Which Board Is Best CBSE Or ICSE/ISC – 12th Class

ICSE to hold board exams for Class 5 and 8 students from 2018.

The other day i was in a discussion with my fellow professors, and guess what the topic was, “which board is best CBSE or ICSE/ISC. For us, it was just a topic of discussion, but later i realize that there are some students who struggle a lot to pick the best one out of these two boards.

While some parents don’t even know about the different education boards in India, there are some who just can’t decide which one will be the best for better future of their kids.

Quite complicated! In this generation where every parent wants to give their child the best education, choosing between these two boards is such a headache. Both has their pros and cons, both are having their own advantages. Now, this is making you more confused than before Isn’t it?

cbse vs icse

CBSE Or ICSE? Lets have a comparison!

Honestly speaking, when it comes to compare these two boards, it seems to be difficult task even for me to analyse. They have their own benefits, their limitations, their future prospects and much more. The dilemma of choosing a board for primary or higher studies remains in the mind of students and more than this, it confuses the parents around the country. They are muddled up in the vicious circle of society. “Jaha Sharma ji ka beta pdega, Rohan bhi whi pdega”

Stop doing this to your child. His future is entirely dependent on this single decision.

#Syllabus and paper pattern

When you will start comparing these two boards, the First thing which you should clear in your mind is the comparison of their syllabus and paper pattern. These two are the major factors concerning a student’s success.

Primary(Classes I – V)
Starting with the Syllabus and Curriculum of the CBSE board, the learning areas for primary class students include English, Indian languages(Hindi/ Mother Tongue/ Local language), Mathematics, Science, Environmental Education/ Social Science, Information and Communication Technology, Visual Arts/Performing Arts, Physical and Health Education.

Secondary(Classes VI – X)
There are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Sciences(History, Geography, Political Science) and Physical Education/fine arts as their main subjects of Middle class students in CBSE board.

From class VI onward, there is a grading system in CBSE schools which is as follows:

  • A1 – 91 to 100 marks ( grade point is 10)
  • A2 – 81 to 90 marks ( grade point is 9)
  • B1 – 71 to 80 marks ( grade point is 8 )
  • B2 – 61 to 70 marks ( grade point is 7)
  • C1 – 51 to 60 marks ( grade point is 6)
  • C2 – 41 to 50 marks ( grade point is 5)
  • D – 33 to 40 marks ( grade point is 4)
  • E1 – 21 to 32 marks ( no grade point)
  • E2 – 00 to 20 marks ( no grade point)

Senior Secondary(Classes XI – XII)
The Senior Secondary Students of CBSE boards have choices of streams, i.e. Science Stream including subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Commerce Stream including subjects, Business studies, Accounts, Economics and Maths. Arts Stream includes History, Geography and Political Science. There are two additional subjects, one is English and the second can either be Hindi or Physical Education.

There are English, Indian Languages, Modern Foreign Languages(Chinese, French, German, Tibetan, Spanish), History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science subjects included in the curriculum of ICSE board.

As we are comparing the paper patter and syllabus of two boards, let me tell you, ICSE has more balanced syllabus and it focuses more on detailed study then CBSE. But, at the same time, one must keep in mind that CBSE provides the highly predictable syllabus and gives more importance to Science and Mathematics and thus, useful for the various engineering and medical entrance examinations like the IIT-JEE, AIEEE and AIPMT.

#Overall Development

Either, it is a job interview or some competitive exam, your grades matter a lot. But, that “a lot” is just 20%. Remaining 80% is the soft skill of a person which help him to get success in life.

Gone are the days when parents use to find it disgusting when their child brought a racing medal and told them that he came first in the race but had missed the lecture of Economics. Nowadays, parents feel proud on such incidents and find even more contented when their child is showing the overall development.

Having a comparison between CBSE and ICSE in this sector is the crux of the matter as both the boards are doing their best for providing an overall development to their students. Still, in terms of standard, ICSE Board is better. It stresses on overall development and is ideal for students who plan to opt for literature or management courses.

But CBSE board has its own alignments. Most of the Olympiads and GK quizzes are organized by this board. Apart from it, they offers more number of talent search and scholarship exams.

ICSE pattern is all about different learning methods whereas CBSE is bit relaxed and applied learning. So, CBSE goes easy while the students of ICSE have to struggle to keep up the pace.

#Curricular Activities

Gone are the days when parents use to find it disgusting when their child brought a racing medal and told them that he came first in the race but had missed the lecture of Economics. Nowadays, parents feel proud on such incidents and find even more contented when their child bring medals and certificates from school.

So, if we compare the two boards in this sectors, then no doubt! Both are equal. The CBSE board and the ICSE board stands on the same level. It is just the matter of level.

#Scoring outlook

Well ! The level of Education, curricular activities, syllabus, overall development is on one side and marks on the other. Sadly! In our country the ability of a student is determined on the basis of his scores and the number of degrees he owns. Be it any job interview or competitive exam, your child will be asked his marks on an intermediate level and at that point of life, one can feel a certain disguise on oneself. Studying throughout the life and having not that brilliant marks seems to be a curse sometimes.

But, you must know that if one will complete ones study by CBSE board, then there will be more chances to score brilliantly. Yes, in comparison to ICSE board, it will be easier to score good in CBSE board.

#English Efficiency

We are the citizen of that country which has its own mother tongue, but despite of this, we are fully reliant on a foreign language. Basically, at present, English is the most influential language in this country. So, we have no option other than to give our priority to a foreign language.

Who would not love to see his/her kids speaking English fluently.

Let me de-stress you a bit by saying that both the boards provide a satisfactory platform of English for the students.

