12 Courses And Jobs after 12th pass Science, Commerce, Arts


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If you are done with your class 12th and still doubtful about further studies. Then, take it easy.
It’s a normal thing which almost every student face at some point in his/her life. Generally, the student feels kind of messed up in his/her mind while deciding for his/her future, and how can we forget the silly relatives and neighbors who keep on asking the same questions repeatedly to make the situation worse.

12th pass private jobs 2018 at good salary packages are not hard to find but you have to discover your interest and listen to your heart. So here in this article, I have listed some of the courses and jobs which will guide you to choose the best one according to your interest.

Courses And Jobs after 12th pass

Yes, the courses and jobs for the students who are so much worried about their future and want to get rid of the silly questions asked by their neighbors.

No matter which stream you opted in class 12th, how many marks you got. It’s your ability to dream big which will decide your future.

courses and jobs after 12th pass

Hope you have loved my creativity on above infographics, can I get a share or like for that? just joking, let’s come to the point.

Courses after 12th pass

Yes, it’s time to analyze, “Where you are and where you want to be.” 

# Courses for Science stream students

1. B.Tech

Yes, the engineering degree is one of the best options to single out after class 12th. There are so many streams which one can opt. It is up to your interest of course. There are many great Universities that provide a B.Tech Degree but there are strong Reasons to join IIT Colleges.

Trades in B.Tech

Following are the different trades or branches from which you can choose Which trade in B.Tech is best for you:-

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electronics Engineering
  4. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Computer Science
  7. Information Systems
  8. Instrumentation Engineering
  9. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Duration for all the above trades is 4 years.

Top three colleges of B.Tech in India:-

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur)
  • Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (IITD)

You will need to crack the JEE mains (joint entrance exam) to get admission in private colleges, and JEE advanced if you want to get admission in government colleges. If you wish to crack JEE in first attempt, then you have to be consistent and patient to see your name on the merit list.

Mind it! The course is only for the students of Science stream. All you need is to clear the engineering entrance exam conducted every year. But make sure you choose this course only and only if you have an interest in science.

2. Medical Course/Pharmacy

For the students from a Biology background, the course in Medical sciences is a dream come true. Make it real! Take admission in an affiliated medical college for the great medical jobs in future. Nowadays, most of the colleges provide the full facility of job placement to their students.

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Following are the medical courses you can apply for with their time duration:-

Course Name Full Form Duration
M.B.B.S. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 5.5 years
B.D.S. Bachelor of Dental Surgery 4 years
B.H.M.S. Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery 5.5 years
B.A.M.S. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 5.5 years
B.Pharm Bachelor of Pharmacy 4 years
B.Sc Nursing 4 years
B.P.T Physiotherapy 4.5 years
B.O.T Occupational Therapy 3 years
B.U.M.S Unani Medicine 5.5 years
D.Pharm Ayurvedic, Siddha Medicine 2 years
BMLT Bachelor of Medical Lab Technicians 3 year
DMLT Diploma of Medical Lab Technicians 1 year

3. BCA

The Bachelor course in Computer Application. I must suggest that if you are a student from the computer background and having a keen interest in Computer, then use every muscle to get into this course because this course will groom your skills in computers.

The time duration for this course is 3 years, and the career scope for BCA is very good as these days every business is being digitalized which means that there will be many opportunities for good jobs.

However! The student from any background can choose this course, but as per my suggestion, BCA is most appropriate for the students of science stream.

3. B.Sc. (IT)

Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology is another course that you can consider if you wish to pursue your career in computer field.

It is very similar to BCA, even the subjects are almost same. And like BCA any student from any field can apply for this course, and the time duration for this course is also 3 years.

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# Courses for Commerce stream students

1. BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration which will be effectual for you if you want to make your career in business. The time duration for this course is 3 years.

You will be developing your decision-making skills in business along with communication and practical managerial skills. This certainly means that you will be knowing in detail about the functional aspects of a company or organization.

Basically, if you are planning to go for MBA, then BBA will be the perfect match to support MBA later.

2. B.Com

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is also known as BCA. This course is also for those students who wish to get in the field of business.

Same as BBA, those who want to go for MBA for the post graduation degree then B.Com can be very helpful for them with MBA.

Again the time duration for this course is also 3 years.

3. BMS

The course for the Bachelor Degree of Management studies, this course will facilitate you to get the wonderful skills in management studies.

The time duration for BMS is 3 years. Prestigious  posts in the company like HR Managers, Manager etc. needs qualification and skills that BMS offers.

4. Chartered accountancy

This course is especially for the lucky students from the Commerce background.
To optimize your deftness in business and finance just after class 12th, this course is the most appropriate.

Wait ! Let me tell you that the course is a little labored and to get admission in the course, you have to register for the Common Proficiency Test with the Board of Studies at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Here is how to become chartered accountant step by step:-

The first step is CPT (Common Proficiency Test) in which you will have to register yourself to Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

After 60 days of registration to ICAI, you will need to appear for the CPT exam.

No, once you pass the CPT exam (and 12th too), then register for the Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC).

After 9 Months of registration to IPCC, you will have to appear for IPCC group I Exam. The group I Exam contain 7 papers.

Next, you will need to pass the group II Exam which contains 3 papers.

Now you will need to register as the article assistant. You can do that only if you have passed both group exam or, at least, all exams of group I.

Once you pass both groups then you can register for CA final course and crack the final exam.

And there you are, a chartered accountant!

# Courses for Arts stream students

1. Mass Communication

If you are looking for a career that would associate you with media, then Mass communication is the course you should look for.

It covers all from tv reporter to a scriptwriter in the film industry. Most of the students go for mass communication to get in the field of new media.

The time duration of mass communication is also 3 years.

2. Fashion Designing

If you are among those creative students who always got appreciated for their creative skill by their school teachers, then this course is best to choose for future. It is very well said, “choose a career you love, and you will never have to worry a day in Confucius.”

For this course too, the time duration will be 3 years.

3. Event Management

Let’s choose the career of fun, excitement and glory. Yes, the lifetime job surrounded with new innovations, creative thinking and so much of blast. Just imagine! 24*7 party mood! But, before this, you will have to brush up yourself with the management skills

4. LLB

The Bachelor Degree in Legislative laws. This is one among the most appropriate course for the students of Arts background. Take admission in some good college and you will get a professional degree in law after 3 years which is highly favorable from the future point of view.

Yes, there are so many options for every student irrespective of your stream or your marks or your higher qualification.

Just get hold of your dreams and aspire to achieve something great.

# Courses regardless of streams

1. Hotel Management

This course is suitable for anyone who really want to be in the hotel business. All you need are the management skill and of course, your own personal interest in the food industry.

These days hotel management is becoming one of the favorite options for youth, and the duration of this course is 3 years.

2. Graphic Designing Course

The course for the meticulous students who can think out of the box. It is like being a part of explosive technology.
Before taking admission in this course, note one thing that you have to be on one’s’ toes with the hi-tech world all through your career.

I think, there is no need to remind you that don’t rush for choosing the course. Take time to think and to analyze pros and cons of each one of them.

Even a single drop of water make a ripple in the sea. Likewise, a single decision our life till the end.

Jobs After 12th Pass

Someone has rightly said, “Don’t prefer a job with great vacation time. Pick a career that doesn’t need escaping from…!”

# Jobs For Science Stream Students

1. Jobs in Indian Army

Indian army is one of the best and the most secure career choice these days. It offers a great deal of facilities, jobs security, good salary and most of all good reputation in society. One can apply for NDA Selection process right after 12th.

2. Jobs in Indian Forces

Either it is, Air Force, Indian army or Indian Navy, there are so many opportunities for the 12th pass students from the science background. Every year, the department releases so many recruitment for the deserving candidates.

However! For the 12th passed students, there are vacancies generally for small posts but one can join by keeping continue his/her studies.

3. Jobs in Forest Department

If you love to stay in touch with the environment, if you love to feel the scenic beauty then the job in this department is appropriate for you.

Generally, there is recruitment for the post of Forest Guards for the 12th pass students. Let me clear that the salary package in this department is outstanding.

