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Exam Pattern
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Preparing for a written exam is always a challenging task, and the pressure to deliver the best increases when the exam is something like army clerk CEE. Every 6 out of 10 students pass the written exam of the clerk, but out of those 6, only 2 make it to the final merit list.

The eligibility criteria for soldier clerk has been revised

To be declared pass, you just need to score 80 marks out of 200. But getting just 80 marks will definitely not get your name on the merit list, and if your name is not there, then all your efforts will be wasted. So, it’s very important to do good in the written exams.

In this article, all you need to prepare for the written exam of the clerk is given, like syllabus, paper pattern, and books. Also, some valuable tips that will help you to do better preparation for the exam.

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Army Clerk Paper Pattern And Exam Format

The paper pattern of the clerk is different as compared to other trades. People often get confused about how the clerk paper format will be? below is the complete description of the exam pattern, feel free to ask in the comments if you still don’t understand something.

Subject Questions Marks Passing marks Total passing marks
Part – 1
General knowledge 05 20 32 80
General Science 05 20
Maths 10 40
computer 05 20
Part – 1
General English 25 100
Total 50 200

According to this table:-

  • The paper will be of total 200 marks.
  • 60 minutes or 1 hour of time will be given to complete the exam.
  • The paper will be divided into two parts (part 1 and part 2).
  • Each part will be of 100 marks, and each part will carry 25 questions.
  • To be declared as pass, a candidate has to get 32 marks in each part of the exam. Also, after combining both the parts, the total should be 80 or more to get pass.
  • Each of the questions will be of 4 marks.
  • There will be negative marking, half (0.5) marks will be reduced for every wrong answer.
  • No marks will be cut for leaving any question. So, you can leave a question if you have any doubt.

The questions in part – 1 will be asked from GK, general science, Maths, and computer. Each subject will have a fixed no. of questions. Maths will carry a maximum no. of questions i.e 10 questions, while all the other subjects in this part will carry 5 questions each.  Except for GK, the questions of other subjects will be based on the CBSE syllabus, and the difficulty level of questions will be up to CBSE class 10th.

In General Science, questions related to basic science will be asked. If you have a strong base in science, then you will not find any difficulty in solving questions of general science. Likewise, basic questions from maths and computers will be asked.

Part -2 of the exam will carry the questions related to the English language. Mainly questions which will check the grammar of the candidates will be asked in this part.

Army Clerk/SKT (Storekeeper) Syllabus

The below-given syllabus is not the complete list of topics, in exams questions may be asked from topics that are not present in this list. But, all the questions will be asked from the CBSE syllabus that’s for sure. Most of the time, the questions will come from the following syllabus:-

Subject Topic
General knowledge Abbreviations – National and International.

Sports – National and International.

Awards & Prizes – National awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel Prizes.

History – Important dates & battles in Indian and the World, History, and landmarks of Indian History, national movement.

Geography – Solar System Space exploration, The earth principal peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest, and Longest, etc.

Terminology – Geographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms, and Misc terms.

UNO – Indian Armed Forces. Indian Towns, States, and Uts. Institutions and Research Stations, International space Stations and Festivals of India and World, Indian News Agencies and Dailies, Continents and Sub Continents, Inventions and Discoveries, Environment, The Constitution of India, Religious communities and Principal Languages, National and International Days, International Organizations, Books and Authors, The world of plants and animals, Current Affairs and “Who’s Who”.

General Science Human Body – Food and nutrition, diseases and prevention, vitamins, and their uses.
Question of General Science consisting of topic related to Physics, Chemistry, and Biology based on fundamentals and day to day activities.Medical Terms, Scientific Terms, Scientific and Research, Institutes in India, IO/Numeral Ability.
Maths Arithmetic – Natural numbers, integers, fractions, rational/irrational numbers, decimal fractions, HCF & LCM, square root, ratio and proportion, percentages, averages, profit & loss, simple and compound interest.

Algebra – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of algebraic expressions, HCF & LCM, factorization, simple equations, surds, indices, logarithms, Solution of linear equations of two and three variables.

Ratio and proportion meaning and standard form, roots, and discriminant of a quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0.

Mensuration, Area and Volume, Area of four walls of a room, area of a circle, sector, and segment of a circle, surface area and volume of a cube, cuboid cone, cylinder, sphere, Trigonometry, Trigonometric ratios of an angle A of a right-angle triangle, Simple applications of trigonometric ratios for solving problems of different types, Simple identities based upon the above, Heights and Distances, Solution of simple problems of height and distance using trigonometrical tables and logarithmic tables.

Geometry – Lines and Angles, Different characteristics of lines and angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, inserting lines, some of angles and triangles, interior and exterior angles, Triangles-properties, equality, congruence, and similarity with respect to sides and angles, Parallelogram-types and properties.

Circles – Properties, arc, chords, tangents, secants, and angles subtended by arcs.

Statistics – Histograms with given intervals, classification of data, frequency, frequency polygons. Mean, median, and mode of grouped and ungrouped data, problems related to statistical techniques.

