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Welcome students, hope you are going great with your preparations. In this article, you will get the marking scheme or the Blueprints for CBSE class 10th of all subjects.

CBSE has issued a new assessment structure for class 10th board examination. Earlier the dual scheme of the examination was followed,  including scheme I and scheme II which have been discontinued. From the academic session 2017-18, the CEE pattern has been replaced with regular annual exams. It means from 2017 onward class 10th board exams will be compulsory as per the rules of CBSE.

CBSE Class 10th Blueprint: New Marking Scheme Details

  • The annual exam will be of total 100 marks. The written examination will be of 80 marks in which securing 33% out of 80 marks are mandatory to pass the examination in each subject.
  • CBSE board will cover 100% syllabus of the subject in the examination.
  • For every subject marks and grades will be awarded separately.
  • The 9 point grading system followed in 12th class will remain same.
  • The internal assessment will carry 20 marks. Again, students have to score 33% of overall 20 marks in each subject in order to pass. Internal assessment will include Periodic Test, Notebook Submission and Subject Enrichment Activities.
10th New Paper Pattern 2019
80 marks – theory
20 marks – practical
6th subject is compulsory
33% minimum passing marks
Percentage criteria for result

# Periodic Test

The period test will carry 10 marks. Schools will conduct 3 periods written test of each subject in an academic year. For the final marks submission, the average of best two test will be taken into consideration.

# Notebook Submission 

Yes! this time notebook submission is also included which is of 5 marks. This step is taken by CBSE to ensure that students prepare the assessments and notes properly. This is to check the regularity, assessment completion, neatness and that students keep their notebook upkeep.

# Subject Enrichment Activities. 

Here CBSE has emphasized on understanding and skill development of students. All these activities will be subject specific and teachers of a respective subject will have a record of students performance. It will carry 5 marks.

  • Languages: Such activities will be conducted which will aim to enhance students speaking and listening skills.
  • Mathematics: CBSE has laid down the laboratory activities and project in NCERT which may be followed.
  • Science: The listed practical works and or activities may be carried out as prescribed by CBSE in the curriculum.
  • Social Science: Map and project work will be undertaken following CBSE curriculum.

#Note: In case of student opt for the 6th additional subject then s/he have to follow schemes as stated by CBSE in the curriculum.

CO-Scholastic Activities

CBSE has made sure that all the school must promote co-curricular activities for overall development of students. Under the CBSE Class 10th Blueprint, these activities will be graded on 5-point grading scale(A to E) and will have no descriptive indicators. No upscaling of grades will be done. Below we explain these activities.

# Work Education or Pre-Vocational Education

This is the platform for students where they can participate in social, economic and welfare activities. Through these activities, students will learn about community service and develop self-reliance.

# Art Education

There is no doubt that art has always been a major part of school curriculum which initially helps in growth of students personality. Now student will select one or more forms of creative arts.

#Health & Physical Education(Sports/ Martial Arts/ Yoga/ NCC etc.)

CBSE has stated that in the physical activities like sports/martial arts/yoga/NCC must be given a regular period. Students will have a chance to engage themselves in any of these activities as per their interest.

CBSE 10th Blueprints – Why Are They Important?

Students who are going to have their summative should know about the marking scheme or blueprint of all their subjects. Having proper knowledge of mark distributions before you get involved in your preparations plays an important role.

Blueprints basically give you the idea of the importance of any chapter. Chapters that are important and carry comparatively more marks than others.

All the blueprints for class 10th are prepared under the guidelines of CBSE, hence there is no chance of mistakes. So check out the blueprints for class 10th of CBSE board subject wise.

Once you know the marking scheme, then you should make proper strategies to score more marks in board exam. Below is the table that explains the paper pattern in detail.

CBSE 10th new pattern 2018

English Communicative

English is not that difficult subject, so it is possible for students to get easy marks in this subject. It just requires a correct knowledge of every chapter, and its Marking scheme of course, which will avail you to study smartly.

