ITBP PIS, Monthly Salary Pay Slip 2022 Himveer Connect Login

Complete Information For ITBP PIS, Monthly Pay Slip 2022, ITBP Personal Login, ITBP Salary Structure, and Rank structure. Also, Learn how to personal login via

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is among the five central armed forces of India. The official portal of ITBP i.e., facilitates the online services such as ITBP PIS (Personal Information System), Monthly Payslip of ITBP for their employees.

ITBP uses an ePIS(electronic Personal Information System) called Himveer Connect. Through this system, employees of ITBP can log in to their personal account via Himveer Login. For ITBP employees, Himveer Connect is ITBP PIS personal login system through which they can view and download their monthly pay slip and also they can check their salary and other personal information.

ITBP PIS, Monthly Pay Slip 2022 Himveer Connect Login

Indo Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) Employees can access their personal account (ITBP PIS) through ITBP personal login provided by ITBP known as Himveer Login. In this personal information system, ITBP employees can check All their details. This ITBP PIS mostly used for monthly pay slip and employees can view and download their ITBP payslip in PDF file format and also they can printout their Pay slip.

ITBP PIS Personal Login – How To Check

To Check Pay Slip 2022 and salary, employees have to log in to their personal account through Himveer login. In order to log in, employees should know their PIS username and PIS Password. Here is a step by step guide to check personal account and monthly salary payslip of ITBP via Himveer login.

  1. Visit the official website of ITBP ( for Himveer Login
  2. In the official site choose Login and select Personal Login. For the mobile user, Click on green box parallel to Home and from the list, choose Login and select “Personal Login” option.
  3. In a new window, Himveer Login will appear which is an ITBP PIS personal login system.
  4. Employees have to enter their PIS Username in the Username section and PIS password in Password section.
  5. There is a checkbox there to save your username and password in the browser. It’s up to ITBP employee, whether you want to save or not. To save check the box otherwise, don’t check.
  6. Next step is to fill the text given in the image captcha. Read the text given in the image and fill it in the box given below it.
  7. After filling all the details Username, Password and Captcha, Click on the Login button to access your ITBP personal account
  8. Please note that there are only 5 login chances so be careful while login. If there are 5 wrong login attempts then the ITBP employee’s USERID will be blocked for 24 Hours.
  9. You can check and download ITBP Payslip 2022 and monthly payslip of ITBP, and salary structure from here

itbp personal login PIS Himveer

Check ITBP monthly salary payslip via Himveer Login from here: Himveer Login

How To Recover ITBP PIS Password – Himveer Login

But before proceeding, you should have your Regimental Number and Registered mobile number. To recover ITBP personal login password, first, visit ITBP Himveer login from the link given above and click on “Forgot password” in the ITBP PIS. Follow these instruction given below.

  1. A Window will appear to Reset the ITBP PIS password. Fill all the fields with the required details.
  2. The first step is to enter your Regimental Number
  3. Second, choose your security question and in the next field give the answer to the question you have selected.
  4. Next, Enter your registered mobile number in the last field. And note that the mobile number should be only 10 digits
  5. Finally, click on the “Reset Password” Button. The picture is given below for ITBP PIS Reset password.

Password recover for ITBP PIS personal login

ITBP Salary 2022 – Monthly Pay Slip, Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Basic and Total Pay

The Indo Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) is a central armed force that means under the central government of India, therefore, the pay scale of ITBP is according to the central government policies. After the 7th pay commission, the salary of ITBP and Pay scale has increased.

Here is complete information of ITBP Salary, ITBP Pay scale, ITBP Payslip, Basic and Total Pay. ITBP has distributed salary (pay) structure according to the post rank and there are four pay bands in ITBP PayScale. In ITBP force, there are some allowances in Pay according to the post rank and post destination.

Employees can check their monthly payslip of ITBP through the official website: using Himveer login which is ITBP personal login. Employees can also download the PDF and take the printout of the salary slip. Instruction for Himveer login is given above in this article.

