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While the age of 20s is to enjoy life and merry making, there are only few brave youngsters who write an exam conducted by UPSC to get into the National Defence Academy and prepare relentlessly for a life of supreme sacrifice and valour. They live the most difficult three years of their lives to become a proud soldier of their nation, to pass out from one of the most prestigious military academies in the world and most of all, to serve the nation as a top-notch officer.

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I came across so many curious minds who wanted to know that how actually the life of a NDA cadet is ? What all they go through in those 3 meticulous years ? What should be their way of survival in National Defence Academy which initially seems to be no less than hell ? Here, i have tried the best possible way to satisfy those inquisitive’s.

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Life at National Defence Academy

In the beginning, there will be all panic for a person who get in to the academy. The place will scare like hell and training will seem no less than a physical and mental torture. You have to wake up at 3:30 am to join your seniors who are just there to humiliate you now and then, either if you get injured or fail. In few days, you will start feeling a merciless, unemotional and egoistic atmosphere around you. At some instances, Prisoner of War seems to be living a better life.

The back-breaking physical training has led to an alarming number of cadets dropping out of the National Defence Academy. In the 127th course, out of 400 cadets who were admitted in the academy, there were 40, who chose not to complete their course and left midway.

life in ndaBut, the moment you realize that you are not the only to undergo this, it will be a lot easier. And the very same training period will become a valuable asset throughout your life. A process of turning a boy into a man is carried out in this period. Everybody will pretend to be rude, and this is just because they want to extract the best out of you. Once you start developing a positive attitude, you will get accustomed to the military discipline quickly, and, will start enjoying life at National Defence Academy. Once you pass out from the academy, you will cherish the memories for life.

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Training Period

The training period in National Defence Academy is more than you can ever imagine. The NDA training is a lot more than Academics. The period is spread over six terms having five months each. There will be endless tests to clear. From academic exams to PT, swimming, horse riding, firing, drilling, tactics, navigation etc. And this will be all done under peer pressure of officers, instructors and seniors, ensuring that you meet the very exacting standards of discipline in the academy.

The cross country runs and inhuman camps where one have to run distances up to 50 km carrying 20 kg at night in the hills of Pune just add to the agony. It is a hard life, and i remember, once a batch mate of mine had a slight injury during this run and it became life threatening to him and finally he got kicked out from the academy. 

Cadets have to learn to take everything with a pinch of salt. Push ups, press ups, crunches, constant running becomes a part of their life. In the training period, you will get to know that life is what it should be. Not the reactionary catastrophe that goes around in the name of education these days.

All in all, you will get life long friends, teachers and companions, and you will come out as the nation’s finest. In training period, no one will search for brilliance in you, but they are looking more for cadets who have a comprehensive set of qualities like intelligence, courage, confidence and physical fitness, more accurately medical fitness. The training period in National Defence Academy will ensure that you are physically fit by the time you pass out.

Generally, outsiders think training as a cakewalk but cadets struggling inside know the real pain. There were instances at my time when cadets got fail in NDA training which is known as Relegation. Cadets who get fail in academics, or physical tests or even on disciplinary grounds, or due to prolonged absence from training are relegated for a period of 6 months. You need to be regular in the academy by being fully energetic in academics and physical tests as well.

Training Schedule

The training given for the first 2.5 years in the National Defence Academy is common to the three wings. At the end of the three years, cadets will be awarded B.Sc./B.A. degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.
In the final year, cadets would have specialized training. Army Cadets go to the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Naval Cadets to the Cadets Training ship and Air Force cadets to Air Force Academy, Hyderabad.

At Indian Military Academy, army Cadets are granted Permanent Commission in the rank of Lieutenant on the completion of training of 1 year.

At Cadets Training ship, Naval cadets are selected for the Executive, Engineering and Electrical Branches of the Navy. For the first six months cadets are given sea training and on completion, they get promoted to the rank of Midshipman.

Air Force Cadets receive flying training for a period of one and half year at Air Force Academy and at the end of 1st year of the training, they are given provisional commission in the rank of Flying Officer.

Are mobiles allowed for cadets at NDA?

No. As per the rules of National Defence Academy, mobile phones are prohibited. Officers are there on a regular checking and if a cadet is found with a mobile phone, he would directly get 21 restrictions. One should know that restriction is a kind of punishment and one would fail one term if he get 36 restrictions. There is STD booth and squadron land line phones in the academy which a cadet can use at the time of urgency. Though, i have seen few cadets who try to keep mobile phones with them secretly but it is not advisable at all.

How do cadets celebrate festivals at NDA?

NDA cadets get a day off for major festivals. A single day in which they are given freedom to move out of the Academy to visit nearby. But, one cannot start celebrations a day early nor they can continue onto the next day. Cadets bring stuff for celebration and celebrate in the evening once everybody get back. Generally, every festival is celebrated in the same way as it is celebrated outside in India. Few hours of a celebration has its own significance in the academy. There is also a special arrangement for those cadets who take fasts at exceptional occasions. Even, the mess provides food before sunrise and late at night for the fasting cadets (when it is necessary). 

NDA is more about events and competitions than festivals. Everywhere, you will notice a zeal to do something better instead of worldly celebrations. Winning a competition, achieving an overall championship, the Passing out Parade and what not is there to cherish more than festivals.

Do NDA cadets have their Sundays off? holidays and sundays

As per the parameters of NDA rule book, cadets get their Sundays off. But, if you ask a person like me who have experienced every little thing in the academy, then the answer is absolutely NO. It is all based on the cadet that if he clear his drill test or not. Though, you get the free time in which you can go to nearby Market to buy essentials,  can make call. But, only this much. This is all we use to do on Sundays.

And, you must be well aware of the fact that they do not get even a single holiday for the first month.

Is pocket money/salary given to NDA cadet?

Yes, a pocket allowance of 2000 is given for five months to cadets, that means a meager amount of 400 per month. Along with it, the cost of  training including accommodation, books, uniforms, boarding and medical treatment will be all afforded by the government. Guardians are required to fulfil private expenses of their wards.

If under some circumstances, guardian of a cadet is unable to meet his private expenses then government grant financial help to that cadet. Financial assistance up to Rs. 175 per month would be granted by the Government. The eligibility for this grant depends on the income of guardian which should not exceed Rs. 1500 per month.

Cadets on their arrival in the academy are required to deposit some amount which is as follows :

Amount Distribution Amount

Pocket allowance for five months

Rs. 2000.00

For items of clothing and equipment

Rs. 3200.00

Incidental Expenditure during 1st  Semester

Rs. 425.00


Rs. 5625.00

Out of the above given amount, there is some amount which is refundable to cadets if financial aid is being sanctioned.

Amount Distribution Amount

Pocket allowance for five months at Rs.400.00 p.m.

Rs. 2000

For items of clothing and equipment approximately

Rs. 475

NDA Cadet Salary During 1 Year Training

Once the cadet reach Indian Military Academy, Air Force Academy and Naval Academy, he starts earning Rs. 21000 a month. He is actually authorized the salary of a Lieutenant or Flying Officer or Sub Lieutenant but this is what he get. Once commissioned the balance is paid to him as outstanding payment to his stipend. As NDA cadet, he won’t get salary.