Description of questions No. of questions Total marks
1 mark questions 28 28
2 marks questions 8 16
8 marks questions 2 16
10 marks questions 2 20
Grand total 40 questions 80 marks

**Please note that the below content is outdated, new information will be added soon.

You will have exams in two parts, Summative Assessment I and Summative Assessment II, both have equal weightage of 50% marks.

So, you should keep in mind that you cannot score good marks just by studying at the last moment. The continuous study will help you thoroughly.

Summative Assessment I:-

The total weightage assigned to this section is 30%.

Out of the total, you have 30% marks to score in this section. The Reading section contains 15 marks, writing section consists of 20 marks, 15 marks are assigned to Grammar portion, Literature section – 30 marks and 10 marks will be given to you for Listening and speaking abilities. This makes a total of 90 marks.

Formative Assessment:-

This portion has 20% weightage in total, ascribed to it.
Now, the total of 50% weightage in the first term exams will be added to the weightage of final marks.

Summative Assessment II:-

30% weightage is given to this section, and there will be the same pattern of question paper with the same sections and same marking scheme as it was in S.A – I.

Formative Assessment:-

There will be Formative Assessment of 20 marks once again, but you just have to do a little more hard work here as the syllabus will be increased.

Now, look at the marks distribution among the different sections of the question paper. Just read it carefully, a little sloppiness can cost you hard.

First of all, let me make it clear that the question paper will be divided into four sections making a total of 90 marks.



The first section is Reading Section of 15 marks, in which two unseen passages will be presented before you. You have to answer some questions on the basis of these passages.

Of course, it will make a check on your vocabulary by including questions like error finding, sentence competition and fill in the blanks, and one-word answers will also be there.



This section is all about your own creative skills and formating. The more you write creative and to the point, the more you will gather marks in this section. And you should know that almost half of the marks are for formating, so try to keep your formatting up to standards.

There will be four questions. In the first one, you will be given either a short composition, a notice, a message or a diary entry consisting 3 marks. Just write about 50 words in this question.

The next question will comprise of 5 marks in which you will have to write a description or biological sketch. In the sketch, the students who want to get full marks should write up to 100 words.

The third question of this section will consist of formal/informal letter comprising of 6 marks. The ideal letter should be of 100-120 words. The letter will be followed by a next question in which you have to prove your writing skill in about 120 words in the form of  given article or story.

Section C:-


This section of the papers is to check your grammatical knowledge. One-word questions like Gap filling, rearrangement of sentences, Sentence completion, Editing, etc. will be asked in this section.

Section D:-


This section is one among the most marks scoring sections. All you need is knowledge of every chapter from your English textbook. The section will consist questions from Prose, Poetry, and Play, i.e there will be three questions each from different parts, i.e. Prose, Poetry, and Play. Together it makes 9 marks.

Two short questions will also be there comprising 6 marks, and one long question of 5 marks. I will suggest you to give the most of your attention to this section as there will be no question outside from your textbook, so it is easy to grab these 20 marks.


There will be two general questions in this section. The first one will be like a theme or a plot of some play of your textbook, it will carry 5 marks. In the next question, you will have to write a character sketch of given character, in at least 100 words, and this questions will also carry 5 marks.

Hopefully, this will work and will help you to study smartly in English.


In a survey it was found that maths is the subject in which most of the students are weak. This implies that most of the students find maths hard to study. You must have noticed, when you are getting the right answers to the questions, then maths seems to be fun and you just can’t stop yourself doing more.

But, the story changes when you are stuck in some problem, or you are not getting the right answer. This means that students do like maths, but they are not determinant enough to solve the problem through hard work. So next time when you stuck in some problem, just give it your 100%.

Description of questions No. of questions Total marks
1 mark questions 6 6
2 marks questions 6 12
3 marks questions 10 30
4 marks questions 8 32
Grand total 30 questions 80 marks

**Please note that the below content is outdated, new information will be added soon.

Lets Understand this table in detail:

In the first column, the name of the chapter are given. Some of the chapters name are not complete or are written in short form due to some technical limitations. Therefore, students are advised to refer NCERT.

Columns 2, 3, 4 and 5 represent how many questions of how many marks will come from each chapter. e.g in the chapter Real Numbers, there will be 1 question of 1 mark, and 1 question of 2 marks, hence total 3 marks.

