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In this article, you will find the best books for Indian Army written test for the trades GD, Clerk, Havildar, Technical, and Nursing Assistance.

After you have cleared the initial tests like running and medical, you have to pass the common entrance exam conducted on 4th Sundays of each month, excluding the month March, June, September, and December. One must pass this written exam in order to get selected in Indian army.

There are different syllabus and criteria for different trades of Indian army in CEE, and if you’re well aware of the syllabus of the trade for which you are going to join the Indian Army, then you can practice the individual sections from different books, e.g you can prepare G.K from one book, and Mathematics from another.

But, why to struggle around with different books? when I have already collected the best book options for your preparations to join the Indian Army. Below is the complete list of best books which are available online and categorized according to the trades, there is a button with each of the book given below, by clicking the button you can order the book to your doors.

# Books For Indian Army GD (Soldier General Duty)

Soldier GD is most opted trade among the youth who joins Indian army, though the written exam of GD is not so difficult to crack, but one must be fully prepared as the competition is never easy. So, below is the collection of best books for Soldier GD (Sainik) in both Hindi and English.

1. Indian Army Soldier GD book (English)

Indian Army Soldier GD book EnglishIndian Army Soldier GD is one of the best books for the preparation of Soldier GD written exam comprises of important questions, their answers and most of all, well-versed and lucid explanations of each topic. Complete and accurate description of every topic in such an easy language make this book worth a buy.

Best Book For Indian Army GD English

The Indian Army Soldier GD book is in the form of PDF having explanations of every topic along with important questions. Now, you don’t need to seek different books for different subjects as the package include different sections for General Science, General Knowledge and Maths, covering the whole syllabus in depth.

2. Indian Army NER Soldier GD Exam (Hindi)

Indian-Army-NER-Soldier-GD-Exam-HindiBooks by Ram Singh Yadav are well known and best books ever written for Army and other government fields, if you are preparing for Indian army GD in Hindi then you must opt for this book.This book has important content as required in the written exam.

Also, this book has solved previous question papers which really helps a lot while preparing.

You can find this book easily in your nearby bookstore, but why to invest time in purchasing the books when you can order this book to your door steps. This is an error free book and has well-explained answers and topics, if we compare the content of this book with the cost decided (which is around Rs. 120) then surely it is worth to buy this book.

The paper quality is not too good, but as per the cost of the book the quality doesn’t matter, and buying from this book is worth of money.

3. NER Soldier GD Practice Set (Hindi)

Indian Army NER Soldier GD Practice Set HindiMost of the candidates do not prefer to study the whole syllabus, and they just practice out the previous question papers, and for such candidates, Shri Krishna (SK) publication has published the practice set papers in Hindi.

This Book is not too great to prepare with, this book is useful for those students who already know the whole syllabus.

The papers quality is quite gloomy, don’t really motivate you to buy the book, but if you want to cover the whole syllabus in a snap, then this book will support you well.

If you already have some grip over the syllabus, then this books is surely worth investing money.

4. NER Soldier GD Kit English Medium

Indian Army NER Soldier GD Kit English Medium Set of 5 BooksThis is a combo of five books, so one thing is sure, that if you really buy this kit, and practice from it religiously, then there is no stopping you. Again, this whole combo is an SK publication offering.

This kit is for those of you who do not want to leave any stone unturned. Like already said, the combo involves five books, and all of them are in English.

So, if you find it difficult to study in English, then I would not recommend this books for you, else, it is worth investing money. This is a combo of five books, so one thing is sure, that if you really buy this kit, and practice from it religiously, then there is no stopping you. Again, this whole combo is an SK publication offering. This kit is for those of you who do not want to leave any stone unturned.

Like already said, the combo involves five books, and all of them are in English. So, if you find it difficult to study in English, then I would not recommend this books for you, else, it is worth investing money.

This combo includes 2 books for general practice, 1 book is totally dedicated to GK, 1 books for just maths, and 1 book for just Science. So, this kit allows you to prepare each and every part of the syllabus in depth.

5. NER Soldier GD Paper Set English Medium

Indian Army NER Soldier GD Paper Set English MediumThis is another book offered by SK publication. If you are looking for a book that would give you description about topics along with practice papers and sample papers, then I will suggest you to put your money on this book.

This book is perfect for those who do not wish to go in depth of topics but want to keep their preparation enough to get through written exam or CCE.

In other words, you can say that this book gives you the quick view of the whole syllabus, plus you get to practice the questions that may come in the exam.

Overall this book is convenient to all those who do not want to invest much time in studying.

6. Soldier General Duty (NER) Exam

Indian Army Soldier General Duty (NER) ExamThis book is the collection of Arihant Publication, and it is one of the renowned publications in the field of education. The quality of paper is good, and the size of the books is also very compact.