What are the punishments given in NDA ?

You will often have to face dreadful punishments in the academy. Not just front rolls, push ups, hand stand, running but much more. I remember one such horrible punishment of my time, helicopter. A cadet had to drink as much water as possible (3 litres minimum), then he is ordered to extend his arms sideways, look up and start spinning. The spin and the enormous amount of water in the stomach never goes well in the body. Stomach acts as a pump and started pumping the water upwards. The cadet will surely throw out in less than 3 spins. The procedure is repeated to the extreme point.

There are so many more like this to turn boys into strong soldiers and then officers.


The moment you get into National Defence Academy, an individual cabin will be allotted to you equipped with basic resources. The cabin allotment plan in the academy is created by a Senior Cadet Appointment of each respective Squadron. Each Squadron has a ground floor, first floor and second floor. Each floor has an equal distribution of number of cadets that is approximately 120 Cabins for 120 Cadets.


The food for cadets at National Defence Academy is selected by the scientists of Defence Institute of Physiological Research to ensure that cadets get enough calories for their daily requirement. They have fully equipped kitchens and trained cooks.

In breakfast, usually there is porridge followed by eggs, or cadets can take toast with butter and jam in any quantity. Lunch except Saturday and Tuesday comprises of rice with vegetable or dal or chicken. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, roti and puri are served instead of rice. Dinner is mostly continental with bread or chapatis. You can eat whatever you want and the plus point is that the routine in National Defence Academy will ensure that you digest whatever you eat.

Apart from this, cadets have to eat in discipline and in a proper manner with all the table manners. While eating, a cadet must be dressed formally and must display good manners while greeting juniors or seniors.


Education forms an integral part of the curriculum of National Defence Academy which is imparted by qualified and highly motivated Civilian and Service Instructors. NDA always promotes technology oriented, innovative learning processes, to explore the skills of cadets, develop their spirit of inquiry, logical reasoning and lateral thinking.
However, to be honest, it is not necessary to do well in academics, only the inter-course merit is quite dependent on academic scores. As a cadet, one must focus on doing equally well in all the fields.

NDA Training Daily Schedule


The day of a cadet starts at 4:00 a.m. and 2 hours are utilized in physical conditioning including physical training, Drill, horse riding, firing, etc.

After that, he has to go for two hours of outdoor training. After completing that, a break of one hour is given to the cadet for breakfast.

And then, he has to go for academics to study his bachelor till 2:00 p.m. Afterwards, cadets sit together for 45 minutes to take lunch. 3:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. is invested in playing games or doing PT, which develop a spirit of sportsmanship in a cadet.

From 6:30 p.m, cadets are expected to study till 8:30 p.m. after which the dinner is served. About half an hour is spent in dinner, and then again cadet has to give 1 hour to sports or PT. Along with this, they also practice for camps in this one hour. Till 10:30 p.m, every cadet has to turn in, only to repeat the same cycle day in and day out.

The daily schedule slightly differs as per your seniority in the National Defence Academy. But, there is one thing in common, that the pace at National Defence Academy is quick and extraordinary. So, time flies. In a short time span in the academy, cadet figures out his existence with unbelievable zeal and enthusiasm. Each Day, you spend in the academy will count as one of the brilliant moments of life.

What After Training?

When a cadet successfully pass from the National Defence Academy after completing training period of four years, he get’s a BA or BSc. Along with it, he has to choose any of the three armed forces and thus, the last one year of cadet would be spend in  IMA/INA/AFA depending on what he has been selected for.

On completion of four years, he would get commissioned as an officer in Indian Armed Force and would be a Lieutenant in Army, Sub-Lieutenant in Navy or Flying Officer in the Air force. The gross salary at this stage would be approximately 60000 per month.

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  1. Sir If we are uncomfortable in NDA, can we drop after a year or after?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You can drop out of NDA whenever you want, but then you will have to pay all the expenses that you the government has invested on you. Only then your original documents will given to you.

  2. Sir/Madam, I am Bejoy and i have failed in 11th math. If I cover it in 12th, will i be allowed to give the NDA exam?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      To be eligible to apply for NDA one must be 12th pass. If you fulfill this criteria then you can give the NDA written exams. No need to worry!

  3. Sir after completing NDA Is there any possibility for get selected in Indian football team if I am talented

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you can make it to the Indian football team if you are really talented.

  4. Will i get time during training for preparation of UPSC and what is the working hours after and before the training

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      The daily routine of a NDA cadet is quite hectic, which means that you will hardly get any time for other stuff. Also, after training the working hours not fix.

  5. Sir am Chimaobi from Nigeria is there any way i can join the indian Army after passing out from the academy here in Nigeria

  6. Sir myself Vineet. I want to ask that will I get time to play cricket in NDA or for self in which we can do whatever we like?
    Sir I would be glad if you please answer this.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Candidates do get some free time while in NDA, but you playing cricket in that time may not be possible.

  7. After training of four years and getting my post, will I be living with my family along with doing work?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Once you complete your training and get recruited, then after some time you can bring your family with you to live in army family quarters.

  8. Sir is it compulsion that the candidate appearing for NDA exam should have a younger or elder brother

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Not at all! There is no such rule which says that candidate should have elder or younger brother.

  9. Will the cadet be allowed to go to church on Sundays?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      If the church is nearby, and if you get the free time, then you can go.

  10. Sir, does nda students are allowed to call to their family or friends daily ? Or they have any specific timing to call. What will be the duration of one call ?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You are not allowed to call daily, but will be given chance from time to time, like Sunday’s or other holidays. Duration of call should not be long.

  11. Can I have a leave to home for a limited time in the three years of training period at NDA?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Don’t worry! NDA cadets get at least two chances each year to visit home. A 10 to 15 days mid term break, and a 20 to 28 days end term break is given. So, you can visit your home. Also, you can apply for leaves if there is an emergency.

  12. सर मेरा नाम संग्राम सिंह है मै जानना चाहता हूं कि क्या एनडीए ट्रेनिंग के दौरान आपको मांस खाना अनिवार्य होता है ।

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Sangram,
      It is not mandatory to eat non vegetarian food during NDA training.

  13. Hello sir my name is sudip and I study in class 12,I will be writing my NDA II exam on November I am not that confident of clearing the exam as I need to focus on my boards so can u pls give me some tips to crack the exam in November itself.
    Sir I also wanted to know why is ssb considered to be tough to clear. Should we join some coaching class for it? Sir I want to join the defense’s in any way possible what should I do for it. Sir I think that I am an all rounder and I have the potential of clearing the NDA exam but i am unable to keep myself focused , what should I do for it. How should I train myself as per the requirements of NDA

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Sudip,
      first of all you can prepare for both (NDA and board exam) as the syllabus for both is almost same. Just make sure you are preparing your best for the board exam and it will automatically prepare for NDA as well.

      Secondly, don’t think too much about NDA. IF you have studied 11th and 12th well, then the written exam won’t be a problem. Just focus on your board exams more.

      As for SSB, it is considered hard because most of the candidates are weeded out in the SSB. SSB is all about presenting yourself as you are and how you would react to certain situations. You can prefer coaching classes, but it is not at all necessary. Just try to build officers like qualities in yourself and you will clear SSB easily.