But, if you ask me to compare, then I would give my secret ballot to ICSE Board. This is my own personal experience that the students passed from this board have such an extraordinary hold on English. One thing is sure that this proves to be a plus point for cracking all those competitive exams which have English as their main element.

#Future scope

Life is such a roller coaster ride that kinds don’t even realize that when did they enter the adulthood. And then there comes a point in life where one simply gets worried about career prospects and about the future scopes in different fields.

Choose the Board in accordance with the goals of your child. If you think s/he has what it takes to crack competitive exams like  IIT, AIPMT, JEE, then as mentioned earlier, without thinking much just choose a school with CBSE Board. As most of these exams are conducted by the board itself, thus, the textbooks of CBSE are very useful to gear up for these kind of competitive exams.

On the other side, ICSE provides the best education to those who have their future goal to opt Civil services or if you are among those who want to join some international course after completing class 12th.

cbse vs icse


CBSE Or ICSE – Query Section

Q. Hey, I have a question. My 10th class result is out and I have further plans to crack IIT after 12th. Suggest me the favourable board to complete my intermediate which would also help me to render my dream.
I will recommend you to focus on your studies first. Put your 100% efforts to score good marks in class 11th and 12th. The level of IIT is quite tough, so concentrate on clearing your basic concepts throughout these two classes.
As you asked me for the favourable board, i would suggest you to go for CBSE board, as its syllabus is more preferable for the exams like IIT, JEE, AIPMT, etc.

QI was studying in the ICSE Board school till class 10th, and now I am thinking to switch to CBSE Board school to pursue my intermediate. Is this logical? Will it prove to be somewhat useful? I am really very confused. Please help me.
Calm down and take it easy. You were studying in ICSE board school till class 10th and now going to take a very good decision. Taking education from ICSE board is good till class 10th but CBSE board is better for pursuing class 12th. It is such a wise decision, so don’t overthink about it. Instead of listening to others, just believe in yourself.

Q. Sir. I have a four year old son and its time for him to get admitted in high school and i am confused. Which board to go with ? ICSE or CBSE ? As he is very young and it’s very early for me to decide his career, different people different advice. Some say ICSE is very tough and the child won’t have liberty to enjoy other activities, while some say CBSE is good as child will be able to study as well be able to participate in other activities. I just don’t want to feel guilty later, my thoughts are that well planned schedule and hard work will make anything easier, but I don’t want to stress or overburden my kid with too much of studies.please advise!
» You are thinking too much. Its good that you are so much concerned about your child’s future. But, at the same time, you need to understand that it is not about the board. Its about the school which you are picking for your child. See, you have to choose the school which will provide facilities for extracurricular activities and at the same time, its education pattern and structure is good enough. However, on the basis of research, ICSE is considered better for primary education than CBSE.

Q. I scored 91% in ICSE board. Now, I am planning to go to CBSE board, I took commerce stream. My question is, will I be able to score good marks in CBSE as well? How is the marking scheme in CBSE ? Is my decision a good decision?
If you will study just like you did in ICSE, then i am sure that you will score good in CBSE as well. The marking scheme in CBSE is simple. You just have to write point to point answers. Though, in long answers, you have to give every detail about your answer but over all, it is all fine.

Q. Hello! My daughter has got only 56% marks in class 10th board result and now we are confused that whether she will be able to cope up with other students in CBSE/ ICSE board or should she repeat class 10th?
» I can understand your problem very well. But trust me, this is not that confusing as it seems to be. Don’t discourage her, instead inspire her to move forward. Either it is CBSE or ICSE board, give her the admission in any school and encourage her to do better in future.

Q. Hey, I have a question, my 10th class result is out and I have further plans to crack IIT after 12th. Suggest me the favorable board to complete my intermediate which would also help me to render my dream.
» Well! I will recommend that first put your whole focus on your intermediate. As, the level of IIT is quite tough and it requires the clear basic concepts. So, first target on the priority.

Q. I was studying in the ICSE Board school till class 10th, and now I am thinking to switch to CBSE Board school to pursue my intermediate. Is this logical? Will it prove to be somewhat useful? I am really very confused. Please help me.
» Calm down and take it easy. You were studying in ICSE board school till class 10th and now going to take a very good decision. Taking education from ICSE board is good till class 10th. CBSE board is better for pursuing class 12th.

However ! I suggest that the students who want to crack IIT should go for CBSE board. For the exams like IIT, JEE, AIPMT, etc. CBSE board is more preferable. But, for those who want to prepare for Civil Services exam in future, I would recommend ICSE Board.

You can clear your more doubts in the comment box below. Feel free to ask questions.

I hope, at any point of my writing, you have not felt me biased. I tried my best to provide you the genuine comparison. But, one thing is sure that no one can take better decisions for you than yourself. It’s such a difficult task to deal with all these comparisons and our relatives and friends play such an important role to boost your confusion.

LOL! So, don’t listen to them. Just listen to your heart by keeping your mind with yourself.

Both the boards are equally good at their own places. Different people have their different point of views and one has no other option to go with his own mind. I have seen most of the people who choose schools according to their standard and some others who look for the reputed ones.

Instead of this, I will suggest you go for the schools which could provide your child, a better future.

A better view of life and better dreams. This is the real achievement. Every student cannot be a stud, but the level of education should be that much that it will help every student to acquire some quality that will make him a stud.

All the very Best with your decision.

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  1. mam I am confused which board should I go with icse or cbse in 11th and 12th firstly i was deciding to switch to cbse and aakash institute but due to lockdown I am doing 11th in icse what should i do I want to do medical and is aakash institute good

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      CBSE board is preferred more over ISC when it comes to PCMB. Though staying in the same board is also fine. It’s just that all the medical entrance exams are conducted by CBSE, therefore it gives a bit of advantage to CBSE board student over ISC.

