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Science is one of the main and toughest subject of class X. Students mostly stumble in this subject, because it is bit harder than other subjects. But, as you teachers must have told you many times that, no subject is hard if you really start taking interest. And it is very true, no subject will trouble you if you give complete attention to it.

Science is a very interesting subject, all you need to do is just give it some time.  If you do put some efforts, then you will surely start taking interest in science. With sheer dedication and hard work, you will definitely score more than 90% marks in this subject.

To help you out, at the top of this article you will see the link to download latest class X Science sample papers, new model papers and guess papers of 2015-16.

Download CBSE 10th Science Sample/Model/Guess Papers PDF

Like already mentioned, the link to download the 10th sample papers of science is given at the top of the article. But make sure you have a pdf reading software in your device because the files are in pdf format and they won’t open without a pdf reader.

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Now that you have downloaded the sample papers, it’s time you better start practicing them.


Perfect Timetable To Follow In Board Exam

For a perfect plan needs a perfect strategy, and you can not make a perfect strategy for board preparation  if you do not know the latest CBSE science blueprint.

Here is a dummy timetable to give you an idea so that you can prepare a perfect one for yourself:

Note: you should know that if you really want to score beyond 90 then you will have to follow this timetable with all your dedication. Initially, it will be hard to follow but things will get better as you proceed.

5 Am – 7:30 Am (duration 2 and a half hr.) (Social Science)

7:30 Am – 10 Am (duration 3 and a half hr.) (break)

10 Am – 1 Pm (duration 3 hr.) (Maths)

1 Pm – 2:30 Pm (duration 1 and a half hr.) (break)

2:30 Pm – 5 Pm (duration 2 and a half hr.) (English and Hindi)

5 Pm – 7 Pm (duration 2 hr.) (break)

7 Pm – 9:30 Pm (duration 2 and a half hr.) (Science)

9:30 Pm- 10:30 Pm (duration 1 hr.) (break)

10:30 Pm – 10:55 Pm (duration 25 minutes) (quick revision of all subjects)

11 Pm onwards, a tight and good night sleep.

Detail Description Of Table With Proper Logic

If you follow this timetable then your day will start from dawn 5 Am. Since you have taken a good night sleep, therefore, your mind is fresh and also you will get a silent and peaceful environment to study. Hence your mind will observe things very quickly, and that is why this is the best time to prepare for Social science as it is a theoretical subject.

After studying for 2 and a half hour, you will need to take a break. Do your daily activity in the time of 3½ like freshening up, having your breakfast and watching tv (if would like) or do something else. 3½ are more than enough to do all this.

Now from 10 am to 1 Pm of the afternoon you should spend time practicing maths. Since maths needs more time, that is why the highest hours of studying should be given to maths. Also, this is just the beginning of the day therefore, you will be able to focus more, and if you are solving problems quickly then your chances to attract towards distraction will be much lower. But make sure you restrict your mind if it deviates.

Now you will get 1 and a half hour of break time, have your lunch and if you want then you can take a quick nap to keep your mind fresh or do some other activity that amuses you.

From 2:30 Pm to 5 Pm you should spend time with English and Hindi. Now it’s up to you which of the two subjects you want to give more time. Since it is mid of the day, therefore, you may get a bit sluggish, therefore, reading some stories may freshen up your mind. Also, Hindi and English are light subjects, therefore, your mind will not be burdened.

Again break of 2 hr is enough to freshen up your mind, spend some time with your friends or whomever you like, take a stroll around the neighborhood. It would be great if you could do some physical work like playing games or other stuff, it will help to acquire a good sleep at night.

7 Pm to 9: 30 Pm is a perfect time to study science because you spent a quality time with your friends or other, hence, your mind is very well prepared to tackle science concepts and logic.

Again give yourself 1 hr of time to have your supper and enjoy your favorite tv show.

Like you can see 25 minutes are given to revision, and trust me if you have followed the timetable properly for the whole day then these 25 minutes will do miracles for you, all you have to do is take a quick look at all the topics of every subject that you read the whole day.

Now, do not waste time, for a fresh mind you will need to take a quality sleep, so take a very good sleep.

Note: You can adjust the time table according to yourself, but having a timetable and most importantly following it is the main thing.

All the best for your board exams.

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