Computer Computer System – Characteristics of a computer, Basic applications of a computer, components of a computer system – Central Processing Unit (CPU), Visual Display Unit (VDU), Keyboard.
Concept of Memory – Primary and Secondary Memory, RAM and ROM, Units of Memory – Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte.Input / Output Devices – Mouse, Joy Stick, Scanner, Microphone, OCR, MICR, Light pen, Bar code Reader, Digital Camera, Printer, Speaker, Plotter.Booting procedure and Storage Devices.MS Windows – Basic concept of an Operating System and its functions.Introduction to Windows: Using Mouse and moving icons on the screen, My computer, Recycle Bin, Task Bar, Start menu and menu selection, running an application, setting system date and time, Windows Explorer to view files, folders, and directories, creating and renaming of files and folders, Opening and Closing of Windows Minimize, Restore and Maximize forms of windows.Basic components of a Window: Desktop, Frame, Title Bar, Menu Bar, Status Bar, Scroll Bars (Horizontal and Vertical), Using right button of the Mouse, Creating Shortcut, Basic Windows, Accessories: Notepad, Paint, Calculator, Wordpad.

MS Word – Introduction to a Word Processor, Creating and Saving a Document, Editing, and Formatting a Document. Text Style (B.I.U), Font Type, Size, changing color, alignment of text, Formatting paragraphs with a line or paragraph spacing, adding headers and footers, numbering pages, using grammar and spell utilities, using subscript and superscript, inserting symbols, Print Preview, Printing a document, Inserting WordArt, Clipart and Pictures, Page setting, Bullets and Numbering, Borders and Shading, Format painter, Find and Replace.

Inserting Tables: inserting, deleting-rows, and columns merging cells, splitting cells, using the auto format.MS Powerpoint – Introduction to presentation Graphics, understanding the concept of slides shows, Basic elements of a slide, Different types of slide Layouts, Creating and saving a presentation.

Different views of a slide: Normal view, Slide Sorter view and Slideshow, Editing and Formatting a slide: Adding Titles, Subtitles, Text, Background, Watermark; Headers and Footers, Numbering Slides.MS Excel – Introduction to Spreadsheets, Concept of Worksheets and workbooks, Creating and Saving a worksheet.

Working with a spreadsheet: entering numbers, text, date/time, series using Autofill, Editing and formatting a worksheet including changing color, size, font, alignment of text, inserting or deleting cells, rows, and columns.

English Comprehension,

1. Parts of Speech.
(a) Article
(b) Noun and Pronoun.
(c) Adjective.
(d) Preposition.
(e) Conjunction and models.

2. Verbs
Tenses :
Present/past forms
Simple/continuous form
Perfect forms
future time reference

3. Sentence Structure
Type of Sentences
Affirmative/interrogative sentences.
Use of Phrases.
Direct and Indirect speech.
Active and Passive Voice,

4. Other Areas
(a) Idioms and Phrases.
(b) Synonyms and antonyms.
(c) One-word substitution.

This is the list of subjects and topics related to them which will come in the written exam. Like said before, questions may come from topics other than these topics, but all the questions will come from the CBSE syllabus.

Books For Clerk

There are books of various publishers and authors available in the market, but not all of them are good to prepare from. So, make sure that you pick the right one, and do check that the content in the book is the same as mentioned on the index page of the books.

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Tips To Prepare For Clerk Written Exam

Now that you know the clerk exam pattern and syllabus, it’s time for you to begin your preparations. Here are some tips to get you started:-

Study from NCERT

Since the questions will come from the CBSE syllabus, therefore, it is very important to study from the NCERT books. Instead of investing your time and money in other books, you should first try to complete the NCERT books.

Not all the books of all the classes, but class 9th and 10th books will be more than enough if you do prepare them well. But, if you are running out of time, then you can just prepare from class 10th books. If you do prepare the NCERT well, then you will not need to read other books except for the GK part.

Study according to plan

Our minds work better when things are organized. So, it is crucial to have a study plan for yourself. Make a proper timetable according to which you should study.

First of all, you will need to become habitual to studying until the written exam. If you can’t sit to study for a long time period, then don’t! just sit for short intervals like 30 to 45 minutes. But do it regularly, when you start getting comfortable with it, then you can increase the time limit. Taking things slow is the best way to get control over yourself.

Set a particular time to study, when you do one thing at the same time regularly, then your body and mind adjust themselves to that routine and this will help you focus better.

Read newspaper

Newspapers are a great source of knowledge, not only do they make you aware of what’s happening around you, but also add to general knowledge, and benefits you in lots of other ways. All successful people start their day by reading the newspaper.

50% of your general knowledge topics will be covered if you read the newspaper daily. So, make it a habit of reading the newspaper every day (preferably English). It’s not important that you should do it in the morning, but any time of the day.

Prepare for English

Having a good grip on English is very important to crack the written exam of the clerk,  because as you must have seen above, 1 part of the written exam is entirely dedicated to English, and it carries 100 marks. So, make sure that you do practice for English, pay special attention to it.

Add to your sources of knowledge

Books are not the only sources of knowledge, you can gain knowledge from so many different things. Internet is the ultimate free source of learning and adding to your knowledge. So, instead of just using it for social networks, use is it to gain knowledge.

If there is any subject that you don’t find interesting or which is giving you the hard time to understand, then look for it on the internet, you will find tons of website, explaining things in an interesting and easy way.  Be a smart learner, and use the internet for your benefit.

Do not procrastinate

procrastination is the main reason behind the failure of most people. The more you put the work on tomorrow, the more are your chances of failure. Live with the rule of now or never, if you do not study today, then you will never be able to get into the Indian army. Give priority to your studies first.

Try to follow these points on daily basis, and you will surely crack CEE with good marks and get your name on the merit list.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Please feel free to comment if you have any doubts or queries related to the paper pattern and syllabus of the army clerk/SKT.  We will try to respond as soon as possible.

All the best for your written exams!

