Indian army Soldier Technical Sample And Previous Year Papers

Are you interested in Indian Army Technical recruitment? If yes, this guide will be of help to you.  Technical trade has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Each year, there is an increase in the number of applicants participating in the rally or Bharti organized in different parts of the country. With the increase in participants, there is an increase in the competition for the job.

The level of technical written exam is higher than other trades, which makes it even harder to crack. Without regular efforts and hard work, it’s almost impossible to get through this exam (unless you have a genius mind).  If you know the syllabus and paper pattern of soldier technical, then you will know that all the questions are based on the CBSE syllabus.

Not that the questions will be totally alien to those from other broads, but the candidates who have studied from the CBSE board will be on the advantageous side here. But, it does not mean that this paper will be easy for them, it will take lots of effort and practice to score good marks in this exam.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to practice model papers, sample papers, and previous year papers. The link to download all these practice papers is given at top of this article.

If you want to become a Soldier in the Indian Army, you must take part in the Indian Army’s Soldier recruitment process. Indian Army conducts Rally and Soldier recruitment drives to fill up the vacancies.

The Indian Army has a large collection of vehicles, weapons, and types of equipment, which need to be regularly operated and maintained. For this task, the Army needs recruits who have stable technical knowledge.

You can continue reading if you are looking for tips and techniques to practice the sample papers and preparing for the exam.

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Indian army Soldier Technical Sample And Previous Year Papers

There are always two kinds of approaches to doing any task. One is the ordinary way in which you will do things just like others, this will give ordinary results. And then there is a smart and creative approach that gives extraordinary results. So, it’s up to you, which approach you want to opt for while solving the technical trade model papers that you will download from here.

Army sample papers and previous year papers


If you are going with the ordinary approach, then it’s fine! you can close this tab right now and begin with your practice. Or you can continue reading for smart tips and techniques.

This is an important question

When do you know if a question is important or not? Simple, when you see it repeating in most of the practice papers and previous year papers. When you practice mark or note those questions which are common. Also, note the different ways in which the question is asked.

Once you know the important questions, then don’t try to memorize them, instead, try to gather more information about them. Write down all the facts and points of that question in a separate notebook.

e.g if there is a question:- Who wrote the book ‘A passage to Indian ‘? then instead of just writing or memorizing the answer ‘E.M Foster’ you should try to collect all the information related to it. Like, in which year was the book written, what was the significance of those books, about the author, etc.

Once you do this, then you will have a list of important questions and all the possible facts about them. Now no matter how twisted the question is, you will be able to deal with it smoothly.

Note:- though the above-given example is from GK, this trick is most effective for other subjects like physics and Chemistry.

Tackle maths the smart way

Maths is the main scary subject for most, but if practice with dedication and the right approach, it can become one of your favorite subjects. The great thing about maths is that there is no boring theory (mostly), all we have to do is calculate and use some logic based on formulas.

The problem with most of the people is that they don’t get the basic clear about the formulas. If you understand formulas in maths right, then there will be no stopping you. For this to happen, follow this tip :

Before starting a topic, write down all the formulas related to it in a separate notebook, and try to understand them. Once you understand the formulas, then get them printed on your mind in such a way that when you see a question, you should know which formula to apply.

Follow this technique for every topic, and maths will become fun for you.

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Mock Tests

In case if you don’t know what mock tests are, they are practice tests or we can say fake tests. All the conditions will be like real tests, but without the fear of getting fail.

You can take the sample papers downloaded from here as mock test papers, and set a time limit of 1 hr to solve it. Do it in a separate room where no one disturbs you while solving the paper, treat it like a real exam. Now, what’s the use of this? firstly, you will get to know your speed of answering based on which you will be able to improve your speed. Your weak and strong points will also be revealed, and you can improve them. Also, it will give you the confidence to face the real exam, and the more mock tests you take, the better you will be on the day of the exam.

So, take at least 3 to 4 mock tests in a month, if you really want to improve.

You can also take the online test to practice.

