Mind Boggling Reasons Why To Join Indian Army

How is life in Indian army? I’m sure many people would like to ask this question. People are always interested in knowing the lifestyle and routine of a fauji, and why not, after all it’s army we are talking about.

Though each and every soldier will have his own opinion when it comes to life experience in the army, but one thing is sure that the life in Indian army is full of action and quite adventures too.

Words are just not enough to explain the whole experience of an army men, but still I will try to get you as close as I can to an Indian army soldier’s life.

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Why To Join Indian Army? Perks Of Army Life

If you are thinking to join Indian army, then you probably have your own reasons to do so. Some join because the facilities provided in Indian army are good, while some join it because of the salary reasons, and then there are some who join the army because they are passionate about it and want to serve their country through it. Now, you should know how to join indian army? if you are passionate about it or want to join indian army because of some facilities.

Whatever be the reason, the main thing is that you want to join and that’s it. Below are some of the advantages that army offers to its soldiers. Maybe this will help you to know army better.

So here are the advantages of joining Indian army:-

1. Job Security

Indian Army job security

Name one private sector job that gives you the job security for the lifetime (until you retire), no wonder your mind will go blank as there is no such job in private that offers the job security(Unless you are an employee of GOOGLE). One day you are enjoying great success in the private sector and the other day you are struggling to save your job, such is the tendency of private sectors jobs.

But if you are an army men, then job security is something that you will never have to worry about. Though you have to retire at some point, but till then you will be assured job security.

I think this factor is enough to make you believe in joining the Indian army, but still let’s have a look on the other factors too.

2. After Retirement Benefits

Indian Army after retirement

This is one of the main factors why the army is considered as the best career choice. First of all, there is no such thing as post-retirement in the private sector, you will totally be dependent on your savings and other assets if you decide to finally call it a day.

There is a saying that an old person is just like a baby because he/she sleeps like a baby, they need proper care and attention like babies do, and most of all they are as weak as babies and that is why people retire so that they don’t have to work anymore. If you do not have a source of income in old age then you have no other options but to work.

Things are much better for ex-army personnel, they get to enjoy all the facilities like army canteen, army hospitals, and many other things. These facilities are so beneficial especially at this time where things get costlier every other day.

The main advantage that an army man enjoys after retirement is the pension, you would be amazed to know that an ex-army man gets around 50% of the total salary he retired on i.e if your salary at the time of retirement was Rs. 30,000 then after retirement you will get pension somewhat around 12000 to 15000. Isn’t this great!

3. Salary Benefits

Indian Army good salary

Though many things have changed in the Indian army within last 2 decades, but the salary of army personnel has evolved significantly after 6th pay commission.

Know the Indian army rank wise salary.

The GD recruit can get a salary ranging between 15000 to 45000 approximately. Now don’t be confused as these figures may look normal to you but let me tell you that an army person gets around 60 extra benefits and that surely is way more than a person can earn in any private sector.

4. Scope Of Higher Studies

indian army further education

You can pursue your academic studies even after joining Indian army. You can always apply for the higher studies if you are a soldier and wish to be promoted to officers rank. And for officers who are in the technical department and want to go for post-graduation then you can do so, as reputed IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) colleges has reserved seats for such officers.

So you see if you really feel like studying more while you are working, then Indian army is the best option for you.

5. Fit And Fine Forever

fit forever

They say “no army man is fat” and this is so true. Army is so much about physical strength, and an army person is always in proper shape as they spend so much time doing physical activities. So there is no chance of getting out of shape, you will be fit and fine forever if you are in the army.

6. Unmatched Reputation

respect in indian army

Imagine yourself introducing to other after you become an army man, people just don’t get enough when it comes to praising army men. You will be treated with respect wherever you go, you may feel like you are just serving your country or doing your duty just like others, but people will always think of you has a national hero.

just one instance from your action packed professions and there you go! you will have fans in no time and this is what we call unmatched reputation.

Facilities In Indian Army

Facilities in Indian army are just mind blowing, everything from accommodation to medical facilities your family will enjoy it all and that too free of cost. Here is a short description about some of the facilities.