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  1. Harpanthpreet singh

    Hello sir,
    i need your help
    Maine 2018 mein 12th ki thi
    Mere 12th class mein 65% hai
    Lekin english mein 43 number the
    Phir maine improvement paper diya aur ab mere 85 number hai..ab mere paas 2 certificate hai toh dono se apply hoga ..ya pehle 1 hi combine krna padega

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Harpanthpreet,
      Don’t worry about anything because you are good to go, & now you have to apply from the new certificate you got after the improvement.

  2. Sir mera 10 me 68% but English me 32 % mark and 10+2 me 73% English me 65% so sir eligible for clerk.all sub 70%

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Bittu,
      For clerk, you should have scored a minimum of 60% marks overall, and 50% marks in each subject in 12th

  3. Hi Sir! after written exam interview hoga? agar hoga to kya English ya Hindi language me hoga?

    1. Hello Jigar,
      Once you crack the written exam and make it to the merit list then you do have to give an interview, but it is not to test you. They will just ask about yourself. I won’t call it an interview, but just a introduction session. And this will be Hindi.

  4. Abhishek guleria

    Sir mai apni 12 commerce subject se ki hai toh mai apply kr skta hu if yes toh kon si post mai kr skta hu

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You can apply for GD, Tradesmen, Technical, Clerk/SKT post in the Indian army. However, you need to check eligibility criteria for each post in order to apply for it.

  5. Lakshman kushwaha

    Sir Meri 10th ki 72% hi our 12ki 74% he Meri hight 165cm he mai clerk ka farm bhar sakta hu

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, if you have scored more than 50% in each subject in class 12th then you can apply for Clerk/SKT post in the Indian Army.

  6. Mrityunjay sharma

    Sir mujhe indian army clerk main jana hai mere 10 th main 72 % aur 12th main75% hain height 175 cm hai aur mere pas commerce hai kya main form apply kar skta hun aur mujhe tyari ke liye kya kya krna hoga.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you can apply for the post of Indian Army clerk.

  7. Sir mere pass NCC C certificate hai with A grade nd sports me football me participant wala certificate hai to kya mujhe koe inka benifit mill skta hai

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you will get the benefit of NCC ‘C’ certificate. And there are some sports quota bharti in which you can apply.

  8. Sir mere 10th 77.17% or 12 th me 73% he or maths or English me bhi 50%up he pr muje Kya read karna hoga or kese uske bare me batayenge ?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hi Nitin, from the details you have given, it seems that you are eligible for army clerk post. you can apply for this post.

  9. Sir i am form rajesthan 10 main 76% or 12 main 83%(arts)and in english main 72 marks and hight 163. sir can i eligibal for army clerk

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, you are eligible for Army clerk. you can apply for this post.

  10. Munde navanath vaijanath

    Sir muze 10th me 71.60%mark hai aur 12th science me 65.23 % pass hu kya main eligible hu indian solder clerk ke liye

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Munde, yes you are eligible for the Army clerk post. You can apply for this post.

  11. Sir i am from commerce stream i get 74 percentage. I got 60 above all subject but i have sp instead maths. Sir i am eligible or not

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Sangram, you are eligible for Army clerk. You can apply for this post.

  12. Sir, I got 80% marks in class 10th and 74% marks in 12th. In class 10th and 12th 78 marks in English and maths. Can I give exam

    1. Hello Ashish, yes you are eligible for the Army clerk post. You can apply All the best!!!

  13. Sir mere 12 the me 84.8 percent hai English me 88 marks hai mere Papa army me hai to relation certificate show karne par mujhe benefit mil Sakta hai ki nahi Mai commerce se hu kya Mai eligible hu ki nahi please sir tell me

    1. Hello Santosh, there are separate relation Bharti, But in general bharti you may not get the benefit and yes you are eligible for Army clerk post.

  14. Sir I m bsc chemistry completed 58% can I apply for post clerk

    1. Hello Avinash, yes, you can apply for the Indian army clerk post.

  15. Hello sir mere paas NCC ka c certificate hai kya mere ko iska benefit milega

    1. Hello Rakesh, yes, you will get the benefit of NCC C certificate.

  16. Sir, my self Shubham. I have done my +2 with commerce and i get a 68% marks in +2.
    Am i eligible for clerical post in army?

    1. Hello Shubham, Yes you are eligible for the post of Indian Army clerk.

  17. Sir/Mam
    the test will be of 10th base or 12th base in case of science for Clerk

    1. Hello Aj, the test will be based on 10th std. syllabus.

  18. Sir, i have overall 76percentage overall and above 60 percentage in each, i have relation certificate bcz my father was ex army and also i am a state level boxer and i have a computer typing certificate too am i eligible

    1. Hello Goutham, according to the eligibility criteria of Indian Army Clerk you are eligible for this post. All the best!!!

  19. Sir main pranay hu mera 12 th me 68% marks ha but chemistry main 43 ha can I apply for Indian Clark army…..

    1. Hi Pranay, as per the eligibility criteria, you are not eligible.

  20. Sir mere 10 me 69% he …eng me 85% and math me 68%…+2(science) me 68% math me 49% and English me 95% he ….. Kya me eligible hu…height 177cm

    1. Hello Sandeep, since you have got 49 marks in Maths so you can not eligible. But sometimes the Indian Army consider it and ignore the 1 mark so you should give a try. All the best!!!

  21. Main Pankaj hu 10th main 40%marks and 12th main 72% (arts student)10th main English 35 or mathematics 30 and 12th main English 46. Sir Mera height 165c.m. sir main clerk ke liye eligibiliti hu.

