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Hey, readers! getting nervous? yes, I know, exam goosebumps are common, and it gets bounteous when we are talking about Board exams.

All-new, everything exciting, the first Board exams of life. But, at the same time, it causes anxiety as well. And you cannot even fake a fever this time like you always did in your class tests. Just calm down, go easy, everything will be fantastic, just believe in yourself.

Select the subject above or scroll the page down to download the free sample papers. Also, download UP board class 10th previous years question papers for all subjects.

Up Board Class 10th Sample Papers PDF 2021 – All Subjects

For all Up board class 10th subjects you can now download the sample papers from our website. Here you will find the latest sample papers which is designed by us according to syllabus. In one click you can have these sample papers in your device. UP board 10th sample papers 2022 is very important if you want to score very good marks in board exam.

UP Board 10th English Sample Papers

There will be four sections in the written paper of English. Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Literature. For the reading section, I will suggest you read random text from English Newspapers or magazines. Writing section overall depends upon your creativity. The more creative you write, the more marks you will get, and the Literature section is your mere reading of the textbook.

For a subject like English, I will suggest you study from the textbook and then move further towards help books. But, first, complete the whole syllabus from your Main Course Book.

UP board 10th sample papers

Until you don’t clear your concepts, you will never be able to answer the questions. Once you are done with the study part, move towards Sample papers and previous year papers. These papers will help you to know the exact method to answer the questions in the exam.

Your regular efforts matter at the end, the last-minute study is no more than a trot out, and nothing can be achieved by this. Daily practice of Grammar will definitely do wonders.

Download the PDF of sample papers from here, and start practicing from this very moment.

UP Board 10th Hindi Sample Papers

Be it the Grammar or Literature part, learn it by writing over and over again. It will enhance your efficiency, and at the same time, spelling mistakes will lesser down automatically.

The writing section of the Hindi exam demands description by the students, your creativity also matters. Just decorate your words, use good vocabulary words of Hindi which could impress the Examiner.

For revision, take help from Sample Papers. This will help you in quick revision and at the same time, you will get to know the favorite questions of the examiner.

UP Board 10th Maths Sample Papers

Well! Maths is a subject that should be handled with efforts and smart study, but there are so many poor fellows who are still unaware of the term ‘smart study’.

You just have to clear your basic concepts from the textbook of Maths, and revision is also important. But opening the same book, again and again, is quite boring and time-consuming as well. So, go for the sample papers for a change.

Download the PDF of sample papers from here and you will get plenty of important questions to solve.

UP Board 10th Science Sample Papers

The science includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Handling all three subjects in science can be really difficult, but if you are determined to score good marks, then you can easily handle all the three subjects.

Physics will no more be a headache if you will get to know how to deal with the derivations and numerical. It’s complicated sometimes, but there would be nothing better than practicing it over and over again.

Chemistry is all about reactions, the more you write the more you get to understand. For the theory section, just read your textbook.

Biology is all about theory, understand the concepts, and learn by writing the answers.

Practice the sample papers that you will download from here, and you will surely score good marks.

UP Board 10th Computer Sample Papers

Just know the basic practicalities of this subject, you would be able to write the answers yourself, just clear your basic concepts, and then practice as much as you can. This is totally a computer era, therefore a good knowledge of this subject can benefit you a lot in future.

**Not Available

UP Board 10th Social Science Sample Papers

Social Science is sometimes complicated, it has so much to explore and students get confused. But, if you want to score marks in this subject then start loving it. Don’t take it as a burden, instead, try to explore more and more, it will definitely help.

As a matter of necessity, we don’t only have to study this subject, but also have to score good marks in it. So just deal with it smartly. You will definitely score well by giving dedication and some good efforts.

UP Board Class 10th – EXAM PATTERN

Currently, a new pattern for the class X Board exam has been released by the UP Board.

There will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) comprising of 9% weightage, Very Short Questions Type I and Type II together will make a weightage of 29%, Short Questions will acquire 45% weightage, and Long Answer Questions will comprise of 17% weightage.

Let me clarify that there will be the same weightage for every subject. I hope, the pattern given here will help you to divide your chapters according to the time remaining. The exams are not far, therefore,  I will suggest that you study smartly. Give priority to the questions which comprise the higher percentage.

Why experts always recommend Sample Papers?