ITBP Salary 2022 Rank Wise – Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Basic Pay

The Pay Scale of ITBP including allowances is classified according to the Rank of personnel/employee. In ITBP Force, the number of ranks is 14, in other words, there are 14 major ranks/Posts in ITBP Force.

The highest basic pay in ITBP force is around ₹ 80,000 and the lowest basic pay is ₹ 6,460. The tables are given below which shows the detail information of ITBP Salary according to their ranks including rank wise Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Basic Pay, and Total Pay. Here is the rank/post wise 7th pay commission salary structure of ITBP given in the tables below.

ITBP Salary 2022 Structure – Officers

ITBP Officers Salary & Payscale 2022 Rank Wise
ITBP Rank Pay Scale
(PB: Pay Band)
Grade Pay
Basic Pay
Total Salary/Pay (INR)
(without allowance)
Director General Apex Scale Nill ₹ 80,000 (Fixed) ₹ 80,000
Additional Director General PB 4
(₹ 67000 – ₹ 79000)
₹ 10,000 ₹ 43000 ₹ 59100
Deputy Inspector General PB 4
(₹ 37400 – ₹ 67000)
₹ 8900 ₹ 40,200 ₹ 49,100
Commandant PB 4
(₹ 37400 – ₹ 67000)
₹ 8700 ₹ 37,400 ₹ 46,100
Second-in-Command PB 3
(₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100)
7600 ₹ 21,900 ₹ 29,500
Deputy Commandant PB 3
(₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100)
₹ 6600 ₹ 18,750 ₹ 25,350
Assistant Commandant PB 3
(₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100)
₹ 5400 ₹ 15,600 ₹ 21,000

ITBP Salary 2022 Structure – Subordinate Officers

ITBP Rank/Post Pay Scale
(PB: Pay Band)
Grade Pay
Basic Pay
Total Salary/Pay (INR)
(without allowance)
Subedar Major PB 2
(₹ 9300 – ₹ 34800)
₹ 4800 ₹ 13,350 ₹ 18,150
Subedar/ Inspector PB 2
(₹ 9300 – ₹ 34800 )
₹ 4600 ₹ 12,540 ₹ 17,140
Sub-Inspector PB 2
(₹ 9300 – ₹ 34800)
₹ 4200 ₹ 9300 ₹ 13,500
 Asstt Sub Inspector  PB – 1
(₹ 5200 – ₹ 20200 )
₹2 800 ₹8 560 ₹ 11360

ITBP Salary 2022 Structure – Under Officers

ITBP Rank/Post Pay Scale
(PB: Pay Band)
Grade Pay
Basic Pay
Total Salary/Pay (INR)
(without allowance)
 Head Constable  PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 ) ₹2 400 ₹7 510 ₹ 9910
 Constable  PB – 1 ( 5200-20200 ) ₹2 000 ₹6 460 ₹ 8460

ITBP Pay Scale Rank/Post Wise

The ITBP pay scale is distributed according to the ITBP Rank and Payscale level. As per the ITBP official declaration of ITBP Pay Matrix (latest update on March 2017) here is the Rank/Post wise Pay Scale given in the table below.