  2. hello ,
    I am doing my 10th in icse and after 12th I wish to write NDA Medical Entrance. So which syllabus is best for me isc or cbse?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Hrituandana,
      since the syllabus for NDA exam is based on CBSE, therefore you should go for CBSE board. Though, ISC is also good and if you do not want to change your board, then it is perfectly fine.

  3. Hi Sir
    My Son is doing his 10 th ICSE he wants to pursue Computer Studies. He wants to go for MHCET or BITS. Which Board would be preferable ISC, A level or CBSE?
    If CBSE, then normal CBSE or Integrated CBSE?
    Also would you suggest joining School like Podar Rajhans etc or PACE , FIITJEE?

    1. Hello NM,
      Since your son is already in ICSE board, therefore i would suggest ISC for his further studies. Though CBSE is preferred if someone is going appear for competitive exams, but it is not that important. Plus, if your son changes the board then it will take him some time to adjust to new environment which can effect his performance. So, it’s better to stick to the same board and school.

  4. How many subjects has to take in class 12 in ISC Board??
    I took only four subjects, English, Mathematics, Physics and chemistry. Can I have an eligibility to write an JEE mains??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you are eligible for JEE exam.

  5. I had done my class 10 in a Cbse Board and Managed to get 88% but now I had switched my Board to Isc since I opted for Commerce Stream. So have I done anything Wrong? I am Really Confused. Please Help!!

    1. Hello Shaquib, No, you didn’t. It is good to choose your career stream according to you.

  6. Hey,
    I’m planning to study abroad after my 12th. I don’t know whether to take ISC or PUC. Please help

    1. Hello Jason, you can choose any board in which you afford and which looks suitable for you. All the best!!!

  7. Hello sir, my son has given his 10th boards in CBSE board and wants to opt for ICSE in class 11th Humanities stream. Is that a right decision?

    1. Hello Saloni, if the student has interest in humanities stream then there should be no problem. you can go for it.

  8. Sir, I have studied in icse till 10th standard, Got 92%…..

    For 11th and 12th i want to take commerce….
    Can you suggest me which board to choose (ISC OR CBSE)???

    1. Hello Swami, it’s up to you, choose the one which is more flexible and affordable for you.

  9. sir im from an ICSE school and I just got my class tens report card I’m gonna take commerce stream so shud I go for CBSE or isc?

    1. Hello udit, go for the one board in which you can afford.

  10. Hello sir. I’ve studied in CBSE till 10th. I wanna become a CA. So which board do I opt for? ISC or CBSE

    1. Hello Vidhi,
      To become CA, you have choose commerce stream in class 11th and 12th whether its ISC or CBSE board. It doesn’t matter in which board you are studying but in parallel you should prepare yourself for CA exam. All the best.

  11. Hello Sir, my son was in cbse till 10th n scored 9.6 cgpa but opted for commerce in 11th from icse. Now he’s having trouble to score in maths.. So I just wanted to know how many subjects are actually calculated in class 12.He has taken literature, language, commerce, accounts, economics and maths. Is language and literature considered as two different subjects

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Beda,
      No, they are a single subject.

  12. Great points with proper attention to detail, the cbse vs state board and CBSE vs ICSE debate has been going for so long.

    Even though i myself studied from CBSE board, my cousin did it from ICSE board and he clearly had the better education pattern.

  13. Hello sir,
    i have studied in ICSE board until class 10th and now i am thinking to switch to CBSE board in class 11th. i want to opt for commerce stream in class 11th, CBSE. Will it be a good decision to continue in CBSE in commerce stream? what is the difference between the syllabus of ICSE and CBSE for Commerce stream? Does the commerce syllabus of CBSE goes at par with that of ICSE board’s?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Mukul,
      There is not much difference between CBSE 11th Commerce and ICSE 11th Commerce in terms of Syllabus, you can choose either of them. They both are good in their own.

  14. Hloo sir i m planning to take commerce after 10th in ICSE school n in our school there is no +2 so which board should i go for as my friends are telling talking CBSE board will be a tough in 12 exam for commerce. So which board should i select

  15. Hello, Sir/Mam
    I want to know that is anyone eligible to take admission in ICSE board after passing class 10th from CBSE Board ? Is there any rule.

    1. Hello Karan,
      Yes you can take admission in class 11th in ISC.

  16. My qualification Iti it’s equivalent to 2nd pu

  17. Hello Sir,
    I am an SSC board student and have done very well in my life caree wise. Currently I am a home maker, my daughter is in jr. kg in a state board. I am in a dilemma now. I wanted to put my girl in a case board and am still wanting to move her but I am worried if I will take a correct decision or not. State boards are much easy to cope up compared to icse n cbse boards. Also I do not know what she may want to pursue further for her career but at present I want her to enjoy her childhood along with her education. I have many telling me that ssc is easy go and kids enjoy their play time which is not the case with other boards. Pleas help me.
    I know I have vented out a lot hat is bundling up inside me but I really don’t know how to proceed

    1. Hi Farida,
      I think you should proceed your daughter career with ICSE Board till 10th because this board work more on detailed study and after 10th the board is good for Literature field. If your daughter would be interested in Science & Maths then you should switch to CBSE Board because it provide good platform for Science stream and their exams after 12th like IIT, JEE, AIPMT.