  14. Sir/madam
    I am really interested in sports and really dedicated in playing football. So it is possible that we make aur future in sports and can represent India or play for a club while doing nda.. Or first we have to complete it and then we can go??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      If you join NDA, then you can play only for the Indian Army. You can’t play for clubs. But yes, through NDA you can play football and represent your unit or region.

  15. Am Solomon from Nigeria. Can I apply to India army

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      No, you cannot apply for the Indian army.

  16. Vivek kumar shankhdhar

    Hello sir i am vivek shankhdhar i want to become a ias officer it can be possible after 3-4years in nda

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      No, NDA is meant for Indian Army. However, to become IAS officer, you need to complete graduation first then apply for UPSC Civil Service Exam.

  17. Hello sir, I am D. Utesh. Now I am in class 12, and I am preparing for NDA. I have doubt between NDA 1 and 2 exam that what is the connection between them. I have to appear both of the exam or it depends on your age. My date of birth is 15/04/2002 so when I should appear NDA exam.i should appear NDA 1or 2. I hope you will answer my questions sir.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello D.Utesh, You need to check the NDA Eligibility criteria we have given.

  18. Hello, my name is manoj r i completed my MEBA in commerce, and my dob is 09/12/1999, am i eligible for NDA 2 2019.

    thank you

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Manoj, you need to check the eligibility criteria of NDA. In this article, you can find the link of the article for the NDA eligibility and all other important details.

  19. Hello, my name is manoj r , i completed my 12th in MEBA commerce, am i eligible for NDA exam.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you are eligible for NDA exam.

  20. hello sir, i wan’t to join NDA after 12th and i am in 12th of pcm stream
    please tell how i prepare for NDA after 12 and which book i wan’t to prefer more…….thank you

  21. Hello sir. I’m a student of grade 12, withthe PCB stream. I wish to join the para sf very eagerly. Is there any chance I can join it, in case I join the army through the CDS exam after appearing for a degree in journalism, without joining the NDA?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Anshuman, the best way to join the Indian paramilitary is by joining the Indian Army as Soldier GD. after joining as Soldier GD, you can apply for paramilitary force. On the other hand, you can join the army through CDS exam after graduation.

  22. Hello sir my self ashirwad
    I am an ncc cadet and I am yet to complete my 11th so I would like to ask that what benefits I would get as an NCC Cadet?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Ashirwad, For an NCC cadet there are many concessions in the Indian army such as extra marks in written exam. Their priority is high in Army merit list.

  23. Sir I was selected in NDA but as interview is difficult or easy

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Manjunath, It is not a matter of difficult or easy. It’s difficult if you are not prepared and It’s easy if you are prepared. Focus on your preparation.

  24. Sir,

    My Son studying in class 8th ( ICSC Board) ,his dream to join Army , how much necessary to join any Boarding/ Sainik school/ IRMC or miletry collage for better preparation of NDA/SSB . and from which class he need to start prepration for Written exam & SSB

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Pavan, he should prepare from today because Indian Army wants passionate and gentlemen. From his Behaviour to his personality, all these things matter. And These all things he can learn in Boarding/Sainik schools that is why most parents prefer these schools.

  25. hi sir…i really in a dilemma now…actually i’am presently in 10 and i really don’t know what stream to be taken in 11 as i got 90 plus percentage…….i wnated to go to NDA/INA…..can u plz help me out sir….thankyou

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Vivek, you should take PCM stream in order to apply for NDA/NA. And start your preparation from now on. Because you know how much competition is there.

  26. I’m going to be in class 12 this year so should I start to prepare for physically fitness along with the NDA exam preparation?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Lam, yes first you should start your preparation for NDA Written exam and SSB interview.

  27. Sir. I’m venkatesh from Hyderabad
    I’m now 12th studying
    I have a dream, Becoming an IPS officer
    So will NDA help me to achieve it??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Venkatesh, you can apply for IPS(Civil Service Exam) after graduation, but the NDA exam is meant for joining Indian Army as an officer.

  28. Is it mandatory to know how to swim for selection in NDA

    1. Hello Devansh, No, it is not mandatory.


    1. Hello Anshul, If you are talking about just the entrance exam, then 3-6 months are enough if you are totally focused. But if you are talking about the SSB then you have to prepare for it about 1-2 years.

  30. Hii sir, I want to be a navy officer and I study in 12 science now when I give the nda exam and I am from odisha.

    1. Hello Rakesh, as you are in 12th std. from this year onwards you can give NDA exam.

  31. What time is given for preparing for. Ssb interview after clearing the written exam

    1. Hello Yasho, after the written exam, candidate have time of 1-2 months for the preparation of SSB.

  32. मेरे 12th में 56% है क्या में NDA के लिए योग्य हू

    1. Hello Lalit, Yes, you are eligible for NDA.

  33. Sir I am ONKAR BHOSALE. I am studying in 12 th science. I want to know this in SSB interview for IAF if any candidate fail in AFCAT/PAT
    Then he will send off home or proceed if he wanted continue for other wing can it’s possible ??

    1. Hello Onkar, How can it be possible to proceed with the other wings?. it’s not.

  34. Vikash Kumar Singh

    Sir I am in class 11 hill top school , Jamshedpur .I belong to a average class family .my NDA preparation will be over till april 2019 and I had a firm believe that I will concour the SSB in my FIRST attempt so when I will get into academy. Will it be good to give the test in April.

    1. Hello Vikash, If you are eligible then sure you can give your first attempt. All the best for your preparation!

  35. sir i am a student of class 11th so please tell me about how many percent are required in 12 th for nda and also tell about the change period of officer ranks and post

    1. Hello Sandeep, Percentage doesn’t matter but try to get Ist division i.e., more than 60% in class 12TH.

  36. Sir,
    I’m an NRI can I apply for NDA

    1. Hello Siddharth, If you are NRI then you will be allowed to appear for the exam. But you should have an Indian Passport.

  37. Hello Sir i want to join NDA and now my age is 18years.I am study at class 12 commerce.Am I suitable to join Sir?

    1. Hi Mak, yes you can apply for NDA exam. but since you don’t have Physics as a main subject in class 12th so you have only one choice i.e., Indian army and you are not allowed to choose Indian Navy and Indian air force wings.

  38. Sir.. I am weak in body fitness can I pass SSB medical ..if I am good in running and exercise ??

    1. Hi Kartik, SSB medical doesn’t mean body fitness. You need to be healthy in order to clear SSB medical.

  39. Sir I have already cleared the selection procedure for 140th course and expect the call letter to come soon. But I’m not very fit physically. Joining NDA and becoming an officer has been my childhood dream as I was always inpired by my Dad who was in the Navy. I am(to a certain extent) prepared mentally for the Ragda and know that I won’t give up under any circumstances. But I do realise that I might be unable to conplete some of the physical tasks due to my low physical capacity. Will I be kicked out just because I fail to do the phycial tasks or will I be given harsh punishments and allowed to stay?

    1. Hello Ravi, there is nothing like you are thinking, yes there will be “Ragda” but as you are not alone there you will have brothers there which will encourage you and support you and Army gives chance to pass whatever the tasks assign to you. You will become mentally and physically strong there. Do not worry about anything just accept what is coming. All the best!!!