#Accommodation Facilities

Indian army home facilities

What are the basic things that you will look for when searching for a locality to reside? clean environment, good neighborhood, security etc. Army cantonment areas provide all that is required to make living better.

Clean environment:- army is all about discipline and rules, and that is why they keep each and every place clean where they live. I don’t know if you have ever visited a cantonment area, but it’s totally awesome, roads are plain and clean, lush green vegetation and you won’t find even a single untidy corner.

Good neighborhood:- a decent and good neighborhood can make life so easy and joyful, and since in cantonment areas only army personnel families resides, therefore, it is obvious that neighborhood will always be decent, and if not then you can complain it to the officials.

Great Quarters:- the quarters that are allotted to the families of army personnel are equipped with all types of modern facilities, and if there is any problem, then you can report it and the problem is fixed free of cost. E.g let’s suppose that you are having trouble with your switchboard then all you have to do is report it, and they will send someone to fix it without charging you anything.

Separate places for sports and extracurricular activities:- open grounds, clubhouses, and other such places are specially maintained for the families living in the cantonment area.

Security:- the cantonment board is surrounded by walls and fencing so that no unsocial element could enter in it. Security guards are always on their toes for any kind of ill situations.

#Medical Facilities

Indian army medical facilities

According to a survey done in 2014, people are spending more money on medications and treatments than ever before. Having free medical facilities provides an extra benefit of saving money.

Infrastructure:- unlike other government hospitals, army hospitals have the high standard of infrastructure and facilities. Health care centers should be clean and hygienic, and that is exactly what army do, each and every corner of the military hospitals is totally clean and health friendly.

Latest medical technologies:- if you thought everything that is free lacks quality, then you should visit a military hospital. They are equipped with the latest medical technology and if in any case they are unable to treat anyone due to lack of equipments, then the patients are referred to a better private hospital and patient gets the concession for that treatment, complete fair and square.

Qualified doctors:- the doctors working in military hospitals are well qualified and skilled as they go through the number of exams and test to reach there.

Ambulance:- ambulance is just a call away if needed. The coolest thing  is that you get all this without investing a paisa.

#Canteen Facility

Indian Army canteen

Inflation is the ultimate cause of all financial crises for every family. The canteen facility of the army is a canopy to all army families.

Economical price:- the stuff you buy from the army canteen is way less costly, which ultimately leads to better affordability. i.e people can invest more in luxuries items then just sticking to basic needs.

Availability:- almost everything is available in army canteens, ranging from normal grocery items to high-class luxuries items like Vehicles, Army canteen has it all.

Quality guaranteed:- not a single item you buy from army canteen lacks quality as only branded items are sold in them.

#Educational Facilities

Indian army school

Education is the important part of society, and army understand it well, that is why it provides special facilities to the students who are kids of army personnel.

Army Schools:- the large network of army schools all around the country is built, so that the kids of army men could get the best of education.

Better facilities:- all the army schools and KV (Kendriya Vidyalayas) offers way better facilities to students than any normal private and convent school, with economical fee structure.

Opportunity in sports:- regular sport events and trips are organized by army schools and KV’s which are funded by the government, so if a kid is good in sports then a KV/army school will open a world of opportunity for him/her.

Scholarship for students:- for the students who are bright in studies, to them army offers the scholarship.

So, these are some of the many reasons why you should join Indian army, and I’m sure you have made your mind by now.

Life In Indian Army – Normal Day Schedule

Life is totally happening in the Indian army, one thing that army assures you is that you will never get bored. Each and every day is action packed, this is how the day goes in fauj.

Morning Schedule

The day for every army man starts from the dawn time of 5 Am when they gather for the daily PT (physical training) for at least 45 minutes.

The jawans join the PT only after properly shaving and doing other necessary activities, because they are inspected by higher officials and if found any irregularity then they are punished for it, even the clothes are inspected closely.

No one is exempted from PT, that means every army personnel has to go for the PT until he/she has been permitted for some valid reason not to attend PT.

PT is kind of necessary for everyone and every day in the army, but those areas where it is not possible to do PT (like high altitude locations) are exempted from it.

On many days, the PT can be converted into BPET (Battle Physical Efficiency Test) pared. In this pared soldiers are tested to their limits as they have to run non-stop for 5 km with full battle gear that includes weapon, and they have to complete this drill within 28 minutes or they will be considered as fail and will be punished accordingly.