  18. Want to know the future after taking humanities stream in 11th in ICSE board. The subjects covered are psychology, history, political science and economics.
    Is ICSE board or CBSE board best for humanities. Till 10th CBSE board. Should I change the board or not. Please help me your advice means a lot.

    1. Hi Lalitha,
      If you are taking Humanities stream in 11th class then ICSE Board is best for you. This would be right decision if you switch your board to ICSE. Good Luck!

  19. Hello mam.
    My daughter is in cbse board now and she wants to pursue medical. My problem is that the school she is presently studying in is only upto high school. So if I have to continue with cbse I will have to send her to a school which is around 1 hr away from my place and has no direct transport. Some are suggesting that I should go for state Board and then provide good coaching classes which will prepare her for exam. While others say continue with cbse as neet exam is based on cbse pattern. My confusion is if I continue with cbse and provide her good coaching will she able to practice well with the amount of time she will be having after attending the school or should I go for state Board so that she is left with some time to practice at home also and it will be better for her. Thank is advance sir

    1. Hi Shilpa.
      After reading your comment my first and foremost advice to you is first talk to your daughter and discuss it with her that whether she will be able to manage time or not and that she must not feel pressurized. And yes, its is true that continuing with CBSE board will give her that edge over other students as she will be familiar with the syllabus and exam pattern of NEET in better way. If your daughter is really dedicated towards her dream then I would recommend you to let her continue with CBSE board and yes there are chances that it might get little hectic to manage everything but with proper study plan and determination she can absolutely crack NEET exam. Just support her and tell her to do hard work.

  20. hello sir actually I want to change my board from cbse to mp board because right now I am in KV and I mentally disturbed by the students of my class and I am in class 12 can I change my board

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Isha,
      First of all i would suggest you to be strong and stand up to those who try to humiliate you. I know these words are easy said than done, but it’s your life and you have to take control.

      Now, as for changing of board, then it is not possible to change the board in class 12th. If needed then you can switch school.

      Talk to your parents or someone who can help you. Don’t just keep it to yourself, it’s very dangerous for your mental health.

  21. I just passed my 10th class from icse board (60%). And I want to change my board to cbse and as I’m taking commerce in 11th. I want to know that can I get above 95% in cbse board as a commerce student as in ICSE I have only scored 60%. I am below than average. Please give me right direction.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Eisha.
      First of you need to be confident and stop doubting your abilities. You can achieve anything with full determination. Yes, you can score good marks if you start doing hard work. You might have to face little difficulties as you have changed to CBSE board and the syllabus pattern must be different but don’t loose hope. Just keep up with the hard work and study with full concentration. Focus more on NCERT books as it will help you clear all your basic doubts. All the best.

  22. Hi sir, my daughter has passed 10th CBSE exam with 80%. She doesn’t like math, can she drop math subject and take Biology, Physics and Chemistry as she wants to prepare for neet exam. Is math is necessary with Physics or Chemistry.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sapna.
      As, you have mentioned that your daughter have given her 10th exam and look forward to prepare for NEET exam then she does not need to take Maths subject in 11th class. She can opt PCB subjects and start her preparation also.

  23. Hello sir,
    I have recently appeared my ICSE Examination (class 10) And I want to become an IIT Engineer and want to crack JEE and JEE Advanced. So, can you please guide me with which board should I continue ISC OR CBSE? And my ten results were 91%. Please guide me sir. Thank you.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mehul.
      As, you have mentioned that you aim to clear the JEE exam then opting CBSE board is best and right decision. Since the questions that are framed for the competitive level exam like JEE by CBSE are mostly from NCERT books. After completing your 12th from CBSE it will help you a lot in your preparation for the JEE exam.

  24. Sir I am done my class 10th from ICSE so now I am confused which board I choose isc or CBSE for my class 11 and 12 in future I am planning to do civil service as it is my future aim so please tell me which board I choose 🤔🤔

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rahul. You can choose any board CBSE, ICSE or even the state board. As Civil services exams do not comprises of intermediate syllabus. While doing your graduation, start your preparation in any subject you want.

  25. Anwesha priyadarshani

    Hi sir,I have secured 91% in class 10 in ICSE 2017 and aiming for JEE Main and Advanced. Computer is my subject And I have heard that CBSE computer is a bit difficult than ICSE. In ICSE we have learnt only 1 programming language in 12 whereas in CBSE we have to learn many more than these and I want to score good marks in boards as well as get a seat in JEE Main or advanced. will computer be easy or difficult for an icse to cbse going student? then which board shall I choose?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Anwesha, i think you are being misguided. It is not like that. Computer application in CBSE board is comparatively easier than ICSE board. Meanwhile, studying in CBSE board will help you to prepare the best for JEE exams. So, you should go for CBSE board. Good luck.

  26. Hello sir, recently i cleared my board from icse and got 72% and now i want to prepare for clat ( common law admission test) which board will suit me the best for 12th and which stream should I take in 12?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Tanishq.
      As, you have mentioned that you want to prepare for clat then opting arts will be the right decision. Both ICSE and CBSE boards are equally good for arts student. Since you have studied from ICSE board till now so there is no need to change to CBSE.

  27. Hello Sir I have completed my 10 from ICSE and aspire to be an architect so for preparation of NATA Which board I should choose CBSE/ICSE?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aditi, both the boards are equally good. As you have asked particularly for Architecture, i suggest you to keep going in ICSE. Choose Science subjects and focus on your studies. All the best.

