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Class 10th is one of the most important classes of students’ life, so it automatically becomes important to score good marks in this class. Pick a topic of your choice and get started with your preparations.

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  1. Sir, how can I get H.Verma physics solution for Class-X

  2. Is it necessary to learn each and every word of ncert SST books? Can we write answers in our own words.

    1. Hello Shatayu,
      of course you can write answers in your own words, but the answer should be correct.

  3. Sir. I want to ask that can I draw diagrams that are given in S Chand in the board paper please tell me fast as fast as you can

    1. ello Aman,
      yes you can draw the diagrams form S.Chand in board exams. Do not forget to label the diagram properly.

  4. How to score good marks in English especially in grammar and writing section

  5. I have solved RD Sharma. Should I go for Previous year papers and NCERT EXEMPLAR problems?

  6. Should I solve each and every question from RD Sharma?

    1. Hello Rishabh,
      Not each and every question is important, just practice which you think are different and may come in exam.

  7. Sir are evergreen books good for class 10 science and maths? Can I solve all RD Sharma?

    1. Hello Rishab,
      It will be great if could practice all the questions from RD Sharma. It will prepare you well for board exams. Evergreen books are good for last time preperation, so it’s upto you if you want to practice from evergreen or not. If you have really practiced well from RD Sharma, then you won’t necessarily need evergreen.

  8. Studying all subject in 1 month its possible or not please advise me how to study

    1. Hello Vivek,
      If you are just beginning with your syllabus for each subject, then practically it’s not possible. Even if you are half way with your syllabus,then too it’s quite impossible. If this is the case with you, then i will advice not to go with the whole syllabus, instead try to cover only those topics which you think you can cover easily and contains more marks.

  9. hi sir i am abhay of class 10. and i want to ask you that how can i complete my whole syllabus before board exam? and how to het 95% + in cbse exam and how to study english to get at least 75/80 on cbse exam ? thanks

  10. Sir im maaz may I know y the cbse has kept full syllabus this time

    1. Hello Maaz,
      This is something that even we do not have any information about. Well! if they have taken this decision then they must have had their reasons.

  11. sir when will update the latest blueprint for all subjects chapterwise

    1. Hello Blesson,
      our teachers are working on it, but since this is the first time a new marking scheme is being implemented therefore it is quite difficult to predict a precise blue print for every subject. We are trying our best to make a perfect blue print. Meanwhile, we have uploaded latest marking scheme as per CBSE, so you can check it out.

  12. Hello sir
    How to learn history?

    1. Hello Divyanshu,
      History is very difficult if you try to cramp the questions and their answers. But, is extremely easy if you take the chapter in history as story and then write answers according to it. Do not take this subject as burden, instead enjoy it as if you are reading some nice stories of past.

  13. hello ! sir I am student of class 10th when release date of examination ?

    1. Hello Abhi,
      Currently there is no news on when the exam date will be released. Stay tuned as we will update the date sheet of board exams as soon as it is released by CBSE.

  14. How to revise the syllabus of a particular subject before the exam according to the preperation leaves given for that exam? What should be revised at the time of exams?

    1. Hello Nitika,
      The best strategy is to keep highlighting topics or answers or questions that you think are important and needs to be revised during preperation leave. Note all the topics at one place so that it’s easy to find them later.

  15. I heard that from Anne Frank, one question will be character sketch in class 10 board xam , is it really fixed or can both the questions be incident based ?

    1. Hi Utsav,
      Question from character sketch will not be fixed, it will come from biographical topic in your book.

  16. hi! sir I am student of class 10th I study math by ncert mathbook; but some freind and parents say you also study by R.DSHARMA and R.S.AGGARBAL I am confuse this book contain more questions so take lote of time I am uncomfortable to give time to another subject’s..
    sir please help me give your view?

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      I think you should stay with your NCERT Book becuase it covers your whole questions and their types which will come in exam.

  17. Hi! I’m Himasri Kalita of class 10th, I want to know that is there any possibility to complete all the subjects within two months?

    1. Hello Himasri,
      Completing all the subject within 2 months is difficult, but not impossible. You just have to put in more efforts, dedication and time. Make a road map on how you are going to complete all the subject i.e you must set a deadline before which you will complete a particular chapter of a subject. You re not allowed to procrastinate during these 2 months, forget everything else and just focus on your studies.

      Do not forget to assign some time for revision. Try to give at least 1 hour to revise whatever you have studied in the whole day, and 1 day in a weak to revise all the chapters covered.

  18. hello ! sir I am student of class 10th when release date of examination ?

    1. Hello Nikhil,
      The date sheet is not released yet by CBSE. Stay tuned as we will upload the date sheet as soon as it is released.

  19. CBSE has changed the pattern and syllabus of exams of class 10 then solving old question paper is profitable or not.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Smriti,
      Only the paper pattern is changed, not the syllabus, therefore solving previous year paper is as profitable as it was before. So, solve as many previous year papers as you can, but make sure you study from other sources too. All the best1

  20. science is on 22nd and its already 20th. i haven’t started studying yet and now i’m very very scared. Please suggest a solution.
    And what is the passing mark out of 90?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Deepika.
      First of all don’t get nervous. Just focus on your studies and work hard. As, not much time is left for exam focus on those chapters in which you are confident. Practice as much as you can. While studying write down all the important things in this way you won’t forget them. Don’t forget to revise. Keep working hard and you will score good marks.

  21. Dear Sir.. I am rajneesh from 10th class CBSE.. till now I was not very serious about study as sports is my passion. I do well in sports. But now I feel that I must score good marks in class 10. I am trying very hard now and focusing on study. Please suggest me some tips and advise routine time table for study.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rajneesh.
      First of all you need to be dedicated towards your studies. Not much time is left for preparation so, now focus on those chapters in which you are confident. Practice from previous year papers and sample paper as, you will get the idea of important questions. Practice as much as you can. Time management plays an important role. Set a timetable and give equal time every subject. Keep working hard and you will score good marks.

  22. Sir pls sugget me best tym of study.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Divyanshu.
      For all those subjects in which you have to learn and remember like History, Hindi and others study them in the morning and also keep revising them. For Mathematics and Science like subjects practice them at evening time. Use your free time in a best way by learning formulas.

  23. Sir i am divyanshu of class10 of cbse pls suggest me best time of study and so i score more than 9.2cgpa pls sir help me….. and sir i does not concentrate full on study.. pls suggest me to full.concentrate on study and suggest best book to do after rd sharma for maths.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Divyanshu.
      Now you have only few weeks left for preparation so start working hard. Study from previous year papers and sample papers. Focus on those chapters in which you can score good. For mathematics you can study from NCERT Solution By Arihant and R S Aggarwal, these are also good books that will help you.

  24. admit card

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Navdeep. Class 10th admit card will be soon released by the official website of CBSE. Stay tuned.

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