The content of this book is well managed and divided for the convenience of reading. The book is divided into 4 parts namely: General Knowledge, Mathematical aptitude, computer awareness and 5 practice sets. Each part is worth studying.

The first 3 parts cover the syllabus of soldier GD, and the last part is to test the knowledge gained from the previous 3 parts i.e practice papers. There are sub-division of each part, like, General knowledge has sub-division of History, Geography etc. and the end of every sub-division, there are practice questions. This book is totally worth buying.

7. Soldier SKT/GD Kit (English)

Indian Army Clerks SKT GD Kit English Medium Set of 7 BooksOf all the books mentioned above, this combination of books is the best if you ask me. Unlike other books that are described above, this book is not just focused to soldier GD, instead, you can also prepare for soldier clerk using it.

Just because it covers two trades does not mean that there will be unnecessary content in it.

There is a separate book for each part of the syllabus i.e separate book for science, maths, and GK. Also, there is a completely separate book that holds lots of practice papers for both soldier Gd and soldier clerk/SKT.

I will definitely suggest this book to those candidates who are dedicated and serious about getting recruited in Indian army.

# Books for Soldier Clerk/SKT (Store Keeper Technical)

The soldier clerk/store keeper technical/Inventory management are required in order to maintain the documentations of personnel, bookkeeping, and other routine correspondence. Therefore, the candidates applying for clerk post needs to have good knowledge of maths and English.

1. Clerk Paper Set (Hindi)

Indian Army Clerks Paper Set HindiFor candidates having a problem in English, this book can be really very helpful. The content in this book is not very vast but up to the point. Nothing unnecessary is included, and the pattern of practice paper are strictly according to the army CEE.

The book is from SK publication, which makes it totally trustworthy, as it is the famous publication in the defense sector.

All the topics involved in the syllabus of soldier clerk  are well covered and perfectly presented.

Learning English in English is a challenging thing to do, but this book overcomes this drawback. Things are explained in Hindi, making it easier for the readers to understand. So, we can say that this is a decent book to buy.

2. Clerks SKT/GD Exam (Hindi)

Indian Army Clerks SKT GD Exam HindiThis book is another offering by SK publication. The content in this book is in Hindi, so you will have no language issues. Unlike other books of this publication, this book is more focused on the syllabus of the exam of the clerk, rather than just practice papers.

The content in the book are presented in a systematic way, so it become easy for readers to learn.

The whole syllabus is covered nicely, they have tried to bring every possible topic that may come in exam.

For aspirants who want a book in Hindi that covers the whole syllabus, this book is perfect.

3. Clerk Kit Set Of 7 books

Indian Army Clerks Kit Set of 7 Books7 books may look too much to study, but these books are the measure of your willingness to get recruited in Indian army. If you are ready to give what it takes, then I will definitely recommend this set of book for you to buy.

All the books in the set are in Hindi, therefore, if you have trouble in English, then this set is a relief for you.

Each and every part of the syllabus is separately divided into books like, there is a separate book for computer, general English, general knowledge, maths, and science. And not to mention a completely different book for practice papers.

If you are willing to buy this book, then you don’t need to bother to check other books, as this set will cover almost every book. So, if I was you, I would definitely put my money on this set.

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4. Clerk English Medium

Indian Army Clerks SKT GD Kit English Medium Set of 7 BooksAs you may know that for army soldier clerk, there is a separate exam for English subject. This is because the record keeping and other stuff will be in English, which is the main job of a clerk/SKT in the army.

So, it’s better to study and learn things in English, and this book covers the syllabus of clerk in English. Also, the information given in this books is accurate and updated.

For those who want to get hold of complete syllabus of clerk in English, for them, this book is totally worth buying.

5. Clerk Paper Set English Medium

Indian Army Clerks Paper Set English MediumJust reading the syllabus is not enough, the real challenge is to store the information you learned in your mind. One need to test the knowledge from time to time, and that is what this book is for.

The practice paper given in this book will test and prepare you for the written exam. This book is totally dedicated to practice papers that will make you strong and completely confident to face the written test.

The questions are asked strictly according to the format. Also, special focus is given to those questions that have more chances of coming in the exam. So, this book is perfect to test what you have learned.

# Books for Havildar

Havildar is the post that one can directly apply for under JCO/OR ranks. But the recruitment for this post is done only for some certain fields, like Havildar Major Technical, Education Havildar etc. The written exam for this post is quite tough, therefore, the applicants need to be on tops of their preparations to crack this exam. There is just one thing that we can do for you, that is, show you the best books to prepare from. So, following are the books that you should consider to buy, if preparing for havildar post.