  28. Hello sir,
    I have completed my class 10th from the ICSE board. I want to pursue commerce as my stream and may be look for B.com or CA from SRCC. Which board would be better for my +2 and which board would provide me a broader scope in the stream that i want to pursue which i have already mentioned. And most importantly which one would help me better to take admissions in srcc?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sarvesh.
      As, you have mentioned that you want to opt commerce after 10th then both the boards CBSE and ICSE are equally good. After completing your 12th you will have lot of different courses that you can do. It really doesn’t matter from which board you have completed your 12th, only your hard work and final percentage will lead you towards your goal of taking admission in SRCC. So, don’t bother to change to CBSE board because then you have to change your school which might effect your studies also.

  29. Sir namasthe. My daughter has finished her 10th CBSE. We are in Tamilnadu. Some are insisting her to take state board 11th & 12th as it is easy to score good total. Also she can go for coaching classes so that she can hit the entrance exams. Is this decision correct or she should continue with CBSE for her 11th class.
    Please help us to take the right decision. My daughter is ready to go with any board please reply sir.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Lakshmi.
      As, you have mentioned that your daughter have completed her 10th with CBSE then, probably pursuing same board for higher studies is the right decision. Since the questions that are framed for the competitive level exams are mostly from NCERT books so, opting CBSE board is recommended. After completing her 12th if she wants to prepare for the competitive exams like JEE aur NEET then she will not face any kind of problems and it will become a lit bit easy for her as, she would have already studied the same syllabus.

  30. At present I am giving my ICSE board exam. I want to sit in the Medical entrance exams after class 12.By reading your article it seems CBSE board is a better option for these exams.However I want to remain in the same school i.e in ISC board.Will it be very difficult for me to cop up with those entrance exams later .? Need some sugestion.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Kaira.
      As, you have mentioned you are looking forward to give medical exam(NEET) then opting CBSE board is best. The paper for the competitive exam is framed by CBSE board and most of the questions are from NCERT. Yes, there are chances that you might face problems as, the syllabus of 11th and 12th class in both the boards are quite different.

  31. Hi!
    I have just given my 10th exams and I am thinking of opting humanities in class 11th
    And yes,I am not that much into studies
    So please advice that for which board I should go.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Khushi.
      As, you have mentioned that you are opting humanities in 11th class so, both the boards are equally good for commerce stream. Don’t bother to change to CBSE as, you have to change your school which might effect your studies.

  32. I have finished my seventh class in an ICSE board school and I have scored 95% in my final exams. My aim is to top in JEE-MAIN exam.I am planning to switch to CBSE board school.Should I switch to switch to CBSE board in eighth class or in intermediate.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      As, you have mentioned you want to crack JEE exam then opting CBSE board is the best idea. It would be better if you switch to CBSE board now as, it will help you a lot to prepare for IIT JEE because the question papers of these level of competitive exams are framed from NCERT books.

  33. Hello sir, I’m currently in std X (maharashtra board)
    And I scored 90% in my preliminary exam and I’m planning to study abroad for MBBS (after my 12th) so jeeping that in mind which board should I opt for (for 11th &12th)?(state boards or CBSE)

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Alina.
      As you have mentioned you are looking forward to do MBBS then, it is be better for you to opt CBSE board. It will help you a lot in your preparation of the competitive exams as, the question papers are based on the NCERT books. After you clear 12th you will have good command over the subjects like biology, physics and chemistry which will eventually help you to clear the competitive exams.

  34. Saswati Chakraborty

    Dear sir/ma’am, my daughter is now in class 10 icse board, she wants to take humanity for class 11
    Can u plz suggest me what is the suitable for her
    ICSE or CBSE

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Saswati.
      As your daughter wants to take humanity for further studies than ICSE board is good for her.

  35. Hi sir
    Upto 10std I went to regular class in Karnataka KSEEB board. And after that with some personal issues I dropped my studies for 2 years and next I took a admission at NIOS for my 10+2 certificate.
    And nw I passed out from NIOS ( NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOLING ) is it creates any problems for my future career.
    And can I apply for govt jobs …….?
    Plzzzzz sir clarify me ….! I am waiting for ur precious reply ….!
    Thank you ….!

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vijay.
      Yes ofcourse you can apply for government services. NIOS is also considered equivalent to CBSE or ICSE, hence you will not face any problem in future, and your degree will be valid.

  36. Hlo sir I m in ICSE board and I am in class 10 but after my 10 in which board I must go. For my future m interested in doing MBA from marketing department(Commerce)..So sir plz suggest me the best board.
    Thank you

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rithvik.
      CBSE board is the best to opt after you complete your high school studies. This board helps you a lot with the preparations of competitive exams, as almost all the questions in competitions are framed from NCERT book, and as you are interested in doing MBA, so we recommend you to opt for a good university after you complete your +2 with commerce, to pursue your BBA and side by side prepare for IIM examination, prepare well for that. Just be determined, you will definitely achieve success.

  37. My Daughter is appearing for Xth standard ICSE board exam , she wants to pursue science , shd we change her board to CBSE , pls advise

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Paramjit.
      Yes shift her to CBSE Board, it will help a lot with the preparations of competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, or any other examination, because questions of these examinations are mostly framed keeping NCERT book into preference. So, CBSE students get a lot help for the preparations.

  38. hi


    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Arundati.
      Go for CBSE boards. It is much better.

  39. Hi, my son is in ICSE 10th class now. He wants to do Engineering from good college like Bits, NIT, VIT, IIIT… which board shd he choose SSC, CBSE or ISC? So they prepare for JEE as well as entrances. Thank u

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vishoo.
      CBSE board will be much better for your son, as it will help him a lot with the preparations of IIT JEE, because the question papers of these level of competitive exams are framed from NCERT books.