4. Jobs in Science organizations

Either it is ONGC, ordnance factory, coal mines, Medical Science colleges or hospital, there are a number of job opportunities for the students who are done with class 12th.

All these jobs are included in a government sector and salary offered is also satisfying. There is a plus point in the jobs that here, you will get to learn more and more and nothing could be better other than staying in touch with your own favorite subjects.

# Jobs For Commerce Stream Students

1. Tally Operator Job

This job requires no extra qualification. All you need is a commerce background and a good typing speed. This sector is flourishing day by day and there are hundred of vacancies released every month. Salary package offered depends upon the company working for. But generally, it is satisfying to the students who are doing it as a part-time job.

2. Data entry operator

If you have a good knowledge of accounting up to the 12th level, then you can easily apply for this job. The work is only limited to take written information from forms, applications or company files and you have to enter the information into computer system databases or applications. Seems to be easy but requires a lot of potential as the salary depends on the amount of work you do in a day.

3. Internship under Chartered accountant

If your goal is to become the chartered accountant in future. Then, start preparing it from today.

Yes, there are so many chartered accountants who hire accountants under them and also offer a good salary package.
There you get paid and at the same time, learn the skills of accountancy.

# Jobs For Arts Stream Students

1. Freelance Writer

If you have good writing skills or if you are among those who considered themselves as a creative writer, then you can start writing as a freelancer under some private newspaper or magazine.

At the same time, you can also apply as a content writer in different websites present on the web. Well ! Some national newspaper hires deserving writers on a temporary basis. Just give it a try!

2. Indian Railway Jobs

This department does not only recruit the students from the science background. Arts students can too have great career opportunities.

Assistant, ticket collector, Lower division clerk etc. Yes, They have much more to offer the students from Arts background.

3. Police Force

The police department also releases the recruitment for the students who are done with their 10+2.

There are so many vacancies released each year in different police department like traffic police, state police, local police, etc.

4. Merchant Navy

Yes, the private institution of Navy which offer an awesome salary package to its employees. However ! The job is little tough and you have to stay on the ship for 6 or more months continuously. But, for the people who love to travel, this is a dream come true.

# Jobs regardless of Streams

1. Teaching Job

Teaching job is one of the most favorable career choices for most. All you need is a little compassion towards your work.

If you consider yourself a good mentor, if you are among those who always prove to be a helping hand in your friends group or if you love to make people understand the things, then teaching is the perfect carrier for you.

Full dedication is required in this job. First make a try in some primary schools or you can also take tuition. But, yes, continue your studies too.

To apply for government school or for better institutions, you will need to pursue B.Ed (bachelors of education). For government schools, you will later need to crack CTET (common teacher eligibility test).

2. Bank Clerical Jobs

Few days ago, there was a news that there will be no vacancies in the bank for 12th pass students.
But it turned out to be just a rumor. State Bank of India recently released the recruitment in its department. Likewise, there are a number of posts in Banking sector too for the students who have done their 10+2.

There is a plus point that you don’t need your education in some special stream. Student of every stream is allowed to apply for the job.

3. Postal Jobs

Yes, the job in post offices, generally for multi-tasking staff. I must say, one of the most relaxing and reliable jobs.
One has to clear the exam conducted by the department every year. Breathe easy! The exam is not that tough.

All it requires is your basic knowledge in every subject up to class 10th.

Just bear in mind! Your job is going to fill the most part of your life. So ! If you want to be contented with your work then opt for something great.

Yes ! Any job, which seems to be great to you.
And, the only way to do great work is to love the job you do!

Go easy ! Don’t let your marks and result decide your future. Choose the course or job of your own choice. Pick up ears to everybody but make your own decision. Because there is nobody who could think better for you than yourself. With the ending of my write-up, the words of Einstein is colliding with the thoughts in my mind.

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

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  1. Sir,can I do pharmacy courses with b.sc hons.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You can do one course at a time. If you want to do both, then you will need to do them one after other, not simultaneously.

  2. Maine +2 non medical me ki hai aur Main aage ja ke apna business Karna chahti hu to uske liye muje kiya Karna chahiye

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      One do not need any kind of degree or course to do a business. If you really want to do some sort of course, then you should first decide what business you are going to do in future and then choose a course accordingly. They are also many course on entrepreneurship, you can do that too.

  3. Sir, I am pass 12th class with medical option, now I want to choose air hostess, but problem is that I don’t know this is right or wrong?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      If you are really interested in becoming air hostess then you should definitely go for it. But, before you go down that road make sure you know all the aspect of this profession and then come to any decision. If it still feels right, then go for it!

  4. Sir Which stream should i choose as i wish to serve in computer and music

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      If you want to opt for computer science, then you will have to take science stream. If you are really interested in computers then you should definitely go with science stream. As for music, you can take it as extra subject.

  5. You have mentioned about Hotel Management as a career option/ course in your list of courses available for students passing out or 12 th in India. But you have.missed the Career of becoming a Chef and the course available. Today Chefs are most sought after professionals with plenty of job avenues available. Bachelors in Culinary Arts is being offered in India since 1996. Osmania University is the first University in India to offer this Bachelors Degree in Culinary Arts and Culinary Academy of India is the first college offering this course since 1996.Please add this to your list of career.options

  6. Hello sir i m sunny & i want to become SI officer by commerce stream which course is best for SI?

  7. Sir I am sruthi . I would like to become a phycologist but I don’t want to take MBBS . what if I take degree in psychology?

  8. I am 12th pass with 70% but I have no idea what to do.

    1. Hello Piyush,
      There are lots of jobs and opportunities out there, you just have to realize where you can best fit. Try different things, take different classes to check what you do the best. And try to apply for a professional course.

  9. Hello sir, I want to join Indian army after 12 recently I completed my 12 but no one is giving good choice so please I want to ask that can I join Indian army and how?

  10. Sir iam from commerce stream with maths i want to write a govt. Jobs exams so what i should take in graduate which will be help to write a govt. Job exams plz suggest me

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Suresh,
      Most of the government jobs do not demand any specific course to be eligible, all they care is that candidate must be graduate. So, you can go with whatever you like. But i would recommend that you go with some professional course as it will keep your option for private jobs open. And try to enroll for math related course.

  11. Hii I am 12 pass student with 70% score in whole and 50%in pcm
    Nd I am finding myself helpless for getting better course , graduation with better salary
    Refer me to a well direction pls 🙏
    As soon as possible reply !

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Naman, There are many options and many courses for graduation. You can get a better salary by doing any course but only if you do it with full devotion and hard work. Follow one thing and become a master in that thing. This way you will get a better salary for sure. Remember Hard work is the only key to Success.

  12. Hlo Sir… I Am going to pass out 12 in this year in arts stream… My mainly interest in IPS and govt job … But I am confused what should I do for this… BA +IPS or LLB +IPS…. is there any other course of 4 year… Please suggest me as soon as possible.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      It depends on your area of Interest. In my opinion, If you have interest on LLB then go for it but if you are seeking only for IPS then you should go with BA.

  13. Hi sir my name is Marukh Gupta I stay in bangelore did my 12th in 2016 really confused on what to do as I am not a studious student plz guide me and in today’s world graduation Is a must

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      In order to get a good job or a good career, you must have done higher education like graduation, professional course, etc. There is a good career option after 12th like you can apply for army force.

  14. Hello,I am going to pass out 12th this year,and I have opt pcb+ip. I am interested in computer based studies . So what should I do now????

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      There are many choices for the computer sector. Some basic degree/diploma courses are B.Sc. IT, BCA, B.tech IT, B.tech CS.

  15. Which government job exam I can apply for after doing +2 in Commerce stream?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      After +2 Commerce stream, you can apply for Indian Armed Forces. But you should complete graduation for the Banking sector and other government sectors.

  16. Sir I’m 12 pass in PCM….
    After passed I resumed study 3 years…
    Now what I can? Without Bsc course…

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Pulakesh, you can do any diploma courses of your interested field. Or there is another career option after 12th such as you can join Army Forces, etc.

