CBSE Academic Circular Latest News 2019-2020

CBSE Academics is an online web portal of India’s most popular education board central board of secondary education (CBSE). Though CBSE has many web portal running online, but CBSE academics is special in it’s own way. Mostly all the latest news and updates regarding different events of CBSE are uploaded on this website, but one can find a lot of other useful information like curriculum for various subjects, class and exams.

For students the best part of CBSE academics is the sample question paper section where they provide the latest sample question papers of almost every subject and their marking scheme for class 12th and class 10th. The sample papers and marking scheme give students idea about paper pattern of the coming year so that they can prepare and write their answers in board exams accordingly.

We have assembled all the study material that a student needs to prepare for board exam and score 90+ marks. chapter wise important questions, previous year papers, sample papers, guess papers and what not.

CBSE Academic Circular Latest News 2019-2020

Giving exams without preparation is like going for a war without any weapon. Practice and hard work are keys to success in any field, and same goes for board exams. By practicing the CBSE academics study material (that is given here) you can pass with distinction.

Our experienced teacher and expert staff have created and organized all the studying content at one place so that students do not have to waste their time on searching for CBSE study material online. Go ahead and browse through the content.

CBSE Academics Class 12th Study Material

Following are the different stream for class 12th and their respective study material. Please note that some of the content for one subject may be missing for some other subject, e.g we have chapter wise important questions for physics, chemistry and math, but not for other subjects.

We are trying our best to provide all the important content for all subjects, but it will surely take some time. The page will be updated with new content as soon as it is prepared.

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Board exams are one of the land marks in a students life, and maybe this is the reason why almost every student is fare full about these exams. But in reality, board exams of CBSE are not that hard as students assume them to be. As CBSE itself states that 30% of the paper is easy, 40% normal and 30% hard.

So, even if you don’t prepare very hard you can easily score 60 to 70% marks. Getting passing marks is quite easy in CBSE. It’s just the psychology of students that make the paper hard. So, change your approach and mindset, and the world is yours.

CBSE Academics Class 10th Study Material

Class 10th is one of the crucial stages of CBSE academics, that is why they conduct the board exam for class 10th. Following is the best study material for all subject of class 10th. Some of the content is free to download, while some is paid.

If it is just practice in your mind and you just want to check you preparations, then the free content will be more than enough for you. If you are planning to start your preparations, then paid content will serve you the best.

Conducting board exams for class 10th was bought back for the academic term of 2018 – 19. Earlier the board exam system was removed and CGPA system was introduced in which grades were given to students in place of marks. But it looks like the officials were not happy with the system and decided to come back to the tradition system of conducting board exams.

The significance of 10th syllabus is such that most of the government exams demands a good knowledge of CBSE 10th syllabus. The question asked in such government exams are mostly based on CBSE syllabus for class X.

Therefore it’s is very important for 10th students to pay special attention towards their syllabus, and the CBSE academics study material provided here can prove to be very helpful. Not only it will help you to prepare for board exam, but will also deepen your knowledge. So, why waste time!

Preparation Tips

We have many dedicated articles on how one can prepare for board exams, but lets discuss the exam preperation tips here anyway. First lets try to understand the mindset of different kind of students.

Below average student: a below average student sets his/her primary goal as getting passing marks and prepares accordingly. s/he will only try to cover those topics that carries maximum marks but are easy to cover. Laziness and putting things on tomorrow are the common traits of below average students. They may spend 4 to 6 hours in front of books, but they hardly concentrate on studies for even half an hour.

average students: they are dominated by their fair. They put half-hearted effort to score marks, and while they may think of scoring 90+ marks, but the fact is that they are happy with just 50 and 60%. While they may perform good in various section of life, but studies are something that they just can’t cope with, because it takes hard work to score good marks and they too have laziness in them. Their quality study time is maximum 1 hour.

extra ordinary students: They have a strong will power to get the magical number of 90’s. They set their goals high and are willing to work hard for it. They give at least 3 to 4 quality hours to their studies with full concentration.

You see the difference, it’s all about mindset and will power, you get what you deserve, not what you want. So, if you want 90+ marks then don’t just dream it, become worth it and you will get it.

Let’s see how you can prepare yourself to become an extra ordinary student.

Want Vs. Need

98% of the times a dear over runs the lion in the game of hunting. Lion ‘want’ the dear to be it’s meal and put efforts accordingly, but dear ‘need’ to run for it’s life and therefore put extra ordinary efforts. The game of exam is quite identical to the game of hunting, 98% of those who just want good marks has to satisfy with average marks, while those who have set their goals high need to score good marks and hence will get them.

Motivation Vs habits

Motivation is like perfume that smells strong, but as time passes it fades away. Same goes for motivation, it will fuel you up for sometime but as time progresses it will fade away. But, habits are their to stay, initially it’s hard to build a habit but once it’s build then they will stay with you for life time.

So, don’t read or watch motivation, try to build the habit of studying at least 2 hours every day and increase it slowly.

Eat the frog

There will be times when you will just want quit, your mind will give all short of excuses to make you quit, but remember that taking pain today will make you stronger for tomorrow. So, when your mind bothers you try to stick to your plan and give it as much as you can.

Complete the syllabus

If you really want to score distinction then completing the syllabus at least once should be you primary target. Once you are through the syllabus then you can go on practicing all short of sample and guess papers. Always remember that topper students go through their syllabus not just once but 2, 3 times

Practice, practice and practice

“Practice makes a man perfect” this is one fact in a students life that will never change. The more you practice the better you get, specially in something that you find hard. Often students make the mistake of practicing only one subject which they like, while in fact they should be practicing that subject which they hard. If you are making the same mistake then stop doing it.

Hope the CBSE academics study material given her will help you in scoring good marks and increase your knowledge.

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