  40. Dear Sir,
    My daughter is giving her 10th CBSE board exam this year. She aspires to do Mass Communication . Now that she shifts school for 11th ,which board would u recommend ,so that she finds it easy to clear the Symbiosis media and communications college enterance .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Subhashini.
      If your daughter aspires to do mass communication, then ICSE is best for her.

  41. Hi,my name is kalyan.I want to go through MBBS after my 12th grade.So suggest me which board is much better to cope up with.At present I am studying ICSE syllabus 10th grade.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Kayan.
      We suggest you to opt for CBSE board after you complete your 10th, as all the questions of competitive exams are framed from NCERT books and it will help you a lot with your exams.

  42. Sir , I have studied 10th board in ICSE and now I want to crack IIT jee due to lack of knowledge,
    I studied in ICSE and so now I have to shift to CBSE
    I just want to ask would it be difficult for me in CBSE ??

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Naman.
      Nothing is difficult, if you have faith in yourself then you can do anything. So, it is never going to be difficult for you in CBSE. All you have to do is, be completely dedicated towards your studies, and utilize every single minute for the betterment.

  43. Hi Sir, i was in ICSE till 10 th ,scored 90% .
    I had no interest in science. I am studying 11 in humanities in state board of Punjab.
    My parents got me switched to our state board,PSEB saying that one really scores well in state board and my marks will get me admission in some reputed college for graduation . But i dont feel like doing my 12 from state board as they are not even recognised at all India level. So, can i now change my board? If yes what should i go for ? CBSE or ICSC.
    After 12, i want to go either for english honours or any kind of designing course.
    Please guide me . I am really confused.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sukhani. As you have already started with class 11th, this is not possible to switch on to some other board. And if you do, then you have to repeat class 11th again. But, don’t feel bad and do well in Punjab board only.

  44. I’m a icse high school student and wish to pursue biology in 11 because it’s my favourite subject. In an average student, ordinary at studies (not bad even though). Which board should i choose from class 11-isc or cbse?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Adity.
      We recommend you to opt for CBSE board because it will be helpful to you for clearing your competitive exams also, because all the competitive papers are set from NCERT book.

  45. I am about to complete my ICSE class 10. My aim is to get B.tech and to crack competitive exams such as IIT-JEE,AIEEE,etc. I am very confused which board should I select. Please reply urgently. If ISC is preferred ,then on what criterion and if CBSE is preffered,then on what criterion? What is it that makes ISC/CBSE more convinient than ISC/CBSE? Why do most people prefer CBSE to ISC for Engineering? Thank you. Hoping for an urgent reply.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rishit.
      CBSE is considered the most, because it is a government board. Also all the competitive exams questions are framed from NCERT book, so it helps the students a lot to crack any competitive exam.

  46. I have finished my 10th grade in ICSE. But due to the lack of knowledge, I settled for 11th grade in State Board. Is it possible to shift to 12th grade ISC as it is extremely important that I shift to ISC?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Deepika.
      No, it is not possible to now shift to ISC, because if you will shift,then you will have to repeat your 11th class.

  47. I have shifted from state syllabus to icse in my 8 class. Now I hope I can get around 90% in board exams. I want do engg. Should I continue in isc or shift to cbse. please advice me as fast as can.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Surya.
      We will recommend you to shift to CBSE, because the question paper for JEE is framed from NCERT books.

  48. I want to ask that how much % of board exam ic coming from exercise and intext question of ncert books of physics ,chemistry and math,, plz reply soon .or told me that if prepare only the exercise and intext questions of physics and chemistry then how much marks I can get out of 70_ in board exams,plz reply soon,,

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Viraj. 60-70% of questions do come from the NCERT book in all subjects. At this time, i always suggest my students to study from the textbook only, i.e. NCERT. For revision, practice previous year papers.

  49. Hello Sir, my daughter is 3 years old now. We got an admission in a familiar ICSE school for next year Pre kg . I’m getting confusion about ICSE and CBSE. She is a quick learner but we don’t want to give her too much pressure. Advice us to select the board it’s too early so we couldn’t predict about her interest. But she must have the ability to crack IIT entrance exam if she like to do engineering . In which board she could score good percentage I mean which one is better to score good marks. We have just 3 days time to confirm the admission. I hope you will reply.. We r in Bangalore here most of the schools are ICSE and cbse schools also here so we are confused

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nisha. Don’t hustle. Your daughter is too small to decide anything regarding her interest. Up to class 10th, ICSE board is good to make her a brilliant student. After that, you can get her admission in CBSE board or take decision as per her interest.
      In both the boards, she can score an excellent percentage. It all depend on your efforts as a parent.

  50. I am in class 10 ICSE board. Is it good to switch to CBSE for commerce for 11 & 12?

    1. Hello Gaurav, unfortunately neither CBSE, nore ISC is consider good for commerce. Both the boards share almost same reputation when it comes to commerce, so i will suggest you to stay in ISC, why bother with changing school.

  51. Dear Sir I am shame full to say that i have not do study well in physics from previous 9 !months and now I am so much worried about my board exams .and I am in 12 class pcm. And now I have only three months for study .so I request you to tell me that if I study from exam idea of physics can I get 40+ out of seventy marks in physics and also tell me that is ncert books are sufficient for get 70 marks In maths .plz sit reply soon as possible. I will wait for your reply.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Viraj. As there are only 3 months left for the exams, you need to follow some specific strategies to deal with it. 40% is so less. I can tell you some ideas to secure a better percentage. But, there is a condition that you have to put your 100% efforts to follow them.

      Focus on NCERT books, either it is Physics or Maths. Exam Idea is also a very good book but only for those who are once done with the NCERT.

      Make a time table and give at least two hours to each, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Allot 1 hour each to extra subjects like English, Hindi, etc.

