Indian Army Eligibility Checker

The following application can only check the eligibility for JCO/OR and not for officer’s.

Select your State / अपना राज्य चुने

Select your trade / अपना ट्रेड चुने

Select your Date Of Birth/ अपनी जन्म तिथि चुने

Select your Height / अपना कद चुने


Check if you are eligible to apply or not / जानें आप आर्मी में भर्ती होने हेतू योग्य हैं या नहीं

How To Check Indian Army Eligibility Online

People applying for army often find it difficult to know if they are qualified to apply for the post that they wish to serve army. So, to solve there problem, here is an app that will check if you are eligible to apply for Indian army for the desired post.

This application is very easy to use, all you have to do is fill in the required details and click on the “check” button.following are the details that you will need to fill in:-

First of all, you will need to select your state. In second option you will need to choose the trade that you want to apply for so that this app bring the right result for you. The third option is to choose your date of birth, you will need to select a valid date to get the right result. if you do not select a valid date then this app will not work correctly. Last option you will have to choose is your height in cms.

Once you choose all these options then you will need to click the “check” button. In case if you select an invalid option, then an error message in red color will be displayed at the bottom of the app. If you will not be eligible for the selected trade, then again a message in red color will be displayed saying as either “your height is shorter than required” (if not eligible height wise), or “you do not satisfy age criteria” (if not eligible age wise).

And if you will be eligible height and age wise, then a message in green box will appear saying “you are eligible” and the educational qualification required will be shown in that box.

Please note that this application does not check if the user is educationally eligible or not. Therefore, all the users are requested to see the education details given at the end of the app, and see if they have the given educational qualification.

Hope this app will help you to clear your confusion about your eligibility.