In the last column, the total marks questions  from each chapter are represented. The questions are given inside the brackets(). The last row of the table gives the grand total of questions and marks.


If you are dreaming to score good marks in science, then you will need the following three things: regular practice, smart study, and an open mind.

Regular practice and smart study can be achieved by discipline and continuous efforts of studying your syllabus. But for an open mind, you need to consume knowledge from different sources.

Below is the syllabus of Science, keep practicing so that you can achieve all the three qualities.

Description of questions No. of questions Total marks
1 mark questions 2 2
2 marks questions 9 18
3 marks questions 10 30
5 marks questions 6 30
Grand total 27 questions 80 marks

**Please note that the below content is outdated, new information will be added soon.

Summative Assessment I

This assessment consist of 4 chapters of Science and student can easily secure marks as the syllabus is not that huge and the concepts are really very easy.

Just make sure that making notes and day to day revision is compulsory for good marks. Have a look at the chapters

Chemical Substances – 33 Marks
World of Living – 21 Marks
Effects of Current – 29 Marks
Natural Resources – 07 Marks

The overall marks by totaling of all these chapters make 90 marks, and this comprises of 30% of the total weightage. Project Work consist of 10 Marks and that is what we call Formative Assessment.

Summative Assessment II

This assessment, likewise the S.A. I consist of 90 marks and it includes the following chapters:

Chemical Substances – Nature and Behavior – 23 Marks
World of Living – 30 Marks
Natural Phenomenon – 29 Marks
Natural Resources – 08 Marks

comprehensive marks of 90 are made up of all these chapters, and 10 marks of Project work is also added to it as Formative Assessment.

Section A – Very Short Answers: 12 Marks
This section consists of 12 questions of 1 mark each.

Section B – Short Answers (I): 12 Marks
6 questions of 2 mark each in this section.

Section C – Short Answers (II): 36 Marks
This section includes 12 questions of 3 marks each.

Section D – Long Answers (III): 30 Marks
6 questions of 5 marks will be there in this section.

Marks for Project Work and class performance also matters the most as it consists of 20 marks, which is very important for the student who want to score full marks.

Social Science

Social Studies is one of the most marks scoring subjects, you can easily score in 70’s just by giving 1 hour daily to this subject.

So start your preparations from today, below is the marking scheme of social science for you to begin with.

Description of questions No. of questions Total marks
1 mark questions 9 9
3 marks questions 12 36
5 marks questions 7 35
Grand total 28 80

**Please note that the below content is outdated, new information will be added soon.

Summative Assessment I:-

India and the Contemporary World: – Livelihoods, Economies, and Societies. The making of Global World. The age of Industrialization. Work, life, and leisure. Everyday Life, Culture and Politics. Print Culture and the Modern World. Novels, Societies, and Histories.

Contemporary India: – resources and Development, Forest and Wildlife Resources, Water Resources and Agriculture.

Democratic Politics: – Power sharing and Federalism. Democracy and Diversity and Gender, Religion and Caste.

Understanding Economic Development: – Development and Sectors of the Indian Economy.

Disaster Management: – Disaster Management

Summative Assessment II:-

You will get questions from different chapters, and they will make a total of 90 marks. Additionally10 marks are allotted to project work and class work.

India and the Contemporary World: – The rise of Nationalism in Europe, The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China, Nationalism in India.

Contemporary India: – Minerals and Energy Resources, Manufacturing industries, Lifeline of National Economy.

Democratic Politics: – Popular struggles and movements and Political Parties, Outcomes of Democracy, Challenges to Democracy.

Understanding Economic Development: – Money and Credit, Globalization and the Indian Economy, Consumer Rights.

Disaster Management

Apart from these two assessments, two Formative Assessments will also be there making a total of 20 marks based on project work and your class performance.

Section A – Very Short Question: 8 Marks

In this sections, you have to answer the questions in one word. There will be 8 questions and 1 mark is allotted to each question.

Section B – Short Questions(I) : 42 Marks

There will be 14 questions each of 3 marks. Give your answer in about 50-60 words, it will be absolutely enough.