  17. I have a medical point of eye and I want to join army, so suggest any way or course , through which I can join army….

    1. Hello Prashant, you can apply for Nursing assistant in the Indian Army.

  18. We know very well that Agriculture is the most important sector and the backbone for the Indian Economy, completion of bachelor’s degree in agriculture, and Quantum University is a good platform for study in Agriculture. you can get jobs in private and public sectors. Within public sector, you can get job as Agricultural Research Scientist.
    after such course you can be in areas/departments like-
    – Government organizations
    – Public sector organizations,
    – Agribusiness firms,
    – Food processing
    – Retail industry,
    – Research organizations and Laboratories,
    – Banks and Financial corporations,
    – Sales and Management

  19. Whtat I do for teacher after pass 12th class with arts stream

    1. Hello alam, you need to graduate first then you have to complete B.Ed. after completing B.Ed, you will be eligible for teaching.

  20. Hlo sir,
    I have completed my 12th with 70% marks..and now i am doing nursing course like GNM and i am also study in GNM final year..i want to job..what can i do.plz help me sir..

    1. Hello Anjali, after GNM you can do Post Basic BSc Nursing(PB BSc) which will be beneficial for your career. As you are a medical student so you can find jobs related to your field in hospitals, school, enterprises etc.

  21. Hlo I m nidhi for 12 class fased I m very confused for best course for. Me ND best job ever…

    1. Hello Nidhi, If you have passed class 12th then your course or career depends on your stream is it PCM or PCB or PCM with computer science. But Generally, you don’t have to be confused because every job is best it is just our mentality and our passion for it. Choose any course or career wisely means there shouldn’t be your self-interest while choosing. All the best!!!

  22. Hello Sir I completed my class 12 with 72% and I have not choose any career option .I want a job which is related to my passion i.e. travelling . So what career option shall i choose. Any suggestion ?

    1. Hello praniv, you can choose it very good idea but when you’ll go there then you will that doing 12th is not enough. At least graduation is needed so that you will many possibilities then. All the best!!!

  23. Sir I am in a state of great confusion as I am 25 yrs old and still dont have any job.I have completed btech in mechanical engineering but with backloads.It is not that I am a dumb student,but that I had difficult situations back then.In fact I used to be one of the most brightest of students from my school time.Now I want to know what coirses I can opt for if I want a job whoch is creatively engaging and can give me good income as well as respect in society.

    1. Hello Zarah, There is no such job or there is such job. All you need is to be stable in your life. So you must understand this that what you have is the things by which you can achieve such job. Now find out what you have that thing. If you couldn’t find then make them and compete. All the best!!!

  24. sir i am passed 12th in commerce fild so then i confuse after education

    1. Hello Anjali, commerce is a vast field. And there is much higher education such as B.com, BBA, etc. You need to research your field of education. Do not worry. All the best!!!

  25. Sir I passed 12 by about 48,% through science stream. Sir m confuse for best course.

    1. Hello Lalit, every course is good and has a better future career. It’s up to you, you have to choose course wisely according to your ability. This is very important, choose any course but the subject you choose should be those in which you can perform your best.

  26. Sir maine 12th medical side sai kri h or mara mnn couch banne ka h or mai stadium mai khhelna cahta hu or fir couch banna cahta hu to corse kon sa kru help ……………..sir

    1. Hello Kapil, you should have done graduation with Bped and any sports in which you have got the national level certificate.

  27. Hello sir I am pass 12th (60.4%) in science stream with Bihar board …….
    My aim is to be a professor..
    But I don’t know what can I do and which course choose in graduation please tell me sir…….

    1. Hello Ashish, the subject in which you wants to do the higher study and wants to make the career, choose that subject(course). To become professor either you have to do Ph.D. or clear UGC NET exam.

  28. hello sir ,
    I am 12th passed with 48% in commerce but have not done my B.com graduation completely .Can you please suggest what should i go for to make my career on 12th bases. Want to make career in banking.

    1. Hello Pratima, In order to make your career in banking sector you have to complete your graduation first. And B.com is also related to banking so it is very helpful to you.

  29. Hi sir i passed 12th with 86 percent I want to SSC jobs (10+2) but my family says that you should do b tech in computer science then what I do

    1. Hello Ayush, you should discuss your plans with your parents. And they must listen to your plans and you must listen to their plans. They want that you should do the higher study for better future but you want SSC job where there is no growth after getting the job but getting the job via SSC is very competitive. You must understand this that you should be wise while taking decision for your education and career. All the best!!!

  30. Hi sir
    I am 12 sci (pcm) group student.
    I have too much cofusion bcoz i am intersted in hacking cyber security + bussiness to earn more and more but I want to become an owner not want to job .what can i do ? Can i learn both things hacking +bussiness

    1. Hello Siddique, yes you can but you have to go deep down into these two “hacking” and “business”. First is hacking so, for hacking you should learn from the fundamentals for computers and programming languages and networking. you can choose BSc IT and after that, you can choose MBA for business.

  31. Sourabh Kesarkar

    Hello sir I wanted to do carrier in computer field in BCA . BCA is a correct option for that field or not.
    And I also wanted to know that after BCA if i have completed MBA then tell me that there is scope for MBA or not. What would be salary after completing MBA

    1. Hello Sourabh, for computer science you can choose either BCA or BSc IT. After BCA, you can go for MBA but before doing MBA you should complete MCA.

  32. Shridhar Patekar

    Sir , I am 12 th passed student with 54% sci. But I have interest in drawing my then tell me something what should I do???

    1. Hello Shridhar, You should make your career in drawing and Arts designing.

  33. Hello sir ai got 52% marks in 12th pcmb plz suggest me any course to get good salery job but i have no intrest in books i want instant job and good salery becuz of some reason so plz suggest me any course or anything

    1. Hello Jay, don’t think and go for good job and salary. search for good work and better courses which will give knowledge as well as wisdom.

  34. Hello I am a science student I have 53% i want other than medical & engineering​ career option what can I do?

    1. Hello Swapnil, You can do simple graduation courses or you can search for diploma courses.

  35. Hii sir ,i am 12th pass student with great percentage but i dont know what should i do after 12th so u can suggest me what should i do . I cant do b.tech because i haven’t given cet entrance exam

    So kindly u can refer me best course for science stream so that i can pursue and get a big package of salary

    1. Hello Durjan, you can have options like BSc, BSc with agriculture, or you can choose diploma in any stream you want. big packages are everywhere, so don’t think about it. Think for your aim, goals you want to achieve. And prepare yourself.

  36. Hello sir
    Yesterday I get my result of class 12th and I got 80 percent from PCM and computer science.I get 99 marks in maths and I want to do BBA and then MBA.But my parents are arguing that if you get good marks in maths then do something which includes maths and I didn’t want to do B.TECH
    So please sir suggest me to which type of course can I do.

  37. Hii sir I am Aayush. I had done 12 from CBSE with PCM & computer science. Now I don’t have any interest in science. But little bit interest in computer science. So I had given IPU cet BCA. But after searching a lot I saw that after BCA also salary packages is not soo good. So plz tell me which cource I should do to get higher salary package.
    And with graduation I had to do job in which field I can get job.
    Plz help me in finding best paid bachelov source & jobs field after 12
    Thank you

    1. Hello Aayush, you don’t have any interest in science and little bit interest in computer science. So how could you get high salary job if you don’t have full interest!. If you complete any course with full of your interest then only you can see the career in that particular field. There are many options and courses not just BCA and BSc. You can go anywhere you want. Do not think of High salary package or job. Think of getting the course you want to do with a better university. All the best!!!

  38. Hello sir I’m a student of pcmb feild and I have my interest in biology field I want to do something except mbbs but I’m so confused about what to do….sir can you please suggest me courses that have good jobs and nice salary if I’m interested in biology

    1. Hello Farah, In biology, there are many different courses and each of them has a good career and scope it is just that how perfectly you do in your course. So do not think which course is better because every course is better for future perspective. But for a good job and nice career you have to dedicate to your course. MBBS, BDS, (BAMS)Ayurvedic, BSc Nursing after that MSc Nursing, pharmacists etc these are some course you can research on. All the best!!!