1. HMT Havildar Major Technical Exam English Medium

Indian Army HMT Havildar Major Technical Exam English Medium

If you are applying for Havildar Major Technical (HMT), then I will recommend this book for you. The content of the book is in English and is offered by SK Publication.

Like all the books, this book too covers the whole syllabus of Army Havildar. For any book to be successful, needs useful and point to point content, and this is where the SK publication wins from others.

The content covered in this book is up to the point, neither it lacks any important content, nor is it overloaded with extra. So, overall we can say that this book is a good choice to prepare for HMT.

2. HMT Havildar Major Technical Hindi Medium

Indian Army H.M.T. Havildar Major Technical Hindi MediumThis book is same as the above one, the only difference is language. The content of this book is in Hindi, so it will solve your language issues. Like mentioned above this book covers the whole syllabus of Havildar Major Technical (HMT) in Hindi.

This book is useful in every aspect, as not only it covers the whole syllabus, but also provides challenging practice papers that will test your knowledge.

SK is very well known publication, so you can place your faith in this book.

The written exam for HMT is always tough, and that is why you should be very careful while choosing the study material, as it can affect your preparations in a great way.

# Books For Soldier Technical

People are always confused that what kind of work is involved in the technical field of the army. Here is a satisfying answer. In the army, there are high-tech weapons, equipment, vehicles etc. which require people with technical knowledge to operate them, and this calls for soldier technical. The exam of soldier technical is quite tough as compared to other exams, therefore, proper preparation is necessary.

1. MER Soldier Technical Recruitment Exam

Indian Army MER Soldier Technical Recruitment ExamThis book is the product of Arihant publication, which is one of the most entrusted brands in print media. According to the name given in the book, the author himself is a former Major, which is a plus point for the book.

The paper quality of the book is very good, and the content is well represented.

It covers all the syllabus of every particular subject namely: General Knowledge, Arithmetic, and science (physics, chemistry, computer).

Also, the set of 5 practice papers will help you to prepare yourself for the written exam in the best way. According to me, you can trust this book for your preparations.

2. MER Technical English Medium

Indian Army MER Technical English MediumAspirants who prepare for soldier technical are from the science background, which makes it easier for them to understand things, and that is why they do not need to go in very depth of any topics. For them, even the general description about the topic will do.

If you want the general view of topics, then this book will suit you well.

This book from SK publication includes the entire syllabus of army technical in fewer pages.

Topics are not illustrated too deep, as it will be time-consuming and overhead for readers. So, for a quick study, this book is ideal.

3. MER Technical Paper Set English Medium

Indian Army MER Technical Paper Set English MediumReading the whole syllabus is a different thing while learning the syllabus is totally a different thing. You can not say that you have learned something just by reading it. Therefore, you have to make sure that you don’t just read things, but learn them as well.

One way to test your knowledge is practicing the test paper, and this is exactly what this book is for.

You will get numerous practice paper through which you can test you knowledge, and take appropriate measures to improves your weaknesses. This book will definitely prove it’s worth if bought.

4. MER Technical Hindi

Indian Army MER Technical HindiHindi is our mother language, but due to the frequent use of English in every field, even most of the books available in the market are in English. This reduces the options for Hindi, making it difficult to get a good book to prepare from.

But, this book will get you out of this dilemma. All the content in this book is in Hindi, but the best part is the content itself.

The whole syllabus is covered and the topics are beautifully explained, and well represented. The test papers are also given in order to make your exam preparations even better.  So, this book is perfect for those who want to prepare for the technical exam in Hindi.

5. MER Technical Paper Set Hindi

Indian Army MER Technical Paper Set HindiIf you have prepared the syllabus of soldier technical, and have completed all your topics, then this books is worth purchasing for you. As you can see the name, the book is in Hindi and contains several paper sets,

These papers set will prepare you well for the written exam. Though the main focus in this book is on the paper sets, but it does not leave the reading content.

Along with challenging practice papers, the relevant content regarding the syllabus is also given in this book. So, this book is totally worth buying if your focus is more on practicing rather than learning.

6. MER Sainik Technical (Takniki) Bharti Pariksha

Bhartiya Thal Sena MER Sainik Technical (Takniki) Bharti ParikshaArihant is a well-known publication, but most of its books are in English. This is quite troubling for those who face problems in understanding English. But this book from Arihant in Hindi will definitely make it easy for such people.

Arihant is known for its quality in content, and attractive way of representing it.

This book covers all the main subjects of army technical like science, maths, computer, general knowledge along with 5 practice papers. what else do one need from a book! This concludes that this book is worth placing money on.