Time Management

Managing time is one of the biggest challenges while preparing for the technical written exams, as the time period between the PFT and written exam is very short, and the syllabus is quite vast to cover. So, time management skills can come in very handy at such times.

The very first step for time management is to set deadlines and goals to achieve within that deadline. So, make a list of topics and assign a time limit for each chapter.

The second key point in time management is being practical while deciding the deadline. While deciding the time limit for a project, big organizations take 30% time extra. We can not predict what may happen next and neither can we think of all the minor details and possibilities, therefore it is considered safe to take the extra 30% time.

e.g if you think that you will complete a topic in 2 days, then practically you will complete it in 3 days or so. That is why adding extra time is a better time management technique.

Finally, the most important thing in time management is to proceed as planned. Of course, things can never work exactly according to plan, but the least you can do is to try as much as possible to stick to it. Always remember, no matter how off track you are from the planned time table, it’s never too late to follow it.

There is no use in studying

It’s true, there is no use in studying if you don’t remember what you studied before. And it’s a fact that you will forget what you have studied today after 1 or 2 weeks if you do not stay in touch with it. So, timely revision is necessary to keep things fresh in mind.

Not that you have to go through the whole topic again and again, just go through the important points of the topic. Assign 1 day for revision only, 4 to 5 timely revisions will imprint the topic in your brain.

Try to Implement these techniques, I am sure they will benefit. Hope you liked this article, and leave your comments or queries in the comment box.

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  1. Sir I have scored only 58.9% from cbse board… Nd I have also passed above 50% in each subject… Am I eligible for army technical.. ??

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Aditya,
      You should have 12th passed and scored 50% in total & 40% in each subject.
      So, if these are your class 12th marks then you are eligible for the soldier technical.

  2. Sir meray 10th mai 73 percent hai aur sabe subjects mai above 50 percent hai ..Aur 12th mai meray 65 percent hai aur sabe mai 50 percent above hai except maths .Maths mai 36 percent hai mgr 10 mai maths kay 97 percent hai .Kya mai sol technical kay liye eligible hou.Aur mere relation bhi hai..sir I also want a suggestion that which will be better for me among army gd,clerk,and technical.sir pls reply.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Ather,
      For a technical post, you should have scored a minimum of 50% marks in total and 40% marks in each of the subjects in class 12th.
      According to your qualification details, you have only scored 36% in maths in class 12th, so you are not eligible for a technical post.

  3. Sir does the syllabus change every year?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      No, syllabus do not change every year, in fact, it has not changed for a long time. So, you can relax and focus on your preperation.

  4. Sir i have 58% in CBSE board 12 and have above 50 marks in every subject except math I have given improvement form nios board for increasing my math marks upto 60%. May I then be eligible for soldier clerk? Do they accept 2 different boards marksheet?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes you can show both the mark sheet. Technically, there should not be any problem.

  5. Hi sir,
    This is. Haskar reddy from anantapur. I have completed degree with 55% and in inter i am a MEC Student but i am interested soldier technical job. Please tell me sir i am eligible or not this job. I am waiting for your answer?

    1. Hello Bhaskar, Yes you are eligible for Soldier technical.

  6. Hello sir ,
    I have applied for Sol tech aviation.Now I cleared physical and medical, now I have written exam.
    Is there any question paper.

  7. Hello sir, I’m looking for aviation and ammunition examiner is there any typing work with the trade and related what can you assist me on that?

    1. Hello Suresh,
      I am not able to fully understand your query, but i suppose you are asking if there is any typing related job in army technical. If so, then let me tell you that there is no such job in technical that is specifically for typing.

  8. Sir hum ap ke website me kase army Tacnical Ka questions paper kharid(buy) kor sakta humm, system bataya Na plz.

    1. Hi Joydev,
      You can only download previous year papers from website.

  9. hello madam, soldier technical online test link is not available in the online test page, only skt,gd,trademan,nursing assistant, clerks online mock test only there in the page ,please once check the page and send the link

    1. Hello Dhamodharan,
      The online test for soldier technical is not available right now, we will try to make one as soon as possible. Till then stay tuned.