  39. Hello sir,
    I am in class 12 I wants to do bsc + bed integrated course Plzz suggest some idea how to apply

    1. Hello Riya, you cannot do BSc and Bed both together because Bed needs complete graduation. So you have to graduate first.

  40. Sir
    My ward Siddhant Pranay is in class 12th commerce and complete his 12 class in year 2019. He is playing football for Gujarat U-19.
    I want to under stand that which course is preferable for him to avail sports quota and get a secured service.
    Please advice sir

    1. Hello Onkar, Defence and police are the best choices, also railway is also a good choice.

  41. Hello sir
    Maine abhi up board sai 12th pass kiya hai. Sir mai SSC cgl karna chata hu .
    Uske liya kya qulifiction hoti. Aur isa pass karna ke baad mai kaun sai area mai apna career bans sakta hu

    1. Hello Gaurav, for SSC CGL, first you have to graduate then only you can apply for SSC CGL(combined graduate level). for more details go to this link SSC CGL

  42. But sir does geology will hv any scope in future. Or should i do bsc plane or in recognised subject ??

    1. yes, of course, once you get into Geology then you will know its scope and future career.

  43. sir i am Akash.studying now in class 12.i have PCM and computer science. I am confused that what to do next
    i am interested in physics and maths.can you suggest me some career plans.

    1. Hello Akash, if you are interested in physics and mathematics then graduation is the best option by which you can understand both subjects more deeply. All the best!!!

  44. Hello sir ,
    I’m 12th science students having PCMB group and my result will be coming soon. I want job after 12th . My plan is to do graduation in bsc or in any other field + preparing for competative exams of govts . Does bsc plane or bsc in recognised subject will be helpful ? My choice is to take bsc geology. i think that it will be beneficial for me,coz it will include study of map nd states and it will create some knowledge regarding my govt exams ! Does it ? On the other hand does bsc geology having a scope ? Sir plZz told me which field should i take in bsc coz my main aim is on only competative. And in govt job they just want degree in any field . So can geology will help me ?

    1. Hello shamal, yes geology is a very good choice to make the career in. Go for it without any second thought.

  45. Sir me 12 sci.we hu but me police line me Jane ka sapna he muje aap ki gaid ki jarurat he

    1. Hello Hemant, its good to see that you have dreams for your career. If you really want to go accomplish your dream then start thinking about it don’t make any dual thinking about your career. Start preparing yourself to meet the eligibility of Police. There are two thing where you have to work on first is physical and the second is written. All the best for your career.

  46. Hello sir/madam,
    I passed my 12th with 63% in science stream my parents are saying me to do eng but I didnt do well in CET and my parents cannot afford payment seats..I want to do something different except engineering which is good in future jobs please suggest what should I do next? I am interested in computers and automobiles

    1. Hello Venkatesh, If you are interested in computers, you can go for graduation course such as BCA, BSC IT. Environmental science is also good option for career. Interest is temporary so don’t think that you will do good in computers and automobiles just because you have interest. So choose wisely. Sometimes we do what we don’t like but we like that after sometime. All the best!!!

  47. Prasenjeet kumar

    I m passed 10+2 ..physics chemistry math in 2006.sir I m 2006 after continue job private medical line,now I want my study continue.. Plz help me. What I do..my dob.05/12/1988…

    1. Hello Prasenjeet, Its good that you want to study. You can do graduation course from open university. Distance education such as NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling).

  48. hii I sir
    I am class 12th my stram is arts subject I want to become fashion designer but I am confused because my parents wants web designer so can u suggestion which is best for me ….

    1. Hello Muskan, web designing and fashion designing both comes in the same domain of designing. So if you love designing then you can start it from anywhere, like you can start from web designing and further go to another level of designing like fashion designing. Discuss with your parents in both fields. And whatever you will do, do it with full of your heart because somewhere it will surely help you in your future. All the best!!!

  49. Hello…sir/mam…I m chandni….i m in class 12…my results are coming soon on may…..i m a science student with maths subject…i want to do BBA in aviation management but my parents force me to do engg (btech)….i m so confused….what to do..???.is it correct option for me or not…??plZzzz suggest me…

  50. Hlw sir
    I’ve just completed my 12th by opting commerce….also I’ve taken admission for tally course and the academy is affiliate with bangqluru tally Institute .Sir I’m preparing for my entrance exam.But sir my doubt is that what are the job opportunities after 12th with a certificate of tally

  51. sir i am a 12th passed student recently i gave my 12th boards . sir i am preparing for entrance exam in engineering college . sir i am an average student but not able to decide my destination . i am totally confused . i choosed PCM on my parents choice , it was not my choice but at that time i was totally confused . so now what should i do ?

    1. Hello Drishti. Since you have passed your class 12th, then a number of options are there for you now. Engineering is one of them. But, before going for engineering, you must consider your potential. Have a deep breath and ask yourself What you are good at and what you actually want to be. Then, go for it. The field that you will choose by heart will be the one where you perform the best.

  52. Sir I had done my 12 with commerce but I want to go for biology is there any option

    1. No. Not legally.

  53. Sir I m A pcm student this year only appeared for class 12 exam I want to prepare for iit one year nd meanwhile I also want to do my graduation if by chance my selection not possible in iit ..I m confused which stream to opt for either BSc or BA ..sir please help me

    1. Shikha, if you want to go for IIT then don’t take options. We have written several articles on our website that will guide you through the JEE Process. You will definitely clear the JEE Exam if you try. And if you want to go for graduation, then go for B.Sc. with the same subjects as required in your JEE Exam.

  54. Hello Sir. I am a commerce student of 12th. I want to pursue hotel management. But i want to ask u that can i get a good paid job? Or can u suggest me any other good high paid jobs. Plz help me.

    1. Hello Lakshya, Read our Article on Courses and Jobs After 12th Class.

  55. sir maine abhi 12th kiya hai arts se mujhe smjh me nhi aarha k mai kya kruu aage koi keh rha hai k ba kro aur koi kh rha bba kro sir btaaiye ap hi mai kya kru sir mera pdne me bhot mn nhi lgta hai sir please help me

    1. Hello Naina,
      This the Starting of your Career. Please don’t listen to anyone. You yourself have to decide for your future. First of all, Introspect yourself and decide which field attracts you the most. Determine the work which you will be doing with fun and not under pressure.
      Listen to your heart. Put all the choices in front of you and mark the one which suits you the most and for which your heart approves.
      Consider yourself doing that work 15 years from now and if you can enjoy the work when you are 40, then surely that field is for you. Go with it.

  56. Hlo sir, i am the student of science stream… I can not fill up any entrance exam… Please suggest me what course i prefer after 12th … That is best for my future and provide best job….

    1. Read This Article to know about future opportunities after 12th.

  57. i m twelve paas and i am confuse for further studies and i dont have percentage my percentage is 37% sir recommend best option for me

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Ashish,
      You can prepare for SSC CHSL, which is for the 12th class also. Or, you can do simple graduation (B.Sc/B.Com/B.A) and then you can prepare for SSC CGL. Both of them are really promising jobs.

  58. Hello sir
    I m arts student and I still not completed class 12 examination because economics paper was leak on date 28 of march so we r going 2 appear eco on 25th april…after completing what sud I do sir pls suggest me what 2 do I am very confuse sir so pls help me….sir am also very interested in cricket and m vry talented in playing cricket sir……my name Vikash Gupta from Manipur pls do help me sir

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Vikas,
      If you are interested in Cricket, then you should definitely try to play cricket. Otherwise, there are 100s of jobs for you after 12th and graduation. But you should definitely try for Cricket if you really want to play and got talent for that.

  59. Sir I m science student I want to do ssc & any other government job sir I will do any civil job sir plzz suggest me what job I will do

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Kavi,
      You can prepare for SSC CHSL, which is good for you just after 12th. But I suggest you complete your graduation first.

  60. Hii sir.,I’m finished 12th I want to go job with high earning salary which job is suitable and I want 6 digits salary per month I’m science student with 93%.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      You should be an entrepreneur. Then only, your wish will be fulfilled.