  40. Hii sir I am onkar I really like to join indian Navy but I have 12th commerce with maths then I can join nda for indian navy

    1. Hello Onkar, In order to join Airforce and Navy wings, a candidate must have Physics and Mathematics in class 12th.

  41. My name is shubh i am a sportsperson a national medalist so is there advantage for me in NDA .

    1. Yes, you will get the advantage but only after joining the NDA.

  42. Hello, I want to ask that if I cleared my nda before 12 boards ,then I will be eligible for ssb interview before 12 final exam or not.

    1. It depends on their SSB exam schedule but there are fewer chances for the interview before the 12th final exam.

  43. Hello sir, one other thing I want to know that I did not give the exam of NDA(1), can I give the exam of NDA(2)

    1. Yes, you can apply for NDA-2 Exam.

  44. Dear sir ,
    I want to know that my voice is so weak , so I can give the exam of n d a or not

    1. Hello Abhinav, you know your weakness and you can make it strong and better. But if you know your weakness and don’t care about it than don’t apply for NDA. But if you have the courage of doing so i.e., making strong your weaknesses then sure you should apply for NDA.

  45. It was really useful information u have given . I have searched so much to know that what happens in NDA and now I have got idea of it I can train myself in the manner for it.And thank u for providing good information.

  46. How will rastrapati testing camp will benrfit in NDA??

    1. Hello Monish, In the SSB of NDA, it will be very helpful. whatever you learn from rastrapati testing camp such as discipline, the way of talking, how to deal with any person, etc. Such things will give you advantage.

  47. Hii sir, I’m Monish.
    This article very helpful and excellent.
    Is there any benefits for scouts who completed rastrapati testing camp?

    1. Hello Monish, yes Rastrapati testing camp will give you benefit but it will not give any extra marks in NDA exam.

  48. Hello sir,Sumer this side
    I’m 15 years old boy and I wanted to know that at the age of what am I eligible for giving an application for NDA

    1. Hello Sumer, you can apply after 16 and a half.

  49. Hello sir, I would like to know
    • Wether the academy gives preference to any sort of reservations such as SC/ST/BC/OBC ?
    • During the whole 3+1year training, if the cadet scores the best in all sort of sections, what sort of post will he get? And so what post will he get if he scores the least?

    1. Hello TuraabAkbar,
      There is no reservation in NDA and Indian Army, 100% reserved for NDA candidates, which are worth it. All seats of NDA are reserved for those candidates who write high scores in the exam and crack the SSB or AFB.

  50. Hello Sir!!! Myself Siddharth!! Actually I am little bit afraid and confused, due to my aimof joining nda and, of lossing my enjoyment at this age of 17, so is it favourable to bring phones and use it secretly? And I have myopia with power -3.5, so I’m applicable or not?

    1. Sorry but the eye correction is only eligible upto -1.5D in NDA Medical.

  51. Shreyansh Srivastava

    I use glass of +.75 in my left eye,can I give NDA exam?

    1. Yes. The Limits of Eye Vision For NDA are as follows:
      Uncorrected without glass 6/6
      Corrected with glass 6/6,
      Limits of Myopia -0.75
      Limits of Hypermetropia +1.5
      Binocular vision III
      Limits of color preception I

  52. Hello respected mentors!
    Can you please guide me on how I should prepare myself physically for the SSB interview!

    1. Hi Karan,
      Although SSB Interview doesn’t require any physical standards, you need to be sound overall. If you are overweight or underweight, maintain it according to your Body Mass Index. You should run for around 1600m daily, do push-ups, pull-ups and maintain a controlled diet.

  53. Hello ma’am,
    I want to ask that in the ssb interview participants are judged through group tasks, if any group fails to pass the test will the whole group be disqualified?

    1. No.
      SSB Interviews are surely about Group Tasks but participants are not judged on Group Basis. Even if the Whole Group fails in a particular task, Interviewers look for Individuals with Officer Like Qualities. If they do not find any candidate capable enough, then only whole group is disqualified.

  54. Respected Sir/madam
    what if someone get fail in any of the year during training in nda
    Can he join nda again from starting

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Umar,
      Yes, they can join but the procedure is totally dependent on the NDA Admin.

  55. How u all doing?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Ashutosh,
      We are better, how are you?

  56. Prof. Rajeev Mehra


  57. Wow!!excellent article sir.
    Sir can you tell me, what is the difference between Navy and Naval Academy?
    I have a dream to join NDA.

    1. Indian Navy is the Fleet of soldiers who guard our coastal line form enemies who try to create disturbance in Indian Waters. Naval Academy is the place where cadets are trained to be eligible to join Indian Army. After Completion of the Training, Cadets join Indian Navy.

  58. sir can students change thier choice in nda …. means if someone have qualified interview for air force so can he shift to army in future …….

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra


  59. How many years of training and studies will be there in NDA

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Three years.

  60. Hello sir
    My self Aakash patel
    My left hand had slightly broken before 4 yrs but in present time in eksray im fit can I give NDA exam

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra


  61. Respected
    Ma’am/sir, My name is Anish,I am a CBSE nation level footballer we were first in state level and fifth in national level will we get benefited from this as our school coach said we will

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Anish,
      You will get benefited in Army Bharti.

  62. Sir my age is not 16 but im studying in class 12th can i apply for nda

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      NO, you cannot apply until you are 16 and a half.

  63. Swarn Pratap Singh

    I would like to know whether there are sports trial for services during training period in nda?

  64. Sir my eye sight is approx -2.5 of left eye..may I elegible after I operated my eye sight by laser operation… For armed force..?

    Sir please reply…..

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Prashant,
      Yes, you will get eligible.

  65. Hello sir good After noon sir actually mai abhi Ba 1st year ka exam de rha hu aur meri age 17 h so mujhe NDA join krna h mere 12 me average marks 66.6% h but NDA officer banna chahta hu kya aap mujhe iske bare me thoda suggest kr skte h ki aage mujhe kya krna chahiye.. Sir Mujhe lg rha h ki mai Ba drop krke BSC kr lu please aap mujhe suggest jarur kriega.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Abhishek,
      Its totally up to you that whether you want to stay in BA or B.Sc. But you can give exam of NDA twice a year and the exam is conducted twice a year for which notification comes in June and December. To know how to prepare for NDA you can refer to our following post. How to crack NDA

  66. Hello sir this is harshit pal.i have an eyesight of -2.0 am i eligible for nda

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Harshit Pal, No you are not eligible as the limit is -0.75

  67. sir my one teeth is half broken. am i eligible with this problem or not

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Abhijot Singh, It will decided by the medical doctors after examining the tooth

  68. sir/mam that’s my dream to join NDA . can u explain me in detail about written exam and ssb interview? what about physical?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Yash Desale, You can refer this “”article in our website. And its very good to know that there are boys who want to join Armed Forces and serve their country in best possible way

  69. does indian army need intelligent officer , from intelligent i mean to say “tej tadak ” person ,who is good in every field (sports,studies etc) ?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Rajnish Kumar, It is very good to know that you are interested in joining the Armed Forces but you also need to know that what kind of person make a good officer as they need, not only an intelligent person but a person who has practical knowledge of things. Basically they need an all round person who has knowledge and courage to do any task given by Army

  70. Respected
    I am Anish, student to be promoted to class 11 this year. My date of birth is 22/02/2003. From the above article I got to know that we can give exam for nda after completion of 11. So my doubt is that is it ok to join nda without 12 class concept or we should study 12 then give nda exam.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Anish, Yes, you can give NDA exam while be in class 11th but you will join the academy only after the completion of class 12th

  71. Sir, would i be eligible although i have a slight listening fault and diagnosed phonagnosia… I am extremely in love to join armed forces of india and serve in army and to contribute something great towards the nation although it comes for price of a sacrifice… Please sir, would i be eligible?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Jayparth More, We can understand your passion for army but because of phonagnosia, you are not eligible

  72. Hello,can nda cadets get enough opportunity to become sports person in future, like footballer or boxer? If yes then they have to work on their game along with the academics or they have to concentrate on their game only?