    1. Hi Pankaj, You are not eligible for Indian Army Clerk.

  22. Sir, my class 10th results English 40 , math 36 & overall 35% marks……… and 12th results per subject 50% marks up & overall 66% marks ….. Sir I am apply Indian army clerk????
    Please sir help me….. I am waiting for your reply

    1. Hi Madhab, eligibility says that you should have got 50% marks in each subject in class 10th and 12th. So you are not eligible But still, you can try. All the best!!!

  23. Good evening Sir
    Sir internet me toh dikhara h ki clerk ki post k liye koi b stream wale applicable h.
    Aur 60 percent honi chye 12th me and har subject me 50 + marks hone chye ..

    1. For detail information follow the link: Indian army clerk eligiblity

  24. Sir i m doing banking and ssc coaching so i can try for clerk sir my father is an x army sir so sir tell me tge process of ckerk..

    1. Hello Shivam, yes you can apply for army clerk. here is the link go to army preparation

  25. Sir I secured 63% in 12 standard 52 in English …I m eligible or not and my height is 168 cm …

    1. Hello Rahul, the candidate should 10+2/Intermediate Examination Pass in any stream (Arts, Commerce, Science). Should have secured 40% marks in each subject and 50% in aggregate in Class XII. Should have studied English and Maths / Accounts / Book Keeping in Class XII or Class X. Should have secured min 40% marks in each of these subjects, whether in Class XII or Class X.

  26. Jai hind sir Me rajasthan se hu! Me St category se hu aur Meri hight 163 ”he! Mere 10th me 47 % marks he aur 12th arts me 68%marks he english me 54%marks he me Indian army me join ho sakta hu! Please sir… Tell me.. Because I love Indian army !

    1. Hello Jitendra, according to your education, you are eligible. But since your height is 163cm so it is difficult to say that you are eligible or not. But still, you can give try. All the best!!!

  27. Hello sir, kya ye test objective hota h…give full detail

    1. Hello Karan, Yes, questions will be objective type.

  28. Thanks very much sir..for giving a powerful motivation.ab mai abi se apni army ki tyari kruga exam ki.. physical medical to clear kr dunga pura 1 year h mere paas..jai hind

  29. Sir Mera name kallaram hai me Rajasthan see hua mere 10th me mathematics me72 marks hai or English me 63 mark h and 12th me 82.80% hai arts ka student hua
    Sir aap btayege ki Kya me army clerk ke apply kr skta huu??????

    1. Yes, You can Apply for Clerk Exam.

  30. Sir I am arts student. Could I able to participate in this exam. Which level of mathematics questions will be asked 10th level or 12th level

    1. Hello Priyanshu,
      Yes, you can apply for Indian Army Clerk Exam. But, you should have secured the required percentage in 12th and 10th and you must have English and Maths in your High School.

  31. Sir Tell me a book. for prectice of army clerk.

    1. We have given the Best Books for Army Clerk in our website.

  32. Which subjects of NCERT should be useful for clerk in Indian army

  33. Hello sir/mam for army clerk the certificate of typing knowledge is necessary or anyone who don’t have certificate but he knows typing can apply?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Shambhuraje,
      No there is no need for typing certificate.

  34. Hlo sir I want to know that I got 82 percent in 10 I m from a village named gorai aligarh now I m in class 12 I want to know that I want to make lieutenant by skt line can I make?

    1. Hi Vivek,
      The store keeper technical trade of Indian Army is for JCO/ORs cadre only. If you want to be Lieutenant, you should go through the NDA and CDS exam. All the best!

  35. Sir mai army clerk ka form apply karne ke liye 12th mai Mark hai but 10th mai Bihar board she hu and English is only compulsory subject mark of English is not added in class 10th and I obtained mark in English less than50 but my percentage is 67..then what can I do

    1. Hi Amar,
      As per the Army clerk eligibility criteria, your score must be 50% in each subject and 60% for overall in class 12th and have English and Maths/Accounts/Book keeping subjects in class 12th or 10th with 50% marks in each. If you satisfy this criteria, then only you can apply.

  36. Hello sir/mam . My age is 21 years and I am studying in BA 1st year. Can i continue my studies while working in as army clerk?

    1. Hello Shambhuraje,
      You can continue your studies through distance education. You will get leave for exams. But it will be very hard to prepare and work together.

  37. Mam .. I want to know that … what about the graduation qualification criteria,???

    1. Hi Akash,
      If you are graduate then it is good but minimum criteria for Army Clerk/SKT is 12th pass.

  38. Hello sir/mam,
    Mere 12th mai 64% hai…English mai 80 marks and accountancy mai 64 marks hai but do subject mai 50 marks se kam hai…Mai army clerk ka exam bhar sakta hu. Aur maine graduation b kre se..Agr mai 12th k base se ni kr sakta hu toh graduation base se toh kr sakta hu apse yahi janna chahta hu… Plz help me bcz I love army …..It’s my passion…

    1. Hi Akash,
      If you fulfill the educational qualification criteria then only you can join Soldier Clerk and for that you should have studied and passed English and Maths/Accounts/Book-keeping in class 10th and 12th and secured minimum 50% marks in each of these subjects whether studied in 10th and 12th.

  39. Sir I am 157 cm height and weight of 38 can I get in to Indian army and I am studying 11th standard in TN .If I want to join in army after 12th I should apply to NDA? It is a big confusion sir. And this height is eligible?

    1. Hello Murali,
      first of all you are underweight as per your height. You must at least be 45 kg (if you are less than 17 years old) to be eligible to apply for NDA (Army). And if you want to join army as soldier, then you do not have the height and weight to become a soldier. So i will advice you to prepare for NDA and meanwhile work on your weight.