After running, a 60 Meters sprint is the next drill, after that a 9 feet ditch and traversing a rope which will be something around 5 meters in both ways i.e Horizontally and vertically. And soldiers has to do all these drills carrying all their combat gears with them.

Of course, there is no need of explaining why Physical workout is important. Besides physical benefits, early morning workout can have other advantages too, like a healthy brain, good sleeping habits as to wake up early one has to go to bed early.

It is often said that army men are fond of having liquors, therefore, morning parade restricts them from consuming limitless alcohol because if they do, then it will be hard to wake up early and even harder to go for PT.

After PT, soldiers are given a break to freshen up and have a healthy breakfast, those who do not have their families with them have the facility to join the army mess (often known as ‘langar’). Since the day can be long for those who has to perform extreme physical tasks, therefore, the army mess offers a diet which fulfill all needs of a soldier.

At least, that is what they say, but I know some army men who are not very fond of food that is available in mess.

After having their morning breakfast soldiers and officer go for the duties which they are assigned. Each and everyone is assigned with duties according to their trades. Mostly officer ranked personals handles the administrative duties, while the lower ranked people like soldier GD deals more in physical tasks, as they are the one who will be the front line standing when it comes to combats, so it is important for them to be well trained.

The hours after the breakfast are considered as the working hours and every drill or other tasks the army people do in this time is considered as their duty.

Indian Army Afternoon Schedule

Then comes the lunch break and this is quite a long break. It starts from 12:30 Pm and last till 2:30 Pm, in this free time soldiers can do whatever they like, most prefer to take good nap but some like to do other activities.

After the break, all the soldiers gather for the afternoon games and again it is compulsory to play a game. The game can be the choice of the soldier.

In army, sports is a great factor, if you are good in some sport then the army will definitely help you to grow better in that sport and you can even go for national and international games if you are really talented. Indian army always supports and value its sports person, therefore, if you qualify for national or international games then not only you will make name and fortune in the game, but you also get promoted to higher rank in the army.

Live examples of success stories of army sportsmen like Milkha Singh, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore etc. explains everything about the opportunity that a sportsman has in the army.

Coming back to the schedule, after the sports time, soldiers who have to work on night shift are detailed and rest of the soldiers are now free to spend the rest of the day according to them.

So this is the normal routine of an Indian army man (mostly for a General duty soldier).

Life Of Army Men – Tradewise

Life of officers in the Indian army:-

Officers just like other army soldiers have to go for morning PT(Physical Training). We can say that PT is the only time of the day when officers get to sweat and stretch out their muscles for exercises. Since they come after passing through tough written exams, and the acid test of SSB, therefore, they are considered fit for mind works and hence are generally given the administrative work, and they spend most of their time in the office doing paperwork.

Officers enjoy better facilities than any other department of the army. They are given better accommodation and other facilities and of course, the pay scale for officers is significantly high.

Life of GD soldier in the army:

GD soldiers also start their day with morning PT, and as the day proceed so do their training. Soldiers GD mostly deals in Physical activities like training drills, Weapons training, firing etc. basically all exercises that are related to combat.

Life of Technical Soldier in the army:

Life for technical soldier is easier than soldier GD, as their work deals in technical support and therefore, does not need much of physical efficiency. A soldier with technical trade has to do physical work at the time of morning PT and afternoon games.

Life of soldier clerk/SKT in the army:

Again soldier clerk proceeds to his duty after morning PT. The work of soldier clerk involves mostly paperwork like keeping records etc. therefore, he spend most of his time in office and not in the field.

Life of a nursing assistant:

A nursing assistant soldier deals with the medical support and, therefore, they spend most of their time in military hospitals.

Life for Soldier tradesman:

Soldier tradesmen are the functional unit of the army as they spend their day with fixing or maintaining the things like Barbers, Cooks, Sweepers, Electricians, etc. Their day is quit easy and simple.

Why Not To Join Indian Army? Woes Of Working In The Indian Army

Let’s see the other side of the coin. I have mentioned enough advantages to attract you to the Indian army, but here are some of the disadvantages that may force you to think other way round about joining Indian army.