This question is quite common among the students that why even experts recommend Sample Papers for exams? Yes, it’s a fact that sample papers are a true helping hand for all those preparing for 10th Board exams. To bring all your turbulence to the track, here are the reasons why experts always recommend the Sample Papers for the exams. Just go through it and I hope, it will satisfy the caterpillar in your head.

A clearer view of the paper

Pattern and Marking Scheme will be clear after solving some set of sample papers. Generally, students find it very stressful that, till the last moment of exams, they are unaware of the exam pattern and marking scheme. And sometimes, even after asking their teachers and friends, they don’t get satisfying answers.

You know why? This is because our human mind understands things better after doing them. We get fully satisfied by applying the things practically. So, if you too are muddled about it, then practice some sample papers of every subject.

Important Questions

You will easily get an idea of important questions. Textbooks, Help books, model papers, sample papers, previous year papers, and what else students don’t try to bring good marks in exams.

Everywhere they seek the important questions which are most probable to come in the exam. And Sample papers will pan out this exploration. You will get to know all the important questions after solving some set of sample papers.

Actually, it’s a fact that some questions are the examiner’s favorite and they appear in almost every question paper.

Better Time Management

Sample Papers are such a Timesaver. If you learn, how to manage time then, it will be easier than ever to cover the whole syllabus. Sample papers will help you with this. First of all, you get to know the important parts to study, and secondly, you will learn to manage time while solving the question paper.

I think these reasons are enough to make you realize the importance of Sample papers.

Hopefully, the sample papers given in this article will work for you. However! it’s all up to you how much effort you put. The more you practice, the more delicious will be the result.

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  1. Rana Pratap Singh

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    1. Hello Rahul,
      If you have not prepared anything yet, then the best thing to do now is look for important questions and pick easy topics that can be prepared easily.

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      Currently, we do not have arabic book model paper or question paper.

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    1. Hello Avinash,
      We are trying our best to provide the model papers as soon as possible. We are putting all the efforts, but still model papers will take some time before they are ready. Don’t worry, they will be uploaded here when they are ready, so keep visiting.

  11. Hello
    On the time of admission I fill “Hindi” in option of medium of writing paper, But I want to write my all papers in “English”
    Can I write my all papers in English?
    Please sir/mam reply me soon

    1. Hello Shekhar,
      There is no need to take chances, try to correct the mistake. Contact the authorities and ask them the way to correct your mistake.

  12. Project ka book chahiye pdf me class10 ka

    1. Hello Gaurav,
      Sorry to inform, but right now we do not have the study material that you are asking. We will try to upload it, but it will take a lot of time. So, it will be better if you try searching it on internet until we provide it here. Since we are working on UP board previous year papers, therefore our main aim is to make them available as soon as possible. You can surf other study material that we have provided for UP. All the best!

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      Hello Saym,
      Currently we don not have what you are asking for. But we will try our best upload 10th UP board English Medium papers. But, it may take some time, so stay in touch.

  14. Hi mam please upload more of maths and chemistry papers. It would be very helpful.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sudhanshu.
      At present our team is working on the questions papers. We will upload it very soon. Keep yourself updated through our website.

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    Sir I Am From Up Siddharth Nagar
    Can you please tell me some good sample paper of Computer

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      At present, Computer Sample papers are not available on our website. You will be informed as soon as it will be made.

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    can you give me some tips for exams.
    and sample papers are so helpful

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Abhishek.
      Be completely dedicated towards your boards. Very less time is left, so utilize it for the best and practice with complete dedication. Set a proper time table for yourself and make sure to clear all your concepts of every topic when you study. Work hard, you will get good marks.

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    Up board class 10 papers urdu, sanskirt, krishi. In subject ke paper mil jayege.

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      We regret to say but we don’t have these sample papers.

    1. Hello Aman,
      great to know that you liked this article, and we hope that you found this article helpful. Feel free to ask if you have any query related to 10 board.

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    Can you please tell me some good sample paper of maths and science

    1. Hello Tashu,
      the sample papers for maths and science are given in this article. Our team is working on more sample papers and soon we will upload them here. So, be in touch.

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    1. Hey Manoj, we are glad to know that you like this article, hope this article provided you some help. If there is anything you want to ask us regarding your studies, then feel free to comment. we will try to come up with an appropriate answer.

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