# Books For Tradesman

Indian Army is a self-contained organization, and as you may know, that army works in different Units. Each unit contains personnel numbering from 600 to 1000, and each unit needs soldier tradesman in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the unit. Following are the main posts for which people are hired as tradesman:- Chef, Hair Dresser, Store Hand, Animal Store Holders, Ferrier, Pioneers, Postal, Steward, Artisan (wood, Painter, Tailor, Metallurgy, Musician), Equipment Repairer, Kennel Man, Washer Man, Mess Keeper, House Keeper.

No matter for which post you prepare, you will need a good book for it. So, below are the books for soldier tradesman.

1. Tradesman soldier English Medium

Indian Army Trademan Soldier English Medium“A right book is a milestone of your career” these are the lines written at the back of this book. And these lines are indeed true, a book can completely change the course of life. And that is why you need to be very careful while choosing a book to prepare for any exam.

This book includes all the important questions that can come in the written exam.

There are three main parts of the book, practice set, Mathematics (arithmetic & mensuration, algebra, trigonometry & geometry), general knowledge, and general science.

All the important questions and topics from the above-mentioned subjects are covered in this book. It is ideal for those who want to cover the whole syllabus in a short period of time.

# Books For Nursing Assistance

Indian army is well known for it’s medical facilities and military hospitals, and it takes lots of professional doctors and nursing assistant to maintain the high standards of army hospital. There are army hospitals in almost every part of the country, as there are army areas in every part of the country. Therefore, there is always a great requirement for nursing assistant in army. With proper practice and good books, you can easily get recruited for Nursing assistant in the army.

1. Objective Type Questions & Answers book

Indian Army Military Nursing Service Exam Objective Type Questions & Answers BooksThe nursing assistant exam is considered as the toughest of all the trades exams, and it requires a great deal of practice to crack it. This book will make sure that you get more than enough practice to prepare. It is a product  of sura college of competition publication.

Following are the key points of the book: staff nurse subject, expected questions and answers, general awareness, general intelligence (reasoning) etc.

The book provides multiple choice questions for all the subject mentioned, so you do not miss a thing when it comes to covering syllabus. This book is a very decent choice for preparing from beginning till end.

2. Paper Set English Medium

Indian Army MER Nursing Assitant Paper Set English MediumHardships make a person strong, this theory fits perfectly right for competitive and entrance exams. Looks like SK publication took this seriously, that is why they introduced this book. You get to practice question of every kind, from basic difficulty level to mind boggling questions. And this is the specialty of this book.

These tough questions with proper solutions, adds to your knowledge.

Not just the questions, but explanations are also illustrated very well. you will definitely crack the exam with flying colors if you buy this book and prepare it with your soul and heart.

3. Nursing Assistant Recruitment Exam

Indian Army MER Soldier Nursing Assistant Recruitment ExamThis book can be divided into 7 parts, General Knowledge, Mathematical Aptitude, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Awareness and Practice Sets. Furthermore, each of the part is subdivided into many chapters to help you prepare for exam in a much better way.

The general knowledge part of the book covers almost all of the important topics.

Also, there are the different type of practice questions like objective, descriptive, and very short type questions. Likewise, the maths part of the book covers the important topics like number system and  simplification, average ratio and proportion percentage etc. The physics section includes topics like magnetism, measurement etc.

The list is long, you will see the usefulness of this book once you see it by yourself. Not only it will help you to clear the basics, but will also help you to be prepared for the written exam through the practice papers that it offers.

4. Soldier Nursing Assistant Entrance Exam Guide

MER Indian Army - Soldier Nursing Assistant Entrance Exam GuideIf you are not familiar with English and find it uncomfortable to study from English books for nursing assistant, then this book might be of great help to you. It includes crucial subjects of the nursing assistant like biology, chemistry, maths, and of course general knowledge.

Model papers are also included in the book, so as to make your preparations better.

Only those topics that have the maximum chances of coming in the exam are given. So, if the time is less, and still you want to prepare all the important topics, this book will definitely help you.

5. MER Nursing Assistant Hindi

Indian Army MER Nursing Assistant HindiAgain this book is from SK publication, and the author of the book is Ram Singh Yadav, and  the content of this book is in Hindi. As you may have noticed that, this book and the above-mentioned book are quite same. Both the books are from same publication and author, and both of them are in Hindi.

There is a lot of difference between the content, but price is the main difference.

This book is much more economic as compared to the above one. So, if you want a low budget book that covers the whole syllabus, then this book is good for you.

6. MER Nursing Assistant Papers Set Hindi

Indian Army MER Nursing Assistant Paper Set HindiBased on previous years papers, this book has lots of practice paper set for Nursing assistant. If you have covered all the syllabus, and have got a good grip on topics, then it is time for you to test your knowledge. And how will you do that? simple, by practicing the questions that this book has to offer.
Like you can see in the name of the book, the content in the book is in Hindi. This book is perfect for those who want to practice more and more question. Your investment will pay you well if you invest in this book.