Restrictions that will haunt you:-

The army is all about discipline and restriction, it literally takes away the spirit of living life on your own terms. You will be told to do everything with discipline, this is not a bad thing but according to various studies, strict discipline system can ruin the creative vision of a person.

You must have heard the term “boss is always right“, and who will know this thing better than army men. You have to follow exactly what the senior orders you to follow and that too with no questions asked.

So basically, if you do not adapt to these conditions then all the restrictions will indeed haunt you.

Less than 15 years and you are on your own:-

If you somehow left army before 15 years then you will be kept from getting the pension, and this is quite bad. There can be circumstances where you may have to leave your job well before 15 years, then you are just on your own. And 15 years is a long time anyway.

Limited options of promotions:-

If you join the army as soldier GD, then chances of reaching to the high posts are limited, as the highest post you can attain is SM (subedar major). This can be really demoralizing for those who have already joined.

Limited promotions mean limited opportunities of salary hikes, which again is a demoralizing factor. Though candidates can apply for higher education and then apply for papers in order to get officer ranks (candidates who had PCM in 12th can apply without graduation), but it is very hard to work and study at the same time.

Long distance relationship:-

This may be quite frustrating, but at some point, you will have to go far from your family. This is one bitter truth of army that you will have to spend most of your time away from your family.

Taking your family with you at different parts of the country will be fun, but as soon as your kids start going to school, then you will realize that it is disturbing their studies, and eventually you will end up staying away from them.

And not to mention that you will not have a house of your own until you decide to set your family at one particular place or you get retired. And money to buy or build a house, of course, will always be an issue.

Changing climate:-

traveling to different parts of the country will be a part of your job, but weather conditions and climate of the different part of the country will be different. At some places, the temperature will fall below 0, and at some places it can go as high as 35 to 40 degrees, at some places it will be totally wet and at some it will be totally dry. In short you will have to face extreme climatic conditions, and not everyone can adapt all situation.

Some people may even develop allergies or some kind of other diseases. And even if you learn to adapt to the situation, still it will be hard initially.

Jack of everything master of none:-

this is a philosophy that most would not like to follow, but this is exactly what they do in Indian army. According to this philosophy a person can know many trades but there is no trade in which he/she is excellent, and this is what happens in the army.

You should know multiple things but you can not follow one particular thing and master it, which is quite disappointing.


So, above were some disadvantages of joining the army, but don’t be moved by them, because no matter what, army is always a safe and good choice when it comes to carrier. So feel the passion and go for it.

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Besides, you will always have the satisfaction of severing your nation, and if your reason to join Indian army is to serve your country, then there is no way these reasons can hold you back.

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  1. Sir when can I apply for gd examination

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      The application process for this years recruitment for female GD has closed recently. Now you will have to wait for next year’s recruitment.

  2. Can I study for captain rank in Indian army and gain the post after joining Indian army as a sepoy?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      A sepoy can not become captain, although if you keep getting promotion from time to time then you may reach the hon. captain post which is the maximum rank a sepoy can go. If you are interested in joining army as officer then you should go for NDA or CDS. Though, it’s possible to become officer while serving as sepoy, this can be done by applying for ACC exams. It is just like NDA and CDS.

  3. Hello sir I am AFTAB. Recruite in Maratha infantry Belgam. Sir I am complited 10+3year diploma. But acc required 10+2 .sir can you reply me can I eligible for acc. But diploma is equivalent to 12th.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Aftab, the educational criteria for ACC is 10th / 10+2 or equivalent diploma. So, yes you are eligible to apply for ACC exams.

  4. Jai hind sir,
    I am +2 pass in science stream.
    Can I study software engineering after being Indian army?
    I have keen interest in both army and engineering.

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Subas, army allows it’s employee to study further, you can apply for distance course. You can avail leaves for exam and it’s preparation.

  5. I was selected as soldier technical so can I continue my degree in army. Will this degree be helpful for IAS or any other state government jobs?

    1. Hello Hanamant,
      you can pursue your graduation while you are serving in army. But you can not go for regular course, you will have to pick distant education. Also, having a graduation degree is always good for government jobs.