Section C – Long Questions: 40 Marks

If you are well aware of the concepts of Social Studies then this section will help you a lot, as there will be 8 questions and each question consists of 5 marks.


You may find this subject easy and might take it lightly. But, believe me, Hindi is one among the most typical subject ever, and there is a never-ending process of exploration in this subject.

Learning Hindi can take you to some other level. Just hold down, for now, concentrate in covering the syllabus of Hindi at least once till exams.

And never ever leave it for the last moment. Just read out the marking scheme here and then decide that which chapter should be given more preference.

Description of questions No. of questions Total marks
1 mark questions 18 18
2 marks questions 11 22
5 marks questions 5 40
Grand total 34 80

**Please note that the below content is outdated, new information will be added soon.

Summative Assessment I

This exam will have 30% weightage in which Apathit Bodh consist of 20 marks, Vyakran Section comprises of 20 marks, Textbook comprises of 40 marks, writing section comprises of 10 marks.

Formative Assessment
20% weightage from this section makes a total of 50%.

Summative Assessment II
This assessment comprises of 30% of weightage in which Apathit Bodh consist of 20 marks, Vyakran Section comprises of 20 marks, Textbook comprises of 40 marks, writing section comprises of 10 marks.

Formative Assessment
20% weightage is from this section which includes your class performance and project work.

Section A: READING

This section will be having questions from Reading Section including two Unseen Passages of 10 marks each. One will be from prose section and the other from poetry section.

Section B: GRAMMAR

This section will have five questions each of 4 marks. This is from Grammar portion.


This section is all about literature part, and if you had studied from your textbook in a good way, then Section C will definitely help you to score good marks.

The first question of this section will be from poetry section in which there will be two paragraphs of any poetry of your textbook. You have to answers some questions on the basis of these passages, this consists of 5 marks.

The second section will have 3 short questions each of 2 marks.

The third section will comprise of 5 marks in which an essay kind of question will be asked from the prose of your textbook.

The next Section will have 3 short questions from poetry section comprising of 9 marks.

There will be one more question based on your writing skills. You have to write a passage on the particular topic given from your textbook which is assigned 4 marks.

Section D: WRITING

There will be two questions in this section which will test your writing skills. The more creative and meaningful you write, the more marks you will get.

You have to answer the first question by writing an article on one of the given titles in about 80-100 words, and it will carry 5 marks. The next question will be letter writing, and it can either be formal or informal consisting of 5 marks.

I hope, things will get better for you after reading this write-up. You can ask the questions related to exams by just writing in the comment box. The more you ask, the more you will be clear with your misconceptions. Good Luck.

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      If a student fails in one of the main subjects like maths, then the additional subject (6th subject) will replace the the failed subject, and he/she will be considered as passed overall.

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    1. Hello Shikha,
      As you may know that percentage is never mentioned in the mark sheet, so overall percentage is just a concept used by various exam conducting authorities, schools and colleges etc. If you score the required marks in the main subjects then it will be taken as your overall percentage.

  18. Hello sir/madam the question papers are made from text book question or guide questions

    1. Hello Sree,
      For 10th exams, questions are asked mostly from NCERT but few questions may not be from book. Not that the questions will be out of syllabus, all the questions will be based on NCERT.

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      We can not predict if the board exams are going to be easy or difficult, but you must prepare for the worst.

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    1. Hello Vicky,
      The final board exam will be based on whole syllabus of class 10th. Pre board can be considered as mock tests that schools organize to prepare their students for final board exams. So, you can say that final exams will be based on pre boards.

  21. Mam periodic test marks are also added in board marksheet

    1. Hello Vashu,
      As per new cbse paper pattern there is 20 marks practical for all subjects. This means that your school has the authority to give you 20 marks. So, it totally depends on your school that on what basis they award the practical marks to their students. Rest 80 marks are for board exam theory.

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      from this year the complete syllabus of class 10th will come in board exam, so this automatically makes it difficult as compared to previous paper pattern. But, if you are prepared well, then there is nothing to worry.

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    Is notebook submission that important?? What happens if don’t submit(finish) notebooks?does it leads to a great loss?

