Indian Army Sepoy Pharma Syllabus For Written Exam & Question Paper Pattern

If you are preparing for the written exam of Army Sepoy Pharma then you should know the exam pattern and syllabus. This article is a complete guide for the Indian Army Sepoy Pharma Syllabus and question paper pattern.

Sepoy Pharma is a new trade/category in the Indian Army. And this a great opportunity for Pharma students to join Indian army. Sepoy Pharma is also known as Soldier Pharma.

The syllabus of Sepoy Pharma is divided into two parts. The first part is very similar to Indian army clerk and SKT. And the second part is related to Pharmacy subjects.

Part – I is the 50% is the whole syllabus which includes GK (General Knowledge) and English. And Part – II is the rest of 50% of the syllabus. Part II includes Pharmacy – I and pharmacy – II subjects.

Indian Army Sepoy Pharma Syllabus & Written Exam Pattern

There are mainly four subjects in the syllabus of Sepoy Pharma. This means the questions will be asked in the written exam from these subjects. Followings are the subjects for Sepoy Pharma exam with marks percentage.

Part – I

  • 1. General Knowledge (25%)
  • 2. English (25%)

Part II

  • 3. Pharmacy – I  (30%)
  • 4. Pharmacy – II  (20%)

Marking Scheme:
For the written exam of Sepoy Pharma, 2 marks will be given for every correct answer. In simple words, 1 question will be of 2 marks. And there will be negative marking scheme. For every wrong answer, 0.5 marks will be deducted. In other words, for two wrong answers, 1 mark will be deducted.

The question paper of sepoy pharma will consist of 100 questions. Now let’s have a look at the exam paper pattern of Indian Army Sepoy Pharma.

Sepoy Pharma Written Exam Question Paper Pattern

The written exam paper of Sepoy pharma is divided into two parts. And passing marks for the written test is 100. Whereas candidates have to pass separately on each part (I and II). Here is the written test pattern of Sepoy Pharma given below in the table

Indian Army Sepoy Pharma Exam Pattern
Parts Subjects Questions Marks
Part I General Knowledge 25 50
English 25 50
Part II Pharmacy – I 30 60
Pharmacy – II 20 40

In the Sepoy Pharma test, Overall 100 marks are the required passing marks. And candidates have to score a minimum of 40 marks in part Ist (from question no. 1 to 50). And at least 60 marks in part IInd (from question no. 51 to 100).

Download Sepoy Pharma Syllabus PDF

This PDF of Indian army Sepoy Pharma syllabus consists of question paper pattern and syllabus. The syllabus is described subject wise briefly in this PDF file given below.

The Sepoy pharma syllabus which is given in this PDF is originally downloaded from the official website of Indian Army (

Sepoy Pharma General Knowledge (GK) Syllabus

This section contains 25% of the total marks. GK (General Knowledge) has a very vast syllabus and therefore this subject needs much preparation.

Questions in the section of GK are asked generally related to India and the neighboring countries. Here are the major topics for GK syllabus in the table given below.

Sepoy Pharma Syllabus for GK
Topics Sub Topics
Abbreviations National and International
Sports National and International (Cricket, Football, Badminton, Boxing, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc.)
Awards & Prizes National, Gallantry, Nobel prizes, National awards, etc.
Terminology Geographical, Economy, Astronomy, Legal terms, and Miscellaneous terms
History Important events, India and World History, National movements, Indian Culture, etc.
Geography Indian Geography, Solar System, Earth, Rivers, Lake, Mountain, Waterfalls, Largest Geographical, etc.
Other Major Topics Indian Armed Forces, Indian Constitution, Inventions and Discoveries, Books and Author, Major events (Current affair), Prominent personalities, international organization, continents and subcontinents.

This above syllabus for the GK subject is just an overview. However, the questions will be asked to test the candidate’s general awareness.

Sepoy Pharma English Syllabus

The second subject in Part I of Sepoy Pharma exam is English. It consists of 25 questions with a total of 50 Marks. In short, comprehension passage and general grammar are the two major areas for English subject.

The Syllabus for Sepoy Pharma English is listed below:
1. Comprehension
These types of questions are generally asked in English subject.  Two passages will be given and one question from each passage will be asked on the basis of passage.

2. Parts of Speech
In this, the questions will be asked generally from the following topics:

  1. Article
  2. Noun and Pronoun
  3. Adjective
  4. Preposition
  5. Conjunction and models

3. Verbs
The questions will be asked related to verbs (English Grammar). For e.g. fill in the blanks, error correction.

4. Tenses
The following topics will be asked in Tenses:

  1. Present and Past forms
  2. Simple and Continuous forms
  3. Perfect forms
  4. Future Time Reference

5. Sentence Structure

6. Sentences and its Types

  1. Affirmative and Interrogative Sentences
  2. Use of Phrases
  3. Direct and Indirect Speech
  4. Active and Passive Voice

7. Other Area In English Grammar

  1. Synonyms and Antonyms
  2. Idioms and Phrases
  3. One Word Substitution

Sepoy Pharma (Pharmacy – I) Syllabus

“Pharmacy – I” subject is in Part IInd of Sepoy Pharma exam. Follow are the major topics for this subject.

  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  2. Bio-Chemistry
  3. Physical Health Education
  4. Community Pharma

Sepoy Pharma (Pharmacy – II) Syllabus

In the Pharmacy IInd subject, the major topics from which the question will be asked are:

  1. Pharma Jurisprudence
  2. Drugs Store
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Hospital Pharmacy
  5. Clinical Pharmacy
  6. Pharmacology
  7. Toxicology

Tips To Prepare for Sepoy Pharma Written Exam

Now you know the exam pattern and complete syllabus of Sepoy Pharma. But the major question is how to prepare for this exam and which book or study material you should choose to prepare.

NCERT Books and CBSE Syllabus

For Part Ist of Sepoy pharma written exam, NCERT books of CBSE syllabus are very helpful. Up to 10th standard NCERT books you should choose for the preparation of exam.

NCERT Books such as Geography, History, Civics, Political Science, Science, and English Grammar, etc.

Pharmacy Book

Since the candidates who are going to apply for Sepoy pharma, they have done B. Pharma or D. Pharma. So, for the second part of the exam, the candidates should prepare for the given topics from B.Pharma and D. Pharma Books.

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