  6. What is the minimum age to join the army?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Akash,
      the minimum age required to join Indian army is 17½ years old.

  7. Sir i am a BBA student girl can i join through CDS?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Yes, Girls with BBA course can apply for CDS exam. For more details and information read our article on CDS Eligibility.

  8. Sir I am gangadhar
    I have 12th commerce marks 50%
    For which post in army I am eligible

    Please guide me sir…..

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      You are eligible for: Army Soldier GD, Soldier Tradesman, and Soldier Technical. You can apply for all these three categories online on the official site of Indian Army.

  9. Hello sir 12th me muje 49.54% hai Phy 52, Che 41, Bio 45 mai form bhar sakta hu kya

    1. Hello Sachin, you are eligible for the following trades in the Indian Army: Army GD, Tradesman, Technical, Nursing Assistant.

  10. Hello sir, i have 73% in 12th in commerce and i want to join indian army as clerk. Can i apply.
    Jai hind..

    1. Hello Narsingh, yes you can apply for Indian army clerk. All the best!!!

  11. Hello Sir. I want to join army but the problem is that I have got 55.5% in +2 from sci am I eligible for officer if I got selected in gd in army

    1. Yes, you are eligible for Indian army.

  12. Sir,
    I am 12th pass and Studying BE Mechanical First Year. I am 20 years old. I want to join Indian army in 2018 by applying for recruitment rally process.
    Can I continue my studies after joining. And when can I apply for studies once again for second year. Are there any restrictions to study during training period and after training period.
    I want to continue my studies because to apply for cds exams.
    Please provide me some solution.
    Thank you,
    Veer Patil

    1. Hello Veer, Indian army doesn’t allow to continue the studies once the candidate joins the army. Once you got selected then there you can give exams such as officer level.

  13. I have pass 12th in arts can I apply for technical

    1. No Atul. For Technical you must have Physics or Mathematics at School Level.

  14. Thanks Sir !!

    I am selected in Indian Army technical and I want to know all works….

    my training is started from next week in jabalpur signal core.

  15. Mera date of birth 26 /11/1996 hi kya my aarmy clerk key liye form ver sukta hu mera qualifications B com (H) final hi

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Murari,
      Yes, you can fill the form

  16. Hey!
    I have done my studies only till 8th standard.
    And i wanna join indian army what are the chances?

    1. Hi Dheeraj,
      Since you are just 8th class pass then you can only apply for Mess Keeper or House Keeper in Indian Army.

  17. Tell me on which grade of soldier promotion level is higher.

    1. Hi Suraj,
      The promotion level for all soldier trades is same. If you want to go for higher level than you should go for NDA or CDS Exams.

  18. Tell me the steps to enter in Indian army. What are the eligibility criteria after 12th to join Indian army? I am 157 cm, can i join?

    1. Hello Murali,
      Following is the process to join Indian army:
      Apply online > download admit card > PET > Medial test > written exam (CEE) > merit list > training.

      To know more about these steps please type ‘army eligibility and selection process’ in 4ono search box which is present in the header. You will get complete information.

  19. sir arts wale bhi clerk ke liye apply kar sakte hain agar 10th mei maths ho?

    1. Hello Abhishek,
      Yes, candidates from arts background can apply for soldier clerk if they had maths and English in class 10th and passed them with 50% or more marks.

  20. Sir I am very keen to join the Indian army. So, what should I do after class 12? please give me proper advice. JAI HIND

    1. Hi Sagar.
      The best option for 12th student who aspires to join Indian army is to prepare for NDA exam. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year for both 12th appearing and 12th pass out student who wants to join Indian armed forces. The age limit criteria is 16 and half to 19 and half years. There is no percentage criteria for this exam that you have to worry about. For more details regarding NDA just search for ‘Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in the search box of our website.

  21. Hi Sir. I have secured 89% in 10th standard and as much as I know myself approx 80% I can score in 10+2.
    I don’t suffer from any disease. Am I eligible for army officer?

    1. Hi Sagar.
      Well if you aim to join Indian armed forces as an officer then your best option is to prepare for NDA exam. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year for 12th appearing as well as 12th pass out students who aspires to join Indian army, Navy and Air force. The age limit criteria for this exam is 16 and half to 19 and half years. For more details just search for ‘Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in the search box of our website.