  61. Hello sir I am Pooja a have 78% in 12th with pcb subject but suddenly family prolmes I get a married and I have gape in my study so what I do in future job ….Ya study plzzz suggest me

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Pooja,
      There is an ocean of opportunities in front of you. First you need to find out your field of interest and then pursue it otherwise you will be just dangling between options. Write down the things you are interested in and then look for ways to get into that field. Best of Luck.

  62. Hiiii mam,
    maine 12 th science bio se ki ha or main Hotel manegement karna chata hu aage ka process thoda sa clear kare request mam.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Aryan,
      You can apply for IHM, Pusa.

  63. sir. i am science stream student & i want to do ssc or upsc after my graduation for govt.jobs.which subject should i choose after 12 for my graduations so that it will be beneficial for me

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Abhishek,
      For SSC, you need basics of Maths and Reasoning. But for UPSE, you need to read about all the subjects which are taught in B.A. So, first you have to decide what you want to do.

  64. sir i am not good in physics subject but I want to clear NEET examination,
    Which is the best medical colleges in jahrkhand.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Rohit,
      Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the best institutes in Jharkhand.

  65. Sir,i am Rohit class12 biology student and i want a government job like JPSC,UPSC,SCC,etc
    i am eligible or not, please sir do reply?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Rohit,
      It depends on your age and qualification. For SSC CGL, or UPSC you need to be graduate.

  66. hello sir
    I am in class 12th and I am from science stream with Maths I am interested in MBA, so how can I do it?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Anil,
      You can not directly pursue MBA after 12th, first you have to get graduated from a recognized university.

  67. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

    Hello Mehvish khanam,
    You can pursue various courses in event management like you can do BBA in Hospitality

  68. Hello

    I have done my bachelors Degree from Sydney, Australia.
    I did bachelors of professional accounting.
    I wanted to know whether I am eligible fir banking exams and job or not:
    kindly guide

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Tanvi,
      Yes, you are eligible for banking exams

  69. I am finished 12th I what to be fashion designer what would I do? Give some ideas sir plS

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Nisha,
      You can do Bachelor’ Degree in Fashion Designing is various courses like Fashion design principles, Fashion journalism, Graphic Design, Visual Merchandising, Illustration, etc

  70. hello sir,
    I’ve qualified 12 th in science . after this qualification i want to prepare for engineering.I don’t understand how to start my engineering study.

  71. A person which have a eye defect. Can be certified by the Navy or merchant navy

  72. Hello sir , my name is ritesh and I just completed my 12th with science stream & I want to job which includes traveling , analyzing environment etc. With a little good earnings . So sir , what am I want to do for this !

  73. Hello sir
    I am a 12th grade student with Comp Math. i am really confused what i have to choose the next. I am not interested in engineering course. can you tell me some best of the course

    1. Hi Rithu,
      First you need to decide, in what field do you want to pursue your career. You can go for commercial pilot training and BSc courses in different field like computer science, IT, Mathematics, etc.

  74. Hello sir my name is Deepak & recently I have completed 12th from arts stream and now i doing graduation So sir can I do Diploma in Finance & Banking after 12th from arts
    Plzzzzzz sir Tell me I m too confused

    1. Hi Deepak,
      After 10+2 from Arts stream you couldn’t do diploma in Finance & Banking but after graduation you can definitely do diploma in this field.

  75. Hlo sir
    I’m in class 12 ,commerce student I want to do something exciting nd a bit secured work .I don’t jst want to work as a robot or machine bt as a lively person I want to do such kind of job for which I don’t need to see the time …
    Plzz guide me which course shld I do ..
    Mass communication , law or other..??

    1. Hi Lisa,
      You can do some management courses if you have interest in Business field like BBA, BMS after 12th or you can also go with Bachelors of Economics or some professional courses like CA, CS, CMA, etc.

  76. Hi sir i have completed my 12 in commerce and i want to do electronic communication engineering so what should i do ???

    1. Hi Keshav,
      If you are planning to take admission in Electronic & Communication Engineering after 10+2 then you should have good percentage of marks with the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

  77. Hii sir i m student off 11th class from arts side i m confuesd Wht shall i do but i wanna go in delhi poilce possison off IPS
    Plss tell me sir wht i’ll have to do??

    1. Hi Sachin,
      If you want to be IPS in Delhi Police then the educational qualifications for this is graduation degree from any recognized university by UGC or equivalent.

  78. Hello sir,
    I am a student of class 11th ISC board. My subject is Maths.
    Tell me that,what I do after 12th in the field of business.

    1. Hi Harsh,
      There are many choices after 12th but if you want to do something in the business field then you should go for BBA, B.Com, BMS & Chartered Accountancy.

  79. Greetings Sir
    I am the student of class 11th : Non medical stream. I wanna to do the mastery in my favorite subject Physics. Sir i am not getting a way to reach to my destination. I am confused how to be a professor of my subject in a reputed institute.

    1. Hello Akshita,
      To become a professor in a recognized university or collage, one must complete Phd. Since you are just in 11th, therefore you have time, so here is a road map for you:

      Try to get in an IIT collage because IIT’ns are given more preference over others. Complete your graduation in Physics honors, then complete your masters in same, later you can apply for Phd.

  80. Hi sir
    I am interested in hotel management please guide me.
    And is it an easy course to do?

    1. Hello Kashish,
      Hotel management is a good career option. The best part of hotel management is that you get the opportunity to work in foreign countries (if you are a cook) which means that you will earn way more.

      If it’s easy or not? well, it all depends on you. If you are doing it from heart, then it is difficult, otherwise it’s easy. If you do get in hotel management, then you will find mostly boys in this filed.

  81. Can i use the title ‘Dr.’ after completing B harma and D pharma? Please reply.

    1. Hello Avnijain,
      Yes, you can use the title ‘Dr.’ before your name if you complete the Pharma D degree. Please note that, just doing B pharma is not enough, you must complete either Pharma D or MBBS or other courses or you can also use doctor in your name if you complete Phd.

  82. Mam I want to become IAS officer and my % in 12th is 80% in science stream. What can I do?

    1. Hello Prashant,
      You will first need to do graduation (in any field), then you can apply for IAS. The exam for IAS are conducted by UPSC, and let me tell you that they are not easy at all. Lakhs of people apply for this exam every year, and only top 100 are selected. But, if you are ready to put in all efforts, then you should surely go for it.

      Civil services are more related to social science. I will suggest you to first do proper research on IAs, then look for the syllabus and prepare accordingly.

  83. Hi, i want to know about cabin crew for boys, can you please help me, is it a profitable job?

    1. Hello Pae,
      Most of the airlines recruit females for cabin crew. Which means lesser vacancies for male, and hence low chances of getting a job, specially in India. So, i would not recommend a cabin crew job for male. But, if you are passionate about it, then go for it.

  84. Hi mam. I want to become a CA and at present I am in 12th (commerce). Please guide me what I should do after passing 12th to become a CA.

    1. Hi Biraj.
      As, you have mentioned that you are in 12th class and look forward to become a CA so, in the above article we have provided the full information on how you can become a CA just go through with the article I’m sure it will help you.

  85. Hello sir/madam. I have completed my 12th and I am looking for 6 months course. Please do guide me and tell me the courses which I can do.

    1. Hi Puneet.
      As, you have mentioned that you have completed your 12th and want to pursue with 6 month course so my advice to you is go for such courses in which you have interest. There are innumerable options of diploma courses which will help them find a job with ease in future but what matter the most is in which filed you want to make your career in and with which subjects you have completed your 12th. Like Diploma in catering, business management, hospitality and aviation, fine arts, interior designing, compute application, journalism and mass communication etc. I would recommend you to first figure out in which area you want to work and then do some research regarding courses related to that and then apply for it.

  86. Hello I am Sarita. I have completed 12th class and I want to be a bank manager. But I don’t know what I should do now. Please guide me.