So these are the books that you can consider to buy and practice from or any trade of Indian army. Each and every book mentioned in this article is good if you really want to practice, and if you don’t want to put your efforts, then there is no book in the world that can help you.

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Hope this article was helpful for you. Please let us know your quarries via the comment box.

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  1. sir I have a dout that is can I change trade GD to NA after selected in GD

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, there is provision to change trades. But, you need to satisfy the eligibility criteria and others.

  2. sir, hum army NA ke exam paper ki prepration k liye book kasse parchase kere?

    1. Hello Rahul,
      These books are available in almost every book store, you can look for them in your local book store. Or you can get them online form different online stores.

  3. Sir mujhe army nursing assistant ki Physics ‘ Biology or. Chemistry mein kya kya Pucha jata hai.

  4. Air, SOK Publication MER ki book mein physics nhi di hai only PCB, gk and maths di, hai toh kya physics nhi ayige kya?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You didn’t mention the trade. So, You need to check the official syllabus of different trades of the Indian army.

  5. sir 10 mein English 48 %h but 12 mein 80 % kya m clerk apply kr skta hu

    1. Yes, you can apply for clerk Army, but you should check the detailed information related to Army clerk eligibility.

  6. Kitna question galat karne par ek question ka mark katega nursing assistant me

    1. Hello Manish, there is negative marking of 0.25 i.e., 1 question mark will be deducted in 4 wrong answers.

  7. Sir mene 12th. 70% se paas ki hai. Mein clerk ke liye apply karna chahta hu Lekin mein CBSE board se hu jismein 6 subject hai mere paas. %mein top 5 ke judte hai mere maths mein 43 hai jo ki 6th subject hai. To Kya mein eligible hu clerk ke liye.

    1. NO, you are not eligible for army clerk, you have to score more than 50% but still, you can try or you can apply for army GD.

  8. Sir kya aap mujhe bta skte hain ki gd ke liye kon si book better rahegi or sallabus kya rhega

    1. Hello Dheeraj, for Indian army GD syllabus please read this article in this given link . Also there you can find helpful sample papers for Indian army GD.

  9. Amit Kumar bishoyi

    Jay hind…sir…Maine abhi running or medical test already pass kar chuka huin…so Maine konsa book or kaise prepare karena h jara app batenge toh a6a hota….Maine nursing assistant maine clear hoon…

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Amit,
      To know about the important books, please read the above article.

  10. Sir, what is the selection process for the post of education havildar and also tell me the best book for cracking the edu. Havildar exam

  11. Hello sir meri eyes ka .5 number kya sir me army technical ke medical me pass ho or sir me apni eyes ke number ko kaise kam kar sakta hu or sir army technical ka written exam tough hota hai ya simple. Or sir me army ki running kaise pass kar sakta hu or. Sir me medical me kya kya precaution le sakte hai

  12. Hi sir me Indian army clerk me running time kitna hota hai? kya aap Bata sakte ho?

  13. Good morning sir..
    I am Amar jit yadav . Now i want to go in nurssing assistent so sir u tell me best preparation book
    (my age is 21 year)

  14. hello sir me dhaval patel hu, me abhi bsc agriculture kar raha hu, kya me after bsc agriculture army joint kar sakta hu? yes – to konsi post me muje apply karna hoga sir?

    1. Hi Dhaval,
      You should read our article “Indian Army”, their you will find every information on Army. You need to write article name in search box of our website.

  15. Gund Ananda Motiram

    Sir I want to buy a MER nursing assistant book immediately.please tell me procedure to buy it.

    1. Hi Gund Ananda,
      You can purchase this book online from Amazon.

  16. Sir, may i know that which book is perfect for nursing assistant, MER or simple nursing assistant?

    1. Hello Ashish,
      MER is better choice when it comes to preparing.

  17. Hello sir, Sir meri Age 18 Year hai mere 12th me 72 precent hai aur all sub. Me 50 marks Se uper hai but sir mere 10th only 55 precent hi bn pai hai aur English sub. Me 10th me only 35 marks hai but sir Maine 12th me hard study kiya aur fir 12th me 81 marks hai kya sir main solder Clerk me apply kr sakta hu.

    1. Hello Narendra,
      If you have scored more than 50% marks in English and maths in class 12th, then your 10th marks will not be considered, and you are eligible to apply for clerk.

  18. Sir I am rishika. And I am in class 10th. I don’t have the NCC certificate so, I want to know if am I still eligible for Indian army?