    1. Hello Karthik,
      It totally depends on your school, if it is willing to let it go, then there is no problem. As per CBSE rules, school can give 20 marks of practical to students and out of these 20 marks few marks are awarded for submitting notebook.

  25. Is 6th subject compulsory because we have been taught only 5 subjects in school??

    1. Hello Rajveer,
      Yes, as per new CBSE rules 6th subject is compulsory for 10th students. So, if a student fails in any of the elective subjects like (Maths, Social Science and science) then the 6th subject will replace it and the student will be considered as pass (if s/he is passed in 6th one).

      But don’t worry if you pass all the 5 subjects, then you will be considered as passed.

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    1. Hi Sunaina,
      No, the marks of half yearly exams will not add in your board exam or final exam.

  27. will all questions be from textbook

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      The questions which is going to come in your board exam, is based on the pattern of question in your syllabus book i.e. NCERT books.

  28. marks of SA 1 should be added in final according to new cbse pattern

    1. Hello Sunaina,
      According to new paper pattern of CBSE, there will be only 1 final board exam which will decide the final result of students. 20 marks are given to practicals and other school activities. There is no SA 1 and SA 2 from now on.

  29. How could I know that which topic is important for board exams. Which topic comes most in the exams. And which do not comes in board exams.

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      The best way to do so is practicing previous year papers. It will definitely give you idea on which topic should be given more priorities over other. To help students, 4ono.com provides previous year papers along with their answers. Also, we do have chapter wise important questions for maths and science, guess papers for all subject and much more.

  30. I want to know that what will be the system of result ,will it be CGPA or percentage?

    1. Hello Aayush,
      As per the new pattern of CBSE, students will be given marks in percentage not CGPA.

  31. Is social science syllabus reduced?In our school in history only 4 chapters were taught.

    1. Hello Sonam,
      Since CBSE has decided to bring the board exam pattern back, therefore there are chances that some topics may have been removed, but not whole syllabus. Don’t be dependent on school, visit the official website of CBSE and look for latest syllabus and prepare accordingly.

  32. sir i need last few years 10th class board exam (CBSE) question paper how i can get ?

    1. Hello Sharona,
      You can look for ’10th previous year papers’ in the search box of 4ono.com. You will the previous year papers for all most all subject there. Also, you can purchase the solution of those papers.

  33. Mam actually I want to ask that do class 10th students have to give final exam for 6th (extra) subject? is it compulsory?

    1. Hello Monika,
      Yes, from the year 2017-18 CBSE made 6th subject mandatory for class 10th, and students will have to give board exams for it.

  34. Hello! I am facing problems in maths and social science , I am very week in maths and social science. So,what can I do for score good marks in exams.

    1. Hello P.S,
      First of all get the idea that you are weak in any subject out of your mind. Believe that you are good in subject, and then start to practice it.

      For maths, make sure you have formulas on your fingertips. And start with easy question to get in a flow. If there is something that you can not understand then ask for help from your parents/teacher or someone who knows it, don’t hesitate.

      For social science, don’t try to memorize answers. Break the answers in points and try to remember them as facts. This trick is very useful for history part. instead of mugging up the whole answer, just remember the important points so that you can make the whole answer bu yourself in exam.

  35. Hai,i am facing problems in app.of trigonometry. Please give me some tips.

    1. Hello Veer,
      Application of trigonometry can be really tough if your basics of trigonometry are not clear. So, first of all practice trigonometry properly, then begin with it’s application. Next, all the trigonometric values should be on your finger tips. Try to solver the example given in the NCERT, as they will help you a lot.

      Solve all the questions from NCERT, as most of thee questions in exams comes from NCERT.

  36. What should i do with social science, It kind of a problem in my life.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Yash,
      Social science is not as bad as you think. For history section, think each chapter as a story. Most of the students suffer in history because it hard to remember answers in history. Just remember the main points of a answer in Hindi, and you will see that you can elaborate them in English later. For Geography section, think of it as you are increasing your GK, just remember the facts and nothing else, you will efficiently be able to write aa lot based on those facts.