    1. Hello Ankit,
      yes you can participate in a sport of your choice. You will be given enough opportunities in sports, but you will have to carry out your duties as well.

  73. Hello Sir/Mam

    What happens if an NDA cadet fails in his academics? i.e 1st term or 2nd term

    1. Hello Ronnie,
      You will be kicked out of the academy if failed in any term.

  74. Hi, I am in class 11 and i am going pass out of class 11 this month , can i give exam of nda as their are two options : 1.studying in class 12, 2:Passed class 12, and if i qualify the exam than whether i am eligible to go for ssb or not?
    as the exam of NDA is in April and at that time i will be in class 12.

    1. Hello Rajnish,
      Yes you can apply for NDA. If you get in class 12th before the written exam then you can apply as your SSB can be postponed for 6 months.

  75. Sir/ma’am
    If any person have tooth decay then he is elligable for NDA

    1. Hello Sumit,
      Tooth decay is surely a negative point, but as you may know that there are total 32 dental points on which they decide if a candidate is to be rejected or not. If you score good dental points and also satisfy other eligibility criteria then you will clear the medical test easily, but you have other dental problems, then you may be rejected.

  76. Hello sir I am a first year btech student. But I am not happy with btech. I want to Crack nda this time. Please suggest me how can I do so coping up with the tight schedule in first year of AKTU.

  77. mohamad fadal hamza

    can a Muslim cadet in NDA get time for his 5 prayers (luhar,asar magrib,ishah,subahi)

    1. Hello Hamza,
      You can pray when you get the time, but you can not ask for prayer time during training or other activity.

  78. Hey …in class 12th I had Arts stream !
    since the NDA written exam consists of math paper …what should I do ?? Is there any mercy for an arts student??? Or should I just study hard and crack it ? And want to know the cut off marks for both the paper.

    1. Hello Tulshi,
      You will have to study maths if you want to crack NDA exam. There is no such thing as mercy for arts students. The information for merit list and cutoff list is given in the article “NDA merit list” look this article on search box.

  79. What will happen after nda exam until final year? Can you give me brief explanation with training and study of whole 3 years?

    1. Hello Vaibhav,
      After cracking the NDA exam you will recieve a call letter for 5 days SSB. If you you are sucessful in clearing the SSB, then you will go for medical, after clearing alll the exams final merit list is made, and if you are lucky enough to get you name on merit list, then 3 years of course and 1 year of training, and then you are ready to become an officer. The life in IMA is explained in details in the above page.

  80. Sir/Madam
    I wanted to ask that Can we become a afmcite from NDA.

    1. Hello Chinmay,
      No you can not join AFMC through NDA. The candidates for AFMC are selected through AIPMT. If you have keen interest in AFMC, then you should prepare for AIPMT.

  81. Hello sir/mam, What if I want to become a flying officer and then quit the airforce to do my further studies, is that possible if yes .. will I be able to rejoin the armed forces after a period of time say 4years.. thank you . Yours sincerely. Srivats!

    1. Hi Srivats,
      If you become a flying officer, so you have to serve minimum number of years after joining. One can not quiet easily because there are some rules and regulation which you have to follow. Only, if you are physically unfit then you are allowed to quiet. And, you can not rejoin after quieting your rank.
      You can complete your further studies while serving, Armed forces is providing various courses for further studies. I hope you will get your answer. Good Luck!

  82. I am now currently in 11th standard and I want to join Indian army through NDA. I even have specs of 2.5D. Is that okay for joining NDA. My weight is near 5.6 and I’m 16 years old. Even my voice is low and I stammer often. Will it be an obstacle for my selection?
    Please help.

    1. Hello Anish,
      Your eyesight just fit in the rules, as 2.5 D is the limit to be eligible. As for the stammering, i can not give an exact answer as your edibility will depends on when and on which words you stammer. If you stammer when you are nervous, then you are most likely to be rejected.

  83. Hii ma’am
    I am a 11 class student.
    And I want to join National defence academy.
    Ma’am if I will not do better in some of my trainings.
    Will I be strucked off from academy??

    1. Hello Shubham,
      Not just bad performance, there are numerous reasons for which one can be kicked out of academy during training period. So, there is no margin for error, you have to be at your best in training. But, don’t worry, they will make sure that you give your 100% in training.

  84. Hi,
    My aim is to join The Indian Para SF in future so after the training of NDA, will i be eligible for the Para SF? and if I am eligible, what do i have to do to join Indian Para SF.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Vikas,
      First of all, their are no direct entries in Para SF. One need to first join Indian army. Their are two ways to join Para SF, either you graduate from IMA directly to Para SF, or graduate as normal officer, and then apply for Para SF after 2 years. You can also join Army as normal soldier and after 3 years of service, apply for Para SF.

      Be warned, as Para SF demands high level of physical and mental fitness, and excellent record. Therefore, prepare yourself accordingly right from this moment. Take special care of your health, and try to improve your mental skills as much as possible. All the best.

  85. Sir are there leaves given to cadets in the middle of the semester?

    1. Hello Nikhil,
      Leaves are given to cadets after every 6 months for 26 days. Beside this, if there is some emergency then cadet can be sent on leave by the commandant.

  86. Hello, my name is Aman. I will be clearing 12th with Arts. Can I still opt for the IAF through NDA? Please reply

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Aman,
      To apply for Air force through NDA one need to have maths in class 12th. So, if you had maths in class 12th, then you can apply, but if not, then you can not apply for air force.

  87. Hi sir i want to know that if person had selected NDA and when training begins if he frequently ill will he kicked out from the academy and other one is language if a person knows only english and not hindi and if he selected NDA and when traning begins will he kicked out from the acadamy of NDA

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Tony,
      language is not a problem, they will not kick you out because of it. But, if you are consistently ill, then they may have to let you go. But, don’t worry, in the academy, they take special care of your diet and health, which reduces the risk of falling ill.

  88. Hello mam. What are the chances of a boy who has opted Naval Academy as first option of getting merit out in NDA 1 2017?

