AP Cyber Treasury DDO Request – AP Employee Pay Slip, GPF Slip, Pension, CFMS, DDO

Andhra Pradesh (AP) Treasury is an online service of Andhra Pradesh state government aiming to provide its employees quick and easy aid of all financial related information and services at just one click. A.P. Treasury department is a key body of Andhra Pradesh state government which is responsible for monitoring state government’s Accounts, Bill, taxation, and all other financial related matters.

The department is a link between the A.P. government and its employees. A.P. treasury is liable for satisfying all the financial schemes or services offered by the A.P. government to its employees. The online facility of A.P. treasury department also offers some important information regarding the A.P. government employees like the details of their: DDO request, Pay Slip, Pension, DDO Code, GPF Slips, Bill Status Etc.

AP Monthly Pay Slip
Pensions & Bill Status
GPF Slip
CFMS & Challan
Cyber Treasury

AP Treasury DDO Request (ddoreq), AP Cyber treasury

Any A.P. government employee who is requiring such details can avail it anytime with the use of the Internet. The treasury services can be accessed easily in your computer, laptop, and smartphone as well. treasury.ap.gov.in is the official AP treasury site and it has sub-branches like ddo req, pensions, etc.

AP Cyber Treasury DDO Request – AP Employee Pay Slip, GPF Slip, Pension, CFMS, DDO

Now, you may be getting worried about how to operate for this information, so don’t worry we are here to assist you with the complete information and proper guidance. We have mentioned given below step by step process to reach for this information, therefore, you are requested to follow the instructions properly.

A.P. Treasury Pay Slip is one of the major demand of all government employees. The payslip contains detailed information on an employee’s income. It includes important particulars like allowances, deductions, taxation amount, net income, gross salary, etc. A.P. government employees can obtain their monthly pay slip from A. P. treasury department. The monthly pay slip can be used for all legal matters like loan approving or anywhere it is required.

Steps To Download A.P. Govt Employees Monthly Pay Slip:

Step 1: Open A.P. Treasury official website: treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/

Step 2: Enter your eleven Digit “DDO CODE” and “PASSWORD”.

Step 3: On the next page open “REPORTS” and click on “PAY SLIP” option.

Step 4: Enter Month and Year of Pay Slip required and click on “REPORT IN TEXT” button.

Step 5: Right-click on “PAYSLIP GENERATED FOR DDOCODE: XXXXXXXXXXX” and save the file in the folder.

Step 6: Pay Slip will be generated, take Print out of it.

A.P. TREASURY PENSIONS & Bill Status- AP Cyber Treasury

A.P. Treasury Pensions is also leading request of A.P. employees. Therefore, in order to satisfy the demand of employees A.P. treasury is equipped with all the necessary details regarding pensions like Pensioner Grievances, Pensioner Payment Information, Current month Pension Status, Bill status, Pension Sanction Proposals, Pension Digital AVC, etc.

Steps to Reach A.P. Government Pensions:

Step 1: Go to the official site of A.P. treasury: treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php

Step 2: SelectNET SERVICES TO PUBLICoption appearing on the home page.

Step 3: In the next page click on “PENSIONERS INFORMATION”.

Step 4: There appears a lot of results regarding pensions on the screen.

Step 5: Click on the option you want to visit.

Step 6: You will be asked to enter some details like your PPOID, PPO Number, Employee ID, State code, etc.

Step 7: Submit the details, you will be connected to the required result.

Step 8: You can save/download the result in pdf form or also can print it.

A.P. Cyber Treasury GPF Slip

GPF stands for General Provident fund, it is a scheme applicable to government employees only. The scheme involves the contribution of some percentage of an employee’s monthly income towards saving account in the form of fix and monthly installments for a definite time period.

GPF is maintained by the respective department of an employee. The contributed amount is claimed by the employees only at the time of their retirement. A.P. government employees are also eligible for GPF scheme and they can obtain all information about their annual GPF Slip from A.P. treasury.

Steps to Download A.P. Government GPF Slip:

Step 1: Go to the A.P. treasury official site: treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php

Step 2: SelectNET SERVICES TO PUBLICoption appearing on the home page.

Step 3: Click on “EMPLOYEES OPERATIONS” option under the title Net Services.

Step 4: On the new window click on “CLASS IV GPF INFORMATION” option.

Step 5: New page comes with the heading District Treasury Office asking for details like:

District Name, GPF Accno or Employee Id.

Step 6: Click the submit button at the bottom.

Step 7: You will be connected to the required result.

Step 8: You can save/download the result in pdf form or also can print it.

A.P. Treasury CFMS and Challan

CFMS stands for Comprehensive Financial Management System. CFMS is a complete solution of all Citizens Services, Departmental Services, and Employees and Pensioner services as well. CFMS means Comprehensive Financial Management System.

CFMS is a commercial based service exercised by Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial System and Services, also known as APCFSS. The application is formulated under the guidance of Andhra Pradesh Finance Department. The aim of CFMS is to execute financial solutions smoothly by involving Effectiveness, Efficiency, Accountability, Transparency, Stakeholder Convenience, Enterprise Approach, and Sustainability.