  40. Hi sir. Mera name Ravi kumar hai. Meri class 10th mein 75% or 12th mai 48.9% par math mai 34 number hai. Meri hight 5 feet hai kya mai clerk ki bharti dekh sakta hu. Please btayiye.

    1. Hi Ravi.
      As, per the eligibility criteria for the post of clerk you must have scored 60% aggregate and minimum 50% marks in each subject in 12th. But as you have mentioned you have only scored 48% so you are not eligible for this post.

  41. Hello mam. Mai Indian army join karna chahta hu clerk post mai. Mere 10th me 58% h but hr subject m mere 50% se upar hai. 12th me arts se 63% hai and hr subject m 60% se upar hai. Kya mai apply kr skta hu clerk k liye.

    1. Hi Jay.
      The eligibility criteria for clerk post is 10+2 / Intermediate Examination Pass in any stream (Arts, Commerce, Science) with 60% in aggregate and minimum 50% in each subject. Should have studied and passed English and Maths / Accounts / Book Keeping in Class X or class Xll with 50% marks in each subject. If you fulfill the above mentioned criteria then you can apply for this post.

  42. Mam it’s Vikash Sahu and i am a 12th student with PCM from MP board. I feel difficulties in NCERT books and topics please guide me for clearing clerk exam.

    1. Hello Vikash, NCERT books are indeed difficult and understand, this is why most of the CBSE students prefer external boooks like R.S.Agarwal etc. So, my advice would be to prefer such books instead of NCERT.

  43. Mam.. I want to ask that can we also give written exam in hindi medium??

    1. Hello Rahul,
      the questions the CEE of army are asked in English and Hindi as well. Since it’s MCQ, therefore you just have to choose and option.

  44. Sir mere nam Susanta. Mai army clerk post me jana chate hku. Mere 10th me 67% hai with math mai 64 and English mai 40 marks hai or sab subject me 60 cross hai. 10+2 me 82% hai arts ka student hu English me 67 hai or sab subject mai 80 cross hai. Sir mera English me 10th me 50 nahi hai but 10+2 me 50 se upr hai. Sir please bataiya me clerk post ke liya eligible hu kya. Sir please btaiye.

    1. Hi Susanta.
      As per the marks that you have mentioned you are eligible for clerk post.

  45. Sir /madam please tell me the best book to crack the army clerk exam. So, I get selected in army. I have only 5 months to prepare. And tell me some strategy to study in better way. And, I read in Hindi medium.
    So please help me.

    1. Hi Sudhanshu.
      As, you have mentioned that you are preparing for clerk post so study from Clerk Paper Set (Hindi) by SK Publication, Clerk SKT/GD Exam(Hindi) by SK publication and Clerk Kit Set of 7 Books also by SK Publication. These are some best books to prepare from and which easily available in the market. Now that you have 5 months so, you can easily cover all the syllabus. Make a timetable and follow it strictly. Regular study is must. While studying keep yourself focused. Once you complete the syllabus you can practice from previous year papers and sample papers. It will help you a lot. Practice as much as you can and you will be able to crack the exam.

  46. Sir, mere pass relation certificate hai. Mere 10th mai 48% aur English mai 47 marks aaye the. 12th pass maine arts se ki 66% aur hr subject mai 50% se upr hai. Graduation may 48% hai. Indian army clerk post main apply kr sakta hun?

    1. Hi Dinesh.
      As per the clerk eligibility criteria you must you must have studied English and Maths/Accounts/Book keeping in 10th or 12th and must have scored minimum 50% marks in each of these subjects. But as you have mentioned that you studied English in 10th class and scored only 47 marks so you don’t fulfill the eligibility criteria. Hence you are not eligible for clerk post.

  47. Mam will you tell me that what is the required documents for army clerk post & also tell me please that if in one subject I scored less then 50% but aggregate is 60% so I’ll be eligible or not. Please explain briefly.

    1. Hi Kishan.
      The documents that you require at the time of the rally is class 10th passing certificate, class 10th and 12th mark sheet. Graduation mark sheets and degree if applied on the basis of graduation. Character certificate (not older than 6 months) that should be signed by village sarpanch or some other equivalent or higher gazetted officer. Domicile or nativity certificate of the area that you are applying from. These are the mandatory documents that every candidate should have on the day of bharti.
      As per the eligibility criteria you must have 50% marks in each subject so, if you have not scored minimum 50 marks then you cannot apply for this post.

  48. Sir army clerk mai height kitni honi chahiye. Mere 10th mein 59% and 12th mai 58% hai. Kya Clerk ki taiyari kr skta hu. Please jldi reply krna.

    1. Hi Rahul.
      The education qualification criteria for the post of clerk is 10+2 / Intermediate Examination Pass in any stream (Arts, Commerce, Science). Should have secured 50% marks in each subject and 60% in aggregate in Class XII. Should have studied English and Maths / Accounts / Book Keeping in Class XII or Class X. Should have secured min 50% marks in each of these subject, whether in Class XII or Class X. As, you have mentioned that you have only scored 58% in 12th so, you are not eligible for this post. The physical standards like height, chest and weight for every post vary form region to region.

  49. Hello sir. Mere 12th me math nahi hai but hr subject me 50+h. Kya mai eligible hu clerk post ke liye?

    1. Hi Pradeep.
      If you didn’t had maths in 12th then your 10th class marks that you must have score in Maths will be considered and it is necessary that you must have scored minimum 50% marks and also in 12th you must have 60% aggregate only then you will be eligible for clerk post.