    1. Hi Tushar.
      Let me tell you that it all depends on your dedication and and hard work. It is true that candidates get out of luck and unluckily receives the tag of “Merit-Out” but it is not in a huge number. It is in a very few number. So, don’t be afraid for that. As per my idea, I don’t think that any authority would ever want to lose a candidate who passes the written exam then recommended from a SSB and the passed medicals also. So don’t worry and have faith in yourself. All the best.

  89. Hi Mam. Myself Ritik singh and I’m studying 12th (commerce) and I’m state player in volleyball so I want to ask that will it benefit for me in nda exam or not.

    1. Hi Ritik.
      Well for NDA exam you will get no kind of relaxation based on any certificate. So, you will have to focus on written exam as it is the first step towards your aim to clearing NDA exam.

  90. Very brilliantly well written.
    I would like to know in other entries like TES is the training similar?

    1. Hi Mrinal.
      We are happy that you like the above article and it was informative for you. For those who chose to join the defence, there stands a direct chance for them to make it through NDA or TES. While both entries are after twelfth, there is a huge difference between the two. Both the entries have their own merits and demerits. Anyhow none of the entries would make clearing the SSB easier than the other.
      After getting into NDA , you undergo a 3 year training which is the same for the cadets of all the three services and in your fourth year, all the cadets are promoted to their respected academies- IMA AFA INA. While in TES , you undergo a basic military training at OTA Gaya for the first year and then the cadets are sent to College of military engineering PUNE for their further studies. After a four year training the cadets as commissioned as lieutianant in Indian army and after that they are called for a one year POST-COMMSION training. Total training years for NDA cadet is 4 years whereas for TES training is 5 years. And yes, of course there will be a of difference in training method also.

  91. Hello mam. I am from Bihar. Mam I want to ask you that my Date of birth is 06/03/1999 so, can I appear in the next NDA exam. If not then through which process I can go in Defence academy?

    1. Hi Rushan.
      According to the DOB that you have mentioned you will be eligible to give the NDA exam next year just make sure you are either in 12th class or 12th pass out student by then. Other then NDA the next best way to join Indian defence is through CDS exam which is conducted by UPSC every year only for graduates who aspires to join Indian army, Navy and Air force as officers. At present I would recommend you to focus on NDA exam.

  92. Hello mam. I am from Indore(MP). Mam I wanted to ask you that whether NDA is really strict about our weight factor before joining it. I am currently of 74 kgs with height of 181 cms.

    1. Hi Vedant.
      Yes, you must fulfill the physical standards or you will get disqualified. You can check the physical standards that are required just search for ‘Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in the search box of our website and there you will find all the information.

  93. Hi Sir. I am Shubham Jha from Bihar and currently I am living in Faridabad. I am eagerly waiting for N.D.A exam but firstly I want to gather some information about TES. So sir can you explain it to me clearly.

    1. Hi Shubham.
      It is good to know that you are looking forward to give NDA exam and join Indian armed forces. As, you have asked for TES details so let me tell you TES stand for Technical Entry Scheme, as the name suggest, it is a technical entry to get into Indian army as an officer. TES is more or less like UES and TGC entries of Indian army, but in case of UES and TGC candidates apply for it after doing their engineering from outside, TES is an opportunity for the aspirants to join the technical branch of Indian army after 10+2 but as per the vacancies candidates can join other fields also like infantry, artillery etc. Only candidates who have passed 10+2 Examination or its equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 70% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You will have visit the Indian army website and apply online when the forms will be available and then short listed candidates will be called for Services Selection Board (SSB) interview at Bhopal, Bangalore or Allahabad. Successful candidates at the SSB will be required to undergo medical test lasting 3 to 5 days. Candidates recommended by the SSB and declared medically fit, will be appointed for training in the order of merit, depending on the number of vacancies available.

  94. Sir, I am karthikeyan from Puducherry. I had so many doubts about NDA exams but now I am very clear. At present I am studying in 8th std and when I will complete my 12th I will write my NDA exam. I will join navy. Thank you very much sir.

    1. Hi Karthikeyan.
      We are happy to help you. And it is impressive that you look forward to join Indian Navy through NDA. Just be focused towards your aim and keep on doing the hard work.

  95. Hello mam. I am Roya Mayank ojha. I wanted to know that as I am in class 12 can I give nda exam in September before getting the result of 12th board exam.

    1. Hi Mayank.
      Yes, absolutely you can give NDA exam but just make sure you fit in the age limit criteria which is 16 and half to 19 and half years. As, both 12th appearing and 12th pass out students are eligible for this exam.

  96. Hello sir. Can I join merchant navy through NDA according to upscale?

    1. Hi Ankit.
      You cannot join Merchant Navy through NDA. As, National Defence Academy caters you can only apply for Army, Navy and Air Force. You need to write IMU CET for getting admission to a merchant navy college. Or if it is a deemed university you need to clear its own entrance exam.

  97. Hello sir. If a candidate clear the written exam and ssb interview of NDA then what are the next steps.

    1. Hi Praveen.
      Once you clear all the stages of selection procedure and get your name in the final merit list then you will get your call letter for training session. Afterwards you will have to report at National Defense Academy and your training will began. For details on life of a cadet in NDA just go through with the above article.

  98. Respected Sir/ma’am,
    How to clear NDA written exam? please guide me. Thank you for your guidance.

    1. Hi Bhavishya.
      It is impressive that you are looking forward to join Indian armed forces through NDA. The First and foremost thing that you must have to crack the exam is dedication. Only when you will be focused while studying then you will get the best result. Make sure you are fully aware with the syllabus and the exam pattern. We have provided all the information regarding that in our website. Next thing to do is set a time table and follow it strictly. Give equal time to every subject. Practice as much as you can. You must also give online test once you have completed your syllabus. Keep yourself motivated. For more details just search for ‘7 Effective Steps To Crack NDA Written Exam in Ist Attempt’ in the search box of our website.

  99. Hello sir,
    My name is anshuman singh. I am from Uttarakhand. My question is that I have myopia (weak eye sight) so am I fit for NDA. If yes then ok if not then what vision are acceptable for NDA. My next question is please help me what time schedule do the cadet should follow.

    1. Hi Anshuman.
      For NDA your vision should be 6/6 in better eye and 6/9 in worse eye. Myopia should be not be more than 2.5 D and Hypermetropia not more than 3.5 D including Astigmatism. These are the eye standards that are fixed for every candidate. If you are preparing for NDA exam then it is important that there is a fixed schedule that you follow strictly. At present your focus must be to clear the written exam so, devote yourself towards your studies. It is important that you give equal time to every subject. Practice as much as you can. You will have to set your timetable according to your daily routine. Just be focus while studying and keep on doing the hard work.

  100. Hello sir, I am ujjwal and I am in class 12th and I want to appear for NDA entrance exam after completing class 12. But now for the preparation for NDA exam I am studying all night and in day and also preparing for 12th board, so I’m not able to sleep is there any mistakes I am doing? And if I not able to qualify entrance exam then is it have other way to join Indian army?