Steps to Download A.P. CFMS PD Challan

Step 1: Enter the official website of CFMS, cfms.ap.gov.in

Step 2: Open Receipts links under the title Citizen Services

Step 3: Click on the PD Challan

Step 4: Enter your Department, service details and other details asked by the system.

Step 5: You will be connected to the required result.

AP Treasury DDO Codes – DDO Request (DDOREQ)

DDO stands for Drawing and Disbursing Officer. DDO’s are head of the office, or Gazetted officer who looks over the financial and accounts records of the respective department. The function of DDO is supervised the matter related to income, revenue receipts, withdrawal of money, disbursement, maintaining expenditure, etc. In other words, they are responsible for distributing salary, pension, fund, etc to the employees and maintain the account of the department.

DDO consist of a lot of information regarding the cash flow of the department allotted by the government to its employee. So, the same system is also applicable over all the government departments of Andhra Pradesh. Such information is clearly mentioned by A.P. Treasury. Employees can search for various details of DDO like DDO Code, DDO Claim, DDO Reconciliation for Receipt or Payments, etc.

Steps To Download A.P. Treasury DDO Code List:

Step 1: Enter the official website of A.P. treasury: treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php

Step 2:  Select the “Treasury Operation” Button appearing on the home screen

Step 3: Click on List of DDOs option on the new page.

Step 1: There comes a list of DDO Code along with ‘stocode’ and ‘ddodesg’.

DDO Request – How To Apply for DDO Req

Follow the steps which are given below to claim the DDo through the official site of Andhra Pradesh Treasury.

  1. Visit the official site i.e, https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
  2. Log in with your DDO code and password.
  3. In the next step, fill all the three sections: DDO details, Head of this office details, and office details and submit it.

A.P. Cyber Treasury

AP Cyber Treasury is one of the leading feature of A.P. treasury department carrying a wide set of information within it including Bank wise Report, Bank HOA wise Report, Date wise Report, Cyber Treasury Reconciliation Report, Cyber Challan Details, Treasury Challan Details, PD Account Details, PD Account Detail DDO wise, PD Account Details DT Urban, Online Bank Scroll, MIS on Online Bank Scroll, Budget Distribution Status and Final Distribution Status.

Steps to Download Cyber Challan Detail:

Step 1: Go to the A.P. treasury official site: treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php

Step 2: Select the “CYBER TREASURY BUTTON” displaying on the home screen.

Step 3: There comes a new window displaying a lot of information

Step 4: Click on “CYBER CHALLAN DETAIL” option.

Step 5: Enter either your “CHALLAN NUMBER” or Departmental Code with “DEPARTMENTAL TRANSID”

Step 6: Click the “SUBMIT BUTTON” and you will be connected to the required result.


NPS is the abbreviated name for National Payment System. This is a central government-affiliated scheme which invites government employees to impart a part of their income towards their pension account. This contributed amount act as a secure income after retirement. A.P. government employees can also avail the facility of NPS scheme by entering their basic details like User ID and Password.

Steps to A.P. Treasury NPS:

Step 1: Go to the A.P. treasury official site: treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php

Step 2: Click on the NPS Button appearing on the home screen.

Step 3: A new window comes under the “Treasury and Accounts Departments”

Steps 4: Select the User and enter your user Id and Password to log in.

Steps 5: Now you can access the NPS scheme.

All The above details were some of the important inputs of A.P cyber treasury apart from these you can also search for much other information at A.P. treasury like A.P. treasury operation, Net service to the public, Bill status, Monthly Reports, Employee operations, Challan status, list of HOAs of the current year, etc.


In this post we have made our full effort to provide you all the data regarding Andhra Pradesh Treasury, highlighting on its purpose, its working and its importance to all Andhra Pradesh government employees. We have tried to provide you with the relevant and right source of information through step by step instruction to assist you in a smooth way. Hence, we expect that you were satisfied with the content and will give us another chance to serve you.

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    i am not getting my pension slip from treasury web site

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      Hello Gurujala,
      Please follow all the steps mentioned in our post “A.P. TREASURY PENSIONS & Bill Status- AP Cyber Treasury” & cross-check if you are entering the correct id or password while generating the pension slip.

  2. How can I get salary slip working on contract basis in national health mission Andhra Pradesh, kindly share the details

  3. I failed several times in opening Your portal meant fo ap govt.pensioners to see my pensioner slip for 1/20&2/20 .Yesterday I brought it to the notice of STO, Vizianagaram also.But stage is same today also. Is it too much to expect favor by pensioners seeking pension pay slips by whatsapp no. sms or by email.to every one before or simultaneously after credits made in pension accounts ?My PPO no.24-S-006260.ID:2213-10947I could not see pension slip latest up dated since 1/1/20. Soft ware Engineers of AP govt.portals &Treasury dept.officials should bestow their personal attention and improve software on war footing.

  4. soft ware is not satisfactory

  5. Sir,How to get my payslip?

    1. Prof. Mohan Singh Rawat

      The process to download payslip is given in the above article. Please read the article, you will find all the details there.

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