    1. Hi Rishika.
      First of all let me tell you that it is not necessary to have NCC certificate to join Indian army. Nexxt thing is that girls can only join army through CDS exam which is conducted by UPSC twice a year only for graduates who wants to become an officer in Indian armed forces. As, you have mentioned that at present you are in 10th so I would recommend you to just focus on your studies at present and later on when you complete your graduation you can prepare for CDS exam.

  19. Hi mam. I am 12th pass and I have NCC ‘B’ certificate. Mera DOB 31-07-1995 hai kya me General Duty ke liye apply kr sakta hu?

    1. Hi Pronab.
      The age limit criteria for the post of GD is 17 and half to 21 years. And according to your DOB that you have mentioned you have crossed the age limit criteria so you are eligible for this post.

  20. Hello sir. I’m Harshit. I need to know that you have mention the book for HAVILDAR MAJOR TECHNICAL but havn’t mention the book for havildar education for science stream. Is for both post the book is same?
    Do reply.

    1. Hi Harshit.
      The books for Education havildar and havildar major technical are different. For the preparation for education havildar for science stream you can study from Indian Army Education Core AEC Science Group English Medium by Ram Singh Yadav and Indian Army Education Core AEC Science Hindi Medium Ram Singh Yadav. Both of these books are available in market.

  21. Hello sir. I’m bihar board student. I got 60% marks in 12th standard but physics in 48 marks and math 67 and Eng 67 marks Hindi 50, Chemistry 66. Total 298 but bihar board adding 2marks =300(60%) marks and I got 76.2% marks in 10th standard math 96 or English 74 marks or other subject above 70 marks. Am I eligible for clerk post please reply sir.

    1. Hi.
      As per the clerk eligibility criteria you must have minimum 50% marks in each subject and 60% aggregate in 12th. But as you have mentioned you have only score 48 marks in Physics so, sorry to say but you are not eligible for this post.

  22. Hello sir. Mujh jaan na hai ki army nursing assistance exam main English aati h ya nhi. Please reply.

    1. Hi Naresh.
      The written exam for the post of nursing assistant consist of total 50 questions of GK, Maths, Chemistry and Biology. So, there is no English section. The paper is of 100 marks and there is 0.5 marks of negative marking.

  23. Hi. Sir nursing assistant ke liye sabse acchi book konsi hai. Please tell me.

    1. Hi Shubham.
      In the above article we have mentioned the list of all the best books for all the different trade from which you can prepare. Go through with the article we hope it will be helpful for you.

  24. Hello sir. Army clerk ke kon si book achi rhegi sir please. Hindi medium or English medium dono ki btao please.

    1. Hi Amit.
      In the above article we have mentioned names of all the books(both Hindi and English) for the preparation of soldier clerk post. Just go through with the article, we are sure you will find all the information that you have been looking for.

  25. Sir sol technical ka written exam ka syllabus bta diye please.

    1. Hi Ganesh.
      If you are looking for soldier technical syllabus then just search for ‘Soldier Technical Syllabus, Paper Pattern And Books’ in the search box of our website and you will find all the information there.

  26. chetan singh jalal

    Sir education halvdar post ki selection process kya hai? Aur education qualification kya honi chahiye? Please reply sir.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Chetan.
      The education qualification required for the post of education havildar is for Group X – MA / MSc / MCA or BA / BSc / BCA / BSc (IT) with B Ed. And for Group Y – BSc/BA/BCA/B Sc (IT) (w/o B Ed.). The selection process is same as it is for other post in Indian army. You will have to apply online when Indian army releases the notification regarding education havildar bahrti. After that you will have give PFT(Physical Fitness Test), the second round is medical test and finally the written exam. Once you have qualified all the rounds you will get selected for the final merit list.

  27. chetan singh jalal

    Hello sir. Indian army Tradesman post mai NCC ‘C’ certificate walo ko written dena hoga ya nhi?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Chetan.
      If you have the NCC ‘C’ certificate then you are exempted from the written exam for the post of tradesman.

  28. Jai hind sir.
    Maine tradesman me apply kiya hai. Toh ab muje written exam ke preparation ke liye konsi book leni chahiye?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sufiyan..
      In the above post we have mentioned all the books which are really good to study from, for the written exam of different post. You can do preparation from NER of SK Publication. This book will help you a lot for sure.

  29. chetan singh jalal

    Hello sir jaise sir meri intermediate mai English mai 37 marks hai and 53% to mai Technical post bhar skta hu kya? Jaise nursing mai each subject mai 40 marks hone chahiye but agar b.SC bontey ya zoology se h to intermediate ki value nhi mani jati to Technical m bhi yhi h kya, bsc agr Maths and Physics se h to intermediate ke number nhi dekhe jayge plzz reply me.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Chetan.
      No, the nursing assistant and soldier technical post both have different education qualification criteria. For soldier technical you must have intermediate Exam pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% marks in each subject. No education relaxation is given in this category. And for Sol Tech (Aviation & Ammunition Examiner) the education qualification required is 10 +2 / Intermediate exam pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% marks in each subject. OR Three years Diploma in Engg (Mechanical /Electrical/ Automobiles/ Computer Science Mechanical Engg and Electronic & Instrumentation Engg) from a recognized Polytechnic Institute( No Education relaxation for this category is existing presently).

