Practices

Tackling Physics

12th class Physics, a subject having countless definitions, numerical and hundred of equations and derivations which make it a sort of difficult for the students. Generally, a student gets impatient while going through all this and give up at last by leaving most of the topics.

They are not losers, they are just the people who stop trying when they are about to win. Just note the difference.

Tips For You

The students who want to score good marks must read the tips by the experts in Physics, which will help them to deal with these subjects.

It is such a tricky subject, and you need to tackle this subject with different tricks. There are many chapters in Physics which are very important and contain most of the marks. So try to prepare such chapters the best way you can.

After solving these class 12th Physics sample papers, you will get to know chapters like Optics, Magnetism, and Electrostatics are worth studying and contains maximum marks. Learn time management and try to cover more parts as soon as you can. The subject has such a vast syllabus, and you need to cover it all.

You can take help from refreshers and extra books. Solving Physics sample papers would help you to win half of the battle.

Tackling Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject that seems to be easy for some students, but for the remaining ones, it is a headache.

But, my dear friends, let me tell you a fact that chemistry is one among the marks securing subject of Science stream, and a brilliant student can easily score 100 out of 100 in Chemistry Board exam. Put your effort into solving these Chemistry sample papers given above and you can score great marks.

If you too wanna acquire that brilliance then, you need to read the given Expert advice. Maybe, it will help.

Tips For You

Learn the equations by writing them again and again. Note down all the formulae on a chart paper and stick it to the wall of your bedroom. Don’t try to learn them, just read them daily in the morning.

Believe me! it will be fun and your room will also look good. Try to go creative if you can. Don’t make the subject boredom by studying Physical, Organic, and Inorganic chemistry together.

Complete the parts one by one, this will make it interesting and moreover, you will get to know your strong parts. Don’t forget to practice the sample papers of Chemistry which will sort out half of your problems.

Tackling Biology

Students often think of biology as a hard subject, especially because of the tricky terms which are hard even to pronounce. But if you start taking interest in it, then you can ultimately score good marks in biology. By solving the class 12 Biology sample papers given above you will see some interesting facts like a well-labeled diagram is key, there are specific chapters where there is question density is high, etc.

Don’t worry, instead, start working on this subject and if you are honest then, you will notice the difference. There is so much you need to know if you want to score good marks. Have a look at expert advice.


Attend all the lectures of your Biology. They say that the meticulous students who want to attain more than 90% marks are not allowed to leave a single class of Biology, as most of it can be covered in the class itself.

Concentration is the best remedy for all the problems in Biology. Definitions are the important essence of this subject and at the same time, it helps to clear one’s basic concepts.

So, learn them at any cost. I know, Biology gets boring sometimes. Lengthy definitions and complicated terms generally make it so. To avoid this boredom, you can study it in the company of your friends.

Just discuss the terms randomly with them, explain to them the different processes of Biology, it will definitely help. Moreover, solve the sample papers of the subject and afterward, check them on your own to point out your mistakes. Put every possible effort to improve them.

Life is hard for students of 12th class, but for students belonging to the science stream, it is even more difficult. But as they say, hardship makes a person strong, and always remember the harder path you take the stronger you will become.

Just continue with your hard work, you are about to reach your goal. Don’t lose hope and keep trying till you get success.

The conclusion is, Download and do practice with the latest CBSE class 12 sample papers given above of all subjects and I am sure you will score great marks in your final board exams. All the best.

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      At this moment, when there is hardly any time left for exams, nothing is sufficient. You need to practice more and more. After practicing these sample papers, take mock tests by keeping time limit.

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      Download CBSE 12th Science Previous Year Question Papers All Subjects PDF

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      Hi Dev.
      We understand that a very less time is left, but this is not the time to regret, keep yourself calm, then only you could be able to study. So we will recommend you to practice as many sample papers as you can and and also practice from previous year question papers. You will surely get the results.

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    1. Hey Bipul, It’s not necessary to attend classes to score good marks. Just pick the syllabus, plan a strategy and study according to it. For more tips, visit our article “11 Strategies To Score More Than 90%“.

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      time management needs great deal of decipline and efoorts. You will have to do things right on time, everything should be preplanned. Try these tips:-

      • Make your time schedual for next day before going to bed at night. ztry to write it down somewhere, where you can see it contantly.
      • Be practlice while deciding time limits to differnet tak. Give atlest 30% extra time to every task in your written time table.
      • you can not aford to be lethargic if you want to learn time management.
      • Always remember, you can not learn timemanagement in just 1 day or 1 week. Just keaep on going untill you get habitual to it
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      • Try to follow these tips, and hope for the best.

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    1. Hi Kisor, We are collecting the Sample Papers for 2016, the sample papers are issued by the CBSE board and we are still waiting for the same. But you can download the sample papers from various publications on the Internet.
      But please do not rely on them completely because they are not issued by CBSE.

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      We have updated this article for the sample paper of Informatic Practices 2016. You can download the Sample paper by using the navigation at the beginning of this article.
      Thank you.

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