    1. Hi Sarita.
      As, you have mentioned that you want to pursue your career in banking so first you will have complete your graduation as for any bank exam this is the eligibility criteria. Once you complete your graduation then you can apply for various bank exam like SBI PO, SBI clerk, IBPS PO or clerk etc. At present I would recommend you to focus on completing your graduation and later on you can start your preparations for bank exams.

  87. Hello sir/mam. I found event management interesting. I want to go for event management course please do guide me what should I do next.

    1. Hi Nihkat.
      If you have completed your School education or graduate studies and wish to build your career in event management then you can choose any course from certificate, diploma to degree. As an event management professional, you should have leadership skills, planning skills, problem solving skills and marketing & communication skills. There are Certificate course in Event Management – 6 months, Diploma in Event Management – 1 year or Integrated degree (MBA) in Event Management –5 year. There are number of institutes that provide these courses although you might have to clear the entrance exam. So, do your research and look for good institute and work hard to qualify the exam and finally follow your dreams.

  88. Hi sir. I am class 12th passed out. I am very confused that now what I should do. I mean which course should I pursue as I don’t know which course would be best for me. Please guide me and help me.

    1. Hi Rahul.
      It is very common to get confused when it comes to decide which course you should pursue after 12th. What you need to do is figure out where your interest lies in, in field you want to make proceed. Don’t rush into anything do your research on what career options you will have after you complete a certain course. Most important thing is that you must be interested in whatever you choose. In the above article we have mentioned the list of courses that you can pursue whether you were a science, commerce or arts student. We are sure it will help you a lot.

  89. Hello Sir. Please help me I am little bit confuse about B.Sc biotech. Does this course have any scope or not please provide me an answer. Guide me in the right direction.

    1. Hi Manisha.
      If you are at the edge of choosing a career option for yourself then the first thing to do is research on your career options after the particular course and most importantly releasing where your interest lies in. You see you can choose any career but you will be only doing your best in the field of your interest. B.SC biotechnology is a good course. This is a rapidly developing field. Many private businesses are exploring this field and heavily investing in it. It is safe to say that there are ample job opportunities for Biotechnology graduates in private sector. Government sector too offers job opportunities, but not in the scale in which private sector does.
      If you want after completing your graduation you can pursue higher education like doing M.Sc. Biotechnology, the Masters course. M.Sc. course will take two years to complete. After completing B.Sc. and M.Sc. Degrees, one may venture into PhD also! So, you see there are really lot of options for you at last everything depends on what you choose. Just be confident.

  90. Hi sir/ma’am. I’m Krishnababu (23 yrs) and I had completed my 12th (79%) in 2012. Due to some problems I was unable to continue my studies further. Now I want to get a government job. Please suggest me a right way. What should I do.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Krishnababu.
      As, you have mentioned that you have completed your schooling in 2012 and was unable to continue your studies then at first we would recommend you to do graduation (if you want you can apply as private candidate) or you can also do some diploma courses. It is important that you have degree if you want to prepare for any government job. Other then this at present with your qualification you can apply for SSC CHSL(combined higher secondary level) exam. This exam is conducted by SSC (staff selection commission). You can prepare for this exam and after qualifying it you will get a government job.

  91. Hello. I was a student of class 12th and I have scored 70% marks. I want to do the CA course but I am science student. So, can I apply for it? I have already lost 2 years for hons exam. What should I do now please reply.😔

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Moumik.
      Yes, anyone who is pursuing his/her 12 with science or arts stream can be a CA. It might be a little difficult since you are a science student but if you really have interest in it then there is nothing that can stop you. Only you need some time for preparation for the CA CPT. We suggest you start by referring to the NCERT (CBSE) books of XI and XII standard for understanding subjects of Accountancy and economics. The topics are similar and covers the syllabus of CA CPT. Once you have understood the concepts, you can start solving MCQs from the institute’s material and a reference book of your choice.

  92. Hello mam, I have done my class 12 with 91% but I am not able to crack MBBS exam from last 2 years. Can you please tell me which one is good B.Sc biotech or B.Sc. As, I want to pursue civil services later.
    Can I apply in merchant Navy or forest department?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mona.
      First of all you need to realize in which field you are interested in, only then you can make a right decision. At present you seemed a lit bit confused regarding your career options. You don’t need to loose hope if you are not able do MBBS because there are really good courses that you can pursue after completing your 12th. As, you have mentioned both B.Sc biotechnology and regular B.Sc are good courses. It is just that in biotec you will be more focused on particular field whereas in regular B.Sc you will have to study all the subjects. And if you want to work in the forest department in future then doing B.Sc agriculture from a good college is the right choice. As of merchant navy sorry to say but girls cannot apply for it. In the end it is all up to you to decide what you want to pursue.

  93. Soumya Ranjan Nayak

    Hello SIR/MAM…..
    I am a student of class 10 from Odisha and I wanted to know more about the new made scheme of CBSE and also about the discontinuing of the CCE pattern. Sir,in this session of 2017-18 the exam pattern had been changed and whenever I log in into the website prescribed by the CBSE ,it is always written that it will be soon updated but till now it had not been ..So please Sir/Mam it is sincere request to you all that please update some more information about the new scheme of this year and about the marking pattern too.It will not only beneficial for me sir but also it will help many of the students who are appearing the board exam in this year.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Soumya, yes, from this year onward, CCE pattern is discontinued and there is a restoration of Class 10th boards. So, you need to score at least 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject in board exam and there will internal assessment of 20 marks out of which you have to secure at least 33%.
      For more information, here is the: official notification.

  94. Hi mam.
    I’m a Commerce Stream student and I’ve passed my 12th with a 60% but now I’m not interested in this field anymore. Now I have build up some interest in other creative things like literature, novel, Poetry and etc.
    Please mam give me some suggestions that what should I prefer. Thank You.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shahzaib.
      As, you have mentioned that you are a commerce student who is interested in literature then you can persue B.A English course. And after that if you like you can also do masters in English. But before you make any final decision make sure that you actually are interested in that field and must have all the knowledge regarding the job opportunities after completing that course. There are other career options also like B.M.S. stands for Bachelor of Management Science. 3 years long course, B.H.M. stands for Bachelor of Hotel Management. Course duration is 4 years, B.E.M. stands for Bachelor of Event Management. Course duration is 3 years, B.F.D. stands for Bachelor of Fashion Design. Course duration is 3-4 years etc. So, you have lot of options just focus on what you want to do.

  95. Hi mam. I lost my 1 year as I’m in big confused that which course is my best? I’m interested in medical but 55% and I belong from a poor family. So, mam tell me what should I do?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shubham.
      As, you have mentioned that you are interested in medical field then you can do B.Sc, B.Pharma, B.Sc Biotechnology, B.Sc Agriculture, BAMS etc. There are really lot of options for you other then just MBBS. All you need to do is focus yourself and choose that course in which you are interested in.

  96. Hi I have complete my 12th now I’m confused about which course I should take, which will help me in my future. I want to work in bank so help me to select a good course.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Preet.
      As, you have mentioned that you are interested in banking the you must first complete your graduation. Only then you will be eligible to apply for bank exams. You can do B.Sc or B.com from a recognized university and after that prepare for various bank post like PO or Clerk.

  97. I m student appearing 12th boards this year (PCB). I don’t know how much i m going to score yet i scored 95% till 12th. I have not appeared in NEET because i’m not completing the required age criteria. I was in medical coaching despite for two years and everyone wants me to be in medical coaching for another year for NEET 2018. Even this is what I planned but now my mind is changed and I don’t wanna do this. I feel very depressed as I’m not studying after my boards. And also I want to pursue my further career in easiest thing for me. I’m confused and depressed (maybe). Please I need your guidance.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Simran.
      First of all what you need to understand is, in which you are interested in. Only if you want to prepare for the NEET exam then going for coaching is not a bad idea. But if you are only doing this under pressure then talk to your parents and let them know that you want to peruse your career in some other field. There are really good courses that you can do other than MBBS after 12th. And it’s not like there are no job opportunities after completion of course. Don’t loose your heart because their are lot of options for you. Courses like B.Sc in biotechnology, Nutritionist, BAMS are also good. You can also look for various other courses that you might be interested in. Do all your research and than make your final decision. But most importantly whatever you choose make sure you are interested in that.