  10. Ur techniques are very useful. I liked them very much.

  11. send the link for technical online test link?

    1. Hello Dhamodharan,
      The link is given in the header of the website as “online test”. When you will click on this option, a new page will open, where you can see the list of all the online test available. Just click on the one that you want to practice, and you will be able to see the questions.

  12. sir, there is any negative marking in this written exam?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      V.B.N Reddy
      yes…!there will be negative marking 1/2 marks will be detracted for each one wrong answers.

    2. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hi B.V.N Reddy
      yes there will be negative marking 1/2 marks will be reduced for each wrong answers.

  13. Hi sir. Sir kya mujhe ap bata sakte hai ki mujhe technical ke previous year paper mil sakte hai. Please sir tell me.

    1. Hi Rahul.
      In the above post we have provided the link at the top of this article just click on it and from the next page that will open you can download the previous year papers easily.

  14. Hello sir. Kya mujeh sample paper technical pot ke mil skte hai? please btayiye.

    1. Hi Aashish.
      If you are looking for sample papers for technical post just search for ‘Indian Army Written Exam Important Questions Answers & Sample Papers’ in the search box of our website and there you will find sample papers for all the trade just select for technical and you can easily download them.

  15. Hi sir. I have finished my medical round and waiting for the exam for technical. May I know what is the expected cut off mark? and what is last year cut off mark.

    1. Hi Rajeev.
      Indian army does not release the cutoff marks of the written exam of any post. Only the merit list is released which contain the names of selected candidate.

  16. Hello sir. My name is Jigmet singay from Leh. Sir please send me the last 4-5 years paper of soldier technical in my gmail account. I’ll have written paper in October.

    1. Hi Jigmet.
      In the above post we have provided a link at the top just click on it and then you can download the sample papers easily.

  17. Sir mere Hs mai Physics mai 56, Cemistry mai 60, Biology me 74 and Math me 42 marks hai. Kya mai technical post le liye apply kr skta hu. Please reply sir.

    1. Hi Thomas.
      As pr the eligibility criteria for the post of technical you must be 0+2/Intermediate Exam pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% marks in each subject. Your marks satisfy the eligibility criteria just make sure your total percentage is at least 50% and then you can apply for this post.

  18. Hello sir. Mere 10th mai 72.33% hai aur 12th maia 58.03% hai. Sir abhi mai B.Sc 2nd year ka student hu. Sir kya m soldier technical ka form bhar sakta hu. Please reply.

    1. Hi Himanshu.
      The eligibility criteria for the post of soldier technical is 10+2/Intermediate Exam pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% marks in each subject. If you fulfill the above mentioned criteria then you can apply for technical post.

  19. Hello sir. I want army technical previous year papers up to 5 years back all the papers. Please tell me from where I can get them.

    1. Hi Kishor.
      In the above article we have provided you a link at the top just click on it and a new page will open which contain previous year paper of all trades. From there you can download the PDF files of previous year paper easily.

  20. Hello sir. Mere 12th mai English-49 aura 10th mai Eanglish-46 marks hai. Kya mai technical k liye apply kr skta hu. Please reply.

    1. Hi Kailash.
      As per the eligibility criteria for technical post you must have passed 10+2/Intermediate in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% marks in each subject. If you fulfill the mentioned criteria then you can apply for this post.

  21. Sir please mujhe technical post ke previous year exam paper kaha se mil skte hai. Please tell me.

    1. Hi Mohit.
      In the above article we have given the link from where you can download the previous year paper and sample paper.

  22. sir
    i want army technical previous year papers ..up to 3 years back…all the papers ..plzzz
    send me on.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Arun. We have already provided you previous year papers in the above post. Do practice them. We are working on more and will upload them as soon as they will be done.

  23. sir plz send me the previous years exam papers of sol technical at my gmail id raviyadavbunty01281@g,

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Ravi.
      You will get the previous year question papers for soldier technical from the link “download soldier technical sample and previous year papers” from the above article.

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