      Apply these methods in other parts of Social science, and your life will look much better then.

  37. I want to score good marks in all subject but i am very week in social, maths and science.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Aryan,
      First of all remove the negative thought like “i am very weak”. It is this though that is stopping you from getting good marks. Be positive and believe that you are good in all subjects, then putt all your efforts.

      In subjects like Maths and Science, you can never develop interest unless your basics are clear. So, i will advice you to first clear you basics and then start preparing for these subjects.

  38. Mam we would have our halfyearly exam of 80 marks are they going to be converted into 5
    Class 10

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Ankur, I am not able to understand your query properly. According to my guess, you are asking if the half yearly marks will be added in final exam or not? If this is your query then, no, half yearly marks will not be added to final exams.

      Feel free to comment again if this is not what you want to ask.

  39. Hi mam. I have got 9.4 cgpa in class 9th but in 10 I am facing problem in maths. So, how I can overcome this problem? please reply.

    1. Hi Udayasri.
      My first and foremost advice to you is build up your confidence because it is necessary that you believe in yourself as only then you can achieve your target. Keep yourself focused and set a timetable. When it comes to Maths all that is required is practice. And if you aim to score good marks then you cannot miss a single day as regular study is must. Practice from NCERT book and do every question including examples. Practice as much as you can. Formula plays very important role in Maths so make sure you remember them by heart. Don’t forget to do revision. Keep on doing the hard work and you will score good marks.

  40. Hello mam. My doubt is will the whole percentage and CGPA will depend upon our board exams results?

    1. Hi Yagurti.
      Yes, of course your percentage of 10th class will depend upon your board exam marks but as exam is of only 80 marks and the rest 20 marks will be given based on your performance in internal assignment so, you still have 20 marks to improve your percentage.

  41. Hello Mam. This time there will be a new system for class 10 board exam. So please tell me how can I achieve high marks.

    1. Hi Prabhdeep.
      Yes, from 2017-18 session CBSE have discontinued the CEE pattern and new assessment structure have been implemented. In the above article we have provided you all the basic information regarding new marks distribution scheme. As, now you have cover 100% syllabus for board exam so will have work little harder. I would recommend you to follow a timetable and keep tack of your syllabus. In regular interval of time do revision. Keep yourself focused and be dedicated towards your studies. Practice as much as you can. Keep on doing the hard work and you will score good marks.

  42. Our school is not conducting SA-1 for class 10 is this correct according to CBSE or not because various other schools are conducting it.

    1. Hi Sameeksha.
      As we have mentioned in the above article that CBSE have issued a new assessment structure and according to that the dual scheme(SA and FA) which was followed earlier have been discontinued and new pattern will be applicable from the academic session 2017-18. For more details just go through with the above article.

  43. Hello mam. Is IT is the correct subject which I opted as 6th subject? and please mam help me. This year there is pressure on me as I’m 10 std student of CBSE.

    1. Hi Namrata.
      My first and foremost advice to you is not to get nervous. And it is okay that you feel anxious as CBSE have have implemented new pattern and made board exams compulsory but don’t worry as there is no change in the syllabus or anything so just be focus. From this year onwards you will have to study 6 subject instead of 5 so it can put a little pressure on you but it is to only help you build your overall performance. As, you have mentioned that you have opted IT so, I hope you have interest in that subject as it will introduce you to the field of information technology. Be dedicated towards your studies and keep on doing the hard work. Believe in yourself and you will do great.

  44. Hi. I want to know that now CBSE pattern has been changed so our teachers are saying that board has made it compulsory to choose extra one subject. So, I have taken IT (information and communication technology). But in other CBSE school no one have taken any extra subject. So it is a big confusion for me? please help.

    1. Hi Namrat.
      Students appearing for Class X board exams will have to study six subjects instead of five with the CBSE remodelling its assessment scheme. The 6th subject have been made mandatory. From the academic year of 2017-18, students will have to appear for these papers along with one extra vocational subject.

  45. Hi mam. How can I improve my English because I’m weak in English. Please suggest me as I’m preparing for
    board exam.