  98. Hello mam. My name is Prasoon Kumar,I have passed 12th Class(PCM)by 65% Marks. But now I am very confused about my career. My interest is in banking. So mam you tell me about my decision and banking related details. Thank you mam.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Prasoon.
      As, you have mentioned that you have completed your 12th and are interested in banking then first you need to complete your graduation only then you can apply for bank exams. After completing your graduation you can prepare for SBI,IBPS or RRB exams of PO(probationary officer), clerk and other post. There are really good job opportunities in bank sector. The competition level is really high in this filed so, you have to work really hard. Before you take any decision make sure you are actually interested in that field.

  99. Hello sir/mam. I am a student of class 12th (science stream). Now, I am so confused about my career, I have interest in animation designing. But I want to know is it a good decision for my career?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sayan.
      As, you have mentioned that you are a science student and you have interest in animation designing then you should peruse that. But before you take any decision make sure you really want to do this. For courses like this you must have creative and imaginative mind with good drawing skills. Animation is one of the most booming fields of multimedia. There are a large number of animation courses available like 2D animation, 3D animation; puppet animation, clay animation etc are the different types of animation. You have to give certain entrance exam for getting admission for the animation courses. Whatever you choose make sure you have interest in that, because that would be the right decision.

  100. Hello sir, I am a student of PCM and I pass the 12th exam this year with only 55% and my interest is in computer. What should I do next? Please suggest me.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Anil.
      As, you have mentioned that you have interest in computers then you can do lot of different courses related to that. You can look for BCA or B.SC(IT) like courses. These courses are specially for those students who have interest in computer. Other then this you can also do B.Tech in computer science. There are lot of career options and job opportunities after completing these courses. Before you take any decision make sure you are interested in that field.

  101. Hi Madam. I’ve passed 12th class with 90.40% marks from CBSE this year. I wish to join Air Force or Indian Navy. Kindly tell the procedure to join these defense forces.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aditya.
      As, you have mentioned that you have completed your 12th and are interested in joining Indian Navy and Indian Air force then at present your best option is NDA exam. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year. The age limit for the exam is more than 16 and half years and less than 19 and half years. But if you are only interested in Navy and Air force then you must have Physics and Maths in 11th and 12th. Through this exam you can directly join Indian defenses as officer. Other than this you can first complete your graduation and after than prepare for CDS exam. This exam is for graduates who aspires to join Indian army as officers. For more information on NDA exam read ‘Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in our website.

  102. Hi maam
    I had jst given my b.com 2nd year examination
    Nd dere is a much time to start new session of 3rd..
    I want to do some short term courses
    So plz can u suggest me which type of courses i should opt for

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Trisha.
      There are several courses which you can do along with your B.Com but before you decide upon any course you should know what are your interests and career aspirations. The choices can be in the field of accounts (like CA, ICWA or CS), or you can opt for short term IT Courses, (Like SAP, 3D Animation computer programming etc). Other than this you can also do some basic computer courses like MS Office, Tally, Animation.

  103. Hello mam. I’m an arts student and I’m interested in computer. What should I do after 12th? Which course is best? And which course is best for nice placement after completing 3 years?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Somnath.
      As, you have mentioned that you have keen interest in computers then you should do BCA course after 12th. This course will groom your skills in computer. After completing the 3 years course there are many career options also and job opportunities also.

  104. Hi sir, my name is rohit tomar and I want to join indian army through cds.
    But my eye vision is weak so I want to know
    is laser operation students are eligible to cds examination?
    Plz help me I have tried to know about this problem but most
    people have no knowledge about this.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rohit.
      As, you have mentioned that you want to join Indian army through CDS exam, the eyesight eligibility for the exam is 6/6 vision chart with each eye with or without glasses(For navy and Air Force without glasses only). If your eyesight is too weak and your are going for laser operation then make sure you have stable refraction for a period of six months after the procedure and you must be more than 20 years old. After 6 months of the operation you can give CDS exam.

  105. Hi sir
    This is Mahesh.. I just want to ask you that this year I have given my 10th examinations… And as I want to become a Chartered accountant…
    Sir I am little bit confused wat should I take commerce or science..
    Sir what are the other chances of jobs one can make by studying commerce..

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mahesh.
      As, you have mentioned that you want to become a Chartered Accountant then you have to take commerce. There are lot career options for commerce students. In the above post we have mentioned the courses for which you can apply for after completing 12th class.

  106. sir, i did complete 12th and not gud my english so what should i do ? i need a job !!

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ankush, i suggest you to complete your graduation first and meanwhile, focus on improving your skills in English. Afterwards, there will be so many job opportunities for you.

  107. i passed 12th with science. what i do next, am finacial weak.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Karmbir, however, there are so many job options available after 12th, but, still i would suggest you to focus on completing your graduation first. It is not that costly and once, you are done with that, you will have so many good career opportunities.

  108. Sir, I have completed Class 12 and want to apply for bank exam. What other things are there in eligibility criteria. Do I have to do a computer course also?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mala, let me tell you that there are no such bank exams which conduct examination for 12th passed students. First, you have to complete your graduation, then you will be able to appear in those exams.

  109. Sir I passed 12 by about 70% through science stream. I don’t want to be an engineer. I want a government job what should I do????

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Lucky, i suggest you to focus on completing your graduation first. Once you are done with that, there will so many opportunities for your future.

  110. Hii sir
    I’m in 10th class. I would like to become a scientist in ISRO. Pls tell me what should I do?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Farsana. you are too small to become a scientist. But, your will power and constant hard work will surely help you to achieve success one day.

  111. Sir ,I passed 12th .I studied science stream ..but now I am not interested in medical field ..I am interested to take b.com for getting immediate job in bank ..is my decision good ..plz tell me your suggetion..I want an immediate job…

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nasim.
      As, you have mentioned you are interested in banking than doing B.Com after 12th is the right decision. After completing your graduation you can prepare for the bank exams. A large number of students are building their career in this field due to lot of opportunities and job security.

  112. hello mam! I am kaustuv and i am giving 12th boards in commerce stream this year..mam i have decided to do BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) after passing out my 12th boards but..among then that what will be the benefical jobs which would pay me after passing my 12th exams..or you can even suggest me for the benefical courses along with my BBA studies ??
    I will be very thankful if you would suggest me for the better output for my life.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Kaustuv.
      AS, you have mentioned that you are a commerce student and have decided to do BBA which is a really good course if you are interested in business field. There are number of courses that you can do along with BBA Certificate course in Advance Excel Skills, Certificate course in Tourism, Certificate course in Foreign Language which will eventually add an extra touch in your resume, you can also prepare for competitive exams like CAT for later MBA entrances. This field have lot of job opportunities.

  113. Hi Mam/Sir I am pooja a science student of cbse board with subjects PCB + Eng + Hindi + an additional subject physical education . I belong from a army background . In may/june my 12th class result will be come & i am very sure that i can get least 80%
    my srong subject is bio & i am very much interested in it .
    sir but now i am so confused about my career that after 12 for what courses or coaching i should apply . I don’t want job right after 12th now i just want to know that in which field i should go so that in future i got a secure government job with high salary .
    So i want to know which one best for me sir .
    give me some suggestion sir to select my career
    plz sir

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Pooja.
      As, you have mentioned that you have PCB in 12th and this year you are going to complete your schooling, after that you have many career options. As, biology is your strong subject you can prepare for NEET exam which is National Eligibility Entrance Test for MBBS course. It is a 5 and half year course and after the completion of course you will be a doctor. You have other options also like, first complete your graduation or B.Sc nursing and pursue higher education. After completing your graduation you can do masters in biotechnology from IIT also which will eventually secure your career. There are lot of career opportunities in this field. As, you have many options don’t get confused just make sure that whichever field you choose you have interest in it.

  114. Sir Which stream should i choose as i wish to serve in forest department

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Borish.
      As, you have mentioned you are interested in working at forest department, you can opt any stream PCB/PCM. After completing your 12th you can do B.Sc in forestry from a recognized university. A lot of career opportunities are available in this field.