  30. Sir mere English mai 42 marks or biology mai 88 marks h. Sir kya mai nursing assistant k liye apply kr skta hu? plz sir reply.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ravindra.
      The eligibility criteria for the post of nursing assistant is 50% aggregate and 40% marks in each subject(PCB and English) in 12th. As, you have not mentioned your total percentage so, make sure you fulfill all the criteria before you apply for this post.

  31. Sir I am studying in final yr civil engineering and I applied for ssc technical and my call letter also came so, plz tell which book should I prefer for my interview and give me some tips to crack it.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sanjib.
      First of all congratulations that you have received your call letter. You need to start preparing for SSB because it is something where one needs to reveal their true set of personality and the qualities that the assessors are looking for. During the interview be confident. Never try to imitate someone rather just be yourself. You must work hard and books like ‘Cracking SSB Code by Arihant and ‘SSB Interview by Upkar Publications’ will surely help you to prepare for the SSB in the best way.

  32. Hello sir I am praveen kumar
    Sir mujhe Indian army soilder GD ki book chahiye thi aap kuch help kar sakte hai.
    Please help me Sir

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Praveen. Before choosing a good book for Soldier Army GD, you need to keep some basic points in your mind. The first, it must have lucid and wide content of each topic with related questions and their explanation. The second, it should have important questions which are most probable to appear in exam. Last and the most important, it must have well versed answers which are easy to understand.

      The topmost book(Indian army soldier GD book) in the books sections have all these qualities. You can buy that book for good preparation.

  33. Hello Sir , Army technical ki koi book btaye jo good response de written exam me .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rahul.
      These are some good books that will help you in your written examination. MER Solider Technical Recruitment Exam, MER Technical English Medium and MER Technical Hindi.

  34. Sir may I chose MER book for clerk?is this better to me ?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Dqijen.
      Yes you can use MER, if you want to do your preparations for Clerk Post in Indian Army, this book will help you a lot with the preparations. Study well from it, making each and every concept clear.

  35. sir,
    i am dusmanta from cuttack, Odisha. my army clerk exam will be held on 26/02/2017, so which book is better for followed this written exam. plz help me sir.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Dusmanta.
      You can do your preparations from NER of SK Publication. This book will help you a lot with the preparations.

  36. Hi sir i passed my intermediate with 64.6% and now i’m doing my graduation with chemistry hons. Can i eligible for soldier technical boz my eye vision is little weak

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sachin.
      Although with your percentage you are able for Indian Army, so, if you would be selected in the physical, you would be sent for the medical but if your eyes would be found too weak then you could also be rejected, so, we would recommend you to first visit the doctor, if you could recover.

  37. I have completed my diploma in Information Technology (an autonomous institute of govt of Maharashtra)
    Got 70%
    Can I also apply for soldiers technical?
    Which book is good for me?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sachin. Yes, with your diploma in Information Technology, you can apply for the soldier technical exam. Here are some books which i generally suggest my students for the preparation of soldier technical exam.
      Indian Army MER Soldier Technical Recruitment Exam
      Indian Army MER Technical English Medium
      Indian Army MER Technical Paper Set Hindi

  38. Mai nursing assistant ke liye preparation kar raha hu.
    What is the eligibility for nursing assistance?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sachin. For appearing in the Nursing Assistant exam, you need to pass Intermediate Exam in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with Minimum 50% marks in aggregate and minimum 40% in each subject.

  39. hello sir…me army clerk ki exam ki preparation Kara raha hu…muje uske liye books chahiye kya aap bata skte he kaha milegi muje ye gujarat se hu….

    1. Hello Nasib,
      Some of the best books are mentioned in the article. If you are looking to buy books online, then i will suggest you to look on amazon as it has more variety. Now, I am not sure where you will get the right books in Gujarat, but Fernandis Bridge Gandhi Road looks just the place.

  40. Narendra Singh rathore

    Sir my name is Narendra Singh rathore I am trying for army clerk how should we prepare for the exam plz tell me in the detail sir bcuz it will help in my practice and what is important in the practice of exam sir .

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Narendra. To the candidates who are preparing for army clerk, i always suggest to stick on to the NCERT books of different subjects. Most of the paper comprises from that book only. Apart from it, you must practice the previous year papers of exam clerk so that you will get to know the exam pattern and the type of questions which appear in exam.