      As you have not studied the whole year, now you urgently need to avoid all the distractions around like your mobile phone, your other gadgets, your friends and everything else which you think that wasting your time.

  52. Hi.i have completed my 10th in cbse.Now i am going to icse ,because my aim is for civil exam,will icse affect my career .is cbse good .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nitin. If you really want to pursue your career in civil services then this is a good decision to switch your board from CBSE to ICSE. It would help you a lot. No, it will not affect your career at all.

      But, there is one thing which you have to keep in mind. Civil services exam is one of the most difficult exam and thus you must study very hard, from the very beginning, to achieve your goal.

  53. Hi sir my son is in icse board in 6th and he is too hyperactive can’t concentrate in study too much naughty as well as intelligent too but because of poor focus on study not scoring good 40 – 45% I’m thinking to switch cbse coz I saw the books of cbse it’s so easy can cope up easly and also he is interested in science so should i change ..

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ayush. It seems that you are getting too much worried for your son. Generally, kids are notorious at his age. First of all, start motivating him instead of criticizing all the time. Make him realize the importance of Studies.

      Make a time table for your son which includes everything like playing, watching his favorite show, and studies, of course. Start following it. You also need to put your 100% efforts with him. Make study interesting for him.

      Switching to CBSE is a good idea but you must know that it is not that easy as it seems to be. You have to work really very hard with your son.

  54. Hi, is there any option that if my performance is very high and if I am the topper in 9th CBSE, wherein I can be promoted to 11th std CBSE directly without taking up CBSE 10th board exam.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aishwarya. No, it is not possible to promote from class 9th to directly into class 11th.

  55. Hi.I have secured 95% in CBSE board in class 10th But I want to pursue civil services.As it is stated above that it is good to go for ICSE board for pursuing civil services but Currently,I have opted for CBSE board.Will it affect my career?

    1. No Srishti, it won’t affect your carrier. Just focus on your preparations because it’s your preparation that will affect your career, not board.

  56. Hi sir, I have a four year old son .and yes it’s time for him to get admitted in high school,and am confused!!!which board to go with ICSE or cbse,as he is very young and it’s very early for me to decide his career,different people different advice some say ICSE is very tough and the child won’t have liberty to enjoy other activities,while some say cbse is good as child will be able to study as well be able to participate in other activities,I just don’t want to feel guilty later,my thoughts r that well planned schedule and hard work will make anything easier but,I don’t want to stress or overburden my kid with too much of studies.please advise!

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hey Vanita, you are thinking too much. It’s good that you are so concerned about your child’s future and giving him free time. You should first understand that it’s not about which board you should pick, but it’s the school that you pick. See, if that school provide facilities for extracurricular activities and also if it’s education pattern and structure is good enough.

      On the basis of research, ICSE is considered better for primary education than CBSE. Hope this answer will help you get out of your dilemma.

  57. Dear Sir, I must first truly appreciate to put across parents agony and a straight and honest evaluation of these boards.

    I’ve twins and they are in Junior KG. Sanity prevails that yet they are not asked to select the board. For my son, due to his curiosity nature of wanting to know of how a car works or how a electronic device works; I get a gut feeling that he could consider Engg. Of course IIT is dream but me talking about it will only pressurize him. So would CBSE make a good sense if he were to do Engg, work for some years and then pursue MS?

    Moving on, for my daughter; at such younger age, she has relatively done well in drawing; especially when she draws some symmetry. With what you’ve said; may be ICSE is right for her?

    With nuclear family; putting our twin kids in different schools and even boards sounds bit too difficult to manage. But if that’s what makes a right choice, we might need to do that. Any issues with them studying same class but different boards?

    I passed my 10th from SSC, scored well in XII to get into Engg and then MS and work with MNC. Certainly not bragging and that will be stupid of mine; the intent to mention above is if it does make a lot of difference? Yes, a good school and great teacher would. What’s more annoying is when some parents make one of these boards as status symbols and make lives miserable if their own, kids and other parents.

    Sorry for a long note here.

    1. Hey Siddhartha! looks like you main problem is that you want your both kids to study in a same school. It is totally fine if you let you son do 12th with science from ISC, or let your daughter do arts from CBSE. Because in the end a good school and teacher are the real difference and not the boards (like you said).

      And for your information, let me tell you that almost half of the students who crack competitive exams of CBSE are from ISC. So, it’s the knowledge of kids.

  58. Hi! I am in class 11 in ISC board and in future I want to attempt in IIT.I have a question that the ISC board provides the books of Science which are clearing basic concepts properly and I hope of every ISC student and one of my friend who is in CBSE board and he is a bright student too but his concepts are not so clear as compared to me so why CBSE board is preferred everytime when it comes to IIT,JEE?

    1. Hey Harsh, this is because all the competitive exams are organized by CBSE. Obviously there are lot’s of other reason too but this is one of the main reason. But, it does not mean that ISC is any less than CBSE. Both the boards are good.

  59. I am a CBSE student from class 10th. Would like to do career in architecture. Which is better ICSE or CBSE? Apparently ICSE allows to take Fine Art as elective.

    1. Hey Shardul, if you are focused just on architecture, then i will suggest you to go for CBSE, as the competitive exam for architecture are based on CBSE syllabus, and CBSE is also known for it’s science subjects.

  60. I am currently in the 10th grade and studying in the ICSE Board . I am confused whether to take ISC,CBSE or IB as I want to do management studies in the future.

    1. Hey Anubhav, I will recommend ISC if you are going for management studies.

  61. Sir,
    My daughter studied in ICSE board from 1 to 10 th. Got 95.3% in 10th board. Can she score nicely in NEET exam?