ITBP Payscale 2022 Rank Wise
ITBP Rank/Post Level Pay Scale (INR)
Deputy Judge Attorney General (Deputy Commandant) 11 ₹ 67,700
Judge Attorney (Assistant Commandant) 11 ₹ 56,1000
Assistant Commandant 10 ₹ 56,100
Assistant Surgeon (Assistant Commandant/Veterinary) 10 ₹ 56,100
Inspector (Hindi Translator) 7 ₹ 44,900
Inspector (Librarian) 7 ₹ 44,900
Inspector (Editor) 7 ₹ 44,900
Sub Inspector (Hindi Translator) 6 ₹35,400
Sub Inspector (Telecommunication) 6 ₹ 35,400
Sub Inspector (Staff Nurse) 6 ₹ 35,400
Sub Inspector (Overseer) 6 ₹ 35,400
Assistant Sub Inspector (Laboratory Technician) 5 ₹ 29,200
Assistant Sub Inspector (Radio Grapher) 5 ₹ 29,200
Assistant Sub Inspector (Pharmacist) 5 ₹ 29,200
Head Constable (Education & Stress Counsellor) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Telecommunication) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Dresser Veterinary) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Motor Mechanic) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Master) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Workshop) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Engine Driver) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Engine Driver) 4 ₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Midwife) 4 ₹ 25,500
Constable (Workshop) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Crew) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Animal Transport) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Tradesman) (Tailor/Cobbler/Gardener) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Followers) (Cook/Water Carrier/Barber/ Washerman/Safai Karmachari) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Telecommunication) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Pioneer) (Electrician/Plumber/Carpenter/ Mason/Blacksmith/Welder/Painter) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Motor Mechanic) 3 ₹ 21,700
Constable (Driver) 3 ₹ 21,700

ITBP Rank Structure

Rank Structure in ITBP ForceAccording to the ITBP Act, there is a total of 15 ranks in ITBP Force which are categorized into three major categories: officers, subordinate officers, and under officers. Here is the Rank structure of ITBP according to the categories.

ITBP Officers Rank

  • Director General
  • Additional Director General
  • Inspector General
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Additional Deputy Inspector General
  • Commandant
  • Second-in-command
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Assistant Commandant

ITBP Subordinate Officers Rank

  • Subedar Major
  • Subedar/Inspector
  • Sub Inspector
  • Assistant Sub Inspector

ITBP Under Officers

  • Head Constable
  • Constable

Allowances in ITBP Force

There are many allowances given to the ITBP personnel. Allowances in ITBP given according to the ITBP Policies. The allowances depend on factors such as Rank/Post of ITBP personnel, Current Posting destination, etc.

ITBP Allowances is given in some cases when the posting of Soldiers of ITBP Force in some extreme area such as the border of India, Places like Siachen, Places which are extremely high, dangered area.

Allowances for Dress, transport, uniform, free accommodation, Transport, etc. given to the ITBP personnel.

About ITBP

ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police) Force is one of the five Indian Armed Force. Indo-Tibetan Border Police was established in 1962 for Ind0-Tibetan Border. At present ITBP as 56 service Battalions, 4 specialist Battalions, 17 Training Centres across the country. The total number of personnel in the ITBP force is 90,000 (approx).

The motto of ITBP Force is “शौर्य – दृढ़ता – कर्म निष्ठा” (“Shaurya – Dridhata – Karma Nishtha”). Shaurya means outstanding courage, heroism. Dridhata means persistence or endurance. And Karma Nishtha means devotion or faithfulness towards duty. ITBP is dedicated to secure the Nation by guarding the borders with courage, persistence, and devotion towards duty. We salute to the brave-hearted ITBP force.

ITBP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about ITBP Force)

Question: What is ITBP PIS?
Answer: ITBP PIS 2022 is ITBP personal login system (also known as Himveer Login). Using Himveer, employees of ITBP can check their monthly salary slip, personal information and other posting related details.

Question: How to access ITBP personal login if one can forget the password?
Answer: There is an option “Forgot Password” in the Himveer login, select the option and fill up the given form. The instruction is given above in this article.

Question: How to check monthly payslip of ITBP?
Answer: You can check ITBP monthly payslip only from ITBP official site i.e., Find the login section and select personal login. Login to your personal account. The complete procedure is given above in this article

Question: What is the salary of ITBP head constable?
Answer: The Total pay of ITBP head constable is ₹ 9910 (without allowance) and the Pay scale is PB -1 (₹ 5,200 – ₹ 20,000). The complete Salary structure of ITBP is given above in this article.

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