  50. Hello sir. I wan to know that do some tribes get relaxation on height? And please can you tell me maximum height required for army recruitment in Manipur.

    1. Hi Andrew.
      Yes, tribals of recognized tribal areas do get relaxation on physical standards. The height required for the post of clerk for candidates belonging from Manipur is 160 cm.

  51. Hi mam. Referring to your previous reply I have studied English in class 12 and have scored 50+ marks then also my 10th marks will be considered?

    1. Hi Pradeep.
      In that case your 12th marks will be considered and you must have scored minimum 50% marks in it then you are good go for clerk post.

  52. Hi sir. Mera 10 k final mai maths mai less marks hone k vajah se 11th mai business studies lena pada tha aur fir 12th ke final exam mai business studies mai 42 marks aaya lekin aur sb subect mai 50+ hai aur aggregate 70+ hai. Kya mai eligible hu army clerk k liye?

    1. Hi Pradeep.
      For the post of clerk you must have minimum 50% marks in each subject and 60% aggregate and in case you have not studied Maths and English in 12th then your 10th class marks of these subjects are considered. If you have scored at least 50% marks in Maths and English in 10th then you are eligible for this post.

  53. Sir my height is 5ft 2 inch. Can I apply for army clerk post? And I belong from a tribe. I also want to know which book is helpful to crack the written exam.

    1. Hi Lotjem.
      The physical standards like height, chest and weight vary from region to region. As, you have mentioned that you belong from some tribe so, there are chances that you will get relaxation on physical standards. In the above article we have mentioned the books from which you can prepare for clerk post.

  54. Hello sir. I want to know how can I get O+ certificate. Please explain.

    1. Hi Vikash.
      An O level certificate issued by institutions recognised by DOEACC means :NIELIT (formerly known as DOEACC) Means accredited center from DOEACC you get certificate DOEACC accredited center. In order to get any certificate under NIELIT Educational System, you have 2 options as a candidature either search a online study center, contact & enroll for fresh admission for any certificate as per you eligibility criteria & furthermore follow Institutional rules and regulations, they will charge you for your registration. You will have to study at your study center chooses by you. Examination fee will be collected by Institute and Examination & Practical (if any) Center would be allocated to you by NIELIT. After passing examination, Institute will download the certificate for you or as direct candidate.

      Just Visit Online Student Information and Enrollment System, NIELIT & Register yourself (Registration fee will have to be paid online via available methods.You will have to study at home like distance learning. You will need to pay examination fee online by available methods. Examination & Practical (if any) Center would be allocated to you by NIELIT and projects (if any) will have to be submitted directly to NIELIT. After passing examination, you have to download the certificate..

  55. Hi sir. Mere 12 mai 72.4% hai aur sare subjects mai 50+ marks hai but business studies mai sirf 46 marks hai aur ye ek optional subject tha. Kya mai eligible hu army clerk ke liye?

    1. Hi Prateek.
      As, you have mentioned that business studies was your optional subject then its marks will not be considered. But it is necessary that you must have studied English and Maths/Accounts/Book keeping in 10th or 12th and must have scored minimum 50% marks in each of these subject. According to your 12th percentage you are eligible for clerk post in Indian army.

  56. Hello sir. Aap bta skte hai ki NCC certificate ke kitne number milte hai clerk post mai?

    1. Hi Ramveer.
      If you have NCC ‘A’ certificate then 5 marks, for NCC ‘B’ certificate 10 marks and for NCC ‘C’ certificate 15 marks are given for the post of clerk in Indian army.

  57. Hello sir. Army clerk ka written test pass krne k liye kon si books padhni chaiye mujhe. Or kya ab physical test k marks mtlb race k bhi marks add hoge final merit mai.

    1. Hi Vivek.
      For best books to prepare from for the post of clerk just search for ‘Best Books For Indian Army To Prepare – All trades’ in the search box of our website and there you will find all the information. Yes, your Physical Fitness Test(PFT) marks which include 1.6 km race, pull ups, push ups etc as well as the written marks are added to the final merit list so, you have to perform good in both of these.

  58. Hello sir. I want to know kya girls army mein clerk ke liye apply kr skti hai? Please btao sir.

    1. Hi Neha.
      No, girls can cannot apply for clerk post in Indian army. Girls can join Indian army through CDS exam only. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year only for graduates who wants to join Indian army, Navy and Air Force as officers. Men and women both can apply for CDSE and the best part is about CDSE is that there is no percentage bar for it. While men can apply for Army (IMA and OTA) Navy (INA) and Air Force (AFA), women can only apply for Army (OTA). So, first you will have to complete your graduation and only then you can apply for this exam.

  59. Sir main B.Sc Kr raha hu. Mujhe army clerk main jana hai toh mujhe kon si books se study krna chahiye. Please help me.

    1. Hi Vikas.
      As, you have mentioned that you are pursuing B.Sc but keep in mind that for the post of clerk your 12th class percentage will be considered. You are only eligible for this post if you have scored 60% aggregate and minimum 50% marks in each subject in 12th class. For clerk post books like Clerk Paper Set(Hindi) by SK Publication, Clerk Kit Set of 7 books by SK Publication and Indian army Clerk SKT/GD(English) by SK Publication are good books to study from.

  60. Hello Sir. Muje army clerk mai jana hai, maine 12th complete kar rakhi hai with 65 percent aur mere father ex-service man hai. But unhone relation certificate mai mera dusra date of birth dala hai toh kya mai center wali bharti kar sakta hu?

