CBSE 11th Physics Sample Papers 2022

It has been passed more than half of the current year 2021 and with every finish of a month, the stress of the student goes on increasing as they know it very well that with every flow of the time they are going close to their Annual Examination which is expected to be held in the upcoming year 2022 in the month of March.

But the stress truly matters a lot for the class 11th science students who are going to face the first specific and scientific exam of their life as only a year back ago they used to be in class 10th where the learning was not so challenging as they analyze it in the 11th class.

Further, the syllabus of each science subject in class 11th is too wide and deep as compared to class 10th. And the result of the annual exam for them does not only mean just a medium to qualify for the next class but also depicts their bonding with science knowledge and hence ensure that their decision of opting science as a subject was right or wrong.

It acts as a mirror to view their future abilities and reach in the field of science and technology. That’s why the 11th class gives a big turn to students learning experience and hence it is rightly considered as the turning point in a student’s life.  Therefore, they do a lot of hard work throughout the session to give their best result in the annual exam at any cost.

CBSE 11th Physics Sample Papers 2022

So, if you are a CBSE class 11th science student and wants to give your best in the upcoming annual exam then this article is going to help you a lot because here at we are providing you with the best study material of your mean which is surely going to boost up your performance.

We have brought out effective sample papers, syllabus, and exam patterns notified by the CBSE for the academic session 2021-22. The syllabus of physics is the combination of ‘Theory’ and ‘Practical’.

Download CBSE 11th Physics Practice Paper

Solving these sample papers of Class 11th Physics Practice Paper you are able to have an idea about the marking and paper pattern. On this website, we are not just providing CBSE Class 11th Practice Paper but we also provide other classes’ practice papers too.

CBSE class 11th latest Physics syllabus (2022)

The theory section is based on definitions, derivations, and numerical solving. Whereas the practical section includes performing the experiments and activities on those definitions given in the theory section. The syllabus comprises of total 10 units starting with the first unit as “physical world and Measurement”

It is based on the study of compulsory fundamental knowledge needed to understand the basic concepts of physics and concludes with the last unit “Oscillations and Waves” which revolves around the study of the science behind the motion of different types of waves.

Apart from these two units the syllabus also includes the ‘Core Topics of Science’ like ‘Kinematics’, ‘Laws of Motion’ ‘Gravitation’, and many more. The table given below is giving the information of the latest physics syllabus with the expected number of periods required to complete a unit.      

Unit No.   Unit Name No. of periods
1. Physical World and Measurement      10
2. Kinematics      24
3. Laws of Motion         14
4. Work Energy and Power    12
5. The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 18
6. Gravitation 12
7. Properties of Bulk Matters         24
8. Thermodynamics         12
9. The behavior of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases    08
10. Oscillation and Wave              26
Total 160 periods

CBSE 11th physics Exam Pattern and Question Paper pattern Design

The exam pattern for physics is divided into two phases of Theory Exam and Practical Exam.

Theory Exam: The theory exam consists of a question paper of a total of 70 marks with a maximum time limit of 3 hours allowed to attempt it and the question paper for the theory exam consists of 5 types of questions of different marks.

Two very short answer type Question(VSA) of one mark each, five short answer-1 (SA-1) type questions of 2 marks each, Twelve short answer-2(SA-2) type questions of 3 marks each, only one value-based Question of 4 marks, and three Long answers (LA) type question of 5 marks each.

Practical Exam:

  • The practical exam consisted of a total of 30 marks and it is completed in four-level.
  • The first level includes performing two experiments each of 8 marks.
  • The second level includes the practical record of experiment and activity maintained by a student which covers 06 marks.
  • The third level is based on the submission of an investigatory project made by a student who carries 03 marks.
  • And the fourth level is based on viva on experiments, activities, and projects containing 05 marks.

Advice For Examination:

  • Don’t go on just memorizing the definitions of physics try to understand their concept.
  • Derivations and Numericals are the essential part of physics don’t try to neglect them. Keep practicing them on the regular basis.
  • The fundamentals of every unit are also used in other units. So, don’t fall weak in any unit.
  • To make physics learning interesting try to observe physics around you and notice the concepts and terms of physics existing there.

Benefits of Solving the Practice paper:

  • Time Management: By solving this you can have an idea of the timing of the actual paper. So, if you are able to solve this paper in time then you are definitely are going to solve the actual exam within the time limit.
  • Strategy: After solving this paper you can be made your strategy accordingly for the actual exam. In other words, you can have the idea of which section or question you have to solve first.
  • Work on Mistakes: While practicing this paper you can work on the mistakes which you want to avoid in the actual exam. After finding out your mistakes try not to repeat them while doing revision.
  • Evaluation: While solving these papers you can evaluate yourself and you get to know that where is your current level in terms of preparation.

Hopefully, you liked our article on CBSE 11th Physics Sample Papers 2022. Still, if you have any doubts or inquiry then feel free to contact us in the comment section. We are glad to help you out in any possible way.

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