    1. Of course Malathi, if your daughter keeps on the good work in class 11th and 12th then she can surely get a good rank in NEET exams.

  62. Respected sir, My baby girl is hardly 2 months old & her horoscope says her science & mathematics is strong, with her having interested in art & religion.
    I’m not completely believing on horoscope, but when the time comes for admission in nursery and further schooling, which kind of board i can choose to get admission for her?

    1. Hey Amol, ICSE board is considered better for primary schooling of kids. But, later if you think your child is more interested in science, then i will suggest you to shift here to CBSE board.

  63. Hello sir,
    I have been studying in ICSE my whole life. I’m now preparing to get into IIT. At first I was going to switch to CBSE after 10th but now that ICSE has planned to take up NCERT books, I’m really confused (considering that I might contest for becoming the head girl in the current school if I stayed).

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Mahek, don’t switch the board if you are not sure. I will advise you to stay in your board, as getting into a new environment alway takes some time.

  64. Hello Sir ,
    my daughter is now in 8th std in ICSE, and she is quite good in her studies. But for 9th and 10th, i am planning to change to CBSE. Can you please suggest me, shall i continue with ICSE or shall i change to CBSE? because i want her to get good marks in 10th Board.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Neetha, I don’t think there is any need to change the board of your daughter, as she can score good percentage in ICSE board as well. Changing the board will mean change of school and change of environment, and as you know it’s difficult for kids to adapt to new environment. But, if you want her to take science in 11th and 12th, then moving to CBSE can be beneficial.

  65. I switched school from CBSE to ICSE in class 7. Now, I am in 9th and find it very difficult in ICSE board. I have heard that 9 and 10 ICSE board has almost double the syllabus compared to CBSE board. I do not wish to to go abroad after my 12th. My interest is Performing arts and I would like to get into Delhi University after 12th. The cut offs are very high. Shall I change back to CBSE after 10th ? Please note that currently in 9th I score 70-75 %.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Ria, let me tell you that ICSE is consider better than CBSE for Arts, the level of exam of ICSE and CBSE is almost same after 10th. So, i will suggest you to go for ISC board if you are planning to opt for arts stream.

  66. I have twins whom I want to put to school. I am confused between CBSE and ICSC. Kindly suggest which board should I choose?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Lubna, ICSE is considered better when it comes to primary education.

  67. Sir, I have made wrong decision by choosing isc school, because I want to prepare for competitive exams and I am 3 months late for new school, and now it is very difficult for me. What should I do?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Azeen, first of let me tell you that you have not made any mistake by choosing the ISC board. Yes, CBSE support competitive exams better, but ISC is as good. Courses of both the board are almost same. So, don’t worry and put your dedications in preparing for the exams, i am sure you will definitely achieve your goal.

  68. sir i completed 10th from icse and got 80%, and now i joined isc {medical} board. Is it i did good or can i do better? which board’s exams are tougher in 12th?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Ashish, the exam level of CBSE is considered tougher than ISC when it comes to science subjects in class 12th. But, do not underestimate ISC, as the level of exam in this board is also very high. So, do your best and study well.

  69. Gokul, I had studied icse in 10th, and I got 92%. In future I want to become a Aeronautic, if i switch to cbse, will it be better? I am fully confused. My bro is also studying 5th std in icse. So, which board is best?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Gokul, since you want to become an astronaut, therefore i will suggest you to switch to CBSE, as it is best for science stream subjects. If it’s arts or humanities that any one want to take in senior classes, then ISC is best. ICSE is considered better than CBSE for junior classes, therefore it is better for your brother to stay in ICSE. Hope this cleared your doubt. Feel free to ask if there is anything else.

  70. Hello sir? I got 86% in my final class 10 cbse exams…and for my future,which is best cbse 11th or ssc intermediate..(i planned to write jee mains rather than IIT)

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      I think you should go with CBSE board Farhan, as CBSE conducts the JEE exams.

  71. Samridhi Trivedi

    Hey I have to much confusion, I used to study from ICSE board till class 10th. Now I have decided to switch to CBSE board, and I have to go with civil services. Please tell me am I taking a better decision or not?

  72. Hello sir, I have a doubt. I am an ICSE student, I got 77% in final exams. I am confused, my parents are telling me to pursue isc. I do not know what to do. I want to do pharma.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Pranoy, you should pursue your studies in ISC. It will be good for you as you have done your schooling in ICSE.

  73. Hello sir, my daughter cleared 10th from ICSE board. Now she is going for science, so which boards are good isc or hsc? because I m little confused that which board to join isc or hsc for general science or integrated, because she wants to do architecture.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Shreya, Both the board have their own merits and demerits. I will suggest your daughter to go for ISC board, as she has done her previous classes from ICSE, so it will be better. Also, in future when she will go for entrance exam of architecture, then ISC will be of great help at that time.

  74. I got 76, but should I change my board to cbse? and I want to prepare for civil lines. Totally worried about it which one is better?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Abhilash, Both the board are quite similar. There is not much difference in the syllabus of both the board. So, if you do not want to switch to CBSE then it’s fine.

  75. Rahul Mangesh Gamare

    Hi sir, I got 89 percentage in 10th in ICSE. I’m planning to do Biomedical Engineering. I am confused whether I should continue in ICSE, or Change My Board to CBSE or State Board? sir, I have Read your Page. I hope you Will reply me.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Rahul, like you must have read in my earlier replies to comments. I have been saying to all the students, that it does not matter in which board you are, ICSE and CBSE are almost same. If you do not want to change your board then it’s totally fine.

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