    1. Hi Akash.
      As, you have mentioned you have relation certificate then you can get number of benefits like relaxation on physical standards(height, weight and chest) and bonus marks in the written exam. According to Indian army a variation of upto 366 days in date of birth recorded in the official records and the education certificate of the candidate may be taken as minor variation and candidate is considered as eligible for relaxation and bonus marks, if applicable. Any variation beyond 366 days is treated as major variation and candidate cannot enjoy any benefit in terms of physical relaxation / bonus marks. However, he can be processed as a general candidate in open rallies of Army Recruiting Office only.
      If you fulfill all the eligibility criteria for the post of clerk then you can apply for district bharti and open bharti rally.

  61. Hello sir. How can I apply for clerk post in army as I have registered myself on Indian army website. My father is an ex-servicemen men and I have completed class 12th with 89%. How to proceed further sir. Please explain.

    1. Hi Wasim.
      As, you have mentioned that you are facing some problems during online application form then just search for ‘Join Indian Army Online Registration Form Open Bharti 2017’ in the search box of our website and there we have mentioned all the steps that you need to follow in order to fill the application form.

  62. Sir maine kr rkha hai. Kya 10 or 12 me 60% hona jruri hai ya mai k bases pe army clerk ki bharti ke liye apply kr skta hu?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Manoj.
      Even if you are graduate your 12th class percentage will be considered for the post of soldier clerk in Indian army. To be eligible you must have 10+2 / Intermediate Examination Pass in any stream (Arts, Commerce, Science). Should have secured 50% marks in each subject and 60% in aggregate in Class XII. Should have studied English and Maths / Accounts / Book Keeping in Class XII or Class X. Should have secured min 50% marks in each of these subject, whether in Class XII or Class X.
      Only if you fulfill the above mentioned criteria you can apply for this post.

  63. Sir I have completed B.Com. Can I apply for education havaildar post?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Surender.
      The education qualification required for the post of education havildar is Group X – MA / MSc / MCA or BA / BSc / BCA / BSc (IT) with B Ed and Group Y – BSc/BA/BCA/B Sc (IT) (w/o B Ed.). According to your qualification you are not eligible for this post.

  64. Hello sir/madam. Main charkhi dadri haryana se Hun. Ab army clerk me physical se phle written test kr diya gya hai, toh ab physical me air force ki tarah definite time diya jayega ya rank ke hisab se select kiye jayenge.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Bhupender.
      At present it is not officially declared that the written exam will be conducted first. So, you have to be prepared for both, the written exam as well as for physical test. You might be aware that in the physical fitness test there is 1 mile run and Indian army has revised the timing for it, If you complete the run in 5 min 30 sec 60 marks will be given and if you take 5 min 31 sec to 5 min 45 sec 48 marks will be given. So, you have to complete the 1 mile run in fixed time.

  65. Sir if I choose another subject then maths in 11th and 12th class will I be able to apply for clerk?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vikas.
      Yes, maths you can apply for clerk even if didn’t had maths in 11th and 12th but you must have studied English and Maths/Accounts/Book keeping in 10th and must have scored minimum 50% in these subjects. And in 12th class(any stream) you have must have 60% aggregate and minimum 50% marks in each subject. Only when you will fulfill all the eligibility criteria you can apply for clerk post.

  66. Shashikant kumar

    Hii sir.may lndian army clerk me jana chahta hu.mera 10th me 63.4% &12th me 68.8% (bihar board )hai but 10th ke maths me 49 marks hi hai.To kya may Indian army clerk ke liye apply kar sakta hu? please reply sir.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shashikant.
      According to the eligibility criteria for the post of clerk you must have studied maths and English in 10th or 12th and must have scored minimum 50% in each of these subjects. If you fulfill this criteria you are eligible for the post of clerk.

  67. Hi sir..I have completed my graduation if I get into army can I go to ssb or other better posts than clerck ..As engineering student ,are there any chances to go as officer …..Plz give me reply sir …..!!

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Praveen, yes there are chances to get directly the officer rank in Indian army by appearing in the CDS exam.

  68. Sir I want to ask that army clerk aspirant’s can get 15 marks additional if you o’level diploma but I have pgdca so would I able to get additional mark?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sanjay.
      As, on the official website of Indian army it is written that only those candidates having o+ level certificate in computer are given extra 15 marks for the post of clerk so, in that case you will not get any extra marks for pgdca course.

  69. sir mai class 12th ( up board ) me bio se hu and high school ( up board ) me math h nd english subject dono class me h 82% nd 76% h to kya mai cleark ka exam de sakta hu

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Abhishek.
      You are only eligible for the post of soldier clerk if, you had scored 50% marks in maths in 10th class as, you didn’t had maths in 12th standard.

  70. Sir how can I apply to territorial army I completed graduation in bcom and I belong to Kolkata I can I apply and what is the procedure to apply sir please help me my age is 21 and what is age limit

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vivek.
      As, you have mentioned you have completed your graduation, you can apply for different post like Soldier GD, Clerk, Soldier Technical. Before applying make sure that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria for the post. All the post have different eligibility criteria. Keep yourself updated about the rallies and bharti in your district and state then you can apply online. The maximum age limit vary from post to post.

  71. Hello sir,clerk ka each question 4 marks ka hota hai galat hone par kitne negative marks honge plz rply

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Paras.
      The negative marking in the written examination for the post of clerk is 0.25

  72. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am from kolhapur Maharashtra now recruitment open for territorial army in kolhapur battalion
    I passed 12th from vocational MCVC I can Eligible for post clerk????? in territorial army?? my age 21yrs and 6 months
    what is territorial army???? and what is physical & education eligibility criteria for territorial army
    Please guide me

    Thanking You…………..