  22. Hello sir I’m in 9th std and I want to join Indian army as an officer. My right eye is alright but my left eye has a power of -1.75. So is it alright? Am I eligible for Indian army?

    1. Hi Priyank.
      As, you have mentioned that you are in 9th class so, at present you are not eligible to join Indian army. The minimum age criteria for Indian army is 17 and half years. We would recommend you to focus on your studies right now and work hard. If you have set yourself an aim of joining Indian army then your best option is NDA(national defence academy) exam. But only 12th appearing or 12th pass out students are eligible for this exam. So, once you are in 12th you can prepare for NDA exam though which you can become an officer directly in Indian army. For more information on NDA exam just search for ‘Complete NDA Selection Process – How To Get Selected’ in the search box of our website.

  23. Hello sir. I am in 9th standard and I have dropped math and taken up environmental studies. Will this put any restrictions on my application to the Indian army?

    1. Hi Shabbir.
      Well, if you will not study maths in 10th class then you will not able to apply for post like clerk or technical. You will be only eligible for selected post.

  24. Hello Sir. I want to know about the Army cadet college(ACC) Examination. Please provide me full information.

    1. Hi Bitupan.
      ACC stands for Army Cadet College, is an institution which selects and trains regular army soldiers to become an officer in Indian army. The selection for admission to ACC is based on a written test and subsequent selection via service selection board.The nature of training at ACC is same as that of the NDA and ACC candidates complete there 3 years degree course while training. The age limit for this exam is 20-27 years with minimum 2 years of service is required. The education qualification required is 10+2 Pattern Class 12th pass or Equivalent.

  25. Hello sir. I completed my 10+2 with 85%. Now I am doing my b.tech and I want to join Indian army but the problem is that my height is 165 cm. Is it possible for me to join Indian army? If so, which post would be better for me?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Saiteja.
      The physical standards like height, chest and weight vary from region to region. Before you apply for any post make sure you fulfill all the eligibility criteria. As, you have mentioned you are doing B.Tech so, the best way for you to join Indian army is through CDS exam. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year for graduate students who aspires to join Indian army as officers. Other then this you can also apply for UES (University Entry Scheme) exam which is conducted by Indian army for unmarried Male B.E/ B.Tech Graduates for Grant of Permanent Commission in the Indian Army.

  26. What is the work of BBA student after he become army officers?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mohit.
      There is no specific job for BBA student. CDS(combined defense service) exam is for all graduates students whether they have done B.Sc, B.com or other course and who aspires to join Indian army as officers.

  27. Hello sir. I’m a student of BBA and I want to be become an army officer. How can I become an officer? And my age 19 year.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mohit.
      As, you have mentioned that you are a BBA student then after completing your graduation you can give CDS exam. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year for graduates students who aspires to join Indian army as officers. It is meant to select officers for Army, Navy and Air Force. Men and women both can apply for CDSE and the best part is about CDSE is that there is no percentage bar for it. While men can apply for Army (IMA and OTA) Navy (INA) and Air Force (AFA), women can only apply for Army (OTA). So, once you have completed BBA you can prepare for CDS exam.

  28. Mam can gd soldier study further for officer ranks and I want to know about sports persons, as a bodybuilder can i continue my passion or i have to give it up please tell.
    Thank you.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sidharth.
      Yes, after serving for at least 2-3 years at soldier GD post you can give ACC exam. This exam is conducted only for the serving soldiers who look forward to become an officer. ACC stands for Army Cadet College, an institution which selects an train regular soldier to become an officer in Indian army. Indian army supports all the sports person. If you want to continue your passion you will get all the support by the army.

  29. Hello sir
    Mai 10th and 12th pass hoon mere 10th kmi 40.8 percent and 12th mai 54.8 percent hain. Kya ma army mai join ho sakta hu?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Mohammad.
      As you have mentioned that you are 10th and 12th pass then yes, you are eligible to apply for different post in Indian army. You can apply for soldier GD post and soldier tradesman and other post depending on whether you had PCM or PCB in 12th.

  30. Hello sir , i want to join Indian army but I’m confused that i should apply for clerk or soilder technical.
    Which one is better , in terms of sallary promotions and working conditions?