    1. Hi Sushant.
      The best possible way to improve your English is by reading. Yes! the more you will read the faster you will learn. Read your English textbooks, newspaper, magazine etc and keep a notebook and dictionary with yourself. While reading whenever you come across a new word or something you don’t understand just look in the dictionary and write it down in your notebook. Next thing is work on your grammar. If it is needed learn the basic grammar rules and practice. Don’t get dishearten because it will take some time but if you eventually your English will get better. For board exams practice the writing section like letters, essays etc as they carry high marks. The easiest section is literature as you only have to write answers of the textbook questions. So, practice and read as much as you can.

  46. hii,
    i just passed my class 9 with a grade of B2 and now i m working hard for my class 10th but now its really very difficult for me score 85 – 90 ./. as the cbse pattern is changed and there is no up gradation too please give me some tips to score…

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sowhmya. First of all, don’t panic. There is always a way out and you are not the only one who is going to give exam under CBSE changed pattern. All you need is a clear vision and focused mind. Stay updated with every update by the official website of CBSE.

      Now, coming to the next part of your question, i would suggest you to avoid distractions and focus on clearing your basic concepts in class itself. Instead of investing time in tuition, concentrate on self study. Good Luck.

  47. Sir i have problem in physics of chapter light.I m unable to solve the problems and locate the image.Sir plz help me.How can i overcome this?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Umar.
      Now that very less time is left for your exams, practice from previous year papers and sample papers. Focus on those chapters in which you are confident. Work hard and you will score good marks.

  48. Hi mam I am very weak in science. So can you guide me how to score more marks in science please few days are remained for exams

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi A J.
      Yes we can definitely help you with this. Firstly remove this thing from your mind that you are weak, no one is weak at anything. It all depends upon how much sincerely and dedicatedly you are doing your work. So, don’t treat yourself as weak, you have that spirit within you, so that you can pass with flying colors, all you have to do is just understand your strengths, still you have sometime left, prepare well in this time, start practicing sample papers and previous year question papers. Work over your concepts. Work hard, you will score well.

  49. Mam I have some problem in social studies plz tell me how to study for it

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Prajjawal.
      Social science is a very interesting subject. All you have to do it, just read it with complete dedication and understand the story, then write it in your own words.

  50. Hlo i am truly confident about every subject to secure 10 cgpa bt
    i am too weak in maths and did not get anything yet there only 1 months late
    plzzz help me plzz

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ekram.
      Don’t be nervous. You can good command over maths if you will practice it thoroughly. So, keep on practicing from sample papers and previous year question papers. Get clear with each and every concept of solving the questions. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  51. I want to know that NCERT science or s. Chand good for preparation of board

    1. Hi Gaurav.
      Although both the books are good for the preparations of boards. But as one month is left for your examinations, so we recommend you to practice from sample papers and previous year question papers too.

  52. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

    Hi Geetika.
    You can score good marks in your finals, but you will have to be completely dedicated towards your studies. Make sure to be clear with each and every concept, and start practicing from sample papers and previous year question papers. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  53. I have got 3 A1s and 2 B2s in 1st sem.. How should i score in order to get atleast 4A1s CGPA???
    Please dont take this comment down..
    Pls reply

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Alan.
      Yes you can get good marks, but for this you have to practice a lot, and dedicate all your time for your studies, and whatever you study, make sure you are focused towards it and getting clear with that concept. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  54. Hi,i opted board exam now the questions in exams is from ncert or some from others books of science and maths like S Chand and RD Sharma?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Inderpreet.
      Although the questions are framed from NCERT book, but it all depends upon you, if you are clear with your concept then you can solve any type of question, then it don’t matter that the questions are framed from S.Chand or RD Sharma. So, start working over your concepts. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  55. Hello mam..I haven’t score well in class 9 …what should I do now coz now I only have sa2 left ..is it still possible to get 10 C.G.P.A in class 10

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aabha.
      Yes you can score good marks, but you have to work a lot hard for scoring well. So, start revising with full concentration and utilize all the time for your studies. Study well, you will get good marks.