  115. shahbeer Romkhami

    hello Sir/Mam ! I am giving 12th boards this year and after that i will be doing advanced diploma or Diploma in Event Management so can you please tell there is any scope for this course in future ?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shahbeer.
      As, you have mentioned you are giving your board exam this year and looking forward to do diploma in event management which is a good field to make your career. Yes, there is very much scope in this field and plenty of jobs. You can also do diploma in Public Relations, Tourism, Hospitality Management, Sales or Marketing as, event management companies prefer candidates who have earned their qualification in these fields. After completing your diploma you can join an event management company or a media house that specializes in event management activities. Once you have an ample experience you can work as a freelancer or start your own business.

  116. Sir I want to become teacher after 12 th please give the details of courses regarding that.and I want to know about 6 months teaching courses.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mohit.
      As, you have mentioned you want to become a teacher after completing 12th, you can do junior basic training (JBT) which is a diploma level education course. It is a two year course which require 12th pass with minimum 50% aggregate. After completing the diploma course students qualifying for this training essentially get employed in the schools imparting elementary education. There is nursery teaching training course which is a 1 year course or you can also apply for primary teaching training courses offered by many universities.

  117. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

    Hi Harsh.
    As, you have mentioned you are in giving your 12th exam, if you want to be in the hotel business then going for hotel management course after completing your 12th is good idea. Yes, there are multiple employment opportunities in this field. There are many hotels that hire graduates straight from universities and you can also do internship first which will provide you practical experience in some hotels as,trained hotel management professionals have privilege over untrained ones.

  118. I am giving 12th boards this year and after that i will be doing diploma in civil engineering so can you please tell me ke aage kya scope haii ?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Abdul.
      As, you have mentioned you are giving 12th board exams this year and looking forward to pursue civil engineering. Prepare yourself for the JEE entrance exam after you clear that you will get NIT or IIT from there you can complete your engineering. As, IIT is the best institute for those who want to do engineering you future will be secured if clear the entrance exam. Start your preparation right after your exams.

  119. I am in 10 th class and i want to do mechanical engineering in railways and i am confused.plz tell me what should i do

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Harsh.
      If you want to be a mechanical engineer than take science stream. But right now focus on your your higher studies.

  120. Hi mam ! I m siya now i m in std 10th nd i want to choose arts for 11 nd 12 but i dont know that what type of government jobs i can get after completing 12 with arts stream plzz give me most sutaible suggestions mam

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Siya.
      Arts is a very nice stream. After completing your +2, you can do your graduation and then you can apply for civil services exams like IS, IPS, IAS, IFS. You can also pursue with Archaeology course. Work hard, your future will be bright.

    2. Thnx for this nice suggestion mam but i also want to know by which subject i will complete my gradution (i m from arts).

    3. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      You can go for any Arts subject of your own choice. Work hard from the very beginning.

  121. Hi sir
    am yashwant and am pass 12th also.
    and i want work in film induastry.
    so plzzzz tel me what can i do????????????

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Yashwant.
      We appreciate that you want to join film industry, as it the best platform to show your creative skills. So, if you are really passionate for the film industry, then complete your graduation first, then apply for National Institute of Drama. Join any theater of your college or of your area to get the first hand experience of the stage. Work hard, you will achieve success.

  122. Hello sir. I am nitika i am appearing for 12th boards this year. i am from commerce stream. frankly i am not that good in studies but my parents want me to do ca or if not they want me to do some side course with graduation which is good one. i am really confused what to do and getting scoldings everyday. can u please suggest me good courses for me. not much studies because i m not good at maths and accounts also. please sir please can u help me out with few good courses. or something with graduation ?? 🙁 🙁

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nitika.
      You can pursue with BBA and also side by side you can prepare for IIM exam.

  123. Sir i am appearing in 12 exam in 2017 .I am from science(non medical) stream.
    I want to do financial law . So what can i do for this??

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vansh.
      We appreciate that you want to become a financial lawyer. It is really a good job. Start working for that. And the steps to become financial lawyer are that firstly you will have to do pursue with your under-graduate program, once you will complete that, go for LSAT( Law School Admission Test), and then you will get admission to law school, complete your law course.

  124. Sir I’m completed 12th I’m of commmere stream ..now what can I do?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ajay.
      We recommend you to pursue with your graduation from a recognized university.

  125. Iam +2 commerce student. And iam not good yet accounts what i do after +2. And iam very intrested in secret works.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Atul.
      You can apply for CBI( Central Bureau Investigation). For this you must need to complete your graduation first, from any recognized University. After completing your graduation, you can apply for the exams like SSC or UPSC to become a CBI officer.

    2. You should try in NDA/NA and army etc.

  126. Sir I have just passes bsc by biology streme and I love computer science and I want to take BCA. Is it possible??

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mahi.
      If you want too do BCA, then it is only possible if you had maths in your intermediate.

  127. Sir I’m an arts student but I love computer science and I want to take bca. Is it possible??

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Gloria.
      We regret to say, but you cannot apply for the course because to pursue with BCA, you must have maths in your +2, but you can pursue with B.Sc(IT).

  128. Hello….sir/mam
    i want to give exam for merchant navy….call later has come…my examination date is on 8 feb…then want to know…what will be in next time….??
    i mean after passed the exam…

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Aniket.
      If you qualify the exam for merchant navy, then you are called for the interview, where you have to give your medical test also.

  129. Sir/Mam
    I m appearing in 12th exam by science math (PCM) side I want to do BCA but I want to know which jobs I can get after doing BCA.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Amit.
      After completing graduation in BCA, you get job in the posts like:
      1.Software Developer Trainee
      2.Trainee Programmer
      3.Technical Support
      4.Server Monitoring
      5.Networking Trainee
      6.IT Recruiter Trainee

  130. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

    Hi Lokesh.
    May we know in which field you are interested at, so that we can help you in a much more proficient way.

  131. I wanted to go for Graphic Designing Course can you please show me the pors and cons and minimum % required

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Deepak.
      TO get into the field of designing, minimum percentage requirement is 50%.

  132. Sir I am a student of class 12 non medical from CBSE board.sir my question is I love teaching and however once I got chance of teaching lower classes on teacher’s day and principal mam honour me as the best teacher among my classmates of Same stream and others too and I have a lot of interest in English and physical education and I always get very good marks in these subjects.sir I want to become a professor of English in government collage or university.sir tell me how I can achieve my goal. Please reply me as soon as possible

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Akash.
      That’s very nice, if you want to get into the career of teaching. There could be no better job than teaching. So, if you want to become an English professor, you have to pursue with B.A(English Honours) and then M.A(English) and then yu have to pusue with Phd.(English). Be completely dedicated towards your passion.

  133. I m confused what to do. I want to know details of every course so that I can judge myself according to them.I belong to a poor family and I want a good earning job.I have good interest in biology but I only know about neet I want to know more courses regarding biology .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nikita.
      There are a lot of courses based on biology, you can pursue with B.Sc and can also apply for courses like:
      1. MBBS
      2. BAMS (Ayurvedic)
      3. BHMS (Homoeopathy)
      4. BUMS (Unani)
      5. BDS
      6. Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (B.VSc AH)
      7. Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science (BNYS)
      8. Bachelor of Physiotherapy.

  134. n sir m arts student n

  135. hii sir
    I am in class 12.My subjects are commerce with maths .I am interested in drawing.I have decided to do designing course after 12
    graphic designing
    fashion designing
    and I have also thought of architecture course
    I don’t know which one should I choose
    the courses will be good for me or not

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Kaushil. If drawing is your interest than all 3 courses are good for you. Its all up to your choice that for which course you want to go. Let me give you an overview of the three.

      Graphic designing – In this course, you will learn digital graphic arts in which there will be assembling of images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design.

      Fashion designing – In this course, they will teach you the the art of application of design to clothing and accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and vary time to time. So, you must be truly artistic as well as creative for pursuing your career in this course.

      Architecture Course – This is an Architecture and Building course. You can study Architecture and Building at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level. Postgraduate study is highly regarded by specialized employers.

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