    Waiting for 12th result had PCM with CS.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Rahul. Both the positions are good in all respect. But, still as you are asking for better, i suggest you to apply for soldier clerk in Indian Army.

  31. Hlo sir,
    i am sachin Shirsat Please give me a important tips for written exam in education havildar.
    Thank u Sir and saluteall Indian army.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Sachin. There are no such specific tips for the written exam of education havildar. But, i would recommend you to solve previous year papers and sample papers to get an idea of the exam and meanwhile, they would help you to practice more and more.

  32. sir my teeth are decaying just because of cavity will it affect on my medical test during selection.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Magaan.
      There are 14 dental points, in which you have to be perfect. If are perfect with those dental points, then you are eligible, otherwise not.

  33. Swadhin kumar Behera

    Sir, mein army gd join karne ke baad officer rank me ana chahat hun..kya mein a sakta hun..???filal mein b.com 2nd year me hun or avi mein sirf gd kelia eligble hun and my age is 19.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Swadhin. After serving for two years in Indian army, you can apply for the higher post.

  34. Can I know about acc exam after joining army clerk.

  35. Is the clerk post in Indian Army provides a good platform to a sportsman ?

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Raj. Yes, every post in Indian army provides a good platform to a sportsperson. Once, you will get in to the department, you will get so many chances to prove yourself in sports field.

  36. Sir i want to know in army clerk there is career option for sports like running

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Raj. Yes, there are time to time recruitment released for the aspirants of sports quota in different posts. Try your luck there.

  37. Hlo sir,i am yagaval Singh
    Please give me a important tips for written exam in clrk.
    Thank u Sir and salute all Indian army.

    1. Prof. Divyanshi Sharma

      Hi Yagval. For the preparation of the written exam of army clerk, i would suggest you to study from NCERT books. Do check your syllabus from our website and study accordingly.

  38. Virendrasinh Chavda

    Sir Only 12 pass 33% kya ham Clark me Form bhar sakte he

    1. Hey Virendrasinh, sorry to say but you are bot eligible to apply for soldier clerk as the minimum percentage required for soldier clerk is 50%.

  39. Hello Sir, how can I join Indian army after completing b.com. please suggest me next steps .what should I do and what should be my daily routine preparing and workout.please suggest me sir.

    1. Hey Jugdish, since you have completed your graduation, therefore, i will suggest you to apply for officer ranks via exams like CDS. But, you will need to put lot’s of efforts and hard work to crack CDS or other high end exams. If you want to go for OR ranks like soldier GD, clerk, technical etc. then checkout the article “how to prepare for army” you will get lots of tips there.

  40. Hello Sir , I’m Aditya and I’m a national level hockey player and I’m studying in 10th and I always wanted to join Indian army. So I just wanted to ask what should I do after 10th and what percentage are required in 10th and 12th std to join the army.

    1. Hey Aditya, great to know that you have such spirit for army. You are already on the right path, just keep going. I would recommend you to apply for NDA exams, as it is the best and shortest way to join Indian army as officer. Since, you are a sports person, therefore it is a plus point for you. If you have certificate to support you sporting background, then it will be great for you.

      I suppose you are still under age to apply for army, as the minimum age to apply is 17½. So, till you get to the age, keep preparing. Though there is no percentage criteria for NDA, but try to get at least 70.

  41. Sir my aim to become officer in indian but i am poor with financial . I have passed 10+2 by PCM stream with 96% my age 18 years .So, which way is easy for me to become officer inarmy & to solve problem of financial
    Of my family . Through joining Soldier technical department after cracking ACC entrance , through NDA , Through 10+2 TES . Please out of three tell one way to me become officer in army & solve financial problem of my family which one is easy to me.

    1. Hey Harmal, first of all ACC is only for the already serving soldier in army, so you can count it out of your list. Now for NDA and TES, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you get recruited through NDA, then you will have to do only 3 years of training, but if you choose TES then you will have to go for 4 years of training.

      But, TES increases your chances of getting selected as you will be selected on the base of you percentage in class 12th, therefore you do not have to give the written exam and will directly go for the SSB.