    1. Hi Ujjwal.
      There is no doubt that when you are preparing for board exam along with NDA which is one of the toughest exam you have to put some extra efforts. Remember that only when you will dedicate yourself to your studies you will able to achieve your dream but this does not mean working 24/7 because it’s a fact that human mind need rest. You will be only work with your full efficiency when you give yourself some break. What I’m trying to say is that yes, it is important that you study but keeping yourself fit also necessary. So, along with your studies also engage yourself in physical activities. Set a proper timetable dividing your time in the best way so you also get proper hours of sleep. Its never about 12 hours of study rather its all about how focused you are while studying. And the only way to join Indian army through NDA is to by qualifying the written exam and SSB. Other then this you can go for CDS(combined defence services) exam but this is only for graduates so, at first you will have to complete your graduation.

  101. Respected sir,
    I am Achyuth Hegde from Panaji, Goa. Sir, my question is can a student from an ordinary college instead of Rashtriya military college or sainik school pass NDA exam in more better way and get selected? Also, 5 yrs ago, my hand was fractured and now I have stitch marks but my hand is coordinating properly, so am I fit for NDA?

    1. Hi Achyuth.
      There are many students who complete their schooling from regular ordinary school and are still able to qualify NDA exam. You see there is no doubt that students from Rashtriya military college or sainik school have little benefits then others in some areas but in the end NDA selects only those candidates who are physically as well as mentally fit and most importantly have dedication to serve their country and its not about from where you have studied. If you are passionate and a hard worker then you will crack the NDA exam for sure. As, you have mentioned that your hand was fractured few years back and now you are left with stitch marks then there should not be any problem as long as it was not an major injury. At present if you are preparing for written exam then just focus on that and give your best shot.

  102. Hello Sir. What is better, to be doctor or an army officer, in your personal opinion (pros & cons.)?

    1. Hi Rohan.
      First of all you need to understand that both of these are totally two different career options and both are highly respected jobs. Its not like one is better than the other because each of them plays a very vital role. You see as a doctor you have to be dedicated towards your work and as an army officer you have to be dedicated towards your country. Every job comes with pros and cons if you ask me but when you are doing what you love then nothing will stop you in succeeding. So, in case you are confused to decide what you should choose I would say ask yourself in which field you are most interested in and go for it.

  103. Hi Sir. Can you please tell about the holiday schedule given to cadets to visit their homes during the training time. Please reply.

    1. Hi Abhay.
      A NDA Cadet spends a total tenure of 3 years at National Defense Academy (NDA).The 3 years are divided into 6 terms which can be related to a semester. After the completion of each semester a cadet is given a term break of 30 Days. This means after every 6 months you get 30 days of leave. Although additional leave can availed by writing an application to the Adjutant or some other senior authority. You will be also authorized medical leave for a short period. Going home on such leaves is not feasible though. Cadets spent the medical leaves basically in the Military Hospital.

  104. Hi sir. I want to know that girls are allowed to give this exam or not. If yes then it is okay but if they cannot then what are their other options.

    1. Hi.
      We are sorry to say but girls can not apply for NDA exam. This exam is only for boys who are 12th appearing or 12th pass out. But don’t get dishearten because if too look forward to join armed forces then you can prepare for CDS exam. CDS stand for Combined Defense Services. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year. But only graduates can apply for CDS exam. So, if you are in school at present then you will have first complete your graduation and then you can apply for this exam.

  105. Hello sir, I have given my NDA (I) exam 2017 and waiting for my result. Can you please tell me that can I change my preference of Army to Naval academy after my final selection in SSB? Does the SSB decide or ask me about my preference after final SSB selection? Thank you.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ayush.
      Yes, if you clear all the rounds in the SSB then afterwards you can ask to change your preferences provided first you are physically fit for the army, air force or navy whichever you want to go. Then you will have undergo the interview again for whichever arm you choose. Then your merit and the vacancy for that choice of arm in your course is there decides your change of service. And also remember that mostly the number of seats for Army is the maximum in NDA and are least for Navy. Hence, change of Service to Army is easier then to Navy or Air force.

  106. Sir please tell me the eligibility criteria for the CDS exam.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nikhil.
      CDSE is a written exam conducted twice every year by UPSC. It is meant to select officers for Army, Navy and Air Force. Men and women both can apply for CDSE and the best part is about CDSE is that there is no percentage bar for it. While men can apply for Army (IMA and OTA) Navy (INA) and Air Force (AFA), women can only apply for Army (OTA). The education qualification required is different for IMA, INA and Air Force. For Indian Military Academy and Officers’ Training Academy you must have Degree of a recognised University or equivalent.For Indian Naval Academ, Degree in Engineering from a recognised University/ Institution. And for Air Force Academy -> Degree of a recognised University (with Physics and Mathematics at 10+2 level) or Bachelor of Engineering.
      The age limit criteria is also different, 19-24 Years: Indian Military Academy,19-22 Years: Naval Academy, 19-23 Years: Air Force Academy and 19-25 Years: Officers’ Training Academy.

  107. Hello sir. I am Rohit. Thank you very much sir for above information. I am from Maharashtra and want to ask that is fluent English speaking very essential? How can I improve my English very well? And according to the age limit criteria how many attempts do I have? Is there any condition that I can only give 2-3 attempts? Can I get admission through TES? What is its eligibility criteria? And it is compulsory to eat non veg?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rohit.
      Let me answer your questions one by one. Yes, fluent English helps you a lot during SSB interview. But its not like that if you get stuck or nervous in between you can’t speak in Hindi. During the SSB they only look for those candidates who are true to themselves and have officers like qualities in them. To improve your English start from reading good books. You can start from reading interviews of those candidates who have cleared the NDA exam. The more you will read the more you will learn.
      The NDA exam is conducted twice a year so, the number of attempts that you will have totally depends on your age. The age limit criteria is 16 and half to 19 and half. And there is no such condition that a candidate can only give NDA exam 2-3 times as, long as you are eligible you can apply for this exam.
      Now coming to TES exam, this exam is only for those candidates who have passed 10+2 Examination or its equivalent with a minimum aggregate of 70% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from recognized education boards are eligible to apply for this entry. Eligibility condition for calculating PCM % of various state /central boards is be based on marks obtained in Class XII only. The candidate must not be below 16½ years and above 19½ years on the first day of the month in which the course is commencing. Through this exam unmarried male candidates are invited for the grant of Permanent Commission in the Army after four years of Basic Military Training and Technical Training thereafter.
      If you fulfill the eligibility criteria you can join Indian army through TES exam. And lastly no, it is not compulsory to eat non-veg in the academy.

  108. Hello sir. Thanks for the above information. I’m a commerce student so, I’d like to know that if i had any chance of getting into army. It’d be a huge help if you could sort this out for me. Thank you! I’ll be waiting eagerly for your response.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Biman.
      Yes, commerce student can certainly apply for NDA exam. If you look forward to join Indian army then NDA exam is the best opportunity for you. The age limit for this exam is 16 and half to 19 and half years. Although if you want to join Indian Navy or Air Force then you must have studied Physics and Maths in 11th and 12th class but for Indian army there is no such criteria. For more information on the selection procedure of NDA read ‘Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in our website.