  56. Hi i am studying in 10th I got 9.5 CGPA in 1st sem now I want to do 10CGPA in 2nd sem please tell how to do??? i am keep on doing my hard work.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sandhya. You have got such an excellent percentage. Congratulations ! This is the high time for scoring 10 CGPA, just keep the hard work going and start revising the concepts which you have studied the whole year. Believe in yourself. It will be all done.

  57. sir nice you to meet again and lucky enough to get your support in achieving 94% marks in Fa 3 and Fa 4 so now accordingly how much percent i have to bring in sa2 board exam as i have scored 80% in sa1 and 94%in fa3 and fa4 please guide as soon as possible waiting for your reply;.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ganesh. It is good to see your percentage and you are always welcome here. For a better percentage in upcoming exams, you need to keep the hard work going. Learn, practice and repeat. It will be all good.

  58. Hello Sir,
    I got 49% out of 70% so can I have a chance to get 9CGPA

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Devansh.
      Yes you can score good marks, but you will have to do a lot of hard work. So, utilize each and every minute being focused towards your studies and just be dedicated. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  59. Hello mam
    Mam i am studing in 10 class but i got fail in maths i got E2 . and in science i got E1
    But mam my parents want 75/in 10 class mam please tell me how can get this much marks.
    Please mam

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mahira.
      Yes you can get good marks, but for this you will have to work a lot hard. You can’t waste a single minute now. Just be dedicated towards your studies and do the thorough revision. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  60. Sir I got 85 per in sa1 can get 100 per In sa2 sir pls tell me wh to do

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Kushal.
      Yes you can get good marks. For this you will have to be completely dedicated towards your studies. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  61. Hello sir ,
    I got 48.8℅ out of 70℅ so can I have a chance to get more than 9 CGPA

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Devansh.
      Yes you can get good marks. All you have to do is thoroughly revise each and every thing. Be dedicated towards your studies, and start working hard. You will get good marks.

  62. Sir if i got 7.4 cgpa in sa1 then it is possible to get 10 cgpa?????

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Siddharth.
      Yes it is possible to score good marks, all you have to do is just be dedicated towards your studies, and utilize all your time for the preparation. Work hard, you will get good marks.

  63. Sir can I score 9 points in the final exam if l failed in all the subjects in sa1

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rathnam.
      Definitely you can score good marks in your boards, just be dedicated towards your studies. When you are studying, make sure that you are focused, and clear all your concepts. Work hard, you will definitely get good marks.

  64. hello sir /madam ,
    i want know about that cbse will include both term-1 & term- 2 portion in board exams of 2017.
    or it will include only term-2 portion in board exams of 2017.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Tanuja.
      It will include only second term syllabus.

  65. Sir … I want ur suggestion that how could I prepare for maths .. Sa2 .. My mensuration and probability is weak .. Should i do these chapters from ncert or rs agarwal

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shreya. As there is so less time remaining for the exams, i would suggest you to practice previous year papers and sample papers. In this way, you would be able to practice only those questions of Mensuration and Probability which are important.

  66. hello sir i get passing marks in each Sa1 papers and almost fail in all Fa can i get 8 and more than 8 cgpa if i give my 100% on boards exams

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mayank.
      Yes you can score good marks, keep on practicing. Set a proper time table for your studies and be focused while you are studying.

  67. Sir, for maths did I need to study only ncert or refer to any guides. Also , how much percent of marks did our ncert text book contain in final paper.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Anupriya.
      Although whole of the paper is framed from NCERT book, but we recommend you to practice from sample papers and previous year question papers also. You will definitely get good marks.

  68. Hello sir this article really proved helpful for me. But I am very weak in Hindi, so can u tell me how to prepare for Hindi.
    Thank u…

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aman. Always remember one thing that Hindi is one of the most marks securing subject in class 12th. Just make sure that you are fully prepared in it. Always study from the main NCERT book and while answering the questions in exam, take care that Answers should be brief and to the point, the word limit should be as per the instructions given in the question paper.

      Do practice the previous year papers and sample papers of Hindi to get a better idea of the questions.

  69. Thanks sir, it is very usefull to me, thanks a lot!

  70. I want to know that how much Marks each chapter have of 10th English textbook

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