  41. Hlw
    Mera name Uttam kumar h,
    Hum Xll pass kar liye h
    Aur mai Indian army me job karna chahta hu
    But mera english me49 aur bilogy me 50 number h,
    Hum nursing trade ke liye apply kr shakte h plz tell me sir..

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Uttam. If you have secured a total of 50% marks along with the mentioned percentage in English and Biology, then you can apply for the Nursing Assistant post.

  42. Sir
    September 2016 nasik mai rally thi maine technical ko apply kiya tha on the basis of 3 years Diploma..
    But at the time of physical test unone mujhe GD mai daal diya.. Why so?
    Aur agle saal mai technical ko apply karu ya nahi?
    Please help.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Vikas. As per the eligibility criteria of Technical post, you need to have a three years Diploma in Engg (Mechanical /Electrical/ Automobiles/ Computer Science Mechanical Engg and Electronic & Instrumentation Engg). If you do have a diploma in any of these field then apply for the technical post, next year too. Focus on the best and be prepared for the worst.

      You can also consult the regional army office of your state regarding it.

  43. Sir, I am a arts student.class12 th pass
    marks 70%.
    keya mai technical post may apply kar shakti hu?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rahul. For now, you cannot apply for the technical post as they require only science students for it. But there is a option, complete a 3 year diploma course in Engg (Mechanical /Electrical/ Automobiles/ Computer Science Mechanical Engg and Electronic & Instrumentation Engg). After that, you would be eligible to apply.

  44. sir..mein physical or medical pass ho gaya abhi written ka exam ha….NA (nursing assistant) me kitne question ayega or kitna ans korna por mein select ho jaonga?sir or exam mein muje physics ka question nahi melange na?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Pragyan. In the Nursing Assistant exam, there will be a total of 50 objective type questions which will cover 100 marks and the duration of 1 hour will be given to complete the exam.
      No, there will not be Physics subject in the exam. There will be four sections, comprises of 10 questions from General Knowledge(20 marks), 15 questions from Chemistry(30 marks), 15 questions from Biology(30 marks) and 10 questions from Mathematics(20 marks).

  45. Sir, mera name Nasiruddin sekh . sir gd ke liye 12th ka qualifications kitne chahiye ?

    1. Hi Nasiruddin. There is no percentage required in class 12th for GD post. A passing percentage will also work.

  46. Hi Sir, i am appearing in graduation final year.
    Can i apply for the post of army education havildar?

    1. Hello Sudhir. Yes, you can absolutely apply for the post of army education havildar but only after you will complete your graduation. For now, focus on your bachelor degree and try to secure as good as possible.

  47. Hello sir- mai do bar se medical exams qualified nahi kar pa raha hu kyo ki mujhe colorblindness hai. Isaka koi upay please sir javab jarur dena.

    1. Hey Abhishek, you should first treat your colorblindness and then participate in the rally.

  48. Sir mera ek frnd h WO army me join hona chahta h lekin 1 saal pehle usko T.B ho gayi thi lekin Ab WO theek h to isse koi problem to nahi hogi usko?

    1. Hey Rocky, the medical examiner will never know that your friend had TB until their are any signs. So, if your friend is completely fine and there are no sign of TB, then surely he won’t have any trouble in clearing the medical test.

  49. Hi sir ; army bharti ki written exam ki preparation k liye koi book jis se hme pta chle ki kesa hora he paper and all topics Jo exam me honge esi koi book and sir 1 more questions ..I have completed 10th after diploma engineering and I achieve 12th certificate on base of diploma so, can I join army? And my chances of getting to “SM” post after joining as soldier?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hey Paras, please specify the trade that you want to apply for and hence need the book to prepare. In any case, the books mentioned above are all good to prepare. I will recommend you to buy books from Arihant publication, as the paper quality is good and they give all the details about the exam.

      Also, you are eligible to apply for army soldier post, and your promotion to the post of SM will be the matter of time.

  50. Hi Sir, I’m Afjal Husain age. 17.6 chest 80cm, height 170cm. Kya mera joining ho sakta hai Indian Army me Clerk/Skt me? or kon si book padna hoga mujhe?

    1. Hello Afjal, if you are eligible age wise, then you can definitely apply for clerk/SKT. Try books from arihant publication.

  51. hello sir, sir indian army join krni ki website kon c best hai please tell me.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi Deepak, Official website of Indian Army is “”, type the address on your browser.

  52. Sir, my I am reading in class 9(Age-15), can I apply for Indian Army After 2 and1/2 years ?. Sir please tell me that what department I need to go because I want to be a part of the frontline army

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Souvik, i will suggest you to apply for NDA, you can go to the frontline via soldier gd. And yes, you can join Indian army after 2 and half years.

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