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Kiran.
      Sorry to say but at present you are not eligible to apply in territorial army. Complete your graduation first, then you can join territorial army.

  73. Sr army Clark ki hight kitni honi chahiye.
    10th 59%12th 80 % hai kya Clark ki taiyari kr skta hu.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rohit.
      Based upon your marks, you are eligible to apply for the post of Soldier Clerk in Indian Army, but the physical standards varies according to the regions. So, to check the physical standards for Indian Army Clerical Recruitment, you can follow the link ‘Indian Army Soldier Clerk/SKT Eligibility And Selection Procedure’, provided in one of the above comment.

  74. sir meri graduation complete ho gyi h tokya mere 10 or 12 me sab subject 50percent jruri h army clerk

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Jeevraj.
      Yes your 10th and 12th marks will be taken into consideration, while you will be filling your form.

  75. Sir ham army clerk me jana chahta hu mera 10th me 50% & 12th me 53.4%hai lekin maths me 38 no hai kya mai army clerk me ja sakte hai plese bataea sir

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Bikas.
      We regret to say, but you cannot apply for the post, as according to the criteria, you must have scored 40% marks in every subject in both your 10th and 12th.

  76. Hi sir I want to became cleark in Indian army can u tell me which book is better for it and 1st to last what is the selection criteria

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Shivam.
      You can use NER of SK Publication for the preparation. And for selection procedure you can see the full article, we are providing the link:
      Indian Army Soldier Clerk/SKT Eligibility And Selection Procedure

  77. sir muje Indian army clerk test k liye konse book prni chaiye ??

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rohit.
      You can do your preparations from NER of SK Publications. This book will surely help you out with the preparations.

  78. sir,ACC apply karne ki age limit kitni hai 26 or 27 ?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Manoj.
      You can apply for ACC in indian army till the age of 27 years.

  79. Sir according to new education qualification for soldier clerk is 50% marks in each subject and 60% marks aggregate in class xii. Sir I have secured 57.2% in class xii. I have releation certificate. Am I eligible for soldier clerk?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Abhinash.
      Yes you may apply for the clerical post in Indian Army, but make sure that you have scored at least 40% marks in each subject and 50% aggregate in both class 10th and 10+2.

  80. Sir, I want to know that girls can apply in Army ???
    And what are the ways to apply .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Pratibha. Its good to see girls taking interest in Armed forces. You must appear in the CDS exam once you will be done with your graduation. Clearing the exam will directly recruit you onto the officer rank.

  81. pankaj singh bagdwal

    bonus mark in indian army details

    1. Hello Pankaj,
      Following are the details about extra marks :

      Relation certificate = 20 marks

      Sports = 20 marks

      NCC ‘A’ = 5 marks, ‘B’ = 10 marks, ‘C’ = 15 marks.

      O+ level = 15 marks.

  82. Sir jaise clerk mein ek question 4 no. Ka hai to ek galat hone pr kitna no.katega? Sir merit list kitne tak jai hai. . .minimum no. Kitne chahiye final merit list mein aane ke liye? Plz reply

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Anku. In the soldier clerk written exam, there will be a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.

  83. Sir,NCERT ka full form kya hai?

    1. Hello S MOHAMMED RAFI,
      the full form of NCERT is National Council of Educational Research and Training.

  84. Sir please give me some advice about India army’s clerk exam.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Osman. Hwever, i am not getting that which kind of advice you are expecting but still, i would like to suggest you that start studying from the day, you have filled the application form. Stick on to the NCERT books. They are really very helpful to crack the soldier clerk exam.

      Also, do focus on physical and medical criteria, especially running.

  85. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

    Hi BS Jindher. For the preparation of Army Clerk, i always recommend Arihant and S.K. Publications. You can buy them online by clicking on the links provided below.

    Indian Army Clerks Practice Paper Set Hindi Medium
    Indian Army Clerks SKT/GD Exam Hindi
    Indian Army Clerks Kit Set of 7 Books

  86. Sir my name is harish, my Indian army clerk exam in February 26, how many members write this clerk exam and how many vacancies are there sir please tell sir?

    1. Hey Harish, as mentioned in the above article, the written exam will be of 200 marks and you will need to score a least 80 marks to pass this test.

  87. Yes Rabjeet, if you have any kind of disease, then you will be disqualified in the medical round. Please read the article “soldier clerk eligibility criteria and selection process” for more details.

  88. Superb article!

    1. Hey Vicky, glad to know that you like this article. Feel free to comment again if you have any query regarding army, we will be glad to response.

  89. Sir,muze indian army banana hai taki mai desh ki seva kar saku muze krapya margdarshan kijiye.aur ye bhi batado ki uske jo form hai konse month mai nikalte hai

    1. Hey Gajanan, please see the article “upcoming army recruitment“. In this article you will get the list of all the upcoming army bharti.

  90. Sir Indian army clerk ka syllabus kya hai?

    1. Hey Pradeep, the syllabus is given in the article, please check carefully. ALso, there is a link of a pdf file in which complete information of syllabus and papers pattern of clerk is given, you can download it.

  91. sir, army clerk ki merit list her district ya state ki alag alag banti hai kya?
    or merit list physical test and written test k marks ko add kar ke bnaya jata hai kya?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hey Shubham, the final merit list for clerk is made on the basis of written exam. Candidates need to just qualify in PFT. Also, the merit list for different recruitment is different. Hope this answer cleared your doubts. Feel free ask again if you still has any doubts.

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