      In my views you should go for TES, because once you get the job, then your financial condition will improve for sure, one year late but they will.

  42. Hello sir! I am very keen to join INDIAN ARMY. But can I join Army if I am unable to study in COLLEGE?

    1. Yes Siddarth, of course you can join Indian army without going to college. There are various trades that you can apply for.

  43. jai hind sir mai army join karna chahta hu but sir mere dhono shoulder par strichmark ke nishan ha uska koi problem to nahi hoga medical mai.

    1. No Samit, stretch marks are natural and almost everyone have them. So, no need to worry, you won’t find any trouble.

  44. i am mechanical engg. student, after joining army at Aps centre bangalore…are there any possibilities to get higher rank regarding my degree..!! the payscale also same ..!??

    1. Hey Karthik, you can apply for the ACC if you want to get to officer ranks. But, to be eligible to apply for ACC, you need to have 2 years of service.

  45. Sir if i will join Soldier technical department in indian army and after joining this post it possible to become a officer in indian army if yes then how should be possible & what to do after 12 standard .

    1. Hey Harmal, since you are already in technical department, then it’s obvious that you are 10+2 pass. Now, you need to have minimum 2 years of service to be eligible to apply for ACC. If you satisfy this criteria then you can apply for ACC.

  46. Hello sir!
    I wear specs of no -4.0 and -4.5
    Am I eligible for SSB interview?

    1. Hey Shikha, as per army rules a candidate need to have a 6/6 vision in each eye.

  47. Sir, if we died in army then will the health benefits be given to our parents.

    1. Yes Sai, health benefits for parents are given to the parents of an army personal.

  48. Sir, please tell me about the promotion in SKT/Clerk. And for recruitment in SKT/clerk, how much running is required 600m or 800m?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hey Gagandeep, the promotion for clerk is same as other trades i.e you get promotion from time to time until you reach the final post which is SM (subedar major), and your salary will increase likewise. For more details on rank and salary, please visit our article “Army rank wise salary” (link is given in the article).

      The racing distance for clerk is 1600m.

  49. I love my nation!

  50. Sir i am in 8th standard, what should i do now to join indian army after 12?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Parmarth, good to know that you are focused on your aim so early in your life. Keep doing your studies in the best way, and if possible, try to know the syllabus of Indian army (for the post that you want to apply). And be in regular physical practice like running etc.

  51. sir, i am student of class 11 with medical stream and really passionate to join the Indian army through nda!! but i have medical stream!! and i have only option to prepare nda maths on my own and that too after completing 12 and just focusing on medical till then!! sir please let me know that how difficult will it be for me to crack nda with maths!! and in how much time can i cover nda maths?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Harnoordeep, the maths that is asked in NDA is considered quite tough, but if you give maximum 3 months with proper attention, then you can easily crack the nda exam.

  52. Sir, i am ready to join Indian army. Don’t mix between my personality and my attitude, because my personality is me and my attitude depends on Indian army. Jay hind1 jay bharat! jay jawan!

  53. Prakash kodalkar

    Sir, mai NDA exam nahi de sakta, kyoki my DOB 2 Oct 1997 hai.
    Mera dream hai ki captain in Indian army, to mujhe kya karna hoga?

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Prakash, as per my calculation you are still eligible to apply for NDA exam as the age limit is 19½ years.

  54. Sir can a captain in army give civil service exam. Will he be relieved from army if passed civil service exam.

    1. Prof. Rajeev Mehra

      Hello Aditya, if you joined as permanent commissioned, then you can not leave until you are 51 years of age. Though, if you were recruited on short service commission, then you can leave after a tenure.

  55. vidyaratan patel

    sir, i am interested to join Indian army i am physical 5.9fit higet weight 56kg i want to do something different in my life so that every indian should have proud on me . jai hind ,jai BHARAT

  56. Sir, I am priyatush Nath,
    Please give me the importance of statement (yoga)certificate in Indian ARMY interview time.

  57. I love Indian army. Mai army main bharti ho kar desh ki raksha karna chahta hun.

  58. I am ready to join INDIAN ARMY. I am physicaly fit and has a height of 6 foot. I want to do something different in my life so that every INDIAN should have PROUD on me. JAI HIND. I AM COMING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN

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