  109. sir I am really keen to know that if I join the NDA Academy will I be able to pursue cricket and football coaching Academy outside of the NDA, like cricket in Vengsarkar Academy and football in FC Pune from staying and maintaining the routine at NDA. And I really play good cricket and football but I am not financially secure to pursue my dreams. Cricket and football is my dreams and life. Is there any opportunity to pursue my dreams? If you answer me I will be highly thankful to you.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sultan.
      Once you get selected in National Defense Academy after qualifying the exam you will have go under training for 4 years, first 3 years in NDA and last one year in IMA. During this period you cannot just join another coaching institute as you have mentioned. In the 4 years whole training period you will have follow certain rules and regulations and if you fail to do so you will be sent back home. Although there are sports activities in which you can take part in the academy only. Since you have also said that cricket and football is your dream then going for NDA might not be the right decision. We would recommend you to choose NDA only when want to join Indian army and serve for the country. Just think about what you really want to pursue in your future and then make your final decision.

  110. Hrishikesh sharma

    Hello sir I’m Hrishikesh from Manipur. I really want to know that the required age of the cadet should be the academic age or the real age? And is there any kind of rejection for those who can’t ride horse or who cannot swim etc?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Hrishikesh.
      The date of birth that is mentioned in your documents is considered when you will apply for the exam. And no, those candidates who does not know how to ride a horse or swim are not rejected.

  111. Sir, I want to become a navy officer and I have applied for NDA entry scheme). Please suggest me the ways to become navy officer.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Raviraj.
      AS, you have mentioned that you have already applied for NDA exam so, now you have to start your preparation. You must be fully aware with the syllabus and the exam pattern so that you can prepare according to that. Make sure while studying you cover all the topics. You have to work really hard in order to clear the NDA written exam. Keep yourself focused and put all your hard work in the right direction. Give more preference to NCERT books and clear all the basic concepts. For more information just search for ‘7 Effective Steps To Crack NDA Written Exam in Ist Attempt’ in our website.

  112. Hi I am Rohan. Can you please tell me how to develop OLQ’s in daily life?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rohan.
      Officer like qualities are very important when you are preparing for NDA exam. Once you have passed the written exam the next phase is SSB where these officer like qualities will help you stand out among all other candidate. These qualities are not inherited but are rather developed with time. For instance, time management is one of the quality that you must have so, form now on try manage everything in your daily life. Set time table and follow it strictly. Other then this you must have seen how an officer represent himself, confidence is what you need to work on everyday. Just like this there are other qualities too, just be focused and work hard towards your dream.

  113. deekshant rathore

    Hi I am Deekshant. I passed out 10th class in 2015 and now I am in class 12th. Can I give NDA exam in September 2017?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      HI Deekshnat.
      Yes, 12th appearing student can also apply for NDA exam. The age limit for this exam is 16 and half to 19 and half years. For more information on how you can prepare for the written exam read’ 7 Effective Steps To Crack NDA Written Exam in Ist Attempt’ in our website. Good luck.

  114. I am now 17 years old but I just passed 10th class, can I give NDA exam conducted by UPSC on September 2017?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vignesh.
      As, you have mentioned that you have just passed class 10th so, at present you are not eligible to give NDA exam. Only 12th appearing and 12th pass out student can apply for this exam. Don’t get dishearten as, you will have your chance to appear for this exam, just keep yourself focused and dedicated towards your aim.

  115. I am Tanumoy. I just passed the 10th examination. I want to know what are the physically criteria required to join NDA? Because my weight is heavy. Please give me some tips to join NDA.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Tanumoy.
      As, you have mentioned that you have completed your 10th so, at present you are not eligible for NDA exam. Only 12th appearing or 12th pass out can apply for this exam. You need to be both physically and mentally fit. The height and weight criteria vary according to the age group of the aspirant. You have to work hard and be focused if you dream to join NDA. The first stage that you need to clear is the written exam. For the preparation of the exam study from NCERT books and clear all your doubts. After clearing the first phase comes SSB for which you have to be physically fit. For more information regarding the physical criteria read’ Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in our website.

  116. Hi, my name is Emmanuel. And I am studying in 10th. Am I eligible for NDA exam next year?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Emmanuel.
      As, you have mentioned that you are in 10th standard at present then you are not eligible for NDA exam. The eligibility criteria for this exam is 12th appearing or 12th pass. Next year you will be in 11th class so, you won’t be able to apply for NDA exam. But don’t get dishearten. If you have decided to join Indian army through NDA then just be focused and you can prepare yourself by building officer like qualities for future.

  117. how tough is NDA entrance examination, am scaring of what everyone is saying about it.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Cizzy, NDA entrance exam is not that tough for those who have studied deeply in class 11th and 12th. If your basic concepts are clear, then you will easily find your way out. Good luck.

  118. Is there any training course for children before 12th std to prepare for NDA, academically and physically who are studying outside NDA campus? My son is in 8th std now. Please guide us. Thanks.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vidya.
      As, you have mentioned that your son is in 8th class, we would recommend you to let him focus into his studies at present. For NDA exam the student have to be in 12th or must have completed 12th. Your son have lot of time to prepare for NDA, right now you can help him build up the officer like qualities which will eventually help him in the future. You can encourage him to take part in physical activities in his school like any sport, this will increase his endurance and he will be physically fit too. In this way you can help your son in preparing for the future. And once he enter class 12th he can apply for NDA exam.

  119. I have passed 10 class just now. I will complete class 11 in March-April 2018. Am I able to give September 2018 NDA exam?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ishaan.
      As, you have mentioned that you are a 11th class student then at present you are not eligible to give NDA exam this year. You have to be 12th appearing or 12th pass only then you can apply for this exam. Yes, in 2018 i.e next year you will be able to apply for NDA. At present just focus on your studies along with it you can start preparation for this exam like being physically fit and mentally prepared. If you dream to join Indian army as an officer then you have to work really hard.

    2. Sir, after cracking nda exam, during ssb interview, is it necessary to submit class 12 pass certificate? Or it can be submitted later on also?

    3. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ishaan, no it is not necessary to submit class 12th passing certificate. you can submit it later also. Good luck.

  120. My name is Arjun Raj. I have just complete 10th class. Am I eligible for writing NDA exam?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Arjun.
      No, at present you are not eligible for NDA exam. You must be 12th appearing or 12th pass only then you can apply for this exam. But don’t get dishearten as, you will get your chance to apply for NDA. At present just focus on your studies and keep working hard. Once you enter into class 12th you can start your preparation for NDA.

  121. I want to join in NDA academy. My age was 19. height 5.3. am i suitable? and what should i do?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Krishna, yes you can join National Defence Academy, for that you have to appear in the NDA written exam conducted by UPSC twice every year. Upcoming exam dates has already been declared which will be held on 10 September 2017.

  122. nandarapu sairam

    what might be the cut off mark for NDA(1) 2017?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Nandarapu, however nothing could be said, but you must know that the last year cut-off was 288 (with at least 25% marks in each Subject). So, this year also, it will be nearby.

  123. Beigh Mubashir ul islam

    I want to join Indian army as an officer what is the required age sir I am nearly 19

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Beigh.
      As, you have mentioned you want to join Indian army as an officer, regarding that you have two options either you can apply for NDA exam if you are 19 years old but you will have only one chance because the age limit for the exam is 17 and half to 19 years or you can prepare for CDS exam for that you have to first complete your graduation